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  1. Are you 'always' going to have an amp that will drive x2 4 ohm cabs? Your present power amp can but not a lot of dedicated bass amps will. You'd not notice a massive difference between (otherwise identical) 4 or 8 ohm cabs but a pair of 8 ohm makes more sense longer term.
  2. Off the top of my head I think the USA Ray 5 is an Alnico magnet so you'd need to ensure you were comparing like with like and the preamp has as big an impact on sound as the pups do. In summary; to get near in tone you are going to have to source the same pup AND preamp.
  3. For me the only niggle that I MUST sort is the intonation. The E & A saddle screws are short but oddly you can't wind the saddle back far enough as the angle of the intonation screw increases to where the screw starts to dig into the underside of the string. When I get my backside in gear I'll cut the excess off the E & A screws.
  4. A local lad recently put a guitar up for sale and give it the big sell on the quality and playability; ending by saying it was probably a USA bitsa. One look and it was 'Yep that's a Harley Benton with the logo removed'! Nothing had been altered to disguise it other than the lack of logo but it took 5 seconds to check Google images and find the exact model. Sadly I know the guy and I know that he knows his guitars.... double the price of a new one for removing the logo was a bit much. Saying that, it is testament to HB that their guitars are good enough that people can be convinced they cost x2 x3 x4 their original value.
  5. Sounds like the guy posting the ad is getting a load of flack from what is likely to be a bunch of keyboard warriors who likely don't gig in a covers band with any great frequency! I've played the pub scene (originals and covers) for over 40 years and pub covers bands around here get £200 - £300(ish). The lower end of that is generally at the kind of venues where they don't give a t*ss about the bands or the quality of the musicianship. The top end is negotiable depending on your following / popularity. I've done a fair few deps in my time and I'm at a point now where I'll politely decline gigs that I get offered where there are 5 in the band and they are getting £200-£250. My regular gig is a 3 piece band and we do gigs where we will get £250 minimum and we aim for £300... bearing in mind that bands I was in 25 years ago were doing gigs for £250.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. I suppose that is a worry. If a dodgy seller blocks anyone who is aware of what he is doing, then those people can't 'see' his posts and then warn others!
  8. One of my wires is snipped as well! Can you count across and see if it is the same?
  9. I have a Schack bass wih the preamp removed (bass now passive), I'll dig it out and see if it is the same.
  10. I had one of these but with the stack-knobs. It was that good I was convinced it was a wrongly badged USA bass! Great basses.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Trade has gone South so for short term only this is for sale @ £1700 (inc case) no offers at that price please.
  13. I'm in the NE, sell your 4 to me and buy the 5... and the Basschat wheel keeps turning.
  14. Use the search function on Basschat as to 10 / 12 / 15 and 'sound/tone' because this thread is going to feel distinctly confusing very soon!
  15. Easy peasey lemon squeezie. Contacted Rob as he was looking for a 5 string; after a few quick messages, we'd concluded the deal and Rob had paid me... how things should be. Enjoy the Marleaux Rob!
  16. I know you and I have discussed Tech Soundsystem cabs before Kalim and in fact I'm pretty sure that this was my cab. Prospective buyers should realise the quality of these cabs, they are superb. GLWTS
  17. I was under the impression that PAT testing was just the power supply / IEC power lead. I needed to use some of my bass and PA equipment in a school show and the head offered to have the equipment tested to cover them/me. The tester simply tested the plug leads and said the actual equipment they were attached to had no relevance. I'm also another who can vouch that in 40 years of playing music I have been asked to ensure I had my PAT certs and PLI on numerous occasions (normally corporate events/venues) and they have NEVER actually looked at them. One venue insisted on this and upon arrival we were asked to set up in an outdoor marque with dodgy extension leads daisy chained from an outdoor shed that had no screws holding on the socket plate/cover... we walked.
  18. Sadly, it was pitch black and foggy with ice patches on the twisty roads... but you are correct at least I didn't catch Covid while I was there.
  19. I drove 35 miles to our gig on Friday evening (having phoned the venue to confirm it was still on), to arrive and have the manager tell us he'd literally just had 2 large bookings cancel on him and there were 3 people in the bar when he'd have expected 30 at that point in the evening! We were given money to cover fuel, which was a token payment when you consider the 70 mile round trip on country lanes, which meant I got home at 21:15!
  20. Doh! However, it's Boris you know... it might be 2 'positive' by the end of the day!
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