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  1. At £300 he'd be barricading his doors to keep a few of us away. I already have a pair of TKS 112 cabs so a third would be no use as I'd need a amp that did 2.7 ohms... oh wait!
  2. It'd be one of my colours of choice on a bass. As to refinishing your bass; to get it done to a high standard won't be cheap. You'd be better off selling your and buying the colour you like (unless yours is a cracking player or sentimental).
  3. Short scale Sterling by Musicman basses are £600ish new so used should be in your budget.
  4. Defo the cheapest ones are, this is still cheap and in fact I've been looking at used values and I'm surprised how much these have gone up in value/price.
  5. This one? ...but it isn't a Euro Spector! It is a Spector made in Europe; a 'Euro Spector' is a NT bass and the fees are 33%. Still a cheapish bass but I've seen them on ebay just as cheap.
  6. Manager of the bar started recording us for a quick live stream... so defo not a 'staged' representation! LOL
  7. Ahhh... so you got it! I think a few of us were watching and it was worth the sale price for parts alone!
  8. That should have been my first port of call! They are defo a pair of Dual-Coil. Pull all the way 'along' the pup and when testing width ways across the pup it repulsed the steel... quite strongly actually. I now need to gig this bass as it's been unused for a while but it is now fettled and set up!
  9. As the pic shows, it obviously says DC (dual-coil) but the JA is printed as well. I'll try a screwdriver or similar, see if I can sense what is happening.
  10. Pups in my Bolin are or appear to be, EMG 35DC pups BUT they also have another lettering pre/suffix - JA (see pic). LukeFRC did the old Googly search and found that the pups in NS Bolin basses were custom wound... but are they? Research tells me the 35DC are twin coil ceramic humbuckers. However, the JA refers to their Jazz style pups (these are soapbar size/style)... it can't be both and I'd assume it is the twin coil under the hood but has anyone had a pair that is labelled as per mine. I have emailed EMG but no response as yet.
  11. We tried that approach but when you get offered a gig on a certain date it is dead easy to look at an online calendar which 'should' have everyone's holiday dates, shift patterns etc on. Alternative was to post the date we'd been offered in the group and you could guarantee every other gig someone would be busy and you'd need to go back to the venue for alternative dates... which you offer back to the group. LOL ...or is that just my bands?
  12. +2 Google Calendar... be prepared to kick anyone's ar5e that doesn't put in dates they aren't available (the drummer)!
  13. Do you know you'll have these issues? I've ran several amps over the years doing what you say; for me it was using 1 amp as the tone shaping with other amp just as a slave to drive other cab(s). In fact I did this the other week just for fun to try a few amp/cab combinations out. No issues with phase or ground loops by taking a line out from my valve Handbox amp (driving the 2 x 112 cabs) into the TC amp driving another 115 cab.
  14. I trialled a Schroeder cab a few years back and I was frankly 'puzzled' as to how I could move around a (smallish) room and hear myself adequately from way more positions than some cabs I've used (even vertically stacked/aligned)... not sure why I didn't go with one of those cabs! <edit> Reading my comment I'd forgotten that the Schroeder cabs seemed to have a mid biased bump which would account for part of it.
  15. When I used Thunderfunk amps the only EQ I ever set and left, was rolling off below 40hz.
  16. I've bit the bullet and bought this charger along with 4 of the black Eneloop batteries. Hoping I might get some life back into my other batteries but happy if I just get 4 good batteries for my radio gear!
  17. Stay with me! I know this is 'guitar string' related in the video but well worth a watch for those who have always assumed thicker strings, more tension, more/tighter bass!
  18. Wow! You live in a stately home... are you sure your a bassist?
  19. Newtone strings offer a choice of round or hex at £22 - £25. Nice little vide comparison on their website.
  20. Just to add that Thomann seem to include all taxes etc in their pricing and at checkout, so hopefully no nasty surprises when my order arrives!
  21. I've just been pondering Thomann's own brand strings. I very much doubt they own a factory, so they'll likely be buying in from one of the other string manufacturers and packaging themselves. Which begs the question; How can they retail them at £4.15? The TI do feel supple (even the old ones on my bass now) and yes I'd say the feel like a lower gauge string in tension but still have the same mass as other 45-105 strings obviously. When I have the 3 sets here I'll measure the actual gauges and see if I can devise some (non-scientific) way of testing the tension.
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