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  1. What is the difference between pre/post 2015 on the MarloweDK basses... simple terms that a layman like me can spot.
  2. From my research I'd say the older ones have a big draw back in that they are invariably a fair bit heavier. Doesn't matter in the least to some people of course.
  3. Oh dear... what a 'mare! We turned up for a pub gig Saturday afternoon to be asked would we mind playing outdoors, at the bottom of the beer garden? 'Bottom of the beer garden' was exactly that - 50m from power (we can get you some extensions), no cover (there's a gazebo in the shed), nothing to stand drums on (do you want us to get some cardboard boxes); we politely declined and retreated to play in the bar... 1 hour later the heavens opened!
  4. @ead @dmccombe7 I appreciate the offers folks. My point of reference is my Sandberg VS basses which are a great size and weight, I'm trying to establish/clarify my thinking re the other derivatives. A VT is straightforward; it is a VS with added J pup and all other things should be very similar/identical. The 'Jazz' option is less clear as I'm not keen on the Mendez option as it is one colour option only. If there is no other 'V' style body shape JJ (other than expensive custom order), then maybe a TT or Marlowe model are options... so long as the body is a similar/comparable reduced body size to a trad Jazz in which case any form of measurement is reference for me. Again, thanks for bearing with me.
  5. Yes, that is the main consideration. Jazz bodies are just too big for my taste, the Sandberg V basses are even smaller than Fender P basses. I don't suppose you've encountered a comparison between Sandberg / Fender body size which either shows or measures the difference?
  6. Oddly I have a pair of VS and the necks don't feel the same profile (1 maple board one Pau ferro)! I have a gauge so I may measure to be sure. Are the weights similar between the models as I'm presently surprised by the (lack of) weight of my 2, which are both just under/over 8lb.
  7. Does anyone on here own the 'P' bass body style with either PJ or JJ configuration? I believe the JJ is offered as the Martin Mendez model and the PJ is the California VT. Can I heck find out very much about them as they appear to be as rare as hen's teeth. BTW I'm not interested in the regular 'J' style bass, only the P derivative with either PJ or JJ. Cheers.
  8. Possibly a Harley Benton (Thomann) bass? I've seen a fair few (guitar more than bass) pop up as 'unknown but possibly rare' after they've been b*ggered about with to vaguely disguise origins and make them seem vintage.
  9. Blimey we have one missed ending cue EVERY SONG... even without a dep drummer!
  10. TC RS212 isn't exactly light weight! Keep an eye open for TKS 112 cabs (10 or 12 kg IIRC), they are very light and will handle most gigs (especially a pair) up to the point where PA support needs to kick in.
  11. Did 2 gigs yesterday (2 today), first one went off fine (other than me jumping off stage mid song and misjudging the height to go flying). Second gig, we had taken at the last minute to help a pub out and we'd agreed that we couldn't get there as early as we normally would be we'd get there as soon as and should be on stage for 21:15. All went swimmingly, on stage for 21:07 and punters were dancing most of the night and screaming out for songs (90% of which we knew and did). All good then... As we packed up one particular regular was mouthing off as loudly as possible that he was going to ensure we got our money docked because we arrived late and we only did 1 encore (we had already played 55 mins instead of 45). I politely ignored him as he got louder and proceeded to tell all and sundry that we'd never work again in this bar unless we got straight back on stage and played another set... LOL thought I. He then upped the volume and turned to point at me and vehemently shouted "They're a bunch of c*nts...and he's the f*%king biggest c*nt"! I stepped across to him (kept my cool) and pointed out we had entertained them all night, gone beyond our contractual agreement, playing 1x45 and 1x55, at an earlier than agreed time and were in fact not c*nts. This took him back and he muttered about timings etc and that he'd speak to the management about us never playing there again. I (still) politely pointed out it had nothing to do with him and would he retract the comment about me/us? At this point his friends shouted him down and said that he should shut up and I walked away. I realise pubs sell alcohol and alcohol loosens the tongue and brain but sadly I'm finding more and more of a lack of respect for bands/performers.
  12. Not hard to track down @lee650 owns it!
  13. Hello from tropical SE Northumberland!
  14. Which cab are you looking to get @DaBu? I have the 112 and a 115, the 12's come up a lot more frequently used than the 15's.
  15. @wateroftyne might be able to add something.
  16. Sadly don't presently have one and foolishly sold mine when prices were quite depressed, the few that are for sale presently seem to command high prices in comparison to just a couple of years ago.
  17. Love this kind of thing and good on him. My conclusion; when listening through laptop speakers there was so little difference as to be immeasurable. That should tell me lots but I'll need to think it through. Oh and I will be making a donation... just because.
  18. Stupid stupid stupid Brexit... that is all! I had to spend some time yesterday explaining to another Warwick owner that despite emails direct from HPW it is rare that modified basses are correctly spec'd out by him. The bass in question I knew for a 'fact' had started life as a regular SSI and had the fingerboard replaced from wenge to maple by a previous owner, yet the present owner was quoting how rare it was because HPW had said personally (email) said that it left the factory with a maple board. Any ways, GLWTS. I'd have bought that, had it fretted and stripped back to natural were it not for 25% taxes + shipping!
  19. Gigging presently makes up 50% of my total income... and the tax man knows it.
  20. Music is all about emotional response... well it is for me. I like to hear the drummer putting in subtle accents and variations of dynamic, the guitarist pushing the tone of his amp/pedals etc to elicit the feeling etc etc and likewise I want to feel my bass/rig responding to my input. I don't always get that with certain amp / cab combinations, hence I've come (partial) full circle back to using my Thunderfunk (yes I actually bought back my first TF). I certainly never felt it when I tried IEM where I was ONLY going through the FOH PA but I'll confess I just dipped my toe in that dirty puddle. My response would be that yes heft matters to me and my response to what is occurring on stage.
  21. I play in 3 different bands and we basically all have access to a shared Google Calendar. Individuals put in their 'not available' dates and if a gig is offered to any of the bands it is a case of check to see if members are unavailable, if not... take the gig! I'd imagine with 12 people you are going to get a LOT of unavailable dates!
  22. Which raises an interesting point... if a EU person buys an item, they pay their VAT (or equivalent), if they then sell that to the UK (who will charge VAT on a used/2nd hand item), can the original owner claim local/EU VAT back?
  23. Yes, 25% is a good ball park. I've just had the very same discussion re a simple 'swap' of basses with a guy in Europe. I pointed out that we'd both have to pay for shipping and budget to pay our respective governments approx 25%, despite the items being used, with tax paid when new and neither of us actually 'selling' an item for money.
  24. I find this genuinely interesting because I've owned fan fret basses and basses with Buzz Feiten altered nuts etc which would mean I 'theoretically' was in better tuning than the guitar player... so did that mean we were now MORE out of tune with each other? If all musicians playing tuned instruments are using standard tuning and intonation than stringed instruments would be in tune with keyboards and each other but if one person starts using tempered tuning (Frank Gambale / true temperament any one?), you'd be out with the others.
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