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  1. Cracking price, can't see it being around long at that!
  2. Newcastle based, I play in 2 bands. Band A - a rock covers 3 piece @ £250/£300. Band B - 70's specific 6 piece @ £450+. However, the type of pub/club we play doesn't have any crossover; Band B couldn't/wouldn't play for less money (but they also lug a lot more lights/sound etc), Band A smaller set up. I have to say each band has the same level of professionalism but different markets.
  3. Up to 6 months ago (I used to check every week for new stock of used Warwick/Zon/esoteric basses) there were almost always 30 - 40 basses in the 4 string, £1000+ section inc 5-8 Warwick basses, I've been busy for the last 6 months and not had the inclination to check on their site. Hence I was a bit surprised when I checked back to see 14 basses in that section! The whole page of used basses on their site (of all values and string numbers) is less than there used to be for just the one section. If there FB page is taking over from the site and more easily and readily updated that might account for it.
  4. I occasionally peruse the Bass Direct website to check out their used bass stock and the last few times I've looked, they've had less and less used bass stock. Anyone know if this is a conscious decision or simply that they haven't much new stock to replace sold basses?
  5. On meeting folks from bands etc I always assume everyone else is an idiot and adjust my appraisal from there on. If an 'idiot' asks to borrow kit at a gig I've got to also assume said idiot didn't have the capacity to organise himself/his gear or cares so little that they think someone will sort stinky poo out for them in which case either way the answer is NO. As a young man I did a gig supporting a band who were over from Sweden. Bassist hadn't brought his bass and manager asked if he could use mine; I agreed and I watched in horror as at the end of the gig he took his frustration at not getting the adulation they expected by throwing my bass to the floor. I ended up punching him out and a ruck ensued between bands... it's only Rock N Roll. Feel sorry for the OP, hope all is sorted and a lesson for all.
  6. Great cabs these; if I didn't already have 3 of the TC RS210 and 1 of the 112, I'd have been looking at courier costs.
  7. I've learned in the last couple of years that ebay is now firmly in the 'If it isn't as described, you'll get a full refund' camp! There is the hassle of having to return something but the chances of coming unstuck via ebay/paypal (as a buyer) are slim. I take your point about sizing up the seller and I'd imagine quite useful in many cases.
  8. I've had my time wasters over the years and there used to be some cracking bassists to deal with who knew what they wanted and what they were doing. However, the last 5 years or so there seems to be more and more people who just click on a link/page/ad and start firing questions that the slightest bit of research or prior knowledge would have informed. I might ask specifics about something (weight/dings/truss rod or fret condition) but basic stuff that a £1000+ purchase would cover such as how many pups on a bass that ONLY ever came with 2 is beyond me. I've just made an eBay purchase and didn't ask a single question as I knew all about the item (research) and the condition was described... I compare my approach to the kind of people who frankly ask questions that have me scratching my head. Is it a reflection on society in general where people will post on Facebook asking when the next bus is from A to B or what day does the bin man come around? It would seem to be the norm to ask someone else to do your research rather than do your own work!
  9. You'd not believe how hard it is to find one of these... and I've been looking! Sadly I already have a fretless (inferior I'm sure to this) which doesn't get played. IIRC the fingerboards are phenowood/phenolic and I'm fairly sure it isn't as easy to have fretted as regular timber.
  10. Oh yes it's obvious who the time wasters are when you are selling a set of RCF 710a speakers and people (genuinely) go down the route of haggling the price THEN asking "Are these the 15 inch then?" or ask if they are powered and are they more than 100w! I had a guy sending me loads of questions about the RCFs then he wanted to know why they were so expensive compared to the Pulse PVS10's we was comparing them with... I gave up!
  11. You see something for sale that interests you, what do you do? A) Bombard the seller with obvious questions which are readily available via an internet search. B) Google relevant info, THEN contact seller about pertinent 'detail'. I seriously thought the answer for everyone would be 'B'! However, based on the time I've wasted answering questions on the most obvious stuff I'm lead to believe I'm in the minority. It's one thing to spend time giving simple automatic answers like; Yes it is made in Germany (the only place these particular model basses have ever been made). Yes it has 2 pups (ALL of this type of bass have and it can be seen in the photo). No it doesn't have a piezo bridge (this type of bass has NEVER had a piezo). Yes, it is 4 string fretted (as in the description AND photo) but I've spent 30 minutes messaging back and forth answering a blokes questions about a Roland GK3 'GUITAR' pick-up I'm selling... Will it fit any guitar? Yes. Can it be adjusted to fit different types of guitar? Yes it has spacers. Do you need to cut holes in the guitar? No. How is it powered? Via the lead. Do you have the lead? Yes but I use it with my GR20. What's a GR20? It's a unit you can use with this pup. Do I have to use one? ...losing the will to live I answer several more (6) messages before he says... "Will it work with a Mandolin because that's what I need?" WHAT! Please tell me the majority do a 'bit' of basic research?
  12. If you are adjusting a TR, you're generally talking about 1/8th of a turn max at any time... I've never had a disaster as you've described but I'm not talking about W Rockbass models!
  13. Was Markuswarwick not advertising in the 'wanted' section for a SSII?
  14. You do some excellent work; do you have an accurate weight?
  15. Don't worry about that for me, I'm after the fabled sub 9lb Sterling... everyone says they either have one or they know of them but I've not seen one! GLWTS
  16. I've had a set of custom mould attenuated plugs for about 7-8 years Michael but new venture has me thinking of the next step to improve things... just trying to get my head around how it will work on a practical level going around theatres with different engineers/systems etc. I want to hear sax and keys which are on the other side of the stage and they go through wedges which I'm not getting unless my vocal wedge starts to get muddied by everything + I then need to stay rooted in front of the monitor... does that make sense?
  17. Sorry to resurrect but... It's been mentioned above re. hearing the rest of the band but if I wanted to play live and be able to hear the whole band as a balanced blend (so that I can play off what they play), I'd need the whole band to be ampless - yes? This leads me to ask if the drummer is still cracking away on (mic'd) drums, my IEMs would need to be loud enough to balance/block him out - could this then lead to potential hearing damage as IEMs need to be turned up; again especially if there is any form of foldback/monitor on-stage? I realise that many acts/performers are using IEMs with no backline but I'm thinking of the daily, practical implications for a small band, which might not always have a good engineer (assuming we are using a decent PA).
  18. I agree... I sold my pair of Pro I's (inc Custom Shop which was quite light) and kept my Pro II in preference!
  19. Different altogether 'ergonomically'! The Thumb's short top horn throws the first fret out wide, whereas the Dolphin is the opposite.
  20. Recent project for me but the band will be touting its 70's show around the country in 2020!
  21. Me (bass) - Line 6 G50 = no probs. Guitarist - Boss WL20 = soundchecks OK but 'every' gig, craps out during 1st number (gone back to GuitarGuitar to sort).
  22. I'm obviously familiar with MM but don't know his signature sound but if it is big and thumpy then, yes the TF defo does that. I've used them for a few years now and I've owned loads of other amps in the meantime (inc Mesa, EBS, MB, Demeter etc etc) and the TF seriously kicks a solid low end when some are found wanting (live situations with a drummer/band). The only amp to tempt me away was the full valve Handbox jobbie but that arrived to me with issues and I went back to the TF.
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