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  1. I've put the slimmest of shims in 2 of my 3 Sandberg basses in order that I can get the action down as low as 'I' want but leaving me with 1mm under the G saddle to set the curve. I can get it as low as most people would want without the shim but I'm finicky and want it my way. When I say the slimmest of shims it is the thinnest card I could find... a piece of paper folded over might have done it. Sandberg are defo not the only ones guilty of this, I've known USA Musicman basses that I've needed to do it to and they are normally great at sorting fit/finish. We won't even mention F3nd3r as I've seen shims from the factory that were as thick as a plastic credit card... in fact I've known folks cut up old store cards to shim some necks.
  2. What are they? I'm a firm MM/EB fan and I've yet to see a sub standard/Friday afternoon bass (unlike Fender) but I fail to see what is 'superior' on this model over a stock USA bass.
  3. To get back on track... that bass is still over rated/over priced.
  4. The godfather of the 12 won't be coming over any time soon. Just hope it isn't anything to do with health issues in the band, Tom had a recent heart problem.
  5. Zombie thread alert! This topic has raised its head for me recently and I found it interesting to come back and read this. Lots of local banter on FB groups and pages of the fact that everyone's costs have gone through the roof, none more so than fuel costs... gig travel costs are 50% more than they were 6 years ago when this thread started and that band fees are pretty much as they were in the 80's and 90's... almost 40 years ago! I'm presently in a few 'bands'; a 3 piece power trio, a 3 piece acoustic (sometimes becoming a 4 piece adding a drummer) and an acoustic duo. * the power trio are well established and we do local pub gigs for £250 - £300. * 3 piece acoustic, very few gigs and just finding its feet... fee 'negotiable' (more later). * duo, newly established and getting £150 - £180 As it happens the power trio is 90% of my gigging and we'll have done 60 gigs by the end of this year. However, the acoustic trio (vocal/bass/guitar) are looking to up the gig ratio and touting for gigs. Despite the band having formerly had a decent rep (inc with another infamous BCer on bass duties), the addition of a new singer means starting from scratch, which is fair enough and we've done a few gigs at a very discounted rate, which gives us the thorny issue that we are being pegged at that rate! I suppose the situation isn't helped by the fact that I know I am getting gigs with the other bands at £80 - £100. Recently came to a head when we (3 piece acoustic) were offered a gig 1 hour from home, playing 3 sets over 4 hours (17:00 - 21:00), which means leaving home at 15:00, maybe back 22:30; for £60 per person (minus 8 litre of fuel) and one of the band was happy to take it... I wasn't. No 'answer' to this as such; I know my worth and won't gig for that, another member of the band will... we don't gig or they get a dep who will. It will create some tension I'm sure but I'm a big lad now.
  6. Tidy bass for not a lot of money, it'll embarrass any similar P bass even a USA 'F'. I've got a MARUSZCZYK passive PJ and tbh I'd want a bit more money for mine than this!
  7. I leave yours 10 mins ago JPJ thinking 'Hmmmmm Plethora'... and this comes up! LOL
  8. I'm sure I've seen a J Ament orange bass for sale recently, did you buy it used?
  9. Why would you make a small cab with no option to chain another? Seems a daft idea and a single input limits use... with valve amps!
  10. You just daisy chain 1 cab off another. Very few cabs have no parallel option.
  11. What (if any) advantage would a 2x12 give over a pair of 1x12s? You could always take a single 12 to rehearsals etc and double up for 'proper' gigs. With regards to carrying a cab(s); a 212 would necessitate 1 trip whereas a pair of 112 would equally be 1 trip... no gain? If the 2x12 was a 4 ohm cab to get the max from a regular amp, you'd be unlikely to add another cab to the 2x12? I only pose the questions as I've owned 212s (Bergantino and Aguilar) and there was no discernible benefit over the pairs of 112s I've had by the same manufacturers.
  12. Hartke Hydrive 15" cab = 51.6lb - Neo TKS 115H cab = 30.8lb - Ceramic Just to illustrate @Bill Fitzmaurice point; I have both of these cabs and I can assure you the weight difference is appreciable yet the lightest cab is NOT neo!
  13. Yeah, I was getting twitchy fingers when it was £700...
  14. I 'think' that was for sale/sold on BC.
  15. On a limited budget my 'suggestion' might be to either by a 2nd matching 115 Peavey cab or as an alternative; sell the 115 and buy a pair of the Peavey TX TVX 210 cabs and stack them as a column. The 210 was more often sold in 4 ohm format, so I'd rewire the 2x10s to 16 ohm and the pair would give you an 8 ohm load. The difference between 4/8 ohm would be minimal in comparison to the benefit of having the cabs vertical and a driver almost at ear level.
  16. I've tried the YI200, owned a Handbox WB100 and I'm local to Martin so I'd be happy to join the trial of a prototype.
  17. Would it be a different design to the YI200? I only ask as I trialed a YI100 and it broke up way before I wanted it to, so much so that I couldn't get a 'clean' valve sound at anywhere near gig volumes; conversely I ended up buying a Handbox which was almost half the power but I could very easily gig with it and never had an issue with clean volume.
  18. Blimey, I was going to push mine for sale but at that sort of price I'll keep mine... in fact at that price I should just buy yours as well!
  19. 'That' I would assume is the stumbling block. I'm fairly sure that data protection is as tight as can be and getting access, even if you are law enforcement would be protracted and time consuming... time being the thing most Police forces don't have. In fact most areas can't even communicate effectively, never mind with outside agencies.
  20. I have a one of the first series 32" scale basses which I was told by a bass retailer that I could realistically get £1500 for it (with their commission added to that figure). However, very recently I've contacted 2 people who were actively looking for one of these and when I said £1500 they both thought I was raving mad and no way could I get that much.
  21. Purely anecdotal and based on unscientific lugs, I've estimated the the 2000/1000w rating is akin to most 300w amps/combos/active PA cabs I've heard or owned. They may well be able to claim 1000w rms at a frequency of their choosing under certain settings but it is pretty much nonsense. Saying all of that, to be able to get a mini line array at these sort of prices (used) is quite impressive and though the quality of sound is never going to worry a quality system, it is easily good enough for most applications where non-pro users will be playing to the average listener.
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