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  1. Only after: No alcohol, not much caffeine, exercise (walking if nothing else), meditation. Have you meditated?
  2. For some reason I have been obsessed by this for the last week. I was into PG when I was 15. Now I am 50 I am having another go! The bass on this is amazing. TL. I think fretted MM. Though sounds fretless?!!!
  3. Thanks. Sounds great. Will get saving.....
  4. How do you find the BB2 and SM together? I have a BB2 but would really like a minimal rig of a SM and small head for practices etc. Then maybe combined for fun at bigger events. Ie 3 different sized rigs.
  5. What about a squire vm body to start...?
  6. That sounds like the spec i want!
  7. OK. Why do I need a pj?! Answer is that I don't. So what I need is P body. Quite fancy active though so how am I gonna fit the electrics in? Allparts and Warmoth are both a fortune! So need a bargain body.....
  8. Love them. Except mine will be white!
  9. Wow that's great. I need to look at the other forum. I tend to just browse the bass one at the moment.
  10. Aha. Yes. I can do that. But I don't think that's as much fun. I fancy a frankenstein bass.....
  11. I know that..... So maybe start with something.... And improve over time!
  12. Following a conversation with Beedster in the for sale forum here are my thoughts..... Any suggestions? I am just about to change career (again) so am going to go from OK to poor! So this needs to be on a budget of less than £500 which is impossible! I am one of those people who don't like brands! So here we go: I already have a passive jazz. So gasing for something that sounds different but doesn't have a massive neck. Spec would be: No labels. Anonymous. Jazz style neck. Pj config (or I suppose like a Stingray one humbucker) Excellent pickups. Active. Maybe John East. Badass or other good bridge Olympic white Mint green pick guard Lightish weight So obviously I could buy a Sire P7. But that's no fun...... What can I do?
  13. I will start a thread in the bass section to keep it off here.
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