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  1. Yes, that could well be another cost to get a luthier to route the body out more.
  2. This may be an easier option for you and the post shows £130, on Basschat. https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/396012-fender-jazz-pick-up-model-75-marcus-miller-preamp-knobs/?tab=comments#comment-3972352
  3. Where are these from krispn ?
  4. Yes, many moons ago I took a 70s P Bass to Kent Armstrong who was rewinding pickups using a breadboard with a rotating arm and clock to count the windings. He took my P bass pickup(s) off, uncovered them and used a blade to cut through the black magnetic cotton type windings. They immediately frayed up as they weren’t potted in wax or other stuff. He explained what was happening with Fender pickups at the time using cheaper materials and how they weren’t producing good tone. He rewound the P Bass (and a subsequent jazz pickup) with proper job wire and potted it in wax.
  5. Its also a case of making certain before installing a bridge, that the base plate is flat for the best contact to the body. I've had bridges from two well known companies that needed grinding work to flatten them. One company advised I screw down hard on the (thick) plate to help flatten it when installing. Give me a break!
  6. I’ve sold stuff on gumtree to local area people.
  7. I'm not sure what the 'latest' version is but this may help though you are likely to have checked Thomann...https://www.thomann.de/gb/markbass_new_york_121.htm
  8. PRICE IS £60 I have a very tidy Fender Guitar amp, practice or even small gig amp at 30 watts 8 ohm, great small amp for doodling about with, built in effects and second channel overdrive type input....switchable with a footswitch that I don’t have for it, comes complete with a cardboard case! ive had it about 6/7 years and bought it from a guy who had never used it on stage, like me, but it’s in nice clean condition. The only thing I’ve had to do was replace the internal fuse some years ago as they do occasionally 'wear down' a bit. I’m based in NE Hants....sometimes travel to Evesham Vale.
  9. And your doctors is ...? 😄 Glad you got through the gig okay if not ‘over the top’ a bit. Maybe still have a good look at positioning etc in playing, I just hate hearing of an operation going to happen before a non invasive technique could suffice. A simple change of elbow position pointed out to me by my teacher when I was learning double bass stopped an ongoing wrist pain.
  10. The alternatives of finding a top osteopath may benefit before surgery as the last resort. My U.K. practitioner immediately asked me how I held the bass, height and angle. I see him once maybe twice a year and it is quite amazing how a problem in the wrist may be sourced from a shoulder or elbow misalignment. I’m not saying that’s what your problem is but, it may well be coming from another part of your body and not the actual wrist.
  11. Maybe the sound guys gear wasn’t working correctly?
  12. Sometimes it’s the sound of fretted bass that isn’t ‘right’ on the night. Im told by my bass friends and punters alike that my fretless basses have the ability to be heard with note attack and clarity, no matter what flavour song the band is playing. I used to struggle with this level of clarity with fretted basses, that was my ‘thing’ about fretless over fretted. I can use fretted on some songs but on other songs the fretted bass sound seems to disappear on stage.
  13. I have one. A really good small 'near your ear' monitor to be mounted on a mic stand with the cable on the underside as well. good luck for a good deal with that 20' cable.
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