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  1. I’m not so sure Cites is pertinent as far as the age of this bass is meant to be....contacting Shecter with the serial number might work. I recently sent a pic of some real old rosewood I had to a luthier supplier and he said it’s not possible to ascertain exactly what wood it is unless he has it in his hands and even then it may not be possible to exactly say what and where it came from.
  2. The cheap n cheerful Dr Green bass reverb might get you started to see if reverb is suitable....it isn’t as bad as its price denotes! https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Dr-Green-Bass-Verb-Reverb-Pedal/PFI
  3. Great stuff....just needed steam off the machines and you'd be away!!
  4. Well back in his DB book writing days, Rufus Reid was showing us how he did it! By the width of those seats, I'd say he got 1st class tickets.
  5. I am working/travelling this weekend to ....DARTFORD on Sunday...ROYSTON on Monday so it may be possible to bring them along if anyone in these areas wants them. The powered monitor has been used more than the passive. All working on volume and eq slider controls and I’ve also spit n polished n hoovered them and wet soldered the internal controls. The cabs are slightly ‘bruised’ from age but holding together well and the handles are intact. These are pretty good for what they are and just the single 100 watt powered monitor was enough for our vocalist on gigs. Both are 12” / 8 ohm speakers. Collection best, postage for you to decide. I’ve seen the powered one alone on EBay at £75 so maybe these are a bargain.
  6. mybass


    Probably magnolia Mick!
  7. mybass


    Yes it does look like that and it was. The days of one bass ownership only, struggling on apprentice wages to pay HP on a an amp head and mates building speaker cabs for me. Those were the days my friends, we thought they'd never end.
  8. mybass


    My second bass, this EB3 was meant to make me sound like Jack Bruce, hard to find in the day but it finally appeared in a weekly instruments for sale column...From the days of black n white from a Box Brownie camera....
  9. Good basses, I've had one for 20 years +.
  10. Try WD Music UK.....https://www.wdmusic.co.uk/electronics-c17/pots-c69
  11. ps.....don’t buy the cheapest make....
  12. .....and couple this to an extension cab and you have a terrific rig.
  13. Great dealing with Mike 'Chimike', taking a blank ash block off me and yes....lots of bass and machines talk, marvelous!
  14. It’s a fretted neck ? If so there may just be a slight chance, especially if it’s been refretted, that the frets may have been ‘forced’ into too narrow a fret slot for the tang width, the hidden part of the fret that seats into the fboard. Many luthiers superglue frets In now so as I say, there may be a slight chance the frets are forcing neck issues. I think there is only one way to check all this I’m afraid and that’s a pro refret job. Other than this by what you are saying, the neck wood itself may not be right. I think early Warwick truss rods were double flat rods that only adjusted one way before the later dual action ones were readily available.
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