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  1. Yes yes, all about basses past and present, wood, sounds, pickups and amps even and anything we can think of that makes us sound more important than anyone else in the band. (Don't tell yer band mates I said that!) I'll probably have a Markbass 2x12 Ninja cab and Marcus Miller Markbass amp, a few ego pedals and one or two of my fretless basses and if I remember to find the box, a Phil Jones 'Earbox' .
  2. mybass

    MYBASS feedback

    Shawman, great doing the guitar machine heads deal with you...that was a quick post, 1st class within 24 hours!
  3. yes Dood, I just didn’t see a ‘review’ section (on the iPad) but see it now as ‘Basschatters review’ where it should be.....if anyone can move this across please do.
  4. I picked up a new Earbox from GuitarGuitar @ £89 and its a good buy. I sat it on its cardboard box on a chair one side of me with a Markbass 2x10 Ninja combo the other side of me at about volume 3 output off the amp. Sounded great, I think it would be really good for double bass players. Ideally used on a mic stand. The sound was just there enough to fill out my area of the stage using my fretless Washburn AB10 electro/acoustic bass. It has no volume control and works straight off the amp or speaker cab as the ohm rating doesn't affect power output off the amp or speaker. I took a gamble but I'm pleased with it.....yet another piece of kit to carry but I think for these more acoustic type gigs its a boon. Maybe a combined jack/speakon input would be better for most people. It sounded as affective with electric bass.
  5. Is this them.....took me 20 secs to find online. http://underabanner.co.uk
  6. This has all the hallmarks of a cheap bass that a complete novice would buy and be put off bass playing for the rest of their life!
  7. I’m enjoying playing the Marcus Miller amp through my MarkBass 2x12 Ninja cab...several positive comments about the sound of it from punters who have heard me playing previous MarkBass amps.
  8. bah foohey to the drummer, get another one in who doesn't complain.
  9. To Spongebob...... They obviously never added ‘ but the way you play will also dictate the sound’. Don’t rely on a shop telling you these things.
  10. Great dealing with ahpook, all straight ahead for the purchase of a twin set of D’Addarios, cheers Mark
  11. Guitarist and myself flew a few EasyJets and carried on a bass and guitar. However, one jobs worth ‘I’ve got an easyJet badge’ at Gatwick persevered in stopping us taking them onboard. “They will go in a ‘safe hold” he said. That’s not the problem as I witnessed the Venice airport groudstaff throw the guitar a good few metres from cargo hold to trolley, luckily no breakage. i went back to using my SKB with wheels. Inform whoever is booking you that hold luggage is to be booked as well...( you can get a couple of days cloths in an SKB as well!)
  12. Delano (Germany) might make you a set with radius magnets.
  13. Some pickup manufactures made magnets with different height/cambered pole pieces to overcome it. DiMarzio have pups with adjustable height pole pieces and I think some of the later Fender ones have raised centre pole pieces, (maybe Lace as well).
  14. New D'Addario EXL 165 TP Nickel Wound 45/65/85/105 A slightly heavier bottom end over the EXL 170's that I prefer using so up for sale. Two sets in the box. Checked on D'Addario's website for authenticity. Price includes UK postage.
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