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  1. Can strings suddenly die?

    You can sometimes overcome this problem at a gig by loosening each string, one by one, pulling and plucking it several times, retune it then do the others and that can 're-brighten' it enough to get by.
  2. Feedback for...Topo Morto

    Top marks to top man Topo Morto for getting a Hipshot Bridge to me in record time, even with the UK snow bound. Cheers Topo!
  3. 🤔 hmmmm......sadly not Ben!
  4. I'm looking at selling only people as I don't need another bass at this point. Many thanks for the trade offers though.
  5. It nearly was up last year but I gave it another few months thinking.......the lesson is, don’t think, buy and sell! Cheers Skitzigol.
  6. Price is now £750 I bought this new a few years ago and tried it for a couple of gigs. It has a tiny mark on the back upper of the top horn. It has since had some recording at home but it seems this scale length isn't for me so it is up for sale. Its the Jazz version Aerodyne with that nice sculptured top in quite a stunning Gun Metal Blue with binding. The neck is very nice to play, well shaped. The fingerboard came with a black laquer on it! I've had that off to reveal the lovely grain that was hidden underneath and refretted with lower profile frets. The neck pocket has a thin shim under it. The second volume pot is now a blend/pan pot which I find much easier to use than two separate blends and it works very well. The Fender case that came with it is included. Any courier/posting can be sorted. I have taken the neck off basses before to courier or I may have an old solid case to use instead of the soft bag. You are welcome to visit and try the bass out in NE Hampshire. might put her up on Ebay real soon..... Thanks for the trade offers people but I'm looking for a straight sale.
  7. SOLD .... Chorus pedal..HARTKE HC33

    Sorry people, I must somehow have TWO posts up and I do not know how that has happened! The ‘other’ post def has Sold on it so I’ll sort this one. Posted using my iPad but I just don’t seem to have the hang of this updated website.
  8. SOLD .... Chorus pedal..HARTKE HC33

    Sold...thanks for asking though..
  9. This looks very similar in style and history to mine so I can say it probably sounds similar, which is very good!