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  1. There’s two sides to every story! Enough people have hired Gomez over the years and having seen him play I’m not surprised his double bass playing was sought after.
  2. I think getting a luthiers repair shop to just look at it may yield a conclusive result. When you had light strings on, the neck had some ‘backbow’, when heavier strings where on it was the opposite….? That’s quite dramatic movement really and a first thought was obviously the rod isn’t doing its job but maybe just maybe it’s actually broken internally and although it isn’t rattling (but go ahead and give the back of the neck a good hand palm slap and listen) adjustment will be of little use. I had a new Fender years ago where the neck would not be straight. I couldn’t adjust it enough and I was on tour! I replaced it with a replacement neck and put the old one on a shelf for 8 years. After time I checked it and it appeared to be good so I took off the fingerboard and put a Macassar ebony fretless one on and it’s been fine. I concluded that it had not been correctly prepared/dried before assembly. Good luck.
  3. Opened the amp. no sign of anything burning out, loose or dusty, connections all appear secure...
  4. I'm running into a Markbass 2x12" Ninja cab and not using anything like 'loud' input/output' ie input 4 output 3 so it shouldn't be heat causing the problem and it doesn't feel over hot at gigs end. I would think any thermal issue would have the auto cut out switching in, I've had that many years ago on a different amp. The actual change appears to be more tonal lower end bringing volume with it....
  5. Thanks people……I might open up the box and check everything is secure inside.
  6. Without naming the amp to prevent any pros and cons for it…..but I’m aware that it seems to get louder by itself about halfway through a gig. Is it possible for a ( non valve ) amp to do that as I’ve never had this before either in this make of amp or earlier makes? I’m looking at other possible sources as in pedal board, pots, cables but if any knowledgeable folk know more than me, please advise.
  7. Without handling this bass I couldn’t guess precisely but….sounds though the ‘A’ string resonates for some some obscure reason only with the TIs ?
  8. Excellent….I hope you haven’t fitted ten wall power points for ten guitarists down the end 😃
  9. I’ve used Galli nickels. Very good strings with a long playing life. The gauge was slightly larger on the low strings than I really wanted at the time but I have to say I was impressed with their quality….and maybe they aren’t as copied by the bogus string makers that plagues the D’Addario company. If you can find them then try them.
  10. Skoda Octavia carries my markbass 2x12…2 Electrovoice SX PA speakers and two poles… PA amp… Markbass amp…gig bag… leads bag…pedal board bag….leaving the back seat up! It also carried two MB 2x10 cabs and various bags plus bass in soft case. The estate versions though don’t have a flat load area when the back seats are dropped so loading in a wardrobe isn’t as easy as some cars 😁
  11. …and get that nut looked at if you haven’t already, renew with a decent material one.
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