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  1. You did right sending it back .... sounds to me like a ‘dud’.
  2. Difficult to tell from your pic where the split is.....does it follow the wood grain direction or where there is an obvious glue joint of wood. I would take the machine off anyway and see if it’s just the small screw ( that holds it in place so it won’t swivel about) that is causing a slight surface crack or if the crack is deeper and emanating from the tuner post.
  3. I forgot about that delayed / anti thump' switch, my Markbass has this, it takes a few seconds before the volume actually kicks in.....More expensive amps maybe?
  4. ....if you don’t already do this.....I don’t know this amp you have but before switching the amp on, turn the amps output volume to zero..
  5. Just a thought....I use ‘micromesh’ after sanding.....found on eBay in packs, starting around 1500 ‘grit’ going up to 12000 (I think). It will both polish up and show off any leftover scratches before your final oil finishing, which can also then be micromeshed before further oiling.
  6. I guess there could be a wooden tuner peg that has worn a bit thinner than the hole it sits through.....possible to extract it and (get someone else to) glue a thin veneer around it....good luck.
  7. If this noise wasn’t heard with the old f/b then the bass may still be settling in with this new one....the tuners may be vibrating in ‘sympathy’ with one of the strings not quite sitting in the nut comfortably .....but if this is a ‘new’ noise then another setup may be needed?
  8. Yes, digital tuners got rid of having to bite down on a steel tuning fork on stage!
  9. I didn't look far enough then on the MU site to realise its a free service....must look it up...
  10. I finally looked at the MU site but I think this scheme is available elsewhere in the market place. It looks like a scheme that can run alongside your normal car insurance but can cover stuff not included in car insurance......but maybe some of these ‘extra’ cover points could be made through your current car insurance anyway? Still not clear completely tome but I guess there is a point to it, apart from making money!
  11. Try this place....I don’t know this instrument shop but it seems closest to you........or they may be able to put you onto someone. https://www.theviolinshop-glasgow.co.uk
  12. Thanks for the positive comments bloke-zero.....
  13. Yes...thanks .....For some reason the Barts were giving a slightly better sound to my ears. I had to do this comparison test for myself to distinguish the sounds off each pup and as the Stella was in situ it was the right time to do it.
  14. Yep, I’ve bought from you a few years ago .
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