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  1. I’m not so sure a ‘varnish’ as used for furniture was the right choice. The Danish oil I mentioned previously would have been easier. Hope you can sort it.
  2. Danish oil works for me on the rear neck wood. Pour a little oil onto a clean rag cloth to apply then wipe excess off with another rag. Applying oil on bare wood may raise the grain a little on first coating but once it’s dried off a bit, you can ‘smooth’ that back using finest wire wool and apply a little oil again. If you use wax I think carnauba is the one used for guitar finish work.
  3. Yes Davy but.........I’m not at home....kinda stuck at the moment in New Zealand due to the usual worldwide pandemic reasons cancelling flights and movement..however, I should be home this year sometime ☹️ I ‘usually’ live in NE Hampshire. Whereabouts are you based? It isn’t going anywhere fast yet! Stay safe Pete
  4. This is a U.K. dealership in the south of England...https://theguitarden.co.uk
  5. I just saw this poster for the new Guildford Jazz Festival happening this March and thought it was pretty cool.
  6. Yes ..... I can package as best as poss. but where to?
  7. Whoooo me......well not an avid fan but the Ox, who I did meet, was a thunderous player, no prisoners taken, marvelous.
  8. SOLD... As per the title, mine since new, replacement power section by MarkBass’s U.K. repairer Real Music. The usual chassis marks from living in its zippered bag. This is the wholly Italian produced amp. Price is for the amp and carry bag. I don’t know what post charges would be if needed. I have a limited time to sell due to journeys forthcoming. I am in NE Hants. Come and try it out, cabs available to play through.
  9. Thanks Alembic....its got all the 'parts' and sounds meaty beefy big n bouncy!
  10. Yes Monkey, I thought their refret price looked good.
  11. Many years ago Knight Guitars replaced a total new long scale neck for my Gibson Recording bass, absolutely spot on, colour finish to using the headstock facia, fretwork was superb. I would think they will still have that high standard of work going for them.....well this chap thought so ... "I smash them into a thousand pieces, knight guitars put them back together again and make them play." - Pete Townshend, December 2005
  12. Now at £800 I've held back about this sale for a while but as two other of my basses take precedent for gigging, this one is up for selling. It has a beautiful Claro Walnut book-matched top over a flamed Sycamore body. The neck is a three piece figured maple. Fingerboard is Macassar Ebony. The backplate has magnets holding it on. The bridge is a Hipshot. Tuners are Gotoh GB4. Pickups are Seymour Duncan stacked jazz. There are four control knobs seen but I never fitted an active pre-amp for them so it currently has Volume/Pan/Tone controls, all passive. The metal knobs have abalone tops with a bit more abalone added to the body and headstock. The strap buttons are large so better to hang the strap onto. The neck is bolted to the body with brass inserts. Note: The clear 'scratchplate' just visible in the first picture has been removed. The scale length is 33" and it has great string tension responding well to harmonics. It is a 'PS Bass' made by me and as seen and heard at the 2019 BassBash in Chertsey. This bass was built around 2014 and did a series of gigs with me before I returned to my all ash bodied fretless. Well set up, plays like a charm! It is lightweight @ 7lbs, a small body and almost 43” / 112cm long. Nut width is a slither under 1.5"/38mm and it is approx. 0.75"/19mm thick. At the twelth fret it is 2.12"/54mm wide. Side dots are black 3mm, easy to see! It has a few minor marks but is in overall very nice condition. All the wood and parts are top grade, the Claro Walnut cost a fair bit to import from the USA. and the sycamore wasn't the cheapest block for that wood. I have a soft case on hand for it. All of the above define this as a great smaller bodied bass to play and the wood combination sounds excellent. I have time in February to sell and would welcome any serious potential buyer to visit and play through your own or my bass gear. (The first picture on the red chairs is from the Basschat day last year taken by 'SivliaBluejay'....hope you don't mind).
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