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  1. I think his was the first and maybe mine was the second that Neville converted.
  2. Looks like an old bass too….many years ago a DB repairer called Neville Whitehead who lived around the corner from the original Wal Bass workshop up in High Wycombe was fitting ‘ex’ DB fingerboards onto Fender basses. I saw a bass being prepared for bassist Dil Katz, fancied one myself and Neville replaced one onto my P bass. It sat all the way up to and partially around the P bass pickup…..yep, you couldn’t play it up there! I eventually cut the over length back.
  3. I’m not so sure these are router ‘marks’. I thought I could see in close up, the wood grain of the neck slot mark. A router head is much wider than these marks.
  4. Try and find a really good Osteo/Osteologist…..I’ve seen an excellent one for years in NE Hampshire. We often have injuries or pain that affect or can be affected by other parts of our bodies skeletal network. A doctor may get an X-ray done to see if there is any ongoing bone or scar problem and therefore may be able to refer you for NHS physio. An Osteopath may well see something else needs ‘fixing’ to help that knuckle problem. Good luck.
  5. Difficult to tell from 'out here' as a viewer but I think the bridge is slightly off centre itself....I'm trying to gauge this by the way the strings are positioned over their individual bridge pieces. Looking at the D string of where the bridge has the channel for that bridge part, it just looks slightly to left (in the pic) of the centre pickup pole pieces. Also the edges of the bridge unit don't appear to 'line up' with the bridge pickup edges. Can you put a straight edge ruler from the centre of the bridge to the pickup's central pole pieces and also the outsides of bridge to the bridge pickup and see what the alignment shows up there.
  6. Aaaargh....forgot I had an old Peavey cable tester in the 'stores', I should have tried that first....will now keep it out of storage!!
  7. Cut the ends off and re-solder…..I found a single strand of the earth woven wrap was causing intermittent volume drop, took weeks to spot it on the well used cable, now working as new.
  8. I missed all those early clubs (bit of a long trip from NZ!) but have played later versions of these clubs…and Fillmore West….where the ‘smoke’ off the audience went totally against the huge lettering on the wall saying ‘No Smoking’ !
  9. You will very likely not be allowed to carry the carry on board, unless you can purchase another seat for it. I have in the past had my bass inside its soft case and then inside the wheeled SKB ‘flight case’ with locks on it. Good luck.
  10. “Soul Fingers” … the Duck Dunn book purchased off Dan…excellent chat and posting…many thanks…
  11. I got a Ricky 3001 stereo in black n white with edge binding from Placquets, didn't get on with it so took a Gibson Lesp Paul bass which I later had Richard Knight's workshop make a long scale neck for. It was a perfect job by Richard ad his nephew. I got them to put an inlay bass clef at the 12th fret......sold it many years later....ANYONE GOT IT NOW?
  12. It may be worth a mention.....The passive subs can be used direct off the PA amp, they have a built in cross over so no outboard crossover required, unlike some sub speakers. I've used my EV 121 for years (along with EV 200 tops) and they really add a subtle low end to the PA. Highly recommended to use with any speakers.
  13. Check the connection inside the cabinet to the horn….the end of the push on clips are sometimes not tight enough to stay on and need reconnecting….(this in turn may be the cause of other problems?).
  14. Yes....check the pickup height, just drop the pickup at the E string end and see if it helps.
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