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    Bagsieblue is selling these

  2. Eventually found one locally a grand cheaper than last years price.
  3. mybass

    Zvirus feedback

    Very good dealing with Tomasz, great comms and Hermes tracked with quick delivery...., cheers
  4. I’ve had a good friend and dedicated iMac user of decades saying the same that fusion drive is heads above hdd. I think a 16 or better 32gb ram works well too.
  5. I’ve looked at that, a bit confusing with comments online elsewhere saying certain (later?) models can’t be altered like that, only ram upgrade...
  6. I wondered if anyone here knows of a source for Imacs that are being sold off from office closures? I'm looking for a 27" 2019 fusion drive (for music software application). I've viewed a lot of online re-sellers. Still pretty expensive agains John Lewis and Currys who have new 2019 ones only a bit above asking prices from re-sellers....any clues ?
  7. Jaw line meets up around the ear area of bone, pressure happening to the aural nerves, perhaps exacerbated by a misaligned skeletal back. Some people grind their teeth with extreme pressure to the jaw/ ear area. My father in law trained in bombers in the war and in later life had tinnitus. He didn’t go to rock concerts!
  8. Now £30 An SKB 4 unit approx 21inch/53cm deep rack case. All in good order. Hasn't been used for a while. It used to store two power amps that were sold a while back and I've just found this case under (all) the other stuff we musos collect in the garage! I've almost succeeded in removing my stencilled name off so 'yours' can go over it. Size and weight is around 5kg unpacked / 53cm deep / 56 wide / 23cm high. Looking at 'Parcel2Go' as a guide, postage appears to be about £6-10 (Hermes) without or with insurance but you could obviously collect or arrange your own courier as funnily enough, I'm currently at home a lot.
  9. Don’t forget Bartolini and Delano
  10. Terrific dealing with Alan...bass on an as near as new MXR M81....posted and delivered within 24 hours....top man!
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