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  1. Excellent….I hope you haven’t fitted ten wall power points for ten guitarists down the end 😃
  2. I’ve used Galli nickels. Very good strings with a long playing life. The gauge was slightly larger on the low strings than I really wanted at the time but I have to say I was impressed with their quality….and maybe they aren’t as copied by the bogus string makers that plagues the D’Addario company. If you can find them then try them.
  3. Skoda Octavia carries my markbass 2x12…2 Electrovoice SX PA speakers and two poles… PA amp… Markbass amp…gig bag… leads bag…pedal board bag….leaving the back seat up! It also carried two MB 2x10 cabs and various bags plus bass in soft case. The estate versions though don’t have a flat load area when the back seats are dropped so loading in a wardrobe isn’t as easy as some cars 😁
  4. …and get that nut looked at if you haven’t already, renew with a decent material one.
  5. I will be in the Evesham area this coming weekend and then travelling to parts of Wales. In very nice condition, a Yamaha BB 415 bass in red, it looks great in this colour, it plays really well. I’ve cleaned down the f/board and set it up. All electrics work well as do the machine heads. A really good workhorse of a bass. I bought it as an option for a finished online recording project. The neck wood is clean as is the body, under the finish at certain angles can be seen a sort of ‘ageing’ but it doesn’t break the surface finish and sort of fits whatever age it is. This is a really good bass although for my hand span it’s just a tad too large, like my old Roscoe Beck 5 stringer was. I can go through packing and posting in an old soft case within a cardboard box, even to taking off the neck for safety but thats up to the buyer for costs and to arrange which service etc etc….
  6. My sis in NZ tells me it was the Trustees Savings Bank and yes, they hadn’t got their paperwork sorted!
  7. I didnt think the tweeter changes the ohm rating anyway…hopefully a more sure answer will crop up here.
  8. Bass Gallery…run by Martin Petersen … Camden area……https://thebassgallery.com
  9. Well he has been in a busy lockdown studio!
  10. Both good makes and Schaller but I have had to file a Hipshot baseplate/ underside flat…they advised me it would flatten with the pressure of screwing the bridge onto the body, not ideal as far as I am concerned…..I have had that problem with a Wilkinson bridge too.
  11. Blast…more money on what started as an experiment with a piece of swamp ash 🤭
  12. But should I add another P pickup !!!
  13. Just great to hear such a seasoned player give an impromptu talk on his old bass……Ive used mandolin wire on my fretted basses for many years since hearing of him using it. Being mainly a fretless player myself I immediately took to the lower width and profile of mando wire and recently made a fretted with a reverse P pickup as well, due to the exact reason he gave about reversing them.
  14. Don’t let the keyboard player get to the producer and say ‘ I can do the bass lines….and the drums….and actually, almost everything’….!
  15. Yep, a quick wipe down always after gigs…
  16. Thanks for this info….I have opened the cavity, played an open string and then tried both the capacitors (by holding them against the pot and tag) . Not much difference with the top end but of course when I turn the pot to reduce treble it is a different sound and slightly less volume with it…..I’ll keep trying the two options for a while.
  17. You can find a huge amount of info on the PRS website for all sorts of venues and I’ve seen one at around £26 per day…but don’t quote me on this! It be easier to call PRS and ask for the licensing dept .
  18. I'm using 250k pots with the Delano pups...Im guessing along the same lines as you with the pots own impedance playing a part but it surprised me, I expected with no cap. inline that there wouldn't be any sweep variation available. I've looked online at taking out the tone pot before committing and the general comment is that the pickups will be 'allowed' to output more top and bottom end, so I stuck with the 250k pots.....thanks.
  19. Although I can design and build a bass, I go by the standard given schematics for the wiring. I’ve made a fretless bass with jazz pups (Delano) and wanted to leave out the tone pot, using a blend and a volume pot only and this bass is loud, pickups dropped a bit to compensate! I opened up the control cavity and wired in a tone pot, trying first a .1 then a .47 capacitor and noticed a bit of difference between them but I’m only using a combo in my workshop so I’m not really hearing the loudness of stage sound changes with these values. Then I left the tone pot in but didn’t add a capacitor and was surprised to still hear tonal change when the pot is turned, )the left lug is unattached but the pot is earthed). So please wise me up folks, it isn’t bothering me but I know someone here will be able to clarify what’s occurring here.
  20. Yes I’ve heard New Moon are good….called them a bit before lockdown and I felt okay about them but lockdown meant putting a hold on insurance for now…..and yes, a company is rated when claims are made as to how they respond!
  21. I bought an Afghan coat in Morocco …. Yes, had to wear patchouli oil with it, I’m a bassist with Afghan and it stank … back in the U.K. I gave it to my drummer mate before he returned to NZ. Can’t imagine what NZcustoms ever said to him 🤣
  22. This is also now up on EBay… I have a spare Electrovoice speaker purchased ‘as new’ recone a few years ago and never used in my EV SX 200 PA. Unused. I found out actually that it was for the SX100+ series (this is info given to me for this model number when I called EVs U.K. office) but I think it’s pretty much a ‘standard’ fit for the EV SX range. The 200watts is nominal it seems in the EV SX range but I believe they all peak at 800 watts if and when those peaks are hit. Collection (and testing) is great but it’s already boxed ready to go…..talk about post/courier if you are interested.
  23. As I said, ‘it should in theory work’ and happily yours did. My own experience with a so called lost package was quite different and only after a huge amount of phone calling did I find out where my music goods were, literally a mile from the sellers house in the couriers own warehouse and I suspect, it would have stayed there had I not persevered. Parcel2go at that time we’re not great to deal with. I’m sure a major percentage of our Basschat colleagues have no problems but it might be worth checking.
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