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  1. I just realized I messed up lol. I meant to say I only have one SPEAKER cable and was the market for more. I have a lot of instrument cables. SPEAKER cables is what I'm in the market for!
  2. I just bought a Hartke HA3500 Bass Amplifier, Hartke Series VX115 Bass, and Hartke VX3500 Bass off Facebook marketplace. The person I bought it from comes from a very musically inclined family and regularly performs and knows quite a biy. This specific rig was the uncle's that was used for gigs. Nothing wrong with it. He was upgrading and needed the space. I'm working on some jam sessions and small gigs but I only have one SPEAKER cable so I'm in the market for a couple more. What's a good brand or type that I won't have to replace to soon lol. A professional touring musician friend of mine said I needed to look for 10 gauge minimum and would probably be best making my own if I can't find any. I'd rather not screw them up and try and buy some lol but everything is see is for instruments or is 12 gauge. I would also like to try and get some with two right angles but if not then I can always get an adapter. I attached some pictures of the rig as well! What do you guys think?
  3. I'm trying to upgrade my ampeg practice amp and saw a Fender Rumble 40 that is in mint condition on Facebook marketplace for $150 USD. New they are about $250 USD. This will be used mostly for home practice and very small jam sessions. What you guys think? If not a Rumble 40, maybe something else in the same price range?
  4. I will definitely look into those! I have a local Music Go Round a few miles from me and I think I saw some of those this weekend. I just didn't have time to sit and play with them but I'm definitely gonna check them out this coming weekend
  5. Honestly, probably something less than 300-400 usd for now. I've been looking at quite a bit of used stuff and keep seeing Peavy and ampeg things. I also keep seeing things about the Trace Elliot Elf amp so I was thinking about getting that and pairing it with a decent cab.
  6. I feel like I'm reaching the end of my beginner stages and starting my intermediate stages as a player. Right now I have an ampeg BA 108 but I'm looking to upgrade to a good head and can or combo amp. I don't want to break the bank though. I am also starting to do some jam sessions with some coworkers and they're talking about a small gig at the end of the year. Any suggestions?
  7. What kind of bass head would you recommend? I consider myself in the early stages of being an intermediate player. I'd like something that wouldn't break the bank as well.
  8. Yes I am and eventually (hopefully) do a gig or 2. Still ways away though. And I will definitely look into these!!
  9. Not sure just yet! I know my amp is just a practice amp and I've gotten good enough to where I need something better but not sure what to get. I was looking at a peavey 410 tvx that I saw used online and thought that would be a decent-ish start without breaking the bank but it's just a cab. Heads are more expensive and I was just trying to see if I needed to get one. I have a marshall code 100 but that's for guitar and I'd hate to damage it using it for bass.
  10. I was wondering if I can use a combo amp as a preamp into a bass cabinet. Nothing really concrete online as to if I can or cannot or how to do it. I'm stuck between buying another combo amp or buying a head and cabinet (which is honestly what I'm leaning towards) but they are more expensive. I have an Ampeg ba 108 combo amp and I was wondering if it would work with a base cab? Can I just plug it in and run it? Or is that now how it works? Am I better off just buying a an amp head?
  11. A lot of times, we play some simpler songs since our sessions are open to all skill levels. We have people that literally just started a couple weeks ago to people that are professional musicians that have toured the world for 40 plus years. I really enjoy them because you get to learn from different perspectives and learn how each person speaks the "language"
  12. I have a group of coworkers that I've been jamming with for about a year. I originally jammed with them when I played guitar but it didn't "feel right" so I switched to bass. We haven't jammed in about 2 months due to the cold lol but are going to get together in a couple weeks. I have also been very fortunate to be surrounded by musicians, both novice and professionals, and even some professional musicians that are in world famous bands and are still even touring. They told me to jam/gig with some of them too but I feel like I need to learn more before I do!
  13. I bought a headrush mx5 multi effects pedal a while back and use it for my bass. I was wondering if anyone knew if I could plug it in straight into a bass cab? Without an amp head? I really can't get a good answer online. I have a small ampeg BA 108 combo amp I use but lately I've just been plugging my bass straight into the pedal and using headphones. I would like a bass cab though
  14. I want to master the instrument and eventually gig
  15. I appreciate everyone's response and advice! My lessons are every Saturday in the morning and I talked to my teacher today and express my concern and he completely understood. Today he started teaching me a few other things and I feel like I learned more today than I have in the past few weeks. I'm going to keep at it for a bit longer and see if it improves. My teacher is one of the coolest and most understanding people I've ever met and he was one of the highly recommended and most regarded instructors in the area.
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