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  1. £5 standard postage. More for Highlands and Islands. Thanks for looking. Please ask if you have questions.
  2. An absolute bargain. The pickups in these are just incredible.
  3. I wouldn't be without one. There's something magical about them that you just can't get with solid state. I have a Laney Nexus Tube 400 that is an absolute peach, very versatile and was my default gigging amp. It's heavy but it does everything well and has great EQ. You can pick them up for about £500 but they don't come up often. My Mesa 400+ gets to go out occasionally, it's lighter, uses caps to give big transients and is probably the lightest even though it sits in a custom case made by Matamp. It's also the one that does the cleanest sounds although the EQ is not intuitive and the DI out will upset most soundmen... it's a Mesa. I also have a custom MJW 200 which is like a Matamp. It's the bedroom amp of the 3 as it has clever power switching options and can be switched down to about 40w so you can rag it at home without affecting the structural integrity of the neighbourhood. I also have a hybrid Mesa Walkabout Scout, it's good but it's like a toy compared to the valve amps. In Summary, they're all very different and all have their pluses and minuses. If you're serious, try out different ones before you push the button. One thing they have in common, though, especially the big ones like the Laney and say a Marshall 400, is the cost of revalving, servicing. Mesa 400+ servicing needs to be done by someone that knows those amps but most of the others can be done by any good amp tech. Give one a go, you won't regret it.
  4. I can vouch for that rig, I've heard it live and up close and was so impressed I commissioned MJW (ex-Matamp) to build me a clone (but with some weird options Jeff wouldn't do). Funnily, it was seeing Tim's old 400+ in action that led me to buy Beedster's. Small world. Also, Tim's a diamond geezer.
  5. Sean

    Oldman Feedback

    I sold a pedal to Brian. Totally hassle-free and he let me know as soon as it arrived. Nice touch. Sean
  6. A cracking set of UK-made Jazz Bass pickups from the people who took over the Wizard business. Loads of vintage cloth wire on these. £5 postage to UK Mainland. Sitting neatly between our '64 and '84 set in tone and output, the best way to describe this '74 set is 'vintage hot'. Take all the clarity and depth associated with a good vintage Jazz bass pickup, and add a dollop of extra girth and output for a truly versatile and tone-packed pickup set.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Never used. Budget noise gate. I can't even find anything on line about it and i can't remember how it came to be in my house. £5 posted Uk Mainland
  9. Hi all This is the fantastic TC Corona Tri-Chorus + with Toneprint. It's all the choruses you ever need in one. Shipping Uk Mainland = £5
  10. Hi all Here's an M82 Envelope filter. Very good condition, hardly used. £5 postage to UK Mainland.
  11. In very good condition this LS2 has had little use. Still in original box £5 postage UK Mainland.
  12. Hi all This is the VH1-Pro drive, DI, distortion etc. It comes with a 12v power supply. This is a 2017 model. Postage First Class Signed For UK Mainland (excl. Highlands and isalnds) £9 From the specs on the website: Dave Hall Amps VT1 Pro Bass Drive, in excellent condition with 12V power supply and velcro on the bottom. 1/4" jacks in and out with true by-pass Balanced XLR out with 3 position ground lift - Ground, Float and Ploat Stereo headphone out with mixed Stereo Aux in 2 stage 12AX7 valve design for valve warmth and drive - user can swap valve types for different tones Bright switch Colour switch and pot - adds negative feedback which adds compression and distortion Boost switch and pot - clean amplification of the signal. +- 15dB cut/boost EQ with Treble, Mid and Bass controls Q pot - adjusts the centre frequency of the Mid control Input Pad Gain and Level controls 9-12VDC @ 300mA centre negative power connector. 12VDC international power supply supplied Blue back-light power on indicator Blue LED effect on indicator via Foot switch Small foot-print – 145x130x60mm
  13. Hi all Here's a Cog Tarkin Fuzz for salwe. Postage First Class Signed For UK Mainland (excl. Highlands and isalnds) £9 from the website: Tarkin Fuzz Smaller, better, meaner. The Tarkin mk2 is based on the Green Russian, just like the mk1, great for the bass guitar and thick guitar sounds, but this time it's squeezed into the pedalboard-friendly 1590A enclosure. It'll do the classic, smooth fuzz sound we all know and love, but it will also do a lot more than that. Increase the Fuzz knob for more sustain and distortion. The Tone knob takes you from deep rumbling wool through to nasty ice-pick fizz. Bass players will likely not venture past the 2 o'clock point without physical abuse from bandmates, but it's there if you need it. The LPF and HPF switches adjust the corner frequencies of the filters that make up the Tone control, allowing you to add low- and high-mids respectively. These controls help cut through a live mix and give you the option to add more punch to your fuzz sound. As you would expect, these switches interact with the Tone knob, so experimentation is highly encouraged. Inside you'll find switches to adjust the two clipping stages. In position 1, the clipping is smoother, and in position 2 the clipping has more bite. You can also remove the clipping diodes from either stage using these switches. Overall, this tiny terror will fit on any pedalboard and is an extremely versatile fuzz box for guitar and bass. * Fuzz, Tone and Level controls provide a range of fuzz tones * LPF and HPF allow classic Green Russian tones or more cutting tones * Internal switches adjust clipping flavour and can remove diodes * 2.1mm Boss-style 9v DC input (power supply not included) * True Bypass Switching * Die-cast Aluminium Hammond 1590A box
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