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  1. I have a PJ set of SD SJB-2 + SPB-2 in Black covers. The tails are long and original and have only been used in a KiOgon loom so haven't been soldered or cut. They come in the "Seymour Duncan" covers rather than the "Basslines" ones so look a bit more vintage but as they're standard size they'll take an aftermarket pickup cover. I'll try and get photos posted later.
  2. New DHA pedal - help please

    [quote name='sk8' timestamp='1509549774' post='3399830'] I've had the M80 and Sansamp. DHA definitely up there with the sansamp and kills the M80 hands down [/quote] What’s interesting is how much control you get from the instrument volume knob. Much more than any of the others. I haven’t tried it with my Cog dirt boxes yet. The MXR M80 needs a rethink, it’s been surpassed by so many other products like the Mesa D, GK Plex and some others. I’m very happy with the DHA and can’t wait to get it on my pedal board and out gigging.
  3. New DHA pedal - help please

    [quote name='sk8' timestamp='1509459020' post='3399070'] What did you get rid of out of interest? [/quote] Hartke VXL 2 x MXR M80 Sansamp I still have a Valeton Bass Dapper but that’s my rehearsal fly rig.
  4. Ashdown CTM 30

    [quote name='ryancowell25' timestamp='1508776655' post='3394347'] Only moving on as i've just picked up a Mesa 400. Will no doubt regret this. [/quote] I traded my entire family for a Mesa 400+ six years ago and I'm still waiting for pangs of regret. I'm not saying they'll never come but... GLWTS
  5. Valve ~ Tube question

    I have had valves from both Watford and Hot Rox. I have had two dodgy JJs in one batch from HR but never had a bad valve from Watford.
  6. Feedback for Lozz196

    Another great recommendation. Nice easy transaction with me as vendor, Lozz as buyer.
  7. New DHA pedal - help please

    It's absolutely bangin'. I'm glad I sold all my other DI/Preamp pedals. I love the EQ and the filth. I'll write a proper post over the weekend when I've spent more time with it.
  8. Pickup Repairs and Rewinds

    [quote name='umcoo' timestamp='1508758049' post='3394157'] Aaron did some repairs and a rewind on a few pickups. Really quick, great communication and extremely reasonable in cost. Definitely recommended. [/quote] Pickup posted to Aaron today. He says he’s done the exact same repair to the same pickup before. Thanks to all for the help.
  9. [quote name='Sammers' timestamp='1508237446' post='3390680'] Garage Band will let you run it in the background as will Amplitude. So you can just minimize the amp modelling app whilst still monitoring the audio and open up your music library to access songs you want to practice. I use a very old iRig and this is the way I practice with a drum machine app/metronome app [/quote] Me too. Original iRig, less than £9 delivered from Amazon. Play through GB with Spotify running at the same time all on iPhone. Perfect for nights away from home.
  10. Pickup Repairs and Rewinds

    [quote name='discreet' timestamp='1508594355' post='3393178'] Try [email protected] [/quote] Thanks. I've emailed Aaron so we'll see what he comes back with before trying Herrick.
  11. Pickup Repairs and Rewinds

    [quote name='TheGreek' timestamp='1508582353' post='3393063'] Martin [email protected] He's a member here... [/quote] Thanks. Could you check that please? It doesn’t come up as a website or a valid email address. Cheers.
  12. I'm looking for someone that can repair a soapbar pickup that I have. I've tried Creamery and Hot Rod but no luck. I've done a search but can't seem to find anyone who can repair existing soapbar pickups. Any suggestions? Thanks Sean
  13. Wrong forum, I think.
  14. Valve di's - perhaps...

    [quote name='paul_5' timestamp='1482513106' post='3201239'] I'd plump for a DHA VT1 DI every time. I don't turn mine off. ever. [url="http://www.davehallamps.co.uk/page54.html"]http://www.davehalla....uk/page54.html[/url] Mine goes into a super clean SWR head that's got ridiculous amounts of tone shaping, but no 'grit'. [/quote] And it's British. And the man who makes it is on Basschat. And you can phone him up and talk to him. These factors score very highly on my weighted scoring chart.