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  1. FS: Ibanez ATK 400

    Jap or Korean?
  2. Tech21 prototype dUg pre-amp pedal.

    @tonyxtiger email received today and responded to. I’m very excited about this one. The only doubts I have @Tech21NYC is that when I had the (disappointing) Bass FlyRig the knobs kept coming off the pots. I hope these are better. BFG was also disappointing because of that OctaFuzz and a mediocre chorus. Everything else was very good. The Valeton Dapper Bass is disappointing too because of the crap tuner and luke warm amp section, pale next the Sansamp. VDB has a good Boss CE clone and a nice comp with a useable Octaver. The Bassballs clone it has is also too focused. I hope the T21 BFR Mk2 ticks all the boxes. sorry for the deviation. Looking forward to the dUg...
  3. Ibanez WD7 Weeping Demon wah

    A good few years back I tried dozens of wah pedals and ended up settling on this one. I've had it for years and still can't find anything better. It's so tweakable and versatile and easy to use. Fabulous product.
  4. Jamerson vs Kaye?

  5. Tech21 prototype dUg pre-amp pedal.

    @tonyxtiger I'll have one. Perfect birthday prezzie for myself. I've been trying to mess about with guitar amp and bass amp rigs so this will make it easy. Good enough for dUg, more than adequate for me
  6. Yes. PM if interested. sorry for delay in responding, been off grid
  7. Thanks really! I've got a set unopened that are there as spares... Hmmm
  8. What approx figures would you expect? The valves are JJs.
  9. Yamaha BB2024X **SOLD**

    Best Passive Rock Bass Ever. I have two.
  10. Yep - the one in my Avatar. Finest passive rock bass ever. Bought it new in 2010 and it's on my lap as I type this.
  11. My 4xKT88 MJW is 253w clean and 544w fully clipped. If you multiply that by 1.5 for 6xKT88 (not strictly accurate or scientific but a guide nonetheless) you get 375+ clean and 800+ fully clipped. It would be interesting to know what the big 8xKT88 amps are on the scope. If anyone wants to come and measure my Laney, please let me know.
  12. 12 and 8 String Basses

    That bridge is the same as the Schecter one.
  13. 12 and 8 String Basses

    Here's the Schecter 8 in a band setting at a jam this week. Drums, bass, loud guitar, vocal. Roughly recorded on a Zoom H2n and then a few tweaks. It's as rough as you like but gives an idea. Not as high in the mix as I'd like but...
  14. http://www.reevesamps.com/amplifiers/reeves-custom-400-bass-amp/ Interesting that it's a 6xKT88 400w amp. Most 400 watters are 8xKT88. And now we're into manufacturers' power claims