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  1. I recently got a Revelation 67 Jazz, designed by Alan Entwistle. It has Entwistle JBXNs and they are fantastic - loud, clear and punchy, with plenty of bottom end. They are so good I'm going to get the PBXN for my Precision (your post about them influenced me too). I'm up the road (in Bray) if you ever wanna do an A/B test.
  2. I recently stuck the super-slim Jazz neck from my Fender Modern Player onto a Squier Precision. Total success. Dead easy job, straight swap – it's now my no1 bass. So I'm left with a Modern Player Jazz body, and a Squier Precision neck... I may as well put them together, and have a usable second instrument. Do they fit? Do they f**k! The neck slots in OK, but the fingerboard is way too high, with the strings pressed against it – and raising the bridge saddles won't be enough to compensate. How can this be? How can it work one way and not the other? Head wrecked.
  3. Is there anything other than the pickups that contributes significantly to the sound of Precision compared with a Jazz? I have a Modern Player Jazz, with which I'm very happy - love the neck, balance, feel etc. But I wouldn't mind more of a Precision-ish sound, if possible. Could this be achieved by simply adding/replacing with a Precision pickup? If so, would this work in the bridge pickup position – or does the Precision pickup absolutely have to be in the mid/neck position? On my MP, the neck pickup is pretty good (lots of warm bottom end) while I hate the bridge pickup – it's bass-light and honky – so ideally the Precision pickup would go there: but would it be too close to the bridge to sound any good? Thanks for any advice...
  4. [quote name='discreet' timestamp='1462123121' post='3040452'] It is - I use Fender 9050ML flats which are 50, 65, 85 and 100. [/quote] Cool, that makes sense. Thanks for the tip.
  5. [quote name='PaulWarning' timestamp='1462111650' post='3040336'] this has always troubled me, only I prefer the A string to the E string, the A string always sounds punchier and clearer to me, cuts through the mix better, whenever possible I avoid using the E string, I'm not a fan of fivers as you can imagine [/quote] Yeah, know what you mean: the A can be clearer. It depends on the type of sound you're after – I used to like a brighter, clearer 80s sound with new strings etc, but I now prefer a darker, weightier tone. And would love to have that across the bottom two strings at least.
  6. Hi. Every bass I've owned (all Fenders/Squiers) has had great bottom end on the E string, with much less thump on the A string, even when playing the same note. For example, a B played on fret 7 of the E string has more weight than a B played on fret 2 of the A string. I suppose this is down to the physics of the string thickness and tension. it's not a big deal when playing live, and compression helps when recording – but is there any way to minimise this difference in tonality between strings? I'm thinking maybe a heavier-than-usual A, and a lighter E? Or can anyone recommend a bass (pref P or J style) with a more uniform bottom end thump across the strings? TIA for any advice/suggestions.
  7. AS ABOVE - How do you edit the title of an ad? NOT AS ABOVE - Please don't PM this info... it should be made super-obvious in the title post!
  8. SOLD to Jamondrums! As suggested by previous posters, I dithered and dallied about actually selling this beauty - but Jamon was really keen, offered asking, and the bass is obviously going to a good home. It has served me well, and 'tis time to move on!
  9. [quote name='gareth' timestamp='1371483091' post='2114400'] very nice - how much does it weigh please? [/quote] Weighed in at 9lbs 1oz today.
  10. [quote name='mike257' timestamp='1371544095' post='2115154'] I've found the forum at tdpri.com to be a great resource. ... It's the nearest I've found to BC in terms of friendliness, usefulness and general lack of divvys. [/quote] I agree - tdpri.com is the best of the bunch. I thought I was missing something when looking for a UK-based guiar equivalent of Basschat. Seems not... Reckon Guitarchat.co.uk could be a good thing: good luck with it guys.
  11. As the title says, can anyone recommend a guitar forum with a vibe similar to Basschat? I like the way Basschat hosts intelligent, useful and occasionally funny discussions, and has a For Sale section. There must be a guitar equivalent (or maybe not)? Preferably UK- rather than US-based, as I prefer to minimize my exposure to words like 'dude', 'totally awesome' and 'sucks'.
  12. [quote name='gareth' timestamp='1371483091' post='2114400'] very nice - how much does it weigh please? [/quote] I think it's kinda medium / average i.e. neither particularly light nor super-heavy. I'll weigh it tomorrow and have a proper answer for you.
  13. SOLD!!! 1983 SQUIER JV PRECISION, inc case and UK delivery: £850 SOLD!!! One owner (me) since new... I've had this JV for thirty years, but it's time to sell before I get too sentimental about it. Bass is all original except for the knobs, and is in very good gigged condition i.e. a few dings and dents, but nothing horrific. It saw a fair bit of action during the first years of its life, and has been semi-retired for the past twenty years, with just occasional studio use. Frets are all good, and the neck colour has aged nicely. I'm not a meddler, and the bass has not been tampered with in any way – just the occasional polish and some lemon oil on the board. Everything is really solid – bridge, reverse tuners, even the input jack, and the pickguard has never been removed. Price includes a new Rochester case, lightweight but solid, and registered, insured delivery to any UK / Ireland address. EDIT: Weight is 9lbs 1oz
  14. [quote name='ingmar808' timestamp='1367088892' post='2061237'] Anything with showoff woodgrain. Yuck. [/quote] [quote name='thisnameistaken' timestamp='1367092079' post='2061288'] ... but yeah 'blingy' maple tops, whether it's quilted or flamed or 'spalted' (yuck) it just looks like a lottery winner's furniture. Nouveau riche. [/quote] Exactly. And those coffee-table guitars are only bought by bell-ends. Has any decent band in history ever used them?.
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