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  1. BassManGraham

    MESA BOOGIE D800+ vs GK MB FUSION - gig review

    The GK MB amps are very loud. An MB500 certainly seems to hold its own against other more powerful rated heads. They seem to have a lot more gain than most of their contemporaries which means too much treble and high mid EQ can produce audible hissing! Not noticeable when playing, but mildly irritatingly at idle or quiet passages in studio. The D800+ has wonderful tone and plenty of volume for my needs, but on balance probably not as loud as a GK MB800, or the Markbass Little Marcus 800 either. No front of house engineer ever likes me playing anywhere near that loud on stage anyway!
  2. BassManGraham

    Recommend a combo pls

    Make sure you check out the DI out specifically unless you intend using a separate DI box. Fender Rumbles are good value a second hand Markbass combo is worth considering. I've had a CMD 121P and a CMD 102P both excellent with great DI outs. I have had two T.C Electronic combos despite being fine little combos the DI out was noisy and unusable on both. No ground lift and considerable mains hum. If weight is not an issue you could do a lot worse than one of the bigger Hartke combos. The tiltback facility is very useful too. Good Hunting.
  3. BassManGraham

    Mesa D800+ vs D800 - adjustable HPF rawks. (NAD)

    Haha yep that's exactly when I bought mine! Checked their site the next week, it was out of stock with another £250 on the price! Bargains like that exacerbate my G.A.S. Sound engineer at a regular gig was very complimentary on my 800+ first outing, and he usually doesn't enthuse about much at all!
  4. BassManGraham

    Aria Pro II SB-600

    Pretty sure this bass is an SB600 not an SB700. SB 600s had set/glued neckswhereas the SB700 had a 5 piece laminated neck thru body. Please check specs.
  5. BassManGraham

    New TC Electronic heads

    Well that sounds very promising indeed as the HA3500 is quite loud and punchy for a 350W amp. Only ever used one a couple of times when it was provided backline but fairly impressive, only avoided getting one due to the weight of the things. It may be that the BQ500 can surpass my fairly moderate expectations!
  6. BassManGraham

    New TC Electronic heads

    I have been generally underwhelmed by all T.C Electronic heads and combos I havd tried. OK tone print is clever and fun, but power wise they do not come close to GK, Markbass, etc. I have a BH250-208 which is a tidy good value little practice combo, but even with an extension cab cannot compete with our drummer! But, I see Thomann are currently selling the BQ500 for €205 / £175 (free delivery) which to be fair is less than a decent preamp, DI or FX pedal! At this price GAS and curiosity get the better of me, so I am setting THRUST to stun, and getting prepared to be underwhelmed all over again. I will report further when it arrives in several weeks time!
  7. BassManGraham

    Bridged at certain ohm?

    Running an amplifier into too low an impedance is definitely not advisable, the amp could run hot and you could blow the output stage of of your power amp.
  8. BassManGraham

    New Amp GAS, but which one ?

    I did direct comparison between several heads earlier today. LittleMark Tube 800, Little Mark 800, Little Marcus 800 Aguilar AG700, Aguilar Tonehammer, Darkglass Microtube 900. Loved the AG700 but not sure it justified around £400 more than Markbass offerings. The Darkglass had really great drive and grit if you like metal etc, but I would rarely, if ever, use that much dirt . I too really disliked the logo of Marcus Miller on the Little Marcus 800, but at similar volume and all controls at 12 o'clock with VLE/old school and VPF/Millerizer off it seemed to have greater volume and punch than the other two Markbass amps. The mute switch is much better, and the low bass control excellent, so that is what I bought. But do try a Quilter BB800 they are probably the best vfm head out there right now.
  9. BassManGraham

    Power Amp Users

    Glad you like it. I have never tried my Crown 1002 in biamp mode, partly because I wanted a loud one cab solution (with Barefaced Super 12) and unbridged it gives considerably lower output..but will definitely give it a try now, with a pair of Vanderkleys.
  10. BassManGraham

    Power Amp Users

    QSC power amps are great,. In fact I use my Quilter Bass Block 800 (from Patrick Quilter, the Q in QSC) far more often than my Sansamp/ Crown rack unit these days, it just so handy!
  11. BassManGraham

    Power Amp Users

    Hi the Crown it is good, clean, loud and powerful and very good value for money.. The Sansamp ceates the tone, and sound engineers love them . I can't honestly compare the Crown with many A/B style amps as I have been using Class D stuff pretty much exclusively for 12 or more years and I am always DI'd through a PA so the power sections of all my amps are there to provide on stage sound. The bass and preamp are key in shaping sound/tone , the power amp and speakers deliver volume and 'heft'. With the right speaker cab this Sansamp/ Crown set-up is plenty powerful for most venues without going thru PA if you want a deafening sound on stage! I did try my Sansamp with a friends A/B style t.amp power amp before buying the Crown. The t-amp sounded OK, but to me the Crown sound was much better, and had far greater flexibility with high pass, low pass, bandwidth selection etc. Unable to compare with a high quality A/B amp.I sometimes wonder if the finer nuances are lost when a full band and drummer kick in? Personally I like class D amps. I have had valve heavyweights but even back in the day I preferred my solid state Acoustic 220 to my valve Fender Bassman 135 for cutting thru the mix,. I dare say you could get marginally better results by spending a lot more money. Demeter spring to mind. You just have to let your own ears judge what's best for you.
  12. BassManGraham

    Power Amp Users

    Just for the record (and to satisfy my pedantic OCD) a more elegant and aesthetic option is possible for the Crown . Channel 1 is wired for both channels so it can be used for BRIDGE mode wiring (or stereo wiring of two speakers using one 4 pin speakon plug) I use the rock-wire Speak-on to Speak--on with bridged terminals 1+/2+ and white sheath to avoid incorrect connection. The Crown is very flexible and excellent crossover allows bi-amping if you want to be reallly flash!
  13. BassManGraham

    Power Amp Users

    Hope pic helps, cheers Graham
  14. BassManGraham

    Power Amp Users

    There are two simple options for connecting speakers to the power amp in bridged mode. This is explained in the online manual. But briefly 1. You connect a standard speakon cable or Jack plug on one end (speaker cab connection) with bare wires to amp connection to the pair of bridged +ve and -ve red terminal posts. 2. I also got a special speakon cable made up by Dave (obbm) on this very forum. It's just different connection to terminals on the speak on plug. This then connects to speak on output on power amp.
  15. BassManGraham


    Please give me a heads-up if you reconsider selling. Cheers