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  1. Nice bass for a very reasonable price. GLWS
  2. BassManGraham

    New TC Electronic heads

    That is a crazy price, I thought I paid rock bottom price of €205, but Bax are around €190. Wonder if it is 1st or 2nd production batch and if the reversed passive/active switch has been resolved. Thomann have just dispatched my replacement. Either way it's a good little amp with compressor for around the price of a decent compressor pedal!
  3. BassManGraham

    Best value 300w 1x12 cab?

    Switchable impedance is brilliant, shame all cabs don't have this. These HD112 cabs don't seem to be available any longer?
  4. BassManGraham

    Best value 300w 1x12 cab?

    Eden EX112, 300 Watt, Compact, punchy, solid and portable great value, great sound.Ferrite magnets, Not lightweight neodynium. Only minor niggle is their single jack input.
  5. BassManGraham

    SOLD Barefaced Super 12T

    Great cab, probably best I've ever owned. I use it far more than other rigs including PJB, Eden, Markbass and even Vanderkley which I really love too. The Barefaced Super 12T wins due to its portability, power and sound! Would buy this one but really don't need two of these even at festival gigs. GLWS
  6. BassManGraham

    Prison worthy "upgrades"

    That is utter sacrilege. These hectics should be taken straight to the village ducking stool! The Aria SB is such an iconic design! Just proves there's no accounting for taste or complete lack thereof
  7. BassManGraham

    Has anyone ever found a Barefaced Supertwin lacking?

    I have a Gen 2 Super Twelve (2 x12 with tweeter), forerunner to the Gen 3 Super Twin. Bought on this forum, and used in many gigs since from clubs to theatres and festivals. Delighted with it never let me down, plenty of power and punch. Has been great with a variety of heads. I tried out the SuperTwin in the Barefaced workshop great sound and I would have bought it had the Super Twelve not appeared on here at a great price.
  8. BassManGraham

    Kawai F11B Alembic Clone

    Yes indeed it did!
  9. BassManGraham

    Please help me to identify this bass.

    Not sure it's a GB74? I think the 74s had two switches an active switch and a coil tap switch for the MM pick-up. I have a GB94 with a spalted top, but otherwise the controls are similar. Definitely a G series though.
  10. BassManGraham

    New TC Electronic heads

    Thanks, but I am based in Ireland. Thomann have offered to pay return postage and send me a new replacement. Can't say fairer than that. I have used real electronics for a fault on an out of warranty Markbass cab crossover, they were excellent..
  11. BassManGraham

    New TC Electronic heads

    TC Support have apologised and confirmed that due to a manufacturing error the active/passive switch is the wrong way round on the first batch of amps. This fault has now been rectified for future production. They are looking into remedial action for their first production batch. TBH I was sure that is what it was. It is a bit irritating but not a major issue. But being a bit OCD so am pondering wnether or not I should return it to Thomann. I have giggled the amp now and it is a nice punchy sound with a very hot and clean DI out.
  12. Hi Dave, yes loved it so much had to have another, sadly your Epic is still in UK until I can get ferry over in the New Year!
  13. I love them both, but if I had to choose the Epic would be a no brainer. I have been complimented on it's sound at every gig by sound engineers, using a variety of rigs . It is very distinctive and really cuts through the mix. The band love it and it sounds great even on iPhone vid clips etc.
  14. 2018 is / has been another very gaseous year for me. My 2019 resolution is reduce my emissions. Best amp considering performance, cost and exceeding expectations was QUILTER BASS BLOCK 800. But the MESA SUBWAY 800 plus is lovely but cost twice as much so edged into second place. Best bass: A limited edition Alembic Epic, have also acquired an Aria SBR-60, and a KAWAI FIIB both pristine. I love 80s Alemibesque Japanese basses. Worst basses either Epiphone Toby Deluxe, which is great value fun bass for dodgy gigs, so I am keeping it, but not is same league as other purchases. Or Marcus Miller P7 which I traded for a Chowny, but didn't like it and immediately p/x'd it for a Marcus Miller M7.The P7 was a good bass but just not as good as other Sires I have tried or owned. The M7 is lovely..
  15. BassManGraham

    New TC Electronic heads

    I have done just that. I will share their response as and when they get back to me.