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  1. What an absolute beauty, My fav design of all time (with the obvious nod to Alembic). Would definitely consider this if I didn't have two SBRs and an SB Elite already. GLWS
  2. Tried one out at London Bass show in September. Nice build quality, sounded really awesome (given the general cacophony of all the slappers around me). Await your verdict and review with great interest. I really dont need anymore bass heads, but this one just might find its way into the arsenal.
  3. Wow that is a thing of beauty and in amazing condition. I've been on a Trace Elliot GAS Spree this year, but Ryanair won't be having any if that sadly! Hope it finds a deserving home, wonder if Geoff Capes took up bass in retirement? GLWS
  4. I have found a pretty good temporary solution. My Alembic fits both a Ritter and Warwick Rocksak Thunderbird gig bag. A bit of extra bespoke foam padding, will make gigging feasible, the original case is great but just way too big! Many thanks to all responses, much appreciated. Acknowledgement and appreciation to Mark and Ashley from Bass Direct who suggested the T'bird gigbag solution. Luckily I have one already Doh!
  5. Yes if I dont have any joy, I may email Alembic they are always very helpful.
  6. Hi All, OK this is a first world problem but would appreciate advice. I recently acquired a beautiful 20th Anniversary Alembic, but the hard case is absolutely massive and not gig (or car) friendly. I am looking for a decent padded gig bag. It will just about fit into a Thomann deluxe bag but headstock is very tight against lining and would be very vulnerable to knocks. Any Basschatters know of a decent well padded large bag? Thanks
  7. My BLX80 had a CELESTION CT10-150, which was original. These were made for Trace hence the T. My other BLX-80 had a retrofited Eminence Beta 10A rated at 250 watts. Both combo cabs sounded similar to my ears.
  8. Yes, My Trace BLXs sound amazing through decent modern cabs such as Barefaced or Vanderkley, far superior to the boxy honky sound from the weird slot fronted combo cabs. Much more beef far less weight, best of both worlds!
  9. Many thanks for your very helpful posts. I had a shed load of Trace Elliot brochures that I collected when I wanted,,but couldn't afford them, sadly I think they were turfed out when we moved house. I recently acquired a second Series 6 BLX 80. This states 4 ohm minimum load on the two speaker jack outputs. On inspection and comparison of the amp chassis they appear to have identical components, particularly ouput transforner, transistors and capacitors. Apart from a few differences in preamp and front panel facilities the only difference I can see being the series 6 has a much larger finned heat sink. So I reckon my other BLX 80 rated at 8 ohm does refer to internal speaker, can will run into 4 ohms speaker, but may get a bit warmer.
  10. Look will somebody please buy me one. I will then give an objective and unbiased review for the greater benefit of all Basschatters. Can't be fairer than that! Haha
  11. This looks interesting, as I love my Quilter Bassblock 800, so worth a try, just wonder what price point will be? But no XLR D.I.out? With Sansamp, MXR and Trace Elliot Transit B, preamp boxes, not sure this will be joining my bass stable. 45W at 4 ohm for stage monitor seems a tad underpowered for my band ( or rather drummer)
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