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  1. Sorry Mick! Still enjoying the Aria SB-R80
  2. Lovely Bass Mike. I have a very similar one I had made in 82. Stunning basses. Not surprised it went so quickly. BREXIT has caused untold damage to buying gear from UK now, and presumably the other way too. Best Graham.
  3. I had a Carlsbro head in the 70s. I have had well over 60 amp/cab/combos since then, and sadly the Carlsbro stands out as the worst. To quote ZZ Top I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole! Sorry I can't be positive about it.
  4. I got an SWB Pro on here a few months back. Wonderful short scale basses, lovely necks and playability with great tone. This is a lovely bass at the price, great colour and I would snap it up, if it were not for Covid and Brexshit. Having done some research to import to Ireland would now cost me an extra £170! GLWS someone will get a bargain!
  5. Thanks guys. Have tried Walford valves, who are still trading, but only talk calls Monday to Thursday. Cheers
  6. Have an opportunity to acquire a second silver face, but it needs a new tube. I think it is very similar to pic of the one I own. Does anybody know which tube this need. Cheers
  7. Really like the look of this. As a longtime Acoustic Control Corp and Trace Elliot fan, I have always loved the graphic section. I think I might be in the market for one of these. If gigs ever return!
  8. Yes compared to Mesa, GK , PJB and even Markbass heads (which aren't to everyone's taste) the Quilters aesthetic design leaves a lot to be desired. They look a bit basic with the chicken head knobs, retro at best, amateur radio enthusiast at worst. I don't like the sticky plastic logo on top of the BB800 either. However the sound and performance certainly don't disappoint. They are great amps solidly built and have been very reliable to date. Beware the ugly kid with the hefty punch!
  9. Despite my initial apprehension and skepticism I found the 800's depth and contour user-friendly and easy to quickly dial-in great usable tones. Prices have increased by about €100 since I got mine! Like the look of the 802, but it does it have DI out?
  10. I regularly use (preCovid) Barefaced 2x12, excellent cabs that use purpose built Eminence drivers. Haven't tried Trickfish but heartily recommend Barefaced SuoerTwins or Big Twins which are the best cab I've ever tried. Vanderkley 112MNT cabs which use Faital Pro drivers.are also excellent and worth considering.
  11. Excellent stock bass from Fender. The best sounding unmodified Fender I've played over many years and out of a dozen or so Jazzes, I own or have owned. GLWS.
  12. Well I ended up buying M2s, M2.5s and M3s to be sure, to be sure etc. It transpired that they were M3s on the Series 6 heads, so I was able to fit M3 Nylocks, all rattles gone amp sounding brilliant again. BTW Boltbase in UK were brilliant, very helpful even for a tiny order.
  13. I use a Barefaced Suoer 12 or Super Twin. Or a pair of Vanderkley MNT112s . Excellent sound.
  14. Think I will try Nutone roundwounds. I have them on my Chris Larkin bass. Great strings I will get some flats and compare!
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