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  1. Absolutely superb cab (I have one), Very fair price.too. Someone will not be disappointed.
  2. Beautiful amp. If I wasn't stuck in Ireland, and if it were not for Brexit adding circa 33% to cost of importing it. I would be all over this. GLWS.
  3. Beautiful bass.Have a bump. Always wanted a headless ACG. Met Alan at the London Bass show a few years back. Tried a headless Krell, loved it. Would have snapped this up, but since Brexit this preowned bass would cost around £1940 (€2255), plus a lot of hassle to import to Ireland. 😡
  4. I have quite a few decent cabs. My Barefaced Super12T (2×12) gets used more than the rest put together due to its power, punchy, tone and portability. I have tried loads of amp/cab combinations. My firm favourites are Barefaced and/or Vanderkley. If you're looking for loud and light, (and UK based) you won't find better than Barefaced.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. I have one now. Great sounding little combo it is too.
  6. Have just checked couriers will charge UK customs i.e. add 2% import duty then apply 20% VAT making total cost €1775, they may also add a handling charge, so probably circa £1800!. Thanks Brexit!
  7. Do you have photo of back of bass? What's the price in Euro? I assume importing to UK will attract VAT and import duty? Thanks
  8. Never really been into Ashdown stuff despite its evolution from Trace Elliot. Do like the look of their new Trace like retro Graphic EQ head. My brother had an Ashdown rig which sounded ok on stage, but I couldn't get on with it. Sliders or knobs but both were confusing!
  9. You may well ask Mr Ezra. Not that I have to justify my actions to you or anybody else for that matter! 😂😎 Primarily Covid boredom. Too much time to peruse selling sites. A local seller. I have always liked SWR gear, being a former Acoustic owner. I have an old SWR cab left in our rehearsal room, this would match it Ever present G.A.S. Virtual insanity. You know the rest.
  10. Very heloful thanks. Seen one in Ireland, where I am now based, for around €280. I have a workingman's 15T cab that would make a good extension. I will probably go for it. Cheers
  11. Thinking of getting a 1990s pre Fender SWR Workingman's 12 combo I am not very familiar with preowned SWR market. What should be a fair price range for one in reasonable condition. Any advice much appreciated.
  12. Status & Trace were a classic 80s combination. Mark King springs to mind. I had a Washburn Status geat bass ,sadly sold. Status necks always felt a little chunky for me. I have several Trace heads, which aren't too heavy. I only use with lightweight Vanderkleys of Barefaced. A well preserved Trace Head is the way to go.
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