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  1. Excellent stock bass from Fender. The best sounding unmodified Fender I've played over many years and out of a dozen or so Jazzes, I own or have owned. GLWS.
  2. Well I ended up buying M2s, M2.5s and M3s to be sure, to be sure etc. It transpired that they were M3s on the Series 6 heads, so I was able to fit M3 Nylocks, all rattles gone amp sounding brilliant again. BTW Boltbase in UK were brilliant, very helpful even for a tiny order.
  3. I use a Barefaced Suoer 12 or Super Twin. Or a pair of Vanderkley MNT112s . Excellent sound.
  4. Think I will try Nutone roundwounds. I have them on my Chris Larkin bass. Great strings I will get some flats and compare!
  5. Many thanks, very helpful. I have ordered the lighter gauge La Bella flats.760FHB2s. I wouldn't be that confident putting 50s on such a thin neck, unless I was planning on taking up archery!
  6. Hi All, have just acquired a Hofner Violin bass for a song (or three). Am quite impressed with the sound and tonal flexibility of what I incorrectly thought would be a one trick pony. What are the best short scale light gauge strings that won't break the bank? I am temporarily making do with an old dead set of light gauge longscale round wounds that I have unwound the round wound so that the core will pass through the tiny machine heads/tuning pegs. These tuners would look more at home on cheap acoustic 6 string!
  7. Your comments nearly sparked me into an HB panic buying session, but then I realised being in Ireland I may be on the right side of the Thomann drawbridge. That won't help me bringing back the bass gesr stash I have accumulated in UK, but been unable to collect since lockdown..
  8. Does anyone have a couple of spares or know what size I.e. thread and diameter, the Allen nuts & bolts used to secure the Graphic Equalizer circuit board to the amp chassis on a Trace Elliot Series 6 GP7 head? I recently made a new amp sleeve for a Series 6 GP7 head from a BLX combo. There was a rattle and vibration emanating from the amp at moderate volume. Initially I thought my cabinetry was at fault but on further investigation found that the graphic equalizer circuit board was loose as two of the four internal nuts were missing. Does anyone know where I can source these. Failing this I will seek an old head for spares. Cheers
  9. Damn powerful head. Blown the speakers clean outta that 4x12! Haha 🤪😂😎
  10. Beautiful. My all time favourite Trace head. Shame that Precious Patrick McKensie retired, he could gave helped me with the power lift! That 4x12 beneath shows that Trace were well ahead of the game in lightweight cab design.🤣😂😎
  11. Nice bass. Any particular 4 string in mind? Whereabouts in Ireland are you based? Cheers
  12. Can't believe this provocative, click baity thread is three years old.😂 I have several Vanderkley and BF cabs, love them all and would not part with them. That said my trusty old BF Super Twelve T is (or was i.e.pre Covid) by far the most regularly gigged.😎
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