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  1. BassManGraham

    Bergantino vs Barefaced vs Vanderkley - New cab decisions

    I too used Markbass very happily for many years, had 2x10, 4x10, 1x12 (x2) and 1x15(x2) and have held onto a couple 1x12s. Still great stuff but Vanderkley and Barefaced are in a different league, which their price would suggest I visited Bass Direct a few years back and did a direct comparison between Bergantinos and Vanderkleys, and I went for the Vanderkleys.. I have been using Vanderkleys for about five years. I recently acquired a preowned Barefaced Super 12T which is a superb one cab solution and I now have trouble choosing between this and two MNT112 or a single LNT210. I visited Barefaced in Brighton and did a direct comparison between the Big Twin and Super Twin. The Big Twin was probably the best single bass cabinet I have ever heard, but as I am nearly always DI'd hrough PA, I went for the portability of the smaller cab, but sonically the Big Twin Is quite a bit more impressive. Barefaced cabs do use relatively thin ply, but are very rigid and well braced. If you respect them and dont hurl them about they are robust enough and really easy to touch-up. The pre and after sales service at Barefaced is excellent . Vanderkley cabs use thicker ply, have less bracing and do seem more robust. I have always preferred tough carpet covering to Tolex, but the 'lumpy' paint on Barefaced cabs is a doddle to maintain. Vanderkley use custom Faital Pro drivers, Barefaced use Eminence drivers wound to Alex's specs. Both companies give exceptional service. A difficult choice, unless you get both!!
  2. BassManGraham

    FS: Gallien Krueger GK MB500 head - price drop £280

    Whoops sorry. The GK MB500 really rocks through my Barefaced Super12T too. Surprised it's still here, if I didn't have one already I would have bought it at this price!
  3. BassManGraham

    FS: Gallien Krueger GK MB500 head - price drop £280

    Superb ultra compact lightweight amp for this money, deceptively loud too, sounds more powerful than other 500W rated class D amps I have heard. Current models have a limiter switch on top of aluminium amp casing, which may have been a design afterthought as there is not much room on front panel . GLWS
  4. BassManGraham

    New Rig Or Not?

    Forgot to mention I sometimes use an Eden EX112 with my CMD 121P, it stacks nicely (same footprint). At 300W at 8 ohms it is a punchy little cab. OK It is clearly not in same league as MB n all, but is half the price and a pretty good cab for just under £200. Might be worth a try out before you spend double on MB or quadruple on Barefaced, Vanderkley, Bergs, Mesa etc Cheers
  5. BassManGraham

    New Rig Or Not?

    Like many bass players I slap a lot at home, but rarely in public at gigs! Oh er missus! I find MB gear very flexible the VPF gives a variable mid scoop for slapping and the VLE a great old school, treble roll off . Quilter Bass Block 800 does this very nicely indeed, but enough from me already!
  6. BassManGraham

    New Rig Or Not?

    Sparky Mark makes a lot of sense. If you like the sound you,'ve got add a MB 1x12, two 1x12 are more portable and flexible then one 2x12. I n addition to MB, I use Barefaced, Vanderkley and PJB which are all clean uncoloured. IMHO Vanderkley and Barefaced are the best cabs I've ever used, and I prefer them marginally, maybe, 10-20% over MB, but sonically I am not sure they justify being twice the price?
  7. BassManGraham

    New Rig Or Not?

    I have a CMD121P and use It with the TRV121H, as I prefer the compression driver (H) to the tweeter (P) in the combo which I have disconnected. Together they make a great punchy sound. The TRV121H is a slightly larger cab but adds volume, depth and clarity. I am sure the NY121P would also make an excellent and slightly more portable partner. I also have a Barefaced Super Twelve T which is absolutely superb but changing amps and cabs could cost you quite a lot more than that of a MB extension cab. So in conclusion I would add an MB 12inch cab as a first step.
  8. BassManGraham


    Wow I see Thomann have just loaded €50 onto the price! Thought getting this amp for under €500 wouldn't last long! Still great value, but not quite such a steal now!
  9. Being a long-term admirer of the old Acoustic Control Corp bass amps/rigs (and a one -time owner who should never have sold one) I was wondering if anyone Basschatters have tried the latest range of Acoustic bass heads? Do they have that old classic sound or are they completely different amps using the old brand/badge? Don't seem to be readily available outside USA? Hard to find specs to see if voltages are EU/UK compatible? CHEERS
  10. Hi, have you got to your storage unit yet? Am keenly awaiting actual pics of your 270 amps. Cheers
  11. BassManGraham

    What gear exceeded expectations for you?

    1. Tony Thompson Quadra Jazz it blows away all Fender Jazzes including, USA , Deluxe etc etc 2. Genz Benz ShuttleMax 9.2 & 12.2 bought for very good price when company folded. 3. Barefaced 12T bought thru Basschat, I had heard Super12 in factory so not total surprise, but really came into it's own when gigged. 4. Quilter Bass Block 800 my most recent happy G.A.S. event.
  12. BassManGraham


    Don't have enough space or time to contrast and compare my amps. Plenty of good reviews and youtube clips about but a quick summary. Edit: I have been using Markbass Cabs for over 10 years and more recently (last 5 years) Vanderkley or Barefaced with all the Class D amps mentioned below. Have used MARKBASS SA450 and Little Mark 500 for around 15 years, both excellent amps, the SA450 no longer in production. Little colouration so sound of bass very evident. Lots of tonal choice and VLE and VPF controls are great. Plenty punch and power. No mute Switch. Good DI out. Good value overall. GENZ BENZ ShuttleMax 9.2 and Streamliner 900. My preference is for the Shuttlemax which I have been using the most over last 5 years or so and I marginally favour over Markbass. Great sound, two channels, loud , punchy, excellent DI out feature laden but which I very rarely use. I find my Shutttlemax cuts through mix better than the Streamliner which is a great simple little amp particularly for warmer older school sounds, three valve preamp and far less features than the Max, Sadly Fender pulled the plug on the amazing Genz Benz range over 5 years ago. I have little doubt that the GENZLER MAGELLANs are excellent just waiting to try one out. GK 500MB, bought as a back-up, but excellent amp as first choice. More colouration than other amps here with a distinctive GK sound (which I really like), seems very loud for a 500W amp.great overdrive and boost. High end can be a but hissy and a little noisey Good DI. Great value for money. Phil Jones Bass D400 with C8 cab. I love the PJB stuff of which I use a variety and the D400 is most recent. Excellent clean HiFi sound, great for studio and practice. Nice low B for such small drivers, excellent for acoustic instruments. PJB gear does cut through the mix nicley, but to even begin to compete with other amps here and loud drummers here one would need to consider the D1000, which is close to a grand! SANSAMP RBI and CROWN XLS 1002 power amp. Great set-up, classic Sansamp grit for Ampeg-like tones, 1100W of power.but getting into rack gear here. QUILTER BASS BLOCK 800, Portability, great tone punch and power at a very competitive price, only Markbass and GK come close at this price point. The Depth and Contour controls provide all I ever need.( Siimilar idea as Markbass VLE AND VPF). I was very pleasantly surprised by this little beauty at under €500!! The QUILTER DI/line out is great and DOES vary with Gain and Master volume. Not overly impressed with T.C ELECTRONIC great fun TONE PRINT stuff but sound a bit synthetic and under powered to me. Had two combos, both with unusable humming DI outs!! Have gigged with HARTKE gear nice punchy sound, like the old HA3500, if it didn't weigh a ton. The new TX600 is nice but seems very quiet compared to GK, QUILTER, MARKBASS etc. Used an AGUILAR TONE HAMMER 500, very good indeed, nice gritty punch but cost quite a bit more than the QUILTER. I started out 45 years ago, with HIwatt 100, then Fender Bassman135, and then Acoustic Control Corp 220/406 which was my favourite. Have used HH, Peavey, Laney, Trace, Carlsbro (less said the better), but am now firmly in the Class D club, for portability as much as anything. In summary the QUILTER is a USA built unit that should be seriously considered by any player. BTW I have no connection, allegiance or affiliation to Quilter, but think I know a bargain when I see one. Hope my self-indulgent ramblings are helpful. Cheers
  13. BassManGraham


    That might be my review on Thomann!