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  1. I just bought this at an online auction. I got a good price. I can't find any reviews or opinions on the bass online. Any mim Dimension owners here? I think it plays great. It seems to be out of stock everywhere in Europe. Seems to discontinued at the Fender website. Here are the specs (from amazon)[list] [*][color=#111111]A Fender designed Standard Dimension humbucking bridge pickup serves up punchy, articulate tones with plenty of projection elegant look that's all its own[/color] [*][color=#111111]Players will appreciate the fast play and high performance of a maple neck, complete with a 9.5"-radius rosewood fingerboard with medium jumbo frets[/color] [*][color=#111111]The Standard Dimension offset body design is not only balance, but also offers remarkable playing comfort[/color] [*][color=#111111]Two knurled chrome knobs deliver dedicated volume and tone control for the discerning bassist seeking perfectly dialed-in signature sound[/color] [/list]
  2. Peavey double gigbag

    Thanks for the reply It's a really good deal, so I'll get it without seeing it I have a fancy Mono gigbag for two basses. Since I almost never use it, I figure I'll sell it and get something cheaper.
  3. Peavey double gigbag

    Peavey gigbag for two basses. I found one on sale at a local peavey supplier in sweden. No picture in the ad. I can't find any info on the internet about it. Has anyone seen/ used one?
  4. Anyone heard of Lighthouse basses?

    [quote name='Rikki_Sixx' timestamp='1505214347' post='3370243'] These look lovely, especially your black one. I love a Jazz and these have enough little tweaks and differences to seem like altogether different instruments. The necks look great on both, will have to keep an eye on these guys! [/quote] The neck is thicker than my other basses. I compared it to my Stingray 5.
  5. Anyone heard of Lighthouse basses?

    [quote name='discreet' timestamp='1505154349' post='3369892'] Is that a euphemism? Very nice-looking basses. [/quote] Spelling misstake. |-O
  6. Anyone heard of Lighthouse basses?

    One more Lighthouse bass at my house! I get to keep it for a while and decide if I'm going to buy it. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9h9OKDW8CmKRmdUaHJ1V3F2c0U
  7. Anyone heard of Lighthouse basses?

    [quote name='tom1946' timestamp='1504295389' post='3364027'] I've heard that the volume is a bit 'on off' on these and while they play like butter it can get a bit messy. (Sorry I'll get me coat) Looks seriously nice, I love the neck! Glad you're happy with it. [/quote] Sorry I think i'm too swedish for the first joke. Didn't get it. The butter part I got
  8. Anyone heard of Lighthouse basses?

    [quote name='Rich' timestamp='1504279596' post='3363885'] I'm not wild about the flat black finish, it's a bit too utilitarian/'stealthy' for my liking. I like exotic wood finishes (yeah yeah, cue the 'coffee table' comments). But that's just an aesthetic preference -- looks like a superb instrument. [/quote] I ALMOST got this instead. I was too slow. It sold before i could make up my mind. [url="http://www.lighthouse-bass.com/Lighthose_Basses_ENG/Outwatch.html"]http://www.lighthous...G/Outwatch.html[/url] I was Lucky. The Black bass turned up on the second hand market.
  9. Anyone heard of Lighthouse basses?

    The previous owner had a soft touch. I pluck harder, so I'll add a hipshot string retainer to get more pressure on the A-string saddle. That is only thing I will change.
  10. Anyone heard of Lighthouse basses?

    [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1504273482' post='3363845'] Not a lot though... it's got a second coil on the bridge pickup and enhanced upper fret access which makes the body look a little awkward IMO. Other than that it's just a J-Bass copy. [/quote] Good thing I am the one owning it then ;)I love it, it's one of the best playing basses I ever tried. I owned Laklands, Zons, G&ls and many other high end basses.
  11. Anyone heard of Lighthouse basses?

    [quote name='Cuzzie' timestamp='1504272843' post='3363840'] How much are they? They look lovely Why do they slay a Sandberg I have 2 and love them [/quote] They are built to order. They cost with all the extras my bass has £2500. The neckprofile suits me better. Flat 20" radius, Thick neck. Hipshot hardware is far superior to sandberg hardware. I could not get along with the sandberg bridge. I plays better with much lower action.
  12. Anyone heard of Lighthouse basses?

    It's the first 5-string they made. It's couple of years old. I'm the second owner. The guy who ordered it stopped playing 5-strings. Sold both of my Sandbergs TM5 this bass owns them! It's also much better than the Lakland skylines i used to own.
  13. I just got a Swedish made Lighthouse Outwatch bass. Compound neck Alder body glockenklang 2 band 18 volt preamp Lundgren (swedish handwound pickups) Hipshot hardware It plays like butter! https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9h9OKDW8CmKQldhOHE3WWZ0T0E
  14. Clover Slapper 80ties Sold

  15. Moses Graphite necks

    I have had basses with graphite necks by Moses, Status, Zon, Modulus and Clover. All the graphite necks are great! The Moses jazz neck was a bit too narrow at the nut for my taste. The moses neçk is harder to install with the inserts. If you get a graphite neck, make sure it has the relief you like or a truss rod! Modulus flea necks are the closest to a pbass meck.