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  1. I just got a used 2008 Hardcore aged Sandberg California off a pawn shop. Plays and sounds great! I had two Californa TMs before. This is a better playing and sounding bass for sure!
  2. I installed a new jack on mine. Got it from https://www.cliffuk.co.uk/products/xrp/index.htm I got a plastic plate first. I later got the metal one. I had to drill that one. Installed a switchcraft jack.
  3. I just got a used non graphite Status Energy 5. It's been modded with an Aguilar OBP-3 preamp. Should I do anything to protect the finish where the clear coat has been worn off? The bass is really easy to play. A bit on the heavy side though .
  4. I used to have an ESP LTD B-1004se stringed BEAD. It had a 34 to 36.25 scale length. I really prefer the playability of the Ibanez EHB . I tried to play similar on the EHB
  5. I recorded the ehb and a peavey cirrus. They sound similar I think.
  6. I just got mine! I really like it. I had to lower the pickups and change the string height. I know the dealer and he didn't do anything to is setup wise. He knows I do my own setups. The only thing I would change is the locking output jack. I would rather have a regular one. Maybe I'll change the pickups later on. Right now I don't think it's necessary.
  7. Hello! I just did a mod to my Swedish made Jazz bass. It used to have passive volume and a Stellartone - tone knob. Now it has an East J-tone. Passive/active with a push pull on the tone knob. Stacked volume/blend knob. Stacked bass/trebble knob. Really easy installation! Before Nice padded box! I just cut the old control plate out. Just screw the wires to the terminals Played it the day after with the band. Great!!!
  8. I just bought a Swedish handmade jazzclone. The Brand is called Lighthouse. They tried producing highend basses a couple of years ago. I have two. Hipshot bridge and tuners. Glockenklang preamp and Lundgren (swedish) vintage jazz pickups. Really nice!
  9. I did a quick recording to show the thight B-string. Played with a pick both, neck and bridge pickups, then some order with fingers.
  10. just got a Bacchus TF-5 Ash with Bacchus custom humbuckers. Does anyone know anything about these pickups?
  11. Hi! I have a Vester Platin. I replaced both jazz pickups and put an EMG BQC in it. Works great!
  12. I just got my first fan fret bass. It's a lovely LTD B-1004se. It's going to be strung BEAD.
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