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  1. Bigwan

    Which Helix?

    Had a Helix floor but hardly used it to be honest. Bought Helix native at the same time and it got all the use as I was bandless at the time. Just received a Stomp the other day and I'm extremely impressed. Depends greatly on your use case I suppose!
  2. Hx Stomp arrived yesterday. Only had 20 minutes with it so far... I don't remember the last time I was so impressed with something straight out of the box!
  3. I like the look of that head... A LOT... Does it sound as good as it looks?
  4. It isn't really. If it bothers you greatly just add a little DI box. The B3n is quite a bit better than the B3 IMO, and the spectradrive isn't in the same league as either (again, just IMHO)...
  5. Having been through both... B3n and a jack to XLR converter.
  6. There used to be a funny workaround using plugin boutique where you buy one EZkeys expansion on PB, but the serial number covered you for ANY EZKeys expansion, which you selected on registration in the Toontrack product manager. I think the loophole may be be closed now though... It's how I got Cinematic grand (and another of my EZKeys expansions) for a steal shortly after it was released...
  7. A very sparkly ASAT 5 string if I recall correctly...
  8. I'll hopefully be looking for a big cab (8x10, 6x10, 2x15, 4x12) shortly if the new band gets a permanent rehearsal space. Only intend to be moving it the once!
  9. Lee has a switch installed that he calls his "producer switch", or "does f4ck all" switch. If his tone isn't working for the producer he flicks the switch (making sure he's seen doing it) and just changes his playing position on the bass to change up the tone. Apparently it never fails to please... There's a video on YouTube of him describing it - I think it's on the Warwick page where he's talking about his signature star bass.
  10. This, but instead of the very 80's Hohner battery LED you could fit a Lee Sklar approved DFA switch!
  11. 36 month 0% at PMT... Sorely tempted to kill rock'n'roll with a nice HX Stomp/QSC K12.2 FRFR rig...
  12. Err... Merchant City Music have the Helix Floor up on their website for £760... It MUST be a misprint at that price!!! EDIT: As you were... Up to £1144 now...
  13. So many awesome basses around at the minute...
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