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  1. Bigwan

    Cheap Sound Module?

    Do you have an ipad? Midi interface and apps?
  2. Bigwan

    NBD - Lakland content

    My, that looks familiar...
  3. Bigwan

    Lakland Skyline Bob Glaub

    Aw man... Temptation!!!
  4. Bigwan

    Bye bye Zoom G3X, hello...

    How very Devin Townsend of you! Turn up the goo!
  5. I thought you were mad with the Flashback idea, but that might just work!!!
  6. Didn't make reserve. Max bid £310. The neck and tuners would cost more than that new...
  7. Bigwan

    1st 5 string guidance needed

    Seek out a Lakland 55-01. Or a Sire V7. V7 will be inside budget used, Lakland just outside it. Thank me later...
  8. It's better done than most of the belt sander crowd could manage, but the hardware relicing is a bit meh, especially the knobs and back of the tuners. The less said about that pickguard the better...
  9. That neck does look like it's been fitted a bit off center! I had a Roadworn Jazz that was about that far off, but played 100%. There's usually a bit of movement in the neck pocket to allow it to be straightened. Tuners look like standard MIM fair... Wouldn't spend £375 quid on it.
  10. Really tempted after playing my brother's Eko 12 string recently...
  11. Bigwan

    I... I don’t know.. I er...

    If it's not a P I'd be on to the solicitor quick smart!
  12. There's always a B15... Precious little in small valve amps for bass. Hughes and Kettner did one called the Bassmaster (5 watts) but it's like hen's teeth. You could try the SWR Interstellar OD (10 watts), but it has the baked in SWR thing going on around the aural enhancer circuit. Check out @disssa's website: https://www.disssa.de/
  13. Looking forward to getting my mitts on it!
  14. Real answer? it's a 50 watt valve amp that will sit on top of my vertical Barefaced Two10 without annoying my OCD... and I've never owned an Ampeg (other than a noisy SVP) so the time felt right. I'll give you first refusal!
  15. Hmm... I've owned both the CTM30 & LB30 and really enjoyed them. I own the CTM15 and am not convinced yet - I'm a tinkerer and have a few ideas on how to improve on it, but I may part ways with it since I have a PF-50T incoming. I wouldn't go the Orange Terror route myself. The LB30 sounds nicer and won't try to take your head off... The Ampegs have a dummy load built in so silent recording is a built in option, which is rather nice.