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  1. Bigwan

    What to do...

    It is a bit of a GAS killer and has already saved me from spending more money... like on the Alpha Omega Ultra and the X7!
  2. Bigwan

    What to do...

    About a year ago I bought a Helix floor, primarily as the centrepiece of my imagined future home recording setup for bass and guitar, but also as the front end for an frfr setup I’d thought about before realising I can’t play guitar for toffee! At the same time I sprung for the helix plugin. As I’m not playing live at the minute (may change sometime soon with the project I’ve just become involved with, but it’s early days) I’ve mostly been using a sonuus i2m as an audio interface into my MacBook and using the Helix plugin, the actual hardware helix hasn’t been turned on much, mostly as the recording setup has yet to find a permanent location in the house (I blame the kids and their ever growing Lego collection!) I know how flexible the hardware can be from playing around with the plugin, but do I really need something this flexible for live use when I’m pretty much a set and forget kind of guy when it comes to bass? Is it an extreme indulgence?
  3. Ashdown use the same B&O ICE amp modules as Aguilar (and Darkglass... and GK... and Genz Benz... and Fender... and Traynor... and... and...), but they're more likely to look after you!
  4. "Oh that thing. Bought it ages ago. Don't you remember me mentioning it? It's not really doing it for me. Might sell it..."
  5. Bigwan

    DIY Effects

    And more cab sim stuff! https://www.pedalpcb.com/docs/UniCab.pdf
  6. What’s the string spacing like at the bridge on this?
  7. Bigwan

    DIY Effects

    This looks quite interesting for anyone interested in cab sims: https://shift-line.com/card.php?device=10086
  8. @irvined colour me interested! What are you using them all for, if you don't mind me asking?
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