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  1. EZ Drummer and a few expansions well down in price too. I love me some Toontrack... Got all I need in the meantime though!
  2. These are great little amps. It's hard to describe what it is about them - they have a BIG amp sound at bedroom volumes. Big amps don't usually have a big amp sound at bedroom volumes!
  3. Bigwan


    Every day's a school day!
  4. Nik at Ceriatone floated the idea of the Aunt Peg YEARS ago on the Ceriatone FB page... I kept on at hime about it every few months but in the end I got fed up waiting and bought a PF-50T instead. Cheaper, more features and WAY more flexible... OK it's probably closer to a baby SVT but close enough for me!
  5. Bigwan


    Aren't all carbon fiber basses/necks a skin over a core? Isn't the core usually a foam just to provide the base shape?
  6. One of Sander's Soulmate P's is on my bucket list
  7. Mark Knopfler... He's quite open about his amazingly impressive vocal range though...
  8. What's the string spacing like on this one @Bass_Man_Baz? Not that I REALLY need a 3rd ACG...
  9. Bigwan

    Stingray copies

    Ibanez ATK all day, every day...
  10. Great pedal. Pain in the derrière to build with those LEDs though 😂
  11. Bigwan

    Show us your rig!

    Yummy! What are your other 2 rigs?!
  12. Toontrack EZ Drummer 2, EZ Keys and EZ Mix (with expansion packs) NeuralDSP Nameless and Parallax Line6 Helix Native Solemn Tones Odin and Loki (for when I'm sitting in front of the box... although I find myself programming bass and guitar more and more...) Spitfire LABS and BBC Symphony (all free!) Beatskillz DarkKZ and RetroKZ Enjoying all of these lately...
  13. I just use an Akai MPK Mini (1st generation). Simple pads, knobs and a 2 octave keyboard in one. Works a blinder for me so far and could probably be bought used for 30 - 40 quid. If you want to hit things with sticks that's a different story... This might still be available (no affiliation):
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