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  1. First rate Bill! Thanks, I'd never seen that site before!
  2. I have in my possession a Laney B215 cab. It looks awful, but it's physically sound and measures suspiciously like 2 TL606 cabs pasted together. It's currently loaded with 2 Peavey Black Widows (the non-bass variety strangely) - the cab came to me like this. I'd like to load it with something a bit more appropriate, but weight is absolutely not an issue. I don't plan on moving the thing more than a few times in its life and the rougher it looks and heavier it is the happier I'll be as I'm intending to use it in a rented rehearsal space. Can anyone suggest a driver with similar/equivalent specs to an Eminence 3015 or Faital Pro 15PR400 (which model reasonably well in the cab with some tuning) that weighs about the same as a neutron star? Or should I spring for the Faitals and a few rolls of roofing lead?
  3. Certainly could be a bass issue - but having played in downtuned bands on and off for 25+ years I'd say it certainly doesn't warrant a £2k outlay! Last downtuned band I played in (drop A) I used a Sire V7 mostly with stock strings, but swapped the B string for the heaviest gauge D'addario single string I could find. Worked REALLY well, although I couldn't intonate the string particularly well due to the "high-mass" bridge design... Having said that I don't thing I played that string above the 7th fret so not a massive issue. Having said that I have a Dingwall D-roc 5 Standard on order from Bassdirect... Just because!
  4. Bought a "warehouse" Mighty Plug from Amazon the other day. Sounded great, app integration seemed good for editing sounds. No compressor in the effects list though, which I found a bit odd.... Unfortunately it failed in its primary function as the battery (or charging circuit) was goosed so it only functioned when hooked up to a charger - probably why it was for sale on the cheap from Amazon. Still undecided if I'll replace it, but Just ordered a replacement because as I say it sounded pretty good... But nobody buy a warehouse one in the next while because it'll probably be the one I just returned...
  5. I played one of these in guitarguitar Glasgow's bassment last time I was there. Blown away. One of the nicest Ps I've layed hands on. If I didn't already have 6(ish) P basses I might have taken this off your hands!
  6. Ive been following this build on instagram... Nice to know where it's going to end up! Bad Penny have a pretty unique approach to building pedals which is also nice to see.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. I don't think I've ever experienced this level of "WANT!" for an amp before...
  9. Bigwan

    Fender Filter

    Looks interesting.... https://shop.fender.com/en-GB/effects-pedals/wah/pour-over-envelope-filter/0234549000.html?rl=en_US Anybody tried one?
  10. I've not owned or played the little stubby, but I own the PF50T and have owned the LB30 and CTM30 at separate times in the past. They kind of overlap a little sonically. If I was pressed I'd say I probably SLIGHTLY preferred the tone of the LB30 over my current Ampeg, but not enough to change... Buying today I'd probably opt for the Ashdown myself, but there's nothing not to like about either of them really!
  11. Bigwan

    Rock Up My Rig

    I'd start with the Behringer BDI for sure. The best value for money pedal out there. The blend knob is your friend! If you're a fingerstyle player I'd also consider adding an Ashdown Hyperdrive (James Lomenzo signature). Still my favourite pedal after years of trying out all sorts.
  12. Great basses these. I bought one "for our eldest"...
  13. Aw man, if I didn't have a deposit down at Bass Direct...
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