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  1. Bigwan

    Bass hacks on a budget

    There's a flaw with this thinking... Basschat is worse than any guitar shop I've ever been in... Except The Bass Gallery...
  2. Bigwan

    overwater overload

    Those inlays are... different...
  3. Bigwan

    ACG Jazz 5

    Lovely. But I'm skint...
  4. Bigwan

    Bass setup in Edinburgh

  5. Not helping my GAS... I'm not even playing live at the minute and unlikely to be any time soon, but I STILL want in on this...
  6. I've just seen on a certain pickup designer's instagram feed that he's thinking of selling his personal hellborg pre & amp for $3000...
  7. Vester did make a similar looking article, but I think this is a Westfield VBS4A. The Vesters were actually pretty good!
  8. Bigwan

    Fender Roger Waters Signature Bass £460 - Modified

    Aw man... Collection only kills this for me... Looks like a great bass. Wish I was closer. 😢
  9. Bigwan

    Basses You've Owned and Hated

    All 4 Ernie Ball basses I owned. 5 string 'ray (bought new) was the best sounding of the bunch but ergonomically I didn't get on with it at all. 4 string 'ray felt ok, but disappeared in the mix and sounded like stinky poo solo. Bongo 5 didn't do it for me at all. Traded it for a Bongo 4 which, again, didn't do anything for me and rattled like mad when I tried to get a medium (not low) action.
  10. Bigwan

    Bass hacks on a budget

    Don't boil your strings. Steep them in meths overnight to clean them then hang them up to dry. Works a treat!
  11. Gotcha. "Yeah great idea Mrs Painy. He'll be happy forever more and never need any more gear ever."
  12. Bigwan

    Worst Band Mates Ever!

    Childhood friend here...
  13. You mentioned dUg: http://www.tech21nyc.com/products/sansamp/dug_dp3x.html Surely that's easier than carting another amp and cab? All valve is nice and all, but adding a valve guitar amp won't get you an all valve rig, will it?
  14. Bigwan

    Tech Systems 1x15 Cab. Excellent Condition.

    Awesome weren't they. Really miss mine...
  15. Bigwan

    Tc Spectradrive ###SOLD###

    All gone, nothing to see here!