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  1. Bigwan

    Who did you see live last?

    I saw Tesseract a few weeks back. Clean, controlled, brutal, crushing, aggressive, trippy, beautiful Tesseract. To my shame I actually uttered the phrase "slappin' da bass"... In my defence I had a few too many jars...
  2. Bigwan

    Picking a new hybrid amp

    Ashdown ABM, all day every day. I prefer the earlier, non-EVO version myself, but I haven't tried anything after the EVOIII. They're plentiful, and cheap as a cheap thing.
  3. Bigwan

    The Roadworn 50's P......I get it.

    I'm still kicking myself for not buying a classic 50's in cash converters for 350 quid a few years back. Great basses. Proper angry growl off them when you want it. Word of advice. If you like any of the basses mentioned in this thread, do NOT try the new Fender Original 50s P bass series. Your wallet will thank me. SO good...
  4. Bigwan

    Franz Bass Guitars - "Merak" 4

  5. Bigwan

    NBD Roscoe Beck 4

    Having owned the 5 string I can only imagine how good this is... GAS!!!
  6. Unlike the original Walkabout these are good for UK voltages wherever you buy them, original needed a transformer change. Could import from the states if you could find somebody willing to ship to UK...
  7. Bigwan

    Jamhub alternative

    Actually, looking at it again I don't think it does what I though...
  8. Bigwan

    Jamhub alternative

    This might do it: https://www.studiospares.com/Headphones-and-Speakers/Headphone-Amps-and-Splitters/Studiospares-HAR4-4-Way-Rackmount-Headphone-Amp_449340.htm
  9. A work colleague of mine has the exact same model, dating to '78. Very nice. His is a little heavier. He's offered it to me a few times but always when I'm skint!
  10. Bigwan

    Incoming NAD - bit of an old 'un

    Add the 2x15 and that was my teenage dream rig! I believe they're still favoured by that chap from Muse...
  11. Bigwan

    Sadowsky MV5 G-string louder than others

    Have you tried a new set of strings? That'd be my first guess at a fix.
  12. Tesseract in Dublin tomorrow night. Can't wait! 

  13. Nice, but I bet it won't be cheap!
  14. Bigwan

    Hartke Bass Attack Pre Amp

    Worth their weight in gold!