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  1. Bigwan

    Ashdown Spyder 550 2x10 combo

    Oh how I wish I was closer...
  2. Bigwan

    Ashdown LB30 schematic

    A fine job he did too. Awesome wee amp!
  3. Bigwan

    A BASSic Upgrade

    I'd be tempted to go for a combo, or head and single cab. There are advantages/disadvantages either way. My personal preference when I was gigging a lot was a combo, and I certainly think you get more for your money with combos than you do with separates, but you don't have an upgrade path with a combo like you do with separates. But if you buy a good quality combo, you don't necessarily need one! Another thing to bear in mind is the flexibility to add another cab to your combo for bigger gigs if required. My personal wish list for a combo would be: Ideally 500w total output (you don't need to use it all, but it's best to have it on tap), 1x12 (bare minimum!)/1x15/vertical 2x10/vertical 2x12 internal speakers, option to add external cab if required, light weight. The Puma I had ticked all the boxes and fit in the boot of a Skoda Fabia with acres to spare. You won't find THAT many that do within budget though. Buying nowadays I'd be looking at the Fender Rumble 500 V3 2x10 combo, Eich/Tecamp 2x12 (expensive though!), Markbass have a few combos that fit the bill and I'm sure there are plenty of other options I've not thought of...
  4. Bigwan

    A BASSic Upgrade

    No harm to the Roland Cube or the Laney, but there are no end to your options for that sort of budget. But basic questions - what are your transport options? Will you have to carry up stairs? Does the one rig have to cover all your gigs? Do you usually DI into PA or use backline? For £600 you could have a 500w head and 8x10" cab, but that won't necessarily be the best for you! For that money I'd probably buy the Markbass AC combo in the classifieds here - would cover so many bases... Best flexible gigging rig I've owned at that sort of budget was a Tecamp Puma 2x12 combo, which I greatly regret selling.
  5. Bigwan

    Ashdown LB30 schematic

    Here you go LB30_Schematic.pdf
  6. Bigwan

    Feedback for ead

    Just bought a beautiful ACG from Alain. Gentleman throughout and the bass is an absolute stunner!
  7. Bigwan

    Franz Bass Guitars - "Merak" 4

    How did I miss this thread! Looks stunning so far Gareth!
  8. Bigwan

    Ashdown LB30 schematic

    I have. I'll retrieve it from my hard drive at home this evening.
  9. Bigwan

    £30 Special - 70's Japanese Matsumoku goodness..

    New pickguard and a set of chinabuckers (https://www.eyguitarmusic.com/Thunderbird-Bass-Pickup-Vintage-Style-for-GibsonChromeNickel_p_2287.html) would be my choice... But routing may be required for that...
  10. Where to source Fender-ish flat top precision knobs? Fender's own seem eye-wateringly expensive!!!

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    2. Bigwan
    3. Bigwan


      My ebay search string was pants. Searching for telecaster was far more fruitful. Sorted now. As you were people!

    4. discreet


      Doh! Got there in a roundabout way...

  11. Bigwan

    New Ashdown pedals

    The Triumvirate by VLE seems to have similar features. The Wounded Paw range of pedals and amps do the distorting of different frequency ranges. I believe they are Canadian. I'm always interested to see what Ashdown puts out in pedal form. Mostly because they make monumental screwups every time... Form factor was awful on their first series, and reports were... Meh... Except for the Lomenzo Hyperdrive (still my favourite drive pedal of them all) and the Nate Mendel signature pedal. And the insistence of retaining the USELESS VU meter... It's not REALLY a USP if it doesn't work that well... The Dr Green ones had inputs and outputs reversed compared to seemingly every other pedal on the market - later corrected, but again "meh" reports of most of them, and uninspiring video demos... The Stuart Zender signature valve envelope filter... HOW MUCH? And now these. Still pretty big pedals by the look of them, but time will tell how they perform. Multiple different compressor types is an interesting approach. A bit 20th century compared to the likes of the latest Darkglass offering though. Interested to see prices though.
  12. Bigwan

    Damnation Audio MBD-1

    These sound very good from the clips I've heard. Followed the development process over on that other bass site where they talk about bass.
  13. Bigwan

    Feedback for Slug Ice

    Bought some GZR pickups from Joseph. And all was well!
  14. Bigwan

    New Ashdown pedals

    That triple shot blended drive may be of interest... 3 compressors?! Better enclosure sizes then their old pedal range and lost the silly USP VU meter.
  15. Bigwan

    Tell me about preamps

    If we're talking valve pres the Jule Monique seems to be very highly thought of. Arkham Sound make nice looking B15-based preamps. If I were buying it'd be one of those 2 I'd be going for.