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  1. Bigwan

    3 Leaf audio - groove regulator 2

    These are AWESOME...
  2. Bigwan

    DIY Effects

    Beautiful work! Always in awe of people whose work comes out so neatly!
  3. The effect itself isn't digital (it's a tricked out muff circuit), but it doesn't use the "standard" 3pdt footswitch. Has some sort of digital bypass control circuitry from looking at pedal gut pics - all SMD devices. Difficult to modify, even if you did know what the circuit was doing. I'd live with switching the pedal on if I were you! Or get yourself a clone made from the pedalparts.co.uk engorged gherkin kit if it bothers you greatly: https://shop.pedalparts.co.uk/Engorged_Gherkin_Fuzz/p847124_14535415.aspx
  4. Bigwan

    Can we borrow your spare pickups please?

    Yes I arrived home the other day to find a courier bag on my front doorstep containing exactly the same box they were sent in... unopened ... and a t-shirt. Ironically I'm considering moving the associated cab along through lack of use...
  5. Bigwan

    New American Artist Flea Signature?

    Altogether very meh...
  6. Bigwan

    Bass synth?

    I think Tom made a second for his demo board...
  7. Bigwan

    Bass synth?

    Which is why I had Tom at COG make me a custom Mastotron/T65 combination in the one box to run in the loop of my 3Leaf GR2. An AWESOME setup for all sorts of synthy goodness. All gone now alas, and I was sorely tempted to buy back the COG when it was on ebay recently, but the guy wouldn't budge much on his price, and knowing what it sold for a few times after I sold it it was just too much money considering you could do something similar WAY cheaper. The COG had a series/parallel switch and I found I always preferred the octave in series with the fuzz to take advantage of the gating. The effects loop of the GR2 is good too as all the dynamics are taken from the pre-effected input, rather than from the post octave+fuzz signal. Much more expressive!
  8. Bigwan

    Bass synth?

    I use a Mastotron clone I built and it sounds SICK! Gated fuzz is the best if you can get it, but to get you started any fuzz (or even a heavy distortion a la Scott Devine's favourite pedal) will do.
  9. Bigwan

    Bass synth?

    Depends what you mean by synth. If we're talking moog type sounds then I'd go with a combination of individual pedals. A cheap OC2 clone (or EHX octave multiplexer. I had a chord OC-50 which has a drive/distortion option which ALMOST negates the need for a fuzz), a cheap gated fuzz (an ebay woolly mammoth clone, or cheap muff clone, but the gated fuzz really helps) and an EHX micro or mini qtron (in that order) will be much better for these sort of sounds than any synth pedal I've found, and you'll get a good variety of sounds for little outlay, with the bonus you can use them individually. For more spacey stuff the boss, behringer or digitech pedals would be better. Or you could try the synths on one of the zoom pedals, B3, MS60B or B1on. They're ok...
  10. Bigwan

    Bass Collection P Bass

    Proper bargain!
  11. There is no difference between these and the "500" version. I had that confirmed by Ashdown by email. Best amp I've played is my early ABM combo. Same era as this one. Brilliant, brilliant amps.
  12. Bigwan

    Ashdown Spyder Series

    It's all relative...
  13. Bigwan

    Bronco bass vintage tone?

    Or just under the Big Sis there's a Musicmaster humbucker...
  14. Bigwan

    Ashdown Spyder Series

    Their product range changes pretty frequently though, and they do come out with some random nonsense... your request is about 100 times more sensible than some of their products... And size didn't stop Genz Benz or GK...