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  1. Toontrack EZ Drummer 2, EZ Keys and EZ Mix (with expansion packs) NeuralDSP Nameless and Parallax Line6 Helix Native Solemn Tones Odin and Loki (for when I'm sitting in front of the box... although I find myself programming bass and guitar more and more...) Spitfire LABS and BBC Symphony (all free!) Beatskillz DarkKZ and RetroKZ Enjoying all of these lately...
  2. I just use an Akai MPK Mini (1st generation). Simple pads, knobs and a 2 octave keyboard in one. Works a blinder for me so far and could probably be bought used for 30 - 40 quid. If you want to hit things with sticks that's a different story... This might still be available (no affiliation):
  3. I have a 2014 11" i7 Macbook Air (8gb RAM, SSD) and a 2012 imac 21.5" (recently upgraded with 16gb RAM and internal SSD - screen off job, hairy!). Both are great machines and have handled everything I've thrown at them so far - garageband wouldn't sweat either of them. I'm not running the latest OS version as it was plagued with problems on release... The laptop cost me 400, the iMac was 300 but seems to be coming down in price now. My previous mac mini was a 2011 i5 2.3 with RAM and SSD maxed out and it was a flying machine!
  4. Best 25 quid (plus post) you could spend. Outstandingly good pedal.
  5. I like the look of that, but it'll be eye-wateringly expensive...
  6. That's pretty incredible value
  7. Hold the phone @Bridgehouse! PM'd!
  8. A friend's '64 P, refinished in black sometime in the late night 60s. It feels ALIVE! I've given up searching for "The One" as I've found it, and it can never be mine...
  9. I/we just received an Oly White CV Mustang the other day, brand new, and I'm very, VERY impressed with it. I bought it for myself under the pretence that my 8 year old son needed it as he was taking up bass... Now he has nicked it... Little git... Got to put a good word in for DV247. Cheapest I could find and came to Northern Ireland from Germany in 3 days. It could end up costing me a clean fortune though. It's already has me contacting Alan at ACG about a short scale neck for my Recurve 5, and that has moved on to a possible scratch build short scale 5. We'll see when the furlough has passed...
  10. You don't look at the mantelpiece when you're poking the fire...
  11. Folded. Ordered from DV247. Wee fella will be very chuffed with this I think!
  12. Not much different from any other short scale bass then!
  13. Simon Grove's LeFay Herr Schwarz has been on my perve list lately...
  14. LeFay make some truly beautiful instruments...
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