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  1. Bigwan

    Which Helix?

    Can't you use the fx return as a second input on the LT?
  2. Wish I could make it to this. I visit guitarguitar in Glasgow any time I'm in the city. Great bass department. Brilliant range instruments. I've nearly parted with serious coin on my last 2 visits (Fender Original 50's series P bass and Dingwall NG3 Darkglass edition)... I did part with serious coin the visit before (Darkglass 900v1)...
  3. While interesting it's in the "not an f'ing chance" price bracket for me for a single pedal I'm afraid.
  4. This exercise just brings home to me how rubbish my ears are...
  5. Having seen what our resident veneering expert can do I'd go for it!
  6. I've owned the Orange and the Darkglass. I'd say the Darkglass is certainly more flexible than the Orange and it certainly will give you more top-end, but I spent most of the time owning it trying to make it sound as good as the Orange did. Take from that what you will...
  7. That looks really smart! The carbon fibre is a nice match to the overall aesthetic of that model I think.
  8. Another one of those "wish you were closer" moments... Love Ashdown ABMs...
  9. This is a solution in need of a problem I think. You could achieve the same effect by using extended screws to fit the magnets directly to the pedal base (surely 99% of pedals have the base screwed on?). The rails are a nonsense idea too. Using a thinner steel plate (weight saving) with milled channels for the wire routing would work better. But then what do I know...
  10. Bigwan

    Show us your rig!

    Always a pleasure to see pics of your work!
  11. Nickel Elites. I find Rotosound particularly hard going anyway though... What about some nice pliable flats?
  12. Bigwan

    Cheap Fan Fret

    Really tempted by one of these 5 strings...
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