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    Ballymena, Norn Iron
  1. Hamer Scarab Bass (Gumtree/London)

    Get your Hysteria-era Def Leppard on!
  2. Interesting... Harley Benton content

    That's been mentioned already and I don't see there's any similarity other than the "block" name and 800 watts. And white knobs.
  3. Interesting... Harley Benton content

    It does remind me of something, but I can't quite remember what...
  4. Interesting... Harley Benton content

    Don't see it myself!
  5. Lots of TE bargains

    Isn't the noisy amp an easy fix? Think dirty/corroded effects jacks were often the culprit.
  6. What's your favourite Preamp/DI?

    On the topic of DHA... I'm following the old "if you can't say anything good, don't say anything at all..." mantra...
  7. What's your favourite Preamp/DI?

    I've owned the Two Notes Le Bass, Hartke Bass Attack, Behringer BDI21, MXR M80, Darkglass Vintage Ultra, Darkglass B7k. I think for value for money the Behringer cannot be beaten. Yes it has a mid-range hole as deep as the Marianas Trench, but only if you set the blend to full. Honorable mention for the Hartke. Fantastic pedal. Almost out-Sansamps a sansamp! Fav of the lot was the Two Notes Le Bass. Most flexible of the lot. I enjoyed the Vintage Ultra, but it's massively overpriced. MXR didn't leave much of an impression - I still have it somewhere but the DI out is broken. I'll fix it one of these days and give it another run. Hated the B7k, but no doubt a Darkglass fan boy will be along shortly to tell me I must have been using it wrong... I'd like to try the Aguilar Tone Hammer. Maybe some day.
  8. Looking for a set of 1/2" Ultralites in chrome or nickel. Clover or lollipop pegs. Cheers!
  9. Didn't some of the 80's Aria SBs have narrow spacing?
  10. GAS - Yes, But Why..?

    Mostly, and not to get all Laurence Fishburne, because I know I haven't found "the one" for me. I should clarify that I have played "the one" but it belonged to somebody else, and short or prying it from his cold, dead fingers, it will never be mine. But I know there is another out there, just waiting to be found.
  11. I'm open to correction, but in my recent experience with Udemy, their sale is on par with the DFS sale for longevity... To quote Ken Dodd: "Did any of us in our wildest dreams ever think we'd live long enough to see the end of the DFS sale?"
  12. Line 6 Helix.

    Haven't tried this yet but the Helix cheat sheet would suggest you just need a merge block in the correct place. Same as parallel processing one input signal and combining before the output. Edit: Page 18 in the manual
  13. Feedback for oscilloscope

    Matthew has just bought a Yamaha Pulser 400 from me after I answered his ad in the wanted section here. Deal was as smooth as a very smooth thing. Comms were excellent and payment swift. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with Matthew again. And he seems very pleased with his purchase which is a big bonus!
  14. If you could only choose one overdrive pedal?

    Assume so, it's the guitar equivalent of the Aftershock, but has the bass models too when you look in the manual