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  1. I see the technique accelerator course is open for registration again. Anyone who signed up the first time (and stuck with it!) what did you think of it? My playing rut over the last few years would give the Marianas trench a run for its money! It's getting free time is my biggest issue. How much time do you really need to dedicate to get the most out of the course? I don't buy the 20 minutes guff...
  2. I thought it was worth the punt given the hardware and pickups/preamp. We'll see how it goes!
  3. I've asked the pertinent questions: Hi, nut width is 48mm. Distance at nut between 1st and 5th string is 37mm. Nut is wider because of the headless nut. At bridge string spacing is 17mm. The saddles have a small amount of widget regulation, so probably it could also be adjusted +/- 1mm At 1st fret the neck is about 21mm deep, at 12th fret is about 22mm. Neck profile is D shape, very regular from top to bottom. Weight is 3.9 kg. If you need anything else, just ask. Bye
  4. Portrush McDonalds? Edit: Correction, Portrush Pear Tree Edit: Further correction, Portrush Three Kings...
  5. Not the best example. Someone had been bad to it. Speaker was a replacement and not in good nick. I swiftly swapped over to the Peavey TNT it was propped on top of. Having said that the last night we were in the same rehearsal room I'd been using a Trace GP11 head and it was OUTSTANDING!!!
  6. About the same as a small moon if the one I was playing through last night is anything to go by! It was a 712 SMC...
  7. Bigwan

    Geddy Lee pedal

    Or at least something a bit more incendiary! Me, I just think they're stinky poo...
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Warmouth-Gecko-handmade-5-strings-headless-bass-with-Bartolini-USA-electronics/123803200236?hash=item1cd33eeaec:g:y7YAAOSwPCtdBNgi Not seen one like this before... I think i like it!
  9. Beautiful! Health to enjoy!
  10. That looks interesting!
  11. Other than the weight (obviously variable) and the extra pickup and preamp I wouldn't use myself, I'd heartily recommend Sire basses. The couple of J basses I've owned/played have been outstanding.
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