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  1. There's a thread on one of the DIY pedal forums with a list of components to change. I'll be honest - other than checking the thing worked before making the mod I didn't spend any time with it in its original form. I wanted a VT bass pedal on the cheap!
  2. At that price what's not to like? I actually modded an American Sound to sound like a VT...
  3. Beautiful bass! Good luck with your sale!
  4. I've had a few similar setups over the last few years. Ashdown LB30 with an LB 2x12, Ashdown CTM30, CTM15 and Ampeg PF50T (which I still have) with my Barefaced Two10. I'll be brutally honest and say my Roland Cube 30 does a better job for playing for pleasure at home. To really get into the fun stuff all the valve amps need a little welly which gets loud VERY quickly and, while glorious when you get there, would get you ejected from the house just as quickly... So a Roland Bass Cube 30 or a Line6 Studio 110. Both cracking amps. Not tube/valve amps but more practical in my experience!
  5. I've had 2 in my time. A 5 string HH in Graphite Pearl (I think) and a 4HH in the same finish which I traded the 5HH for. I liked the 5 tonally, and it was nice and light, but ergonomically the neck just didn't work for me at all... So I traded it with another Basschatter for his 4HH. Kept it for about a year and there was nothing much to complain about with it... I just fell out of love with it. Having ticked the box now I don't think I'd own another, but there's no real reason for that other than I've ploughed that furrow already! That'll maybe change at some point, although given their current price, my love for all things ACG and all the other basses out there I've never tried, I doubt it! Perfectly good basses. The look never bothered me personally. Sure it's a little different but so what?
  6. Personally, Toontrack EZDrummer 2. Great bit of software...
  7. I'd recommend you try Ashdown's James Lomenzo signature pedal...
  8. EZ Drummer and a few expansions well down in price too. I love me some Toontrack... Got all I need in the meantime though!
  9. These are great little amps. It's hard to describe what it is about them - they have a BIG amp sound at bedroom volumes. Big amps don't usually have a big amp sound at bedroom volumes!
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