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  1. Bigwan

    Joyo Oxford

    Surprised they haven't released the VT Bass version... I made my own but prefer the Oxford!
  2. You could... and then decide you don't like it and loss that £40 in resale... but I doubt you'd not like it to be honest! Great, great pedal. The one in the classifieds is no longer available anyway as I've just shipped it out!
  3. Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Bass for sale. Recently acquired this and its totally changed my opinion on compressors. Wonderful sounding and (more importantly for me) feeling compressor, but I've built a ThorpyFX Fat General clone that does a pretty good job for a ludite like me so to free up some beer tokens this has to go. Boxed with instructions. £220 plus postage or trade for a Source Audio C4 with cash my way. *SOLD*
  4. Darkglass X7 for sale. Bought this from @danbowskill a few months back, but after a brief dalliance I upgraded to @Kev's X Ultra... Then took a sideways step to Tech21 dUg... Then back to this in conjunction with a Darkglass Element... But after all that I'm back to my fav drive pedal of all time, the Lomenzo Hyperdrive, which just tickles my pickle in a particular way. So it's time for this to go. Boxed. A few VERY slight cosmetic marks but nothing much to write home about. No feet or velcro present but I have a few little rubber feet knocking around I can include if necessary. Looking £180 including postage or trade for a Source Audio C4 or a Darkglass Alpha Omega (or Alpha Omicron with a little cash my way)
  5. As I play less frequently nowadays I find a compressor extremely helpful - I used to hate the things so this is only a recent revelation, maybe 2-3 months old, and I'm on my 3rd compressor already. The Origin Cali76 Compact Bass is outstandingly good, but since I don't like to have too much money tied up in pedals I built a clone of the ThorpyFX Fat General which sounds awesome...
  6. Bigwan

    DIY Effects

    A hudson clone is on my to-do list! Was going to vero it, but after this experience I think I'll grab a PCB!
  7. Bigwan

    DIY Effects

    Just a follow-up on yesterday's babble about this PedalPCB General Tso (ThorpyFX Fat General clone)... First build in a LONG time. First Musikding kit - other than the poor quality 125B clone enclosure, a pretty good kit. First time using a PedalPCB board - they're not for the beginner as the documentation is a bit thin. But it turned out brilliantly! Probably my favourite pedal I've built. Doesn't look like much but at this point I couldn't care less! Need to find my stash of knobs...
  8. Bigwan

    DIY Effects

    Just finished a PedalPCB General Tso (ThorpyFX Fat General clone)... and my recently acquired Cali76 CB is now looking VERY nervous!
  9. I had the SRC6 and RGIB6 at the same time. Both great instruments but I sold the SRC6 and regret it now. If you're looking at tunings lower than A I'd definitely go with the SRC6. Check out the Bunn on youtube for baritone reviews, even if his particular style of music isn't your thing... https://www.youtube.com/c/TheBunn
  10. Don't know if this'll be as easy as you think. By plugging into the fx return I think you may override the Ampeg preamp.
  11. Always loved the Le Fay designs, although visually some of them are a bit "out there". Follow Le Fay on instagram and it's a rare but enjoyable treat when they post!
  12. Getting contact cleaner into a footswitch isn't particularly easy in my experience. It can be done, but I'd go with replacement myself.
  13. It's a general footswitches issue, not particular to 3leaf. Both those pedals are "of an age". They'll be standard footswitches, easily replaced or even upgraded with something higher quality (like the current Gorva switches which look excellent).
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