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  1. Lovely looking bass! Looks like a Euro 5LT in tiger eye. Is it a Darkglass preamp?
  2. Colour me interested @Dood!
  3. Oh man... A custom RST sold through Music Loft in the US... Lovely...
  4. That's a total bargain!
  5. Bad luck Jack! I suppose the full effects won't become clear for some time, but you have 3 other digits to keep you going! Adapt - a few more index finger position shifts and more use of the pinky than you may have had before but reassess the situation when you've healed. "Where there's a will..." and all that: https://www.instagram.com/p/CsO8cZVJ3sB/?hl=en
  6. Awesome! My previous band had Sarah Jezebel Deva (COF/Angtoria) sing a track on the album we did a few years back... Heavy use of autotune was required, not a note in her head the poor girl...
  7. Hmm, liked the look of these, but some of the CST models Bass Direct have just received have the WORST burst paint job I think I've ever seen...
  8. Wish I wasn't potless... I'd have this in a second!
  9. Hornet plugins 80% off with ALMOST80 code until midnight on June 26th
  10. Anyone have an Mbrace walk-up stand attachment thingy they're not using any more?

  11. You like EBS, stick with EBS. The Reidmar looks like a great amp.
  12. A friend who owns a local recording studio had one of these. Brilliant bass. Another one to add to the "if only I had a few quid right now" list...
  13. That's beautiful! Health to enjoy!
  14. Is that like that clear nano gel tape? If so I bought some recently at The Range...
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