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  1. I think ashdown have really missed a trick here. Their 200 watt "Ant" pedalboard amp just can't compete with what the opposition are offering...
  2. If this had been around a few months ago...
  3. Serious question - have you tried a different amp? I borrowed a Streamliner not long after they were released. I couldn't get the bottom end of the Streamliner to work for me at all, but when I switched back to my Orange Terror it worked perfectly. I think you may be fighting a battle you can't win there. Also, you say you like a modern sound... but you're playing flats?
  4. Bill's rig for this weekend... https://www.instagram.com/p/CRrRzjAH_9o/?utm_medium=copy_link
  5. From my recent playlist - Devin Townsend Project (oddly tuned to match open C on guitar - GCGCG), Plini (5 string in drop C#), Tesseract (typically in drop A).
  6. Pay cash on collection. Bring your own amp to try it out. What am I missing that screams scam?
  7. First port of call will be the bypass JFETs in the footswitch/panel switching section, but we'll see! The compressor chip isn't completely unobtainable thankfully and the amp operates fine with the tube and compressor stages bypassed so still lots of Trace goodness for little outlay.
  8. Update: Shipping sorted, money paid, amp shipping this week!!! Needs some work as the valve and compressor stages aren't working, but looking at the schematic I've a fair idea where to start looking.
  9. With low tuned guitars the OP would probably better inverting that EQ setting (within reason! Nothing too extreme!). The biggest mistake anyone in a band can make is to EQ solo, because you'll only sound good solo.
  10. Need to high pass those bad boys at about 150Hz...
  11. Do you mean a hybrid amp? Valve pre, mosfet power? Ashdown ABM would be my first thought, but I wouldn't disregard class d amps too quickly or you miss out on the glory that is the Orange Terror Bass.
  12. Tube amps? Was that an autocorrect?
  13. I've been trying to buy a spares/repair 300 watt version of one of these on FB marketplace for the past fortnight but the guy doesn't seem overly interested in selling it - he won't even get a shipping quote...
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