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  1. Couldnt have said anything better mate! Yes overwelming urge to share my own vison!
  2. Yes mate totally not an easy task tho
  3. Hey Been playing over a decade touring, gigging and recording etc etc. (Mostly for other so called bands and ego trips!) You get the idea...lookibg to brach out a little more and promote myself as a standlone musician to move on to possible better things.... I have now decided maybe starting my own project would be more suited as I would have more of an imput and voice? As we all know finding the right musicians and set up is difficult and fustraiting. I personally feel I havent expressed myself or my goods in any of the previously released material. (Some of you may feel the same) Any of you in or have been in the same position? Cheers
  4. Hey does anyone know where I can sorce Warwick bass strings quickly? At the moment they seem to be a pre order or days before delivery? Spike in popularity? Anyway looking for next day delivery. Pref 5 string stainless
  5. Thanks everyone! I whnet for the Ampeg Classic Bass Pre Am Pedal!! Cheers!
  6. Yes mate pedal most likley way forward!
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Hey mate, yeah basically looking for a hotter signal? An eq or boost pedal maybe?
  9. The bass itself is awsome and plays great I just want a hotter signal! Tone is good also
  10. Bass feels great its just the signal isnt very hot!
  11. Yes thats what I mean...but also the option of a preamp pedal maybe?
  12. Hey everyone Bought a Spector Performer 4 deluxe today. Its a great bass but obv its doesnt have the edge or tone I get from My Legend 5 Classic. I had myself wondering....what about a preamp instead of basically spend twice as much as the bass to install active pick ups? It a was great price and good bass for the money its just it could do with a little more ommph to match its bigger brother! Thanks
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