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  1. thundachopz

    Spector bass bridge adjustment

    Thanks mate will have another go!
  2. Hey Anyone have any info / tip on how to ajust spector bridge? I bought mine new and whent to restring not knowing it waant locked and the saddles moved and now the action isnt as good. Intonates well just looking for info as there isnt much out there.... Also anyone familuar with the tone pump jnr? Cheers Kenny
  3. thundachopz

    Spector fans!?!

    What strings?
  4. thundachopz

    Spector fans!?!

    Hey Spector fans out there? Living my new legend 5 classic! Honestly at £549 it should be twice the price!!
  5. thundachopz

    Amplitube and Vst plugins

    Thanks will give em a go!
  6. thundachopz

    Amplitube and Vst plugins

    Yeah totally its great bith are very impressive!
  7. thundachopz

    Amplitube and Vst plugins

    Hey Any tips/vsts/presets out there? Iam curtentlynusing amplitube full version with logic x pro. Any tips on other vsts? Pref free! Many thanks!
  8. Thanks mate I used 2 use the 5 string sets as you say they aint half bad for the price!
  9. Hey everyone The age old question on string life, boiling and cleaning products... I regularly use fast fret after each time I play....But as I sweat alot live my strings really do take a pounding.... Also I notice slapping and popping drasticly reduces string life? I have used many differnt string brands types and gauges.....I do have a fav in regards to tone but I feel prettymuch any sting doesnt provide very long life.... Between practing,rehearsal and ofcaorse live I am lucky to get a couple of days at full potientel in regards to tone as I prefare that brand new string piano like tone..... Does any one have any recommendations? I have tried boiling as we know it does work but will only last a rehearsal... Bass strings can be expensive but as we know tone is very inportant... I currently use ernie ball slinky.. Past favs have been rotosound swing bass....D'addario pro steels...D'addario nickel....and tons others.. Coated strings? Pros ? cons?
  10. Hey everyone...... Iam new to backing vocals.... Been playinag bass for 15 years but now I have apodted backing vocals as part of my performance.... The band I play in uses gritty growly style vocals as well as backing.... iam looking for any tips or links to help the process other than practice... I do fine it relativly easy to play and backing vocals at the same time but as the style of music demands a differnt appoch to vocals it can be challenging learning a vocal style/tecnique.... does any one have any advice links etc I would be really greatfull! Cheerz K
  11. I can help.  Budget?

    Over by Edinburgh but mate works in Glasgow.


    1. thundachopz


      Hey mate roughly £50 

  12. Hey! To warm up I useally do the classic chromatic run across all strings in various positions....but iam looking for any tips on streches etc Thank in advance