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  1. Looks very much the same as the current version
  2. It's the version with the ridge at the bottom of the casing See pic
  3. Aguilar Octamizer for sale. Very good condition. Tiny little nick on left side. Works perfectly. Includes box. £95 including postage to UK only. No trades
  4. Do you mean installing a switching kit or installing a conversion kit ? If the latter, then I've done this. Not difficult. Changed impedence from 12ohms to 4 ohms. Does involve removing front grill and speaker to install conversion kit. I've since sold the cab but I still have the conversion kit to change a 4 ohm cab to 12 ohms. Have instructions also if you were interested
  5. Bought some jack plugs off Alan. Equally, Alan is the best jack plug seller in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Alan is a great guy to deal with. Really good jack plugs. Bargain price. Delivered swiftly Buy with confidence Thanks again Alan
  6. Recently bought a cab from Nige. Great guy to deal with and most accommodating. Would highly recommend. Thanks once again Nige.
  7. Looks pretty cool to me. I think the colours tie in well
  8. Glen Hughes I remember clearly seeing Deep Purple back in 1974 at the Cardiff Capitol Theatre. It was the 'Burn' tour. It was the first 'Proper' gig I'd ever been to. I must have been about 13 years old. Never had I heard a bass sound like that. I would have been about 8 or 9 rows from the front directly in line with Glen Hughes. Complete sensory overload. I've since, seen many bands and great musicians but nothing has had such a lasting effect as that concert.
  9. Recently bought a really nice pickguard from Mark. Easy problem-free transaction. Was sent really quickly and arrived in bomb-proof packaging !!!!! Mark is a top guy to deal with. Thanks again Mark
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. Exactly the same thing happened to me with a Jazz American Special. Used threadlock and no further problems
  12. P-ZARN

    Oldman Feedback

    Just purchased a 2u rack case from Brian. Absolutely no problems. Great guy to deal with. Thanks once again Brian
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