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  1. Feedback for Mudpup

    Just sold Jon My EBS TD650 Absolute gentleman and a pleasure to deal with. Great comms [unlike mine !!!!] Deal with confidence Thanks again Jon
  2. EBS TD650 for sale. Really good condition. Everything works. Only selling as currently using my Pope-pre/ Powersoft combination. So it's not getting used. Comes housed in a Gator 3u case. One of the butterfly latches has broken off but not an issue as still able to close the lids securely. Happy to courier at buyers expense
  3. Feedback for Conan *

    Recently bought some strings from Geoff. Lightening quick delivery. Top man to deal with. Highly recommended
  4. Any TE gurus on here?

    Looks like the AH150 so almost certainly 150W
  5. Any TE gurus on here?

    GP11 refers to the preamp which was used in different TE amplifiers such as the AH250 and AH500 plus others !!! A photo of the front and back would help
  6. Difficult to gauge a fair value on this, so reduced to £350
  7. Bought the body + control plate together many years ago for a project that never materialised. Have been meaning to put it to use but can't see myself ever getting round to it. The body isn't perfect and as far as I can see seems to have been refinished. Looks like it was originally white. the pics will give a better idea. It's not the best refinish. There's general crazing to the finish and a line of superficial drill marks on the back ??? The body however is structurally sound with no obvious signs of splitting. The neck pocket seems to have been adjusted with minor routing at the end to lengthen it. Not the tidiest of jobs. The markings in the neck pocket are not ever so clear. I can see numbers 264 plus the obvious 'peach ! ' There are some letters R E possibly another R ?? The body weighs 2.5 Kg The pots look original although on the V V pots the solder looks quite messy. As far as I'm aware the control plate is original as is the jack socket. The pot numbers are :- 1377618 1377625 1377618 These pots have NOT BEEN TESTED !!!! although if there were any problems I would quite happily refund within a reasonable amount of time. Not keen to split and would much prefer to sell together as both belonged to the same bass Happy to post at buyers expense Close inspection more than welcome Ask any questions
  8. Anybody have one of these that they're looking to move on. Only interested in the D800+ not the D800. Very keen to buy immediately
  9. Microphone Stand

    K+M every time plus you can buy K+M spare parts without having to replace the entire microphone stand.
  10. Valve ~ Tube question

    Yes another endorsement for Watford Valves
  11. Feedback For 3below

    Francis is a great guy to deal with Recently bought a rack case from me. Instant payment and great comms. Would strongly recommend