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  1. P-ZARN


    Just bought some strings from Nick. Perfect transaction. Deal with confidence
  2. P-ZARN

    Spector Bass Case?

    That's one really good looking Spector. Really like the blue flame.
  3. P-ZARN

    Spector Bass Case?

    Although not the cheapest around, I've always found Thomann customer service second to none. What Spector do you have ?? Any pics???
  4. P-ZARN

    Spector Bass Case?

    Bass Direct are doing them for £135
  5. P-ZARN

    Spector Bass Case?

    You could always buy a Spector hard case. The bass will fit very snug. They are quite pricey and from some of the reviews they're not the toughest of all cases. Thomann are selling them https://www.thomann.de/gb/spector_case.htm
  6. P-ZARN

    Solid pancake plug...?

    Just a suggestion ??? Switchcraft 226 angled jacks Although they aren't pancakes , they are still very low profile. Built solidly. Have used them for years with my Status 2000 and never had any problems. The Switchcraft 228 is the pancake and stands out by only 12mm ??????? but I've never used one
  7. Tell him to listen to Charlie Watts
  8. P-ZARN

    Trickfish - Fodera - Bullhead - comp.

    Yes, What's the secret code bit ?????? It's worth 21 entry points
  9. P-ZARN


    I know you've stated collection from mid Staffordshire, but would definitely buy this if you were willing to post
  10. I'll take strap 3 please
  11. P-ZARN

    Favrite bass solo?

    This version of Mr Big is by far the best This was on the 'Free Story' album
  12. P-ZARN

    Hipshot Ultra Lights.?

    I've got a Valenti Jazz bass with unbranded genuine Hipshot ultralights
  13. P-ZARN

    How about a Spector thread...

    3 beautiful Spectors !!!!!!!
  14. P-ZARN

    Aguilar DB750 Sold

    Thanks I can see it now