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  1. Sounds great! I play that one a lot in the Kate Bush tribute band that I’m in - http://momentsofpleasure.co.uk/index.html Cant remember last time I played the song at number 1 in the charts on a live gig!
  2. Yes, plug straight into the ME-1 but do have an extension cord as the standard one on my IEM's is not very long at all. In terms of movement I am fairly limited anyway as I use the Porter & Davies tactile monitoring board and have to be stood on it. I have found that use of IEM's without the board is not so enjoyable.
  3. I’ve been using the ME-1 for around 5 years now and can’t praise it highly enough. Amazing bit of kit that makes live gigs so much better. I have to admit that I hate doing gigs now where I can’t use it and IEM’s!
  4. Snap, it was a Ralph Rolle and Jerry Barnes masterclass which would have been awesome. I’m still undecided about going on Sunday, was supposed to be going with my 11 year old son who plays drums but it’s a long journey from Cheltenham and I’m not convinced from the bass side that it’s worth it. Luckily for me Bass Direct is only an hour from home so never an issue if I do have GAS!
  5. No ambient mic on the ME500 though and that is the one feature that I really couldn’t live without.
  6. I've been using the ME-1 for about 4 years now and have to say that it's a wonderful bit of kit and makes IEM use so much more enjoyable. The built in ambient mic is a great little feature. If you have the A&H QU desk then the ME-1 is a really easy way of getting a fantastic set up at a relatively affordable cost.
  7. Yes, exactly that. I have no problem with a change of direction but make a public announcement and own that decision. It’s a long trip for me from Cheltenham to Liverpool and I’d feel pretty miffed to find any guitar related stuff there.
  8. Interesting to see that this is now The UK Bass & Guitar Show and not a dedicated bass only event - disappointing but surprising as the exhibitor list looked rather poor the other day. It’s a real shame as I feel that we don’t want to hear or see much about what our 6 string friends are in to! Just wish more of the main manufacturers would support our event.
  9. One band I play for uses an Allen & Heath QU desk and I use IEM’s via the Allen & Heath ME-1 and that all works really well. The other band plays mainly theatre or venue gigs typically with a supplied PA and FOH engineer so the desk and PA is always different. I’m trying to work out best way to bring in my IEM’s to this scenario?
  10. Can you tell me what app you use on your iPad to create your own mix and how that connects via the PM1? Thanks
  11. Yep my research has led me to that conclusion! I have a handful of OHSC cases but no flight case which is a problem.
  12. Hello, Obviously no-one has flown much recently let alone play music but I am flying in November and taking my bass with me. Jet 2 is looking like the best price at the moment but their website is very clear on maximum size for carry on hand luggage and my bass is much bigger than that! Anyone had any recent experience with this airline that they can share?
  13. Yes, the tone isn’t quite as hi-fi as EBS but it was close enough for me. My back thanked me for it as those EBS cabs are so heavy!
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