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  1. Hard case/Flight case for gear - advice needed

    Top man Russ - thank you.
  2. Hard case/Flight case for gear - advice needed

    BC Gigster engine and Allen & Heath ME 1. [quote name='EBS_freak' timestamp='1510314705' post='3405503'] What sort of items are you looking to case? [/quote]
  3. Hello, I'm after some suggestions on cases (hard or flight really) to put gear in. I have some bits of equipment which cost a lot and I need to protect when I take out to gigs but neither have a hard case option from the manufacturer which is annoying. Anyone got tips or advice on what can be used in this situation? I've looked at custom flight cases but that's a really expensive route. I'm sure I've heard before about people using camera equipment cases which are provabsbky more economical. Any ideas or suggestions welcome.
  4. SWR

    I'm interested to know more about the Headlite and Amplite and what is the difference between the normal Redhead and Super Redhead? [quote name='Bernmeister' timestamp='1508664873' post='3393581'] I'm also what you would class as an Swr fan too ! I currently own the following bits of Swr kit - Sm 400s 3 Goliath juniors Stereo 800 Grand Prix pre-amp Headlite & Amplite Super redhead Baby Blue II 1x10 combo I used to own - Sm400 Basic 2 way 1 x 15 cab Son Of Bertha 1 x 15 cab. I love the sound of the Swr cabs, back in the day, they were classed as light weight cabs. But for me they sound awesome. Lovely tone On the subject on their amps, some of them do run hot, but they were designed that way which their aluminium chassis which was meant to disperse heat efficiently. Their amps do sound very clean, I believe originally they were mainly designed to be studio & recording amps. They do lack a bit of grit & mid range, I use a sansamp to dial all of that back in when playing live. But lots of Swr love from me [/quote]
  5. Tactile monitoring - basically it uses your skeleton to amplify what you are playing through your body. In real terms, it makes it feel like you have an 8x10 cab right behind you when you can actually have no backline cabs at all. Loads more info on their website. [quote name='Oopsdabassist' timestamp='1508348557' post='3391603'] looks interesting.....errr....what is it? [/quote]
  6. Now selling the board and engine to power it.
  7. SWR

    Is that the 2x10 combo or just the head? [quote name='AlpherMako4' timestamp='1508084438' post='3389636'] I have a Super Redhead. It is awesome. [/quote]
  8. A chap in Birmingham made it for me - I will see if I can find his details and post them here. [quote name='Lee-Man' timestamp='1507762452' post='3387871'] Where did you get the case from (need one for mine)? [/quote]
  9. Yes it does - they don't do a self powered model. [quote name='owen' timestamp='1507761540' post='3387866'] That looks like a lot of fun! Does it need a seperate power amp? [/quote]
  10. Porter & Davies KT Platform - original size and spec with LED lights on the corners, just over a year old. BC Gigster engine to power the board, always cased and in mint condition. The KT Platform is In great condition, just one small scuff which I have photographed. Comes with a custom made carry case for the board which is practically brand new. If you have not tried one of these yet then you are in for a treat as they are amazing pieces of kit and will revolutionise the way that you play live or in the studio. Price is £615 - for some reason I can't update that in the price or trade value box! Would prefer pick up from Cheltenham but do travel to Midlands and London for work regularly so could drop off or meet up.
  11. SOLD : Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig

  12. In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Would you say that the P16 is a better bet than the Allen & Heath ME1? The ME-1 looks great to me when I use it with my own band as we have a QU desk but when I am depping I am assuming that it would be pretty useless if the band didn't have an A&H desk? In which case, would the P16 be better because it looks like you can use it with any desk and it's therefore much more flexible. Only downside that I can see if lack of ambient mic which is a great feature on the ME1. [quote name='EBS_freak' timestamp='1504108290' post='3362738'] The P16 is a really great solution... if you are big into your inears, its great, it's just that auxes are cheaper... but yeah, P16 would be the killer move if you can afford it. Also worth mentioning, you are limited to 16 channels. The reason I didn't go down the Ultranet route is that mind band tends to use 30 channels... so half to the mix would be missing for IEM users. [/quote]
  13. EBS GAS

    To my ear the SWR highs are just a little softer on the ear than the EBS which I really like. [quote name='EBS_freak' timestamp='1501548019' post='3345483'] The secret to the EBS cab is the crossover paired with the Eminence drivers... so if you like the excitable highs, that's what you'll need.... You could always find the cheapest EBS cab you can find and use it as a donor cab and get the speakers and crossover into a lighter box... Gunsfreddy's setup is interesting though - the SWR has a lot of highs too... and some would argue that the crossover is more sensible. [/quote]