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  1. Thanks guys for the advice given - really interesting stuff. So, had a rehearsal on Tuesday night and first run through of one tune with loads of fretless lines in it. What became very apparent is that all of the notes on the B E and A string shone through but anything on the D and G string and in particular the upper register was completely lost, lacking in bass, volume and clarity. I’m guessing this means a set up and some adjustment to the pickup height if that is possible on this bass? It was a nightmare trying to boost and cut volume for different sections of the same song.
  2. Hi all, So, I've got involved with a project that needs fretless bass on a few numbers, initially wasn't too phased by that as had had fretless before and don't remember it being too bad. I read and watched some online videos and opted for a lined neck to make things easier for myself. Not sure if it is my age but I'm finding it tricky to remember to play on the line to get the right notes, some have said that without lines it's easier because you play more instinctively but I'm not sure that I believe that! The main issue that I am having is that I can't seem to get that really nice smooth sound that you hear on records - I thought that it was all down to heavy chorus but even that doesn't help me much. The vibrato in the left hand on the fretboard seems to be a big part of it and I am working on that. My main questions are: 1/ Do flatwound strings make much of a difference to getting that sound? 2/ Am I struggling to get a nice warm tone because I scrimped on the bass (Ibanez SGR) my fretted basses are all over £2k. Any tips and advice gratefully received.
  3. Some great thoughts and comments here guys. If any of you are interested we did a teaser of the new KB tribute band last night using a live stream from the singer and keys player on Facebook. The link is below and I’d be really keen for any feedback good or bad from proper fans of her work - thanks.
  4. Yes, it is me that is involved with a new KB tribute band - more info here http://www.momentsofpleasure.co.uk/
  5. It’s amazing how KB is so Marmite - very few artists that divide opinion in such a way.
  6. Two of my absolute favourites. I love Kate Bush's music, and these tracks have some superb bass playing on them. I used both at BIMM last year as examples of great fretless playing. Must transcribe! Stu
  7. I had a fretless MM Stingray 4 - lovely bass but made me realise that with my skills I need lines to really do any kind of half decent job!
  8. Anyone had experience of these https://www.dawsons.co.uk/ibanez-sr375ef-spot-run-5-string-bass-guitar-brown-burst?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIm-bA8_G_4AIVRrDtCh2kaAXPEAQYASABEgKOjvD_BwE Seems ridiculously cheap!
  9. Evening all, I need to get a fretless bass for a new project I’m working with - don’t want to spend a fortune on it. Anyone got any recommendations for 5 string lined fretless that plays well? I have some nice basses so don’t want to compromise too much on this - have a Musicman Classics 5 that I never play but don’t think you can just change necks to a fretless can you?
  10. Hi all, I’m off to NYC next week - apart from Aguilar and Sadowsky is there anything else bass related that I must see? thanks Mark
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