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  1. Nice little lightweight amp, great tone and pretty powerful for its size. Built in tuner and Tone Print effects feature. Used but still in good condition.
  2. Ok - at least I know! In the earlier pics I can see you can use the gigbag straps looped together through the other straps to make a shoulder strap but it’s a bit naf and the balance is awful.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. I do have the two straps for going round the neck of the gig bag but there is no shoulder strap per se. Ive attached pics of what it came with and then what they sent me afterwards.
  4. I’ve got an AZ 5 string and it’s an amazing instrument - love it to bits and this is a bargain price.
  5. Going to go for the American Sound too.
  6. Thanks guys - I’ll compare in the morning.
  7. LOL - I bet his neighbours were thrilled that day!
  8. I can’t see anywhere called Coupon to put the code in now?
  9. Hi, I recently bought a Pedaltrain Nano on Amazon and it seemed ok. I was looking at the pics on Amazon the other day and noticed it should have a shoulder strap with it. I called the importer and they kindly sent me a strap down FOC which was great. Problem is that there does not appear to be anything to attach the strap to? I’m wondering if I have a Friday afternoon model of the Nano!! If you have one can you tell me or send a pic of how the shoulder strap should attach please?
  10. Evening all, My Kate Bush tribute band Moments Of Pleasure recorded this recently in lockdown - not easy to play remotely. Excuse the fretless playing, I’m still trying to master it!
  11. I’ve been looking at these too - trying to work out the difference between the regular and Pro. I think it’s that the latter powers phantom power microphones?
  12. Yep - that was my next thought. I like the look of the new Aguilar DB925.
  13. It has a Bartolini in it - I think they ship with EMG HZ now?
  14. When I bought mine they were offering a wood finish on some but none were available at that time sadly so opted for black!
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