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  1. Yep my research has led me to that conclusion! I have a handful of OHSC cases but no flight case which is a problem.
  2. Hello, Obviously no-one has flown much recently let alone play music but I am flying in November and taking my bass with me. Jet 2 is looking like the best price at the moment but their website is very clear on maximum size for carry on hand luggage and my bass is much bigger than that! Anyone had any recent experience with this airline that they can share?
  3. Yes, the tone isn’t quite as hi-fi as EBS but it was close enough for me. My back thanked me for it as those EBS cabs are so heavy!
  4. Know what you mean - I sold my EBS 410 to get this one!!
  5. Up for sale is my wonderful Vanderkley 2x12 cab. Amazing tone and depth from a really lightweight and easy to carry cab. it comes with a home made isolating platform (same as the ones from Auralex) and also a Roqsolid cover. It’s 600 watt at 4 ohms and bloody loud! I bought it from Oli Frost on here a while ago and think I’ve gigged it twice since then! Seem to be using the IEM route more when we were allowed to gig! Collection from Cheltenham if possible and no trades please. Happy to pack up for courier collection but buyer is responsible for organising and any damage etc. It leaves me in 100% perfect working order.
  6. Batteries in the bathroom scales have gone!! I’ll try and get some tomorrow so I can weight it for you.
  7. I’ve regularly switched between 34 and 35 inch scale and honestly don’t notice any difference at all. As I keep telling the Mrs what difference does an inch make!!
  8. That’s a steal for a fantastic amp and Jack is a top guy to deal with too.
  9. Yep, hard to see the “f holes” in the black version isn’t it!
  10. 5 string Spectorcore lined fretless bass in as new condition having had minimal use since buying brand new from Bass Direct last year. Still has the plastic wrapping on the electronics cover! This is the version with the Fishman piezo pickup in the bridge and the Bartolini pick up rather than the EMG. It’s 35” scale, passive and strung with rounds. It plays wonderfully and is a great bass for the money. Collection preferred from Cheltenham, Glos.
  11. Yep - definitely not for monitoring or reference just enjoyment. Was really interested to see if there was a popular solution, as seen soundbars and all sorts of other ideas.
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