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  1. Interestingly when plugging the 2i2 into my MacBook Pro via USB C you do have an option to change the audio input from microphone to the 2i2. I tried it very briefly tonight and lo and behold using Photobooth a video can be recorded with a lovely DI bass sound. What I don’t know is why the iMac wouldn’t do it? It’s a 2014 model so perhaps they have solved that on later spec machines or USB C does something that regular USB doesn’t?
  2. Thanks - had not seen that option before. I’ve turned interface on and adjusted the settings - see attached pic. Gone to Photobooth recorded a video but bass is still just the audio in the room?
  3. Afternoon, I'm sure this is pretty simple but I'm having huge problems with it. Just want to record my bass with DI signal into video for You Tube or Facebook with as little fuss as possible! I have a Focusrite 2i2 interface, iMac, MacBook Pro, iPhone and iPad all capable of running GarageBand. I can't seem to see any option to use the USB C on the MacBook Pro as an input and PhotoBooth has no option to use anything other than inbuilt mic for audio in. If the iPhone or iPad can accept audio over the lightning input do you need a special adapter as when plugging in via that connection it still uses the ambient mic which obviously sounds crap. I'm sure it can't be this difficult!! Help please.
  4. Won’t be long now sadly.
  5. Porter & Davies MK 1 KT Platform - original size and spec with LED lights on the corners, will run from any standard amp up to 150w or via the P&D Gigster. The KT Platform is In great condition, just one small scuff which I have photographed. It’s just been serviced and checked over this week by Mr Tim Porter himself so is in tip top condition. Comes with a custom made carry case for the board. If you have not tried one of these yet then you are in for a treat as they are amazing pieces of kit and will revolutionise the way that you play live or in the studio. Would prefer pick up from Cheltenham but do travel to Midlands and London for work regularly so could drop off or meet up.
  6. Yep - they are a fantastic piece of kit but I don’t need 3 amps at the moment!
  7. Evening all, I have quite a few Macs for sale from my company, they range from the old white all in one iMacs right through to the newer all in one silver iMacs and I also have a couple of G5’s and screens to go with them. I’m due to put them on Facebook/EBay this month but thought that I would offer them here first. Let me know what you are looking for and I’ll see if we have one. Prices will be good as I’m keen to get them out of the office ASAP. There are also 3 x iPhone 8’s in rose gold (64GB) which are locked to O2 at the moment and in great condition. I’m looking for £275 each for these.
  8. These strings have been on my bass (Spectorcore) for approximately 5 hours today after I got round to fitting them - they were a Xmas present. The tone is great but just not for me so have put my rounds back on the bass just now. Price reduced to £25 as see no point in looking at them sitting in the cupboard - that’s less than half price for strings that are 100% as new. Reduced again to just £20 - these are as new, not more than a quick 10 minute noodle on them! Will include postage for this price too.
  9. I’m moving on my trusty HD350 that has served me well for many a gig - it’s in great condition, always been housed in a hard carry case and never been driven too hard at all. Wonderful amp, tone to die for and a staple piece of kit for so many pro players. This is the 2 - 8 Ohm version. Will sell with the Gator carry case for the asking price. Collection in Cheltenham or can courier too at buyers expense.
  10. I have one that I was thinking about selling - PM me if interested, it’s in a Gator carry bag.
  11. Digging this thread up again - I joined a Kate Bush tribute band back in February this year and have had to learn a lot of these tunes, invest in a fretless and learn how to play the damn thing too. Agree that John Giblin is one hell of a player!
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