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  1. Feedback for Leftybassman392

    Got a nice lefty bass from Andy collected the bass with no probs top man thanks Andy
  2. Status S2 Sold Sold

    Thanks for all the interest Bass is Sold
  3. Status S2 Sold Sold

    A few pic's of the bass [attachment=254653:_DSC1222.JPG] [attachment=254654:_DSC1230.JPG]
  4. Status S2 Sold Sold

    For Sale my Status S2 Headless Really nice bass looks great in black comes with status case will post pic's soon
  5. TC Electronics BG500 with cover

  6. Lefty Photo Gallery

    [quote name='sblueplanet' timestamp='1505054831' post='3369154'] My new arrival from the States. Steinberger XL2. Only problem I have, which was unforeseen, is that the string slots on the headpiece are different widths for each string which means Im unable to reverse the strings, as is the way I play bass. Not sure how to rectify this issue. Beautiful and rare instrument in fantastic condition. [/quote] Thats a cool bass
  7. Southpaw Spotted

    [quote name='PaulWarning' timestamp='1504625889' post='3366156'] err, it's not a lefty, unless they've reversed the photo [/quote] Think I need classes
  8. Southpaw Spotted

    Fender 69 http://www.preloved.co.uk/adverts/show/116314836/fender-telecaster-bass-1969.html?link=%2Fclassifieds%2Fmaking-music%2Ffor-sale%2Fuk%2Felectric%2Bbass%2Bguitar%3Fpage%3D3
  9. Musicman Sterling - Sold

    [attachment=252381:_DSC1216.JPG] [attachment=252382:_DSC1215.JPG]
  10. Musicman Sterling - Sold

    Hi Here are some pic's [attachment=252376:_DSC1213.JPG] [attachment=252377:_DSC1212.JPG]
  11. Musicman Sterling - Sold

    Yes thats the one
  12. Southpaw Spotted

    Lefty SB1000 [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/aria-pro-11-super-bass-guitar-1000-with-original-case-left-handed-/222620083619"]http://www.ebay.co.u...d-/222620083619[/url]
  13. Musicman Sterling - Sold

    Hi,Selling my Musicman Sterling very good condition comes with Case £800 shipped to UK [attachment=251813:_DSC1211.JPG]
  14. SOLD Status S2 5 string headless SOLD

  15. SOLD Overwater Perception SOLD