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Al Krow

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  1. Thanks for all the great suggestions so far! Any further inspired thoughts on this topic from y'all before I have go at collating our BCer's favourites?
  2. How do i power a Le Bass Two Notes with a Cioks DC5

    Particularly if you can get one in decent condition second hand ... If it's replacing your BDDI and your VMT it sounds ideal, as you'll be making full use of both channel A and channel B on the 2 Notes.
  3. Feedback for Tuco

    I'm very sorry to hear that you have had a similar experience. Mods @ped @charic please have a think about how to ensure that this isn't further repeated for our fellow BCers going forward until things get sorted for Tuco?
  4. Gotcha! Let's be honest there are few decent self-respecting bass players who are going to buy an amp just 'cos some superstar has one. They're going to buy an amp because it's a great amp. You're as likely to get 'Geezer who?' from anyone who didn't grow up in the 1970s AND was a Black Sabbath fan, these days. I just sense there is an opportunity for Ashdown, having got the basic design and production already sorted, in that there would be quite a significant market for a Doom 'Liberty' version with no Slaves. I'd be happy to wager (I'll let you come up with the sum) that the Doom Liberty (with appropriate reduction in price to reflect the lack of Slaves) would outsell the 'Geezer' Doom by 3 to 1. If you put a HPF / LPF on it, make that 5 to 1! I'll leave you guys to ponder the economics. I love the look of the Geezer Doom. But I hate the thought of carting around an unnecessary extra [10?] lbs and dislike even more spending an extra £250+ for transformers and isolated outputs I'm never going to use (and still not hearing a real case from any of my more expert BCers for having them). So yup I'll never be tempted to buy a Geezer Doom. A Doom 'Liberty' / 'Lite' / 'Metro' or whatever you want to call it on the other hand, with the same great looks (and maybe a HPF / LPF to boot) - now that would be an altogether different prospect. Cheers, Al
  5. jrixn1 Feedback

    Sold an EHX pedal to John. Super easy transaction - really good guy to deal with. Hope you enjoy the pedal!
  6. Feedback for dmc79

    Sold a TC Mojomojo pedal to Dave. Very smooth transaction and a pleasure to deal with. Bas
  7. Feedback for Tuco

    Ah - well I'm glad you've had more luck than me then! I paid Tuco £70 for a Boss RC3 pedal on 30 Dec and was promised that it would be sent in the post asap. Still no sign of it yet. Communication has been at best patchy (and by text only) and no updates from him unless he's been chased by me and then sometimes several days before a response. He informed that he has fallen on hard times and if that is the case then, of course, it would be reasonable for me to cut him some slack but I'm afraid that doesn't stack up at all with the more recent comments above. Apparently the pedal is with his drummer across town and he is unable to get easy access to it. I've asked him for a refund today, I'll happily update this thread if / when that comes through. In the meantime if you are dealing with Tuco / Daryl, then I can only advise caution. I'm certainly unlikely to be buying anything else off him. Real shame - my first very disappointing experience in the BC market place. Mods @ped @charic please note.
  8. New Shizz from Markbass

    Yup - fair point, agree with that. Highlights of the new line up for me are the: MB STU AMP 1000: which has 'solid state and a tube preamp with separate level controls' and the ability to mix. It's also got a 7-band graphic EQ which should address one of the single biggest criticisms of MB amps that I've heard (as a longstanding MB owner and user) which is that the EQ points are not the best in the game. 1000W at 4Ω / 600W at 8Ω should give all the headroom you're ever likely to need for most gigs. DV Mark Smart Multiamp - this promises the 'lowest latency possible' and with 'a next generation processor, this machine allows performances never achieved by any product on the market so far'. That's a BIG claim, so I'll be interested to see how much truth there is in it!
  9. The new 'Ashdown Doom Metro' "...and the part which adds a good chunk of the added cost is the three isolated slave outputs, these each have their own small transformer for true isolation. So add to the cost an extra three transformers, all of which are handwired by one guy 10 miles down the road..." So my little grenade if I may: @Ashdown Engineering definitely not sure when folk are going to have call for three isolated outputs? Not really heard anyone (including from my fellow BC Ashdown lovers on this thread) say that this is the killer feature they've been waiting for? You'll know if this was widely market tested, or just felt like a good idea at the time! What possibility of offering a slimmed down, lighter version of the Doom with the same power, steel housing and UK build and with its excellent design (and still providing that extra VU meter, of course! ) but without the additional slave outputs - which for many of us simply represent additional redundancy, weight and cost? What do you think? Maybe be a winner?
  10. Feedback for Mike.Kennedy

    Recently sold my Two Notes to Mike. Really good guy to deal with and a very smooth transaction. Enjoy the pedal!
  11. New Shizz from Markbass

    Thanks for sharing that; lots of innovative new products including a 3x10 combo!
  12. Feedback for skb558

    Absolute pleasure dealing with Shaun, who has just acquired an Aguilar FT pedal from me. Really lovely guy - and, as above, please buy / sell with confidence. Bas
  13. 12 and 8 String Basses

    ... for now
  14. New Zoom B3n vs Old Zoom B3

    ...the above from another thread which got me thinking: @jimfist do you know what the available PC software editor options are available for the B3n and if these are any good to use?