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  1. ...So my M900 v1 got snapped up by a fellow London bassist who popped round this evening to collect. He's recently also got himself a BF SC and, given that's my gigging cab too, he was able to hear his exact rig in action which was a very handy coincidence. Hooked up to my Yanmmy BB 1025 frankly the rig sold itself! All I needed to do was to tweak a few dials to show the versatility of the amp from punchy clean to "touch of dirt", which added in some tasty complex harmonics, to full-blooded drive. All underpinned by a ridiculous amount of muscle under the bonnet. Can't believe it's taken me this long to really take in just how tasty the clean sounded with the VMT drive set at 2/10, probably because I've been too focused on using the B3K drive in rehearsals and gigs. Ah well, too late now! My M900 has found its way to another pairing with a BF SC and the grin on the buyer's face was completely undisguised as he left!
  2. I'd love to know a bit more about this pedal, not least given the reference to square and sine waves (is this also a synth?) but intel on the net seems to be decidedly sparse - to the extent there's nothing on the Orange website itself!
  3. Just reminded myself of what we covered and when your earlier thread was: Previously you mentioned that the Panda FI was a bit too spendy for you. Worth mentioning that it's about to get a facelift with the v3 software release, which our very own @Quatschmacher has been closely involved with. They do come up used from time to time, but even then you're usually looking at around £280 to £295 posted. So if this is still over budget, since your previous thread two classy synth pedals have been released: The Source Audio C4 - £249 new And the Boss SY1 - £175 new (which I may or may not be a big fan of - young master Gisser D, who has both the FI and C4, is still making his mind up on which side of the fence I'm coming down on 😁)
  4. Yeah definitely go with Lozz on this one, given that he's actually using the RM500 live with his punk band and finding it does the job well. That's about as good a volume road test as anyone is going to be able to provide!
  5. So how hard would it be to start playing basses left hand then? You guys seem to get all the best deals! 😁
  6. Should be fine in terms using the two together. The amp delivers 500 watts into a 4 ohm cab, so if you're using an 8 ohm BF SC you'll get around 250W to 300W. If you add another 8 ohm cab down the line in 'parallel', the combined 'load' of the two amps will be 4 ohms and you'll get the full 500W from two 12" speakers (rather than 250W from one 12" speaker), which will be considerably louder. But I suspect that's an issue for another day! Only point I'd raise is that 250W to 300W may not leave you much headroom if you're part of a full rock band playing at volume - if you are maybe worth considering the RM800 instead?
  7. Cheers buddy, got it on YT right now (with mandatory headphones for that low end)... When are you guys next gigging in Landern?
  8. Surely, by definition, they're the best sort?! 😄
  9. I know, I know, all true Paul. But...I'm still stuck in my caveman view that a watt is a watt is a watt. Unless the output is being measured wrong. I also totally get that the complex harmonics of a tube pre-amp will cut through more than a clean tone. But I like to have have 350W+ (at 8 ohms) on tap simply so that I don't have to drive my amp hard, which I think folk agree results in greater wear & tear on the amp circuitry. Guess I've been a little spoiled with my DG M900 / AO900 heads on that score.
  10. Oooh, now you're talking! Line 6 (aka Yamaha) - you heard it here first! 😁
  11. You and me both! 😁 Is this the one that Jay had up for sale? I didn't manage to persuade him to trade me it for a bass that I've now managed to sell. Timing eh!
  12. Yup indeed, but according to their website: "The Terror bass is a Class D amp with 500 watts of power into 4 Ohms and 250 Watts into 8 Ohms, the limiter switch on the back prevents the output stage from being pushed too hard into 4 ohms." And as the SC is an 8 ohm cab, I can imagine plenty of scenarios where 250W won't be enough. And certainly the best 112 cabs I've played through (e.g. the Fearless F112) will thrive on more.
  13. Loving this thread. Ok you Reggae experts - for the inexperienced numpty like me who loves the genre but has never persuaded his covers bands to do anything much in it (maybe that will change when we get a decent sub woofer 😁), who do you rate as your favourite reggae bassist(s) I should be checking out for inspiration?
  14. It's a real shame that they have stopped making the Terror 1000W and are now only selling the 500W version, which will be closer to 250 to 300W at 8 ohm, particularly when the BF Super Compact can handle up to 600W at 8ohm. Otherwise I'd be really tempted to try out this iconic British manufacturer's amps. I was just smiling that I seem to have already sold 2 out of the 3 bits of my rig from a clip in the gigs thread I posted a couple of weeks ago, but will be holding onto the remaining item for a while yet. And yup it's a BF SC. On the amp head front and speaking of best of British, in addition to Ashdown and Terror worth giving an honourable mention to Laney. I've not yet had the pleasure but their Laney Nexus SL is a hybrid with a tube preamp and D class power amp and whilst a little heavier, at 12 lbs, it delivers 1000W and has 3 band EQ with semi-para mids; they're around £660 new - don't seem to be a particular fav with BC'ers so you won't find them coming up used (if one does, I suspect I'll be on to it myself! 😁). I think as @TheGreek rightly mentioned in his excellent post above, D class can sometimes be a little sterile and may require a little warming up with preamp and / or a drive pedal. My experience of hybrid amps on the other hand in the shape of my Mesa M6, is that they are anything but sterile and I would rate my Mesa as simply outstanding. It is not lightweight however, so my D class head is the one that ends up being gigged!
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