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  1. Al Krow

    Sorted (thanks) - Covers Band Needed

    Summer event for a club. (You wouldn't get a wedding band for £350, these days).
  2. Al Krow

    1st 5 string guidance needed

    If you're buying something quality used, then most of the "hit" on price is usually borne by the guy who had the privilege (and funds!) to buy new. Exactly half of my basses were sourced s/h from fellow BCers and I've been very happy with them. I managed to get a couple for discounted end of line prices and have ended up only getting one "full fat" new, and then simply 'cos I was really keen to get my hands on it and there weren't any going anywhere for a couple of months s/h! On the plus side, it did mean I finally parted with a slug of cash at Wunjos instead of being my usual "window shopper" there So, provided you look after it, you shouldn't suffer much, if any, loss when you sell on something you bought used.
  3. Go on treat yourself - you're clearly smitten, and these are as rare as hen's teeth!
  4. Al Krow

    Sorted (thanks) - Covers Band Needed

    No takers so far (one nearly but not quite! )...Now moving onto a first come first served basis!
  5. Al Krow

    Classical and Contemporary Studies for Bass Guitar

    Cheers Rob - just ordered my copy!
  6. Al Krow

    Chowny Bass Updates

    ^^ Oooh that does look lovely and it's exactly the sort of scuff I would manage to do, anyway, within days of getting a bass!
  7. Al Krow

    Cab Advice Please

    Not going to disagree with Lozz that an excellent 212 is going to "out perform" a 610. But a 212 will hopefully perform very well indeed; and more importantly should perform more than well enough. And your back will love you forever...
  8. Al Krow

    18V pedals - what's really good out there?

    Will do. This is the video that krispn is referring to. It's nearly 40 mins long, so make sure you've brewed a cuppa beforehand...
  9. Al Krow

    ZOOM B3 - SOLD

    Thanks for updating your post. I'll do the same.
  10. Al Krow

    18V pedals - what's really good out there?

    I'm actually just quoting the One Control website where in their words: "Hooker's Green Bass Machine operates under high voltage when used with up to an 18V adapter. With higher voltage, head room is increased to allow even richer expression while reducing the gain slightly." I presume from what you and dB** are saying they are just being loose with their language when they refer to the gain being reduced? **for the avoidance of doubt, dB = dannybuoy (not dave_bass5 who I guess should be dB5 which, by the way, was also an awesome Aston Martin...)
  11. Al Krow

    ZOOM B3 - SOLD

  12. Al Krow

    18V pedals - what's really good out there?

    Aha - thanks. And the One Control HGBM (which I probably shouldn't have moved on!) also has more headroom at 18V than at 9V - but actually slightly less gain which I've not got my head around as to why!
  13. Al Krow

    ZOOM B3 - SOLD

    A LOT of pedal for the money. No longer accurate to say that the B3 is Zoom's most advanced bass pedal though! GLWTS
  14. To keep this balanced you may wish to state which other D class amps have not lasted any time at all in the Greek homestead? From what I can tell it's pretty much ALL of them 😄 @AndyTravis here's hopefully something a bit more in depth on the subject for your mate (and for the record, I'd be happy to put any TE rig up against my DGM900 & VK210LNT and be very confident that DG/VK would more than hold its own). Several M900s did come up for sale towards the end of last year / beginning of this year. They were all snapped up. I've seen hardly any in the FS in the past few months. Maybe there's a reason for that too?
  15. Oooh how exciting!! Just when I thought my bass GAS had been satisfied. The BB 1200 is pretty much the classic model as far as the BB series is concerned right? Did they ever make them as a 5 string?