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  1. My Roland UM One interface is going spare - I'm currently trying to simplify my pedal board life, so that I actually use rather than merely admire my kit(!) and de-humidifying is part of that process! 😁 You would be very welcome to borrow it and if it's useful then feel free to buy it off me if you want to hold on to it. I'm actually making a trip to the PO tomorrow morning to post a couple of pedals sold to fellow BC'ers, so I could post it to you at the same time. Let me know.
  2. Al Krow

    NPD - Zoom B3n

    Haha - ok I've learned something new about the B1-4 today from our discussion on stomp mode: you can use the foot paddles to select an individual fx to switch it on or off in stomp mode (although youl first need to select stomp mode by hand), as well as being able to select individual items with the finger buttons. With the paddles it assumes you have a bank of 5 fx (even if you have only say three in a patch) and will scroll through each of the 5 slots in turn. Not sure whether I'd ever use this live e.g. to have 5 individual fx in a banks of 5 rather than simply scroll through full patches normally. It seems to be much more of an on pedal editing feature on the B1-4. But useful to know that its there.
  3. Al Krow

    NPD - Zoom B3n

    Guitar Lab is Zoom's own software. The alternative that BC'ers seem to prefer is this one by ToneLib: https://tonelib.net/
  4. Al Krow

    NPD - Zoom B3n

    Also have you downloaded the ToneLib patch editing software yet? This makes creating and saving patches via your PC significantly easier than doing it on the pedal itself.
  5. Al Krow

    NPD - Zoom B3n

    Can you give an example of what you have in mind?
  6. I'm guessing your MB amp will sound a treat with the ST! Combine with Helix (or a VTDI) for drive and you're then completely sorted?
  7. In case you guys haven't connected:
  8. Al Krow

    NPD - Zoom B3n

    The MS-60B was actually the very first pedal I bought (back in 2013 - apart from guitar pedals several decades before that!) I really struggled with the interface, though. The B3N was a big (literally - haha) step up. I kinda feel they've cracked it for me with the B1-4 and it's now sitting happily at the heart of my mini board. The best value pedal I've got, by some margin.
  9. Al Krow

    NPD - Zoom B3n

    The B1-4 kinda feels like the spiritual successor of the MS-60B, but with a MUCH better user interface. It benefits from the same processing power as the B3N and also the same ease of editing patches. Particularly via the free ToneLib software.
  10. Al Krow

    NPD - Zoom B3n

    Nope it's one stomp box, but nicely organised into 5 banks of 10 fx with the drum machine (eg for home practice) much more accessible. It also has global EQ and volume control which is super useful - can't remember if the B3N does?
  11. Al Krow

    NPD - Zoom B3n

    Oh dear, that's a shame. The B1-4 which has the same suite of patches and the same generation chip as the B3N and is much more compact. I ended up trading my B3N in and have since replaced with a B1-4, and I'm really appreciating the smaller form factor. If you're in the Amazon return period it may be worth thinking about swapping them over? Just a thought.
  12. Yeah, very fair. I wonder if someone like our own @Grangur might be able to refinish it for you at a fraction of the cost of what you were quoted? And there was a BB425 refinished in white + pattern (earlier on the thread) and it looked amazing! I'll see if I can dig out the pic... Here you go - it won't be to everyone's taste, I appreciate, but I love it!
  13. But is that suggestion (the Eb bit rather than the lock your 4 strings away - which I agree with!) proving effective in your own 5 string quest Luke - as I know you were having similar issues to the OP in transitioning to a 5 string from your other thread? If it is, well and good! Personally, I didn't particularly see a need to focus on playing songs in Eb, which is pretty limiting and not necessarily something I'd be able to use a great deal with my band, given my guitarist much prefers E to Eb. Rather than advise the OP to stick with mainly one key, I'd recommend just getting used to playing 5 string in any key and make use of the low B for some of the lower E string notes (as well as the only B string notes, B to Eb).
  14. Smoothhound wireless. Condition is used (minor wear and tear as shown on the pics and some residual velcro gum on the base). The transmitter and receiver come with original box and a PSU for the receiver. Excellent way of freeing you up from guitar leads. Long range = 30m+ outdoors. Typical 15 hour battery life from 2x AAA batteries or 10 hours from rechargeable batteries (batteries not included). This unit is my back-up / spare and not currently being used. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class.
  15. Creation Audio Grizzly Bass. Very good used condition and with original box. From the CA website" "Grizzly Bass was created with the pro player in mind. Like a tubepre-amp but without the fragile tubes or heavy transformers. Drawing from the experience and technological advancements of the Holy Fire, MW1 and Funkulator." Great as tone shaping pedal for styles ranging from Motown to Rock as well as providing grit and drive. Please note that this does not come with a separate PSU. Add £10 for P&P including guaranteed next day Royal Mail delivery. Currently retailing for circa £220 new inc p&p.
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