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  1. Congrats - that's a good price! I mean an excellent work horse bass that you can happily gig that will stand its ground with basses costing several times as much with a PJ format and some kick-as* pups! What's not to like?! PS welcome back to the Yammy club
  2. Excellent thank you! Sounds just great "plain" and IMO possibly even a little better with the YYZ!
  3. My second smaller "Psycho Synth" board, which I'm looking forward to messing around with:
  4. Ah ok. But a Zoom B1-4 plus those small creatives (T20s) comes to around £125 new. So you pays your money... Having said that I wouldn't want to be gigging a PJB nano combo with 4" speakers, so we are talking purely about home use here.
  5. A couple of us seem to have succumbed to the charms of the Red Panda BitMap2 over the past month. Agree that it doesn't fit into the "not crushing your wallet category" for sure - but mentioning here, as this seems to be the most comprehensive BC thread on bitcrushers and sample rate reduction ('SRR'). I got ribbed by a mate recently that a bitcrusher / SRR would never get used live...however Billie Eilesh, in the title track from her new album, makes very clear use of bitcrush / SRR, particularly prominently for the last 25 seconds from 4.30 to 4.55 although it's evident elsewhere in the rest of the track.
  6. Bought Ben's FI Mk3 and midi cable, which arrived this morning. Really well packed and great comms throughout. Ben's a top chap - I have no hesitation in recommending him to fellow BC'ers.
  7. I'd say no better than half decent headphones. Decently adequate for home practice, but it's not going to blow you away. Limitation is always going to be the quality of your speakers with this sort of set up. You'll maybe already have an idea of how good Creative portable speakers and / or a Megaboom are for musical output - that's what you'll be getting with this mini rig set up.
  8. Ah - nothing new, just my existing Euro 5LX that I've had for a while and am sufficiently smitten by to decide to move my Yamaha BB NE2 on, the Spector is that good! I was very happy with how it was set up when I got it, other than needing to trim the TonePump (don't we all? 😄). However I noticed a bit of fret buzz recently so I thought I might need to adjust the string heights a touch (or possibly a truss rod adjustment - but I'm always a lot more nervous about going near truss rods!). Confession time: - I've recently got an Elrick Evo5 which is an equally lovely bass and it was actually the combination of Elrick and Spector together which meant that my NE2 was not getting a look in.
  9. My bad - lol! There was nothing originally in the box from Andertons and I've not actually used the Spector gig bag as I've had another that does the job well (my old Sire gig bag). However I've just dug out the Spector gig bag and tucked into one of the pouches was a little packet with three allen keys and two strap locks...all's well that ends well 😁
  10. Yup - that's exactly right. Boss WL-20 wireless and aux in on the Megaboom. Works well with any speaker with aux in - here's the same set up with my smaller Creative speakers:
  11. I'm now a little confused - are both clips with YYZ pedal? PS I think @Ricky Rioli may well be interested in this discussion - he had a whole thread going on the subject of the reverse P!
  12. My impression from the first note was that it sounded great and a sound I would be more than happy to have. It is definitely "tighter" than the normal BB P pup, but I wonder how much of that is due to the YYZ and how much is down to the reverse P?
  13. @gobasserk sounds great! I do really enjoy your noodlings! If you fancy recording that clip without the Tech 21 YYZ pedal for comparison - it would be good hear how much of the sound is the Yammy and how much the pedal?
  14. A "basic" query from me which I hope one of you guys ( @Paulhauser, @Eldon Tyrell, @Mastodon2?) can easily sort! With the Spector stock bridge, what screw head / allen key are you using to adjust the bridge piece heights? I've tried take as visible a pic of the thread head as possible, in case this of interest to anyone else:
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