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  1. Yeah, agreed - that actually does look very tasty! And the Ric's not too shabby either 😁
  2. Yup, as an example outstanding sales pitch for our beloved brand, can't see how that's gonna fail to nail it. 😁
  3. I guess my real disappointment here is seeing our leader dropped by a Digitech pedal. I was expecting a man of bassfan's calibre and class to be felled by something amazing like a new custom Shuker bass or similar. But nope, it's an used Digitech pedal... *sigh*
  4. @dave_bass5strongly recommended you follow @cetera's excellent advice. I certainly did! ...and get a Spector 😁
  5. Aww man, you could have saved yourself a few quid by programming as many drops as you need on your Helix HX; it does it exceedingly well. (Too late to back out of your purchase?) We're now a leaderless bunch with our chief monk having fornicated. It's Sibob 2019 all over again...😁 Moi? I'm in danger of getting through a whole month without any new gear purchases (amazing!), although there is a headless bass in the FS that has me sorely tempted!
  6. @MartinB and @naxos10 - totally get where you are coming from. But... If we remove the pre-amp section we will need to replace it with a separate preamp, so this ceases to be a stand alone amp. I'm also a big fan of HPF but how many amps offer this? I'm guessing around 95% of pedals are 9V? From a marketing point of view Ashdown absolutely need to consider what is going to sell / be useful to an "average" guitarist or bass player.
  7. Hah! You're right, thanks; although I guess more commonly expressed as 3 Amps? I'll correct my post.
  8. Dunno if you've seen this thread? Have to admit if it was a choice between the older chipset B1on or the newer more powerful processor on the Zoom B1-4, I would go for the B1-4 every time! Worth every penny of the extra £20 in my books - and that's just for the ability to adjust volume and EQ 'globally' on the pedal itself without having to dive into the effects themselves, something not available even on the predecessor 'flagship' Zoom B3N. And having an easy to use tuner that is so easily visible in the dark is further icing on the cake.
  9. Ideally it would be several isolated outputs to avoid the need for a separate PSU. A single daisy chained output is likely to lead to pedal noise if several (particularly dirt) pedals are going to be used. Totally appreciate the engineering constraints in adding this to Ant / Newt - frankly hats off to you for beating the competition to get to where you already have. For me a Deluxe version would comprise Ant + 3.0 Amps single 9V output (e.g. to power a Helix) + aux in. Other isolated 9V outputs would be icing on the cake. If the Deluxe version is happening later in the year, please put me down for a pre-order - I'm supposedly trying to buy less gear this year, but I would happily fall off the wagon for an Ashdown Ant Deluxe!
  10. Good point about the wireless receiver - would have been a neat solution to powering a Smoothhound absent a pedal board.
  11. Al Krow

    BF 610 Cabs

    Time to start planning the great SW tour then... 😄
  12. Al Krow

    BF 610 Cabs

    Dunno whereabouts you're based Orbs, but young master bassfan uses his Berg 212 to great effect with his covers band. If you're ever in his parish, see if you can get along to hear them. Come to think of it, I might get a posse to join you 😁
  13. Also: Standby switch that works through the headphone send Programmable drive And above all...metal knobs that don't feel "wiggly" 😁 Awww blow that - actually you're right, a lower price would cover it just fine!
  14. Al Krow

    BF 610 Cabs

    In your 212 travels did you ever try out a Berg CN212? General impression is that it's an outstanding piece of kit and, for me, edged it over my VK210 LNT.
  15. Brilliant, thanks for sharing that with us.
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