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  1. Excellent - did you manage to get it for a similarly good or possibly even better price? I am hopefully taking delivery of mine tomorrow morning, when I have arranged to meet the seller...I've had a slightly wicked thought of dropping the PG and just leaving the black PG screws on the satin black body, but I've not seen that done before so no idea if it will look any good!
  2. Cash is fungible 😁
  3. Sold your Status for a...Euro LX Spector? Must be a Yammy player who doesn't know any better 😁 Congrats mate - and the EBS rig behind looks pretty awesome too!
  4. When is your 735A arriving? I ended up agreeing with you that all my pro BB 735A arguments are very valid! Lol! And it's a fraction of the price of a Sandberg Panther Special whilst IMO sounding just as good! That all being the case, there really was only one course of action that I could validly take...
  5. It's a good question. The reason that a lot of folk feel compelled to buy additional pedals is often to complement their multifx in areas where the multifx lacks the processing / emulation power to match dedicated pedals. The landscape changed with the arrival of Helix in what I'd describe as the mid-range price bracket i.e. between Zoom at the budget end and Axe and Kemper at the top end, and we saw a LOT of BC'ers offloading / downsizing their pedal boards as they were finding their Helix's getting close to their dedicated pedals / being perfectly "good enough" for a lot of fx. For me the obvious remaining gap with Helix where it doesn't hit the mark was with filter and synth - partly as it doesn't have a synth engine onboard (like a SA C4 or Panda FI does) but is only a synth emulator. But I've recently come across the Boss SY-1000 which plugs this particular gap and, when combined with the GK3 pup, could very well work as a stand alone pedal board for me. I'm guessing that the QC will be a level up further still from the Boss, but at nearly twice the price I sincerely hope it will be!
  6. Seems a real shame to have to do that! I wonder if you made some sound samples of how the bass sounds in its various settings or a YT clip, if that might generate some more interest? GLWTS
  7. Yeah fair. Defo no need to go to any great lengths on this entire matter, I agree.
  8. Al Krow

    New compressor day

    Please refer to @dave_bass5's post above. He summarises the subject very well. It's where the truly wise eventually end up. Either that or playing short scale basses. Sometimes both. Obviously the Zen Master level BCer will dispense with the mundaneness of normal bass rigs and flourish with FRFR.
  9. Perhaps we could compromise by saying it wasn't going to scale any great heights?
  10. I don't want to come across as being short with you about this, but may I politely suggest that whilst you would be generally correct, you aren't here in the context of Snow White and her 7 trusty axe men? Or perhaps more appropriately put as "Ms Snow-also-colour-ly-challenged"?
  11. It deserved to be a short thread. I couldn't ever see it reaching any great heights. Btw - please use the term colour-ly challenged in relation to our humour, going forward.
  12. Haha - if you were as good a judge of age as you are a band...😁
  13. And their music (see earlier post by Woody) isn't too shabby either!
  14. Very lovely and 26 accessible frets! GLWTS
  15. If you're including 210s and 212s in the mix, then there's Vanderkley 210s and Berg CN212s to include in the mix. (Sorry 😁). Blooming good pieces of kit! If you could get yourself to Bass Gallery in Camden they usually have a great selection in store. Q for the TC boys - I'm assuming that the RS cabs are a step up from the their speakers in the BG combos?
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