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  1. @WHUFC BASS having been on a crash course about Spector basses since the start of this thread, it seems to me that you've picked up an almost ideally spec'd model! Euro 5LX with EMG BQC pre-amp and soapbar EMG 40J (bridge) and 40P (neck) pickups. Is yours a 35" scale and neck-through also? The EMG 40P5, which turns this into a tasty PJ bass, I think is a 'reverse' P config - I was initially confused by a statement online that it was like a 'Spector or Yamaha' P config. Well actually they are the opposite way around! i.e. reverse P (Spector) and normal P (Yamaha). A reverse P, should provide a slightly tighter low end and warmer treble compared to a normal P, which is another plus. http://www.emgpickups.com/media/productfile/4/0/40_bass_0230-0128rb.pdf
  2. @mangotangoI think I've managed to pin down the make / model of the preamp in our Spector Legend Custom - it's the EMG B30-S which came out in 2004 and would appear to be precursor to WHUFC's much liked and more recent BQC preamp. The description of this I've found on-line is that is: "a 3-band equalizer for bass guitar, which can be retrofitted snugly beneath two tone controls. Both bass and treble equalizers are mounted on a stacked pot, while the mid-range control mounts separately. Bass, treble and mid EQ's offer 12dB and feature a central detente. The new EMG B30-S can be used with either active or passive pickups and is powered by a 9 volt battery." That fits the description of what's on our basses perfectly. Also turns out that our Legend Custom basses are not neck-through but actually set necks
  3. @oZZma great result! But we defo need a better picture of your rig as clear and rich as the higher fret G notes you're now playing! 😀
  4. That's very kind of you to say! You say 'predictably' your band folded; sounds like you've had a bumpy road - really sorry to hear. Hope you manage to get yourself back into something fun soon.
  5. And here's ours from the other thread so you've got them side by side! Any more Prince Kiss covers out there?
  6. Sold Sean 3 stage lights & a kit bag. Super smooth transaction, fast payment and great comms. A pleasure to deal with! Hope you and the band manage to light up your stage act to good effect! Cheers, Bas
  7. Sounds like you're all fingers and thumbs to me! 😁
  8. Congrats on getting this away. And welcome to the world of seller's regret... 😎
  9. Nice bit of history. So do the Euro LX models also have sculpted backs?
  10. Hah! Didn't I just ask that? You probably like West Ham and play bass too... 😂
  11. Looking forward to it! Maybe we can have a Kiss-off? 😄
  12. Great work Q. My favourite so far is #19 Take your cue Nothing so far, for me anyway, that touch your best FI patches I'm afraid! But maybe just early days?
  13. One little 'really nice to have' feature which the previous owner didn't point out (maybe because this is a 'standard' feature on all Spectors and also Warwicks?) is the sculpted back, which just helps the bass to 'sit' a little more comfortably on my frame. The only other bass in my herd that has this feature is my Yammy BB NE2, so it came as a very welcome surprise when I realised the Spector had it also. The sculpted back (and seamless neck through) are hopefully visible in the top pic; the bottom pic is just a gratuitous one from a new member of the Spector club
  14. Oh I do think it's a good piece of kit, particularly at its price point. But the HX is a step up in processing power - made clear to me when comparing the ability of the two with pitch shifting. I won't be using both multis - it will be one or t'other. I've certainly wavered between the two boxes over the past six months as folk will no doubt have seen. Plenty of gigging bassists are very happy with the Zoom multis and don't feel the need for the additional processing power and cost of the HX kit. You've clearly fallen into that camp and no dispute from me that makes very good sense. We'll need to get you contributing some patch ideas to the Zoom thread then - I suspect they will be very good!
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