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  1. I can "officially" confirm that one for you Woody - the WL-20 doesn't fit into the recessed socket of any of my Ibbys: SR1825, Portamento or GVB36, so I'll be reduced to using good old fashioned leads with those. A bit of slap back at 90MS delay can work a treat (very sparingly in my sets, I'll have to admit!) but Tape Echo, on the other hand, even from something as cheap and cheerful as a Zoom B1-4...now you're talking 😊
  2. ...and also £44 cheaper than the relatively recent Boss WL-20 (new). But I managed to pick up a pair used for sub £90 and am totally loving the form factor and ease of use! I used a Smoothhound for several years, including playing live with my bands and got on with that just fine; it's great piece of kit and Chris (proprietor) provided sterling customer service. Tbf I mostly had a fairly simple set up of bass --> amp, without digital pedals adding any latency. The WL-20s have even less latency than the SH and are brilliantly compact. Should give me a bit of scope of adding a few digital pedals into the mix post lockdown without the audience storming off because I sound like I have slap-back delay on every track. If the HB's don't hit the spot for you John - worth checking the Boss WL-20s as your next port of call. They really are very neat. In the meantime enjoy your wireless freedom 😊.
  3. A couple of clips from these two pedals: Boss SY-1 (Strings - setting 10) Zoom B1-4 (Z synth - "MJ" default patch) SY1 - Str10.wav B14 - MJ.wav
  4. Not a bad shout. I did exactly that with my Mesa M6 combo (stock pic) and I now pair the M6 head with a Fearless F112 cab. I even managed to move on the PH212 cab with space for an amp in the combo housing separately, which helped fund the new cab.
  5. Lovely example of a fantastic bass! GLWTS.
  6. Tell me about it! So hopefully I'm forgiven for my school boy error in mixing this lot up?! That is the by far the least "helpful" thing you could have said 😁
  7. Ah ok thanks @la bam. I was indeed thinking of the Fusion S500, thanks for clearing that up. Just to add to the confusion the Fusion S series also has 3 12ax7 tubes in its preamp. But a D class power amp section. The S 800 looks very tasty, but has a price tag to match!
  8. 12lbs rather than 12kg (= 26lbs), though, right?
  9. Not sure it will necessarily change your mind about the TecAmp in terms of being sufficiently / any better, but the Berg CN really is an outstanding 212 and if you get a chance to give one a spin I would heartily recommend.
  10. Out of interest you ever A/B'd with a Berg CN212?
  11. In fact, there has only ever been one bass that has consistently improved the perception of a bass player in the eyes of the world at large. And FWIW it's not a Yamaha or a Sadowsky or a KS. With the crime of rhyme, you must wonder what could it possibly be, other than almost certainly a... 😁
  12. Most importantly the design was done by a chap by the name of Johnny Ive.
  13. Nope, I didn't anywhere say I personally wouldn't notice the difference. A KS makes a German Sadowsky look cheap; it's beautifully made. But it wouldn't make me a better bass player as far any band or audience is concerned. And surely you don't disagree agree that iPhones are made in China? πŸ˜‰
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