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  1. Al Krow

    The Yamaha BB thread (from X34/5 launch)

    Well you'll have to excuse my coming on here to make the 1000th 'reply' on this thread, which started for me as someone who had never owned a Yammy and now has three and is finding that he loves them, and agreeing with you! It also continues to say something about just what a great bass the Yamaha BB has consistently been for over 4 decades: https://usa.yamaha.com/products/contents/guitars_basses/history/chronology/index.html And hard to deny that you have one of the loveliest BB "couples" yourself! Looking forward to a full detailed review from you, hopefully soon!
  2. Al Krow

    Favourite bass colour

    More popular than black(!) - it seems the 'burst brigade' are losing their collective fear of the underworld gods and are now venturing out into the light, and burst is three times as popular as red! On the subject of red, that colour really should be reserved for Fender Strats IMO - although one of my basses actually comes perilously close to bearing that hue, despite it's maker describing it loosely as 'honey'; it's saving grace being that it's a neck through and, of course, plenty of bling hardware and, oh yes, a spare string for each of the four in case any of them breaks 😀...
  3. Al Krow

    Favourite bass colour

    So should you be more properly known as Frick 4000?
  4. Al Krow

    Favourite bass colour

    So upon carefully reviewing the facts, there is no question you clearly fall into the classic camp. You can rest easy tonight.
  5. Al Krow

    Favourite bass colour

    No nerve, touched. My responses are all similarly tongue in cheek. Banter needs a response otherwise it goes to waste 😎
  6. Al Krow

    Favourite bass colour

    And whether your basses were all Fenders!
  7. Al Krow

    Favourite bass colour

    In order to give a thought through response to your question, we need to understand what songs you're playing? 😄
  8. Al Krow

    Favourite bass colour

    Also! Who would have guessed that we would collectively have so much wood for wood? 😄
  9. Al Krow

    Favourite bass colour

    Btw - whoever says that white or black are not paint finish colours is obviously talking bollox. I'm not taking that sort of nonsense on this lucid and deeply erudite thread. May be true for light beams in the case of black, but I'm not aware of any basses with a photon finish. Yet.
  10. Al Krow

    Favourite bass colour

    @josie I know that Ibby have neck-through in their BTB range as you have rightly posted...but have back-tracked on providing us that choice with their SRs, even in the Prestige version, these days...😔
  11. Al Krow

    Favourite bass colour

    Well we might be conservative in our colour choices (some may prefer to refer to this as having 'taste') 😂 but at least we have collectively discovered there is a world beyond Fender!
  12. Al Krow

    Favourite bass colour

    17,410,742 Just a number 29 March Just a date... 😉 Right, back to bass colours after that short diversion. Clearly you need to get used to being on the losing team more often, Stew. It happens. 😁
  13. Al Krow

    If You Had £3000 For a Bass ....

    Not sure that's necessarily the best analogy? There is an element of craftsmanship that has been largely taken out of car production. Ask the same question about a piece of jewellery. Is a one-off or small run exquisite piece no different to something produced by Gerald Ratner?
  14. Al Krow

    Favourite bass colour

    Actually not really too hard to quantity why: you kinda said it yourself referring to your brown brown bass - it's about seeing the natural grain. Maybe 'stripey' should be a category after all- lol! Is the bottom one an Alembic? The neck through immediately got my attention, as they always do!
  15. Al Krow

    Favourite bass colour

    ...oh yes, one other observation! So is brown the least favourite or most favourite colour for basses? On the one hand no-one has chosen brown as their 'colour'. On the other what is a natural wood finish if it's not brown?!