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  1. Al Krow

    A bunch of fives

    My fab four joining the fistful fiver fun...
  2. Al Krow

    Binned the compressor

    Three great lines of wisdom on the subject, from someone who does know what he's talking about. Thank you.
  3. Al Krow

    2nd hand market slowing??

    FDC = federal dept of crime... 😄? Either way I've clearly just bumped into my bass twin! Daren't ask what your first choice amp and cab are, in case it ends up causing a fracture in the space time continuum.
  4. Al Krow

    2019 Gear challenge

    What I love about your decades long gear journey, Dave, is that it has finally taken you to the sunny uplands of Ibanez basses, with you pretty much forsaking all else. Wisdom comes to us all in the end
  5. Al Krow

    The best headphone amp available today?

    Good to hear! But the Stomp is going to be living and wired up on my pedal board, whereas my B3N is now footloose and fancy free in its own bargain basement laptop bag => portable headphone amp with amp sims and multi fx, looper, drums and aux in. Definitely not worth shelving for the paltry used price it would fetch
  6. US $999 retail => Should be around £1,050 including transport and taxes (VAT, Customs duty, and £12 handling charge). Save £250 by importing from a US retailer. The retailers over here can buy wholesale from the US so someone, somewhere, is making a fast buck.
  7. Al Krow

    The best headphone amp available today?

    usb port for digital interface agree, though, it's a LOT of money. The PJB Bighead v1 which a lot of folk have raved about is a not inexpensive £200 and seems to do a lot of what this new model does. And tbf, I think I'll be entirely content to continue with my B3n as a headphone amp.
  8. Al Krow

    Bug*er that went quick

    Lol! I didn't get as far as the headstock, I was just going by the pic in the OP. "Does my bottom look big in this?" "Well er, yes dear..." "But fortunately you have an appreciating bottom end, sorry I meant asset." 😁
  9. Al Krow

    Bug*er that went quick

    Yup they really are pretty fugly aren't they? There I've gone and said it! Tin hat at the ready. 😎
  10. Not going to be cheap, but it looks lush! The HA-2 is a high resolution USB audio interface that supports PCM playback with up to 384 KHz sample rate/24 bit resolution On DSD playback, sample rates of 2.822MHzand 5.644 MHz are supported Rechargeable lithium ion Also functions as a headphone booster amp as well as a pre amp to drive powered amplifiers Both passive and active instrument inputs with a 2 band EQ that handles both guitar and bass Master Volume, Input Gain, Treble/Bass for instrument input signal, Headphone jack, Line out, Input, AUX input, Micro USB for battery charge and digital interface Frequency response of 10Hz-40KHz (WxDxH) 3”x 5.9”x 0.9” weighs 0.6 lbs The street price will be around £300 (US$359)
  11. Al Krow

    2nd hand market slowing??

    ^^ good point I think it has the ability to be both and do both well. I've greatly valued the wealth of experience and the willingness of BC'ers to give up their free time in sharing their wisdom. It's encouraged me to do likewise, when I can. I suspect that for many it's a fun social forum and they do no buying or selling at all. I'm planning on taking Sibob's vow of GAS chastity in 2019, but I suspect I'll still be checking in regularly and enjoying the banter along the way!
  12. Al Krow

    Bug*er that went quick

    ^^ exactly this. I guess I'm just an old fashioned stick in the mud who just buys his bass gear to play and enjoy! (And if it retains value eg because I found something in vgc used, that's a nice bonus).
  13. Al Krow

    SFX Thumpinator

    Really helpful thread. I'm going to move mine to the start of my board too.
  14. Al Krow

    Bug*er that went quick

    Simply a question of supply and demand. A Wal has no intrinsic value, it will not generate any more income than a much cheaper bass in the hands of a decent bass player; in fact insurance costs make it a potential liability. So its value, like gold or bitcoin, is determined by the "notional" value that buyers and sellers put on it. The supply of Wals continues to increase (he's not stopped making them has he?) The demand for Wals - well that is the big unknown. If the number of younger bass players picking up bass for the first time is no longer replacing the number who are reaching retirement and / or thinning out their herd then there will eventually be a long term decline in demand. Besides there comes a point when folk start to think that's a ridiculous price for a second hand piece of wood with some strings and onboard electronics.
  15. Al Krow

    2019 Gear challenge

    Haha, but that was a couple of months ago! My gear larder is now fully stocked and my effects cup runneth over. The undiminished zeal to the cause I now display is that of a true Sibob convert.