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  1. Cheers Rik, just the small matter of how much the UE6s are! £615 - and that's the base case without any optional extras. But if they really are in a different league, then I guess I'll just need to sell a spare bass that's not getting used too much 😄 In the meantime, interesting / useful that you noticed a very significant step up from the Shure 215s --> 535s. I guess a further question for @dave_bass5 is how good are the MEE's at ear protection against ambient noise? The Shures apparently reduce ambient noise by 37dB which provides very welcome ear protection and is pretty much what I've been using my 315s for up till now.
  2. MEE audio - MX3 Pro Hybrid Triple-Driver - these, right Dave? (I was thrown by your reference to MME, which I assume is a typo?)
  3. Cheers Russ for taking the time to pen those responses and detailed rebuttal of that web article - all very helpful and much appreciated!
  4. @ped in which case the Macrodose won't be for you either, as it also has no space for a battery (and is also at eye watering 3Leaf prices, although this one kinda feels better value given what it's offering); all the free space has been taken up by its crazy wonderful circuitry. Maybe we need to club together and get you a little pedalboard and PSU for Chris - t - mas? 😁
  5. Came across the following article which looks useful: Best In Ear Monitors For Bass Players - How To Maximize Using In Ear Monitors (ericsardinas.com) Shure IEMs seem to get a good rep - and the entry level 215 comes highly recommended on that review. I've got the slightly higher model 315 but a mate of mine has recommended getting the 535 which has 3 drivers rather than just the one in the 315/215s. The 535s have recently been discontinued and are currently on end of line sale, so may not be available for too much longer. Has anyone had experience of either the 315 or 215 and also the 535? If so, did you notice much of a difference between the 535 and the more budget models?
  6. We do need to get your DLX review posted on here! 😎
  7. Looks phenomenonally well featured from the write ups. Analogue pedal with digital controls is getting into Chase Bliss territory and not surprisingly this has a hefty price tag albeit not straying into CB 'ultra-premium' pricing. It will be around £300 in the UK (VAT and Customs paid). However that's not particularly more than 3Leaf gear, so colour me interested. Not that this needs any more colour... It's been built with collaboration from the Sub Decay guys and has been compared to their Prometheus DLX Deluxe but with the addition of a volume and a mix knob, so I guess that would be a good place to start to get an idea of what it would sound like on bass until we get a few dedicated bass reviews.
  8. I guess you could always send Alan and Jon a pic and ask them to come up with something similar: (Cue gratuitous pic ) 😁 But more seriously - I've been massively tempted by the quality and reputation of both Alan and Jon's basses and some of their designs are jaw-droppingly good. I suspect, whether you get a Spector, Sei, GB Bass, Shuker or ACG, you're in for an absolute treat!
  9. The higher-end EMGs on the Euro series are very good IMO and would still be my first choice on that bass. But you're not limited to EMGs these days, if you fancy something else, with Spector offering some quality alternatives.
  10. Comes pretty close to a Spector Euro 5LX. Fabulous basses! Apologies, that is a very off topic observation, but I couldn't help but notice the similarities!
  11. That's super useful to hear, thanks Simon. Saved me getting one to A/B with my Proton Mk4, which lives to fight another day...although I must say @Quatschmacher's latest discovery of the GFI Rossie looks very interesting. I'm guessing that GFI aren't any bigger than Source Audio, just based on my personal brand recognition, but they've included a visual display, which SA pedals lack but would make a big improvement IMO to their usability as a standalone pedal - apparently SA will be addressing at some point in the future...
  12. Does look v. interesting and I think only came out a few months back? Not come across any bass specific demos on YT yet, but it does sound pretty good on guitar. Looks like it has a lot of versatility in what it can do (ie more than just a filter) as well as tweakability, but allows us to store couple of presets which will be very handy for live use.
  13. Fair enough and thanks for the feedback. The wettest filter I've come across is the 3Leaf GR2 and it seems you really like Wonderlove which, together with the Chromatron, are its successors. The Proton Mk 4 is allegedly a Chromatron mini according to Spencer. I actually really like mine - it's very easy to dial in both up and down sweep; so it might still be worth me giving the SupaFunk a spin and A/Bing them - it maybe we just have different playing styles etc. One thing I can't disagree is that the prices are mental for quality filters - I mean your Proton Mk4 just sold within 24 hours of listing for £250 inc P&P, and you could get a very capable used multi (eg HX Effects) for very little extra and which is anything but a one trick pony!
  14. How would you rate it compared to the Proton Mk4 you've just sold? Sounds like you preferred the Proton?
  15. 59 min cycle you say? In which case a SupaFunk pedal is entirely justified.
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