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  1. Wow, this is a really cool colour. I have a Bongo 5-string in Desert Gold, they're absolutely fantastic basses! Am really interested in your 4-string - I'll PM you :)
  2. Well, either way, I reeeeeally like this bass... If it's still here at the end of the month, I may PM you!
  3. Ah yes, of course it'll be 60's spacing if it's a JB62! Sorry, I must have missed that the first time around - too busy drooling over the pictures! 🤤 Am sure you won't have any trouble selling this, it's feckin gorgeous... in fact, I'm surprised it's still here! Incidentally, didn't these models come with the grounding strap between the bridge and the bridge pickup, or was that only the US 62RI basses? Thanks
  4. Oh, why do you have such a gorgeous bass for sale, and why do you have to be in Edinburgh too? That's no fair, the temptation is overwhelming! Do you know if the pickup spacing is 60's or 70's?
  5. I had a 5-string 'The Jack Bass Custom' in natural around about 100 years ago in the 80's. loved that dammed thing and regret selling it. I've always thought about reacquiring one. Maybe some day... GLWTS
  6. Tremendous basses! I'll see your 4-string and raise you my 5!
  7. This would look really cool alongside my Bongo!
  8. He didn't own it, but I met Sting and had him sign (and play) my custom Larkin Reacter fretless a few years ago. Turns out he has a 6-string Larkin from roughly the same year!
  9. I picked up a Bongo recently - a HS 5-string in Desert Gold (or 'shiny orange' as I like to call it!) Am really digging your pearloid blue with the white pearloid pickguard, very tasty! These are such good instruments, an utter joy to play... Even the styling is growing on me! Anyway, GLWTS - I'm sure whoever buys your Bongo will be more than happy!
  10. If you can find one, definitely have another bash - I honestly find these basses incredibly comfortable, both sitting and standing. And yes, the shiny orange finish is superb - I've been singing the old 'Kia-Ora' advert: "It's too orangey for crows, it's just for me and my dog"! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqXfuZ_Sk_E
  11. Surely the best idea would be to do it before we're all grounded? At least that way you'll have a nice new shine bass to keep you occupied! 😁
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