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  1. I have used the Fralin '51 split P and IMHO it is very close to the original single coil P sound. They are permanently wired in parallel to maintain the authenticity. Mine was 5% over wound to provide some extra gain but Lindy offers 5% to 10% over & under wound to suit your specific needs. All the Fralin '51 split P pups have the raised 'A string' pole piece just as Leo's original. For more flexibility and tonal options, I agree with @kodiakblair that the Jess Lourerio '51 Split P is a good candidate. I have used one with a series/parallel switch offering really good tonal palette.
  2. I would say yes to the opening question. Mainly because I find my Zoom B1-4 is so very convenient. I achieve my main core bass tone from my amps with the help of a HPF , compressor and tuner. In one of the covers bands I need quick access to a few bass sounds for specific songs, this is achieved with a Tech21 VT Bass Deluxe which delivers 6 preset bass tones. The Zoom B 1-4 covers all those needs in a small user friendly package ideal for rehearsal and some gigs.
  3. Will the B6 allow use of 3rd party IRs?
  4. RIP Steve Rabe Really sad news . https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2021/10/05/in-memoriam-steve-rabe/
  5. Another Zoom Fanboi here, this new model appears to compete head on with the Line6 POD Go. I hope that it is capable of loading 3rd party IRs. I'll wait to hear some feedback before allowing GAS to rise. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Found a couple of 6ins speakers down the basement which were salvaged from a Grundig bandpass sub woofer. Got some ply off cuts from my Lockdown 10ins combo build so planning a similar build. Have you included a port in the cab you have built? Was it 9 lts internal volume? What was the port length?
  7. Sadly you have ignited an idea to build something similar. I seem to recall that tucked away in the basement there are a couple of 4ins speakers salvaged from a Grundig HiFi sub woofer that I chucked away a few years back. Note to self:- remember how dusty it is down the basement 🙄
  8. Great effort Mr Teebs , thanks for posting. I'm sure you will hear a difference when you fit the top and seal the cab allowing the ports to do their job.
  9. Dear Mr Teebs, Just ignore all the Faff and nonsense from those "Onlooker" who are probably envious of your gallant desire to create something that you will enjoy building and using. The whole biuld process is a satisfying, enjoyable process savored by the few who dare to try. I look forward to reading your diary account in the "Build diaries" section. Good luck with your efforts. Kind regards John (very amateur cab builder)
  10. Yes, Fender , Spector, Musicman, plus some really high gain passive Pups all work fine for me. I do not use any Fuzz or distortion pedals, just either a Zoom B1Four ( HPF + Comp) or Thumpinator >> Spectracomp>> Tech21VT DI>> amp.
  11. I've got the HB Airborne Pro and used it twice on gigs. First one was an open air festival and the second was a very busy seaside Pub beer garden with lots of phones being used, no issues at all, no drop out, no gliches, it performed very well for the £95 I paid for mine. Great bit of kit and very good value for money. No battery worries as the transmitter docks & charges during the breaks. There's another thread on here comparing the budget offerings.
  12. Is someone going to post a review of the bass cab shoot out at this year's Bash? @Phil Starr
  13. These look great, I did not know that Korg acquired Aguilar, it makes so much sense for each branch to collaborate to combine the knowhow and expertise. The humbucking Alnico 5 Pups sound fantastic.
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