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  1. You won't believe this but I have TWO Zoom B1Fours one on my small pedal board and and the other on it's own in my cables bag. I found a hard plastic sandwich box in Tesco that with the addition of a small piece of foam provides a snug rigid protection case. £3.99! Take a look at the storage containers in Lakeland, B & M and Tesco. There maybe something small enough to give you just the protection you need.
  2. Try Bryn at Roqsolid (www.ampcoversonline.com). I've always found him helpful .
  3. Oh my word that's handsome. Double sided adhesive tape under the bridge once you've set the intonation and you'll be in deep blues heaven. I remember playing an original when I worked at Roger Jenkins Sound Centre in St John's Square in Cardiff in 1971. Huge bass sound from the humbucking PUPs. Intonation was the only issue, but once setup correctly it was such a lovely bass to play.
  4. JohnDaBass

    Zoom B1four

    +1 @Al Krow CLEAN patch has been my starting point ever since he published it. His experience really helps many of us ! Thanks Al Krow.
  5. @FinnDave I'm sure you'll be satisfied with your solution. As @Al Krow says BF SC + decent D Class amp is great portable & scaleable solution.
  6. Bought EBL 9v Charger and 5x EBL 600mAh batteries for my basses. Fenders ( USA P Deluxe, Stu Hamm USA Urge & MIM PJ ) all appear fine. However when I checked the Ernie Ball MusicMan site about my USA Sterling they were VERY specific about rechargeable batteries. Basically they stated that they ONLY recommended Duracell!! It seems that in their view the Lithium-Ion output more than 9v and the NiCad and NiMh output only 7.2v. They did not recommend using any sort of rechargeable battery. I have to say that the EBL was quite a "snug" fit but it fitted Okay and seems to work fine. https://www.music-man.com/faq#category2 Has anyone had any issues with 9v batteries on MusicMan Basses?
  7. Is it good for metal 😂
  8. +1 2 x Super Compacts are awesome.
  9. @Al Krow have managed to retrieve your B1Four X from your drummer's bag?
  10. If @Ashdown Engineering added a HPF ( say set to 40Hz) the RM 800/500 would become the amp of choice for many Mesa Subway D800/ Fender Rumble 800HD users. I'd certainly be first in the queue.!
  11. Stevie, what charger are you using? I have looked at the Panasonic BQ-C51, the BQ-C16 ( Smart charger) and BQ-CC55. Or are you using a different brand charger?
  12. Before spending lots of cash , try a BDI 21 for DI and "warming up" your sound. VT Bass DI is a great solution.
  13. Correct 100 allocated for Europe. BUT only 99 survived. I ordered mine from a UK retailer and was shipped direct from Fender's EU distribution centre but it arrived with a broken neck, I returned it and a second arrived in perfect condition. A fantastic bass! One I will never part with. GLWTS
  14. Boss have released a new version WL- 60 it looks very appealing, shame about the price. https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2019/06/25/boss-introduces-the-wl-60-wireless-system/
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