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  1. I use my Mesa D800 Subway through one or two Barefaced Super Compacts, sublime. The clarity of the BF Super Compacts deliver the full range of the Voicing control and handle the Deep switch with ease.
  2. The days of vertically integrated producers has diluted over the last decades. Prevously, companies received rawe materials at the front end of the building and finished products popped out at the back end. Under one roof design, marketing, manufacturing and sales coexisted. Today most companies out source many elements of their processes with complex supply chains to meet their market demands. Companies concentrate their core competency in-house and leverage the economy of scale offered by contract manufacturers. Modern manufacturing processes of surface mounted devices and SOC devices require prohibitively high capital investment and most bass amp companies are unable to justify such a return on investment. Consequently they focus on design, sales and marketing. (Apple do not make any of their products companies like Foxconn manufacture for them). Bass amp companies drive hard bargains for the exfactory prices of their amps when out sourcing the whole amp build. Some amp companies assemble the key components and carry out final tests, package and shipping. Key components such as SMPS , power amps etc should be easily accessible for board swop out but the cost will naturally be higher than the cost of a line side sub-assembly. Individual packaging, shelf storage, handling, shipping, taxes, profit margin all inflate the component cost. BUT they should be available at reasonable prices to allow repair of the finished products either at a franchised repair centre OR competent repair person.
  3. Alex at Barefaced has explained that the Two 10 has a filtering circuit to allow one of the 10s to be full range and the other 10 is filtered to reduce "comb filtering"(?). IIRC There's quite a bit of info on the website explaining how the BF Two 10 is superior to our brands 2x10s because of the inclusion of the filtering. Now I'm not sure if running the Two 12 and the One10t in close proximity will be effected by any comb filtering between the two cabs and be detrimental to the sound and performance. I'm sure the Technical Guys will chime in shortly to explain far better than me.
  4. Take a look at Warman Pups. Very versatile being able to do Stingray zing and warm & mellow and points in-between. Choice of tone cap is important to tailor your desired sound.
  5. Off topic a tad but the Fender 800/ Barefaced 12s is a great combination.
  6. The issue seems to stem from combining timber and carbon fibre panels to form the cabinet. If the whole cabinet was formed from a homogeneous carbon fibre mould (top, bottom, sides & baffle) the structure would have considerable more strength than a timber cab. The rear panel could be a carbon fibre component with integral bracing allowing assembly of the speakers and socket connections.
  7. Henry Ford still managed to offer custom colours on the Model T, Coal Black, Crow Black , Midnight Black, Black Black and of course the exclusive Tar Black 😄
  8. Thanks for sharing, those Durisol bricks look a good alternative for self builders.
  9. Stunning absolutely stunning, such craftsmanship and character, congratulations.
  10. Yes, used it at a small acoustic jam ( 3 acoustic guitars & 4 vox) before the change of port arrangement and the guys were quite comfortable with it hidden away. I was really impressed with the extra sound reinforcement that enabled me to enjoy a much more relaxed experience. Rather than belting hell ( digging in) out of the strings to get heard and cut through I was able to play at normal house levels and benefit from the reinforcement the micro combo delivered. I have to say that the Lekato 5.2Ghz wireless system works very well indeed. Next week I am sure that I will be even more comfortable with the improvement in performance and removal of the chuffing.
  11. UPDATE Over the weekend I finally got around to improving the port arrangement of the Micro combo. I had some great help and advice from @Phil Starr regarding the size of the Port. I changed the original port to 2 ports 38mm id x 100mm long but sadly I was experiencing some nasty "chuffing". On Phil's advice, over the weekend I replaced the two ports with one port 70mm id X 96mm long and the performance has improved considerably. My implementation of the cab & speaker is still not as good as the solution Phil adopted and this can be seen in the curves below. Phil's is the GREEN curve (85Hz), the two 38mm id x 100mm ports is the BLUE and the 70mm id x 96 mm is in RED (85Hz). The Fane does appear to perform very well in a small cab and maybe if I had spent more time in the research and calculation phase rather than jumping too quickly into the construction phase I may have achieved a better performance out of the Faital. Any how, I am pleased with the improvement in performance and happy that the chuffing has disappeared. Thanks again to @Phil Starr for his excellent support.
  12. NOW that's what I call a SIGNATURE Bass. Congratulations on such an innovative idea for a fantastic bass.
  13. Or both. Great simple combination for controlling your sound. I highly recommend getting a Thumpinator and a Spectracomp.
  14. Loving the Cockapoo hologram on the back of the bass 🤣🤣 Great basses. GLWTS
  15. DiMarzio Split P , a very wide range of tones, huge power, and great performers. Tinkering with the tone cap can offer an even broader palette of sounds.
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