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  1. Now that is very interesting. Classic bridge & Pup, seems to deliver some lovely tones in the vid. Flats with maple neck & fret board for me.
  2. That looks handsome, I love the grain bleeding through the nitro, looks & feels organic. Personalised belly & forearm body contour is just such a great job. I do think white pickguard has the most dramatic appearance. Please share some sound clips when you have a chance as I'm really interested to hear the SD 51'P stack Pup. As you know I've used the Lindy Fralin split 51 & Jess Loureiro split 51 so I'm eager to learn more about the SD stacked '51P. Great work, good job, well done!
  3. Is Paddy Power or Coral offering odds? If so I'll have £1 each way on the Basschat v3 Faital. 😂
  4. There are a huge number of expert builders on Basschat and I have learnt from their experiences. Do some reading & research on the Build thread before second guessing any task you are not sure about, it will save you time, effort, money and "tears".
  5. I have had first class success with a black alder P body from Northwest Guitars and a mahogany P body from Guitar Build. The mahogany P body I finished myself with Tru-oil and achieved a very satisfying finish. Both great quality bodies.
  6. Well I enjoyed that. It was quite revealing in my mind. I normally use 1 or 2 x SC with a Mesa Subway D800 or Fender Rumble HD800 a rig that I'm really comfortable with. I use a One 10 at home and I have been considering moving to Two10 in place of the SCs but having heard that comparison I think I'll stick with the SCs. The BB2 was the most musical and articulate and to me stood out with its delivery. BUT I don't need all that top end range nuance . The Two10 was exactly what I desire but I can achieve the same olde school dynamic with the EQ on my amps thro the SCs so for me the SCs have sufficient range so provide enough flexibility. BTW my 2 x Basschat v2 Beyma SM 12s match the Two10s any day. I would love to hear the New Basschat v3 FRFR Faital loaded cab compared to the BB2. Maybe possible at the South West Bass bash?
  7. Looking forward to seeing some reviews on here by some of the Basschat Elders.
  8. Bassy White😂
  9. @Cuzzie & @BigRedXThe Voice Live 3 & Voice Live 3 Extreme DO have Midi control. Sorry about the confusion. https://www.tc-helicon.com/Categories/Tchelicon/Vocal/Multi-Effects/VOICELIVE-3/p/P0CDY#googtrans(en|en)
  10. @CuzzieThe Voicelive Play is NOT Midi. I only use four presets so I simply use the Up/Down F/switches to toggle between those presets. It's very simple and easy to use live. I also have a TC Voice Tone H1, which is a harmony pedal with switched key selection or guitar sensing. The H1 is ideal for backing vocals but the Voicelive Play has far more options from the online library. I use the Voicelive Play straight into my DAW ( Cakewalk) just using the effects from the pedal. It's faster to get the right vocal effect as somebody else has already spent time tweaking the levels and posted to the online library. I see no point tweaking my DAW channel settings to get a particular vocal effect ( echo, reverb, De-esser, compression etc.) when I can just download it and record direct from the pedal. ( call me lazy😃)
  11. When I started to do some backing vocals in one of my bands I got TC Voice live Play. https://www.gak.co.uk/en/tc-helicon-voicelive-play/56640?msclkid=29bbeb00989510ef9a91b5e8181515cc&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=PX It's a great simple to use bit of kit. As @fretmeister explained there are simple setups which sound awesome. The pitch correction works really well either by selecting the key signature or the ambient Mic which cleverly listens to key the band is playing in. What is probably the best feature is the huge online library of studio vocal setups that you simply download and store in the pedal. You just search by Artist, song or band and you get the exact studio quality vocal sound. So if you want to sound like Bowie or Barry White you just hit the footswitch. It's a bit expensive but great for a really poor vocalist like me😎
  12. Gee you've got big hands😆
  13. Black Pickguards Matter. Oops, I'll get my coat🤐
  14. Having decided to abort my FenderBird project I'm looking at HB PB-50 as a donor for a combo 51'P Pup plus a MM Pup project. Could anyone provide some guidance on the differences between the Basswood and Lime wood bodies currently offered? I fancy the red one but it says it's "Lime wood". Any idea of weight difference , tone, hardness?
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