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  1. JohnDaBass

    Spectracomp vs Multicomp

    +1 Likewise my Spectracomp is an "always on" effect so the small boost in volume is balanced out with gain adjustments in the Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe DI. Great bit of kit, stock profile and one knob! "Simples!"
  2. JohnDaBass

    High Pass Filters

    Now that's a neat idea. Bit pricey !
  3. JohnDaBass

    Trading down to a combo - advice appreciated

    Good choice! You won't be disappointed, enjoy!
  4. JohnDaBass

    Feedback for Johnny Wishbone

    Purchased a couple of JBX Pups from Mr Wishbone , excellent gent to deal with, prompt, great comms, first class packaging and shipping.
  5. JohnDaBass

    NBD: 1993 USA G&L SB-2

    Gareth, the maple neck bass looks awesome. Soooo envious! It just looks right, you're one lucky Guy.
  6. JohnDaBass

    Which mixing desk?

    +1 The XR-18 is a fantastic bit of kit.It provides a full channel record output which allows you to re-mix the recording back at home on your PC with your preferred DAW software. The monitor outputs provide individual mix preferences so IEM could be rolled out band member by band member if they chose to do so. As Jack said each band member could have their own tablet and control their monitor mix or help out with FOH mix if problems arise. It shares the overall sound control responsibility! If you want something simpler then the XR-12 may fit the bill. There are masses of You Tube tutorials to help master all the features. If you really want to go "posh" there's the MR-18 which has studio quality pre-amps.
  7. JohnDaBass

    Single FRFR or Bass Combo?

    Excellent point Mr Krow. I'll be following this with interest to see the comments from all sides.
  8. JohnDaBass

    Bass that has the "P" cut through but with a slim neck?

    +1 Great Bass, my Sea Foam Green has an active 3 band EQ 9v preamp it's very versatile looks handsome and a dream to play. I could swear that the Jazz neck is identical to the the MIM Geddy Lee Jazz bass.
  9. JohnDaBass

    Interesting FRFR story..

    You've got to love fairy lights anytime of the year 😂
  10. JohnDaBass

    Entwistle JBX Pickups *SOLD*

    Pm sent
  11. JohnDaBass

    Best Amp Sims on pedals

    So, there appears to be many comments on the various threads here regarding the merits of Amp Sims on people's favourite pedals. Many Basschatters have enthused on the authenticity and quality of Amp Sims on the Helix Stomp over the Zoom B3n for example so I thought it would be helpful to bring together the opinions of users to build a form of "League Table of Amp Sims". I suppose there are many, like me, who have enjoyed the offerings of Line 6 Bass POD, Bass POD Floor and analogue Sims such Tech21 VT Bass DI and VT Bass Deluxe, not forgetting BassBDI21 and the early Zoom pedals of the past. So how much has the authenticity of our Amp Sims improved with each new innovation that is launched onto the market? Is it really possible for someone in the audience to differentiate between the real thing and a software simulation? Is the difference between each new innovation worth our hard earned cash? @Al Krow, @Osiris, @Gottastopbuyinggear, @lemmywinks, @PaulWarning, @mcnach, @CameronJ, @jrixn1, @Bigwan, @Jus Lukin, @Opticaleye
  12. JohnDaBass

    Favourite P bass pickups

    DiMazio Split P with a @KiOgon loom with CTS's . Huge sound range from Old School to glass like highs.
  13. JohnDaBass

    Barefaced Big Twin T vs x2 smaller cabs

    +1 Two Super Compacts seems to me to be a very flexible solution.