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  1. JohnDaBass

    NAD - GK 400RB ‘Custom’ Combo

    Fantastic job, looks great and I bet it sounds awesome.
  2. JohnDaBass

    Amp Quandry... Amp or Active PA / FRFR?

    As Phil says a Makie Thump 12A is not going to be as loud enough and powerful enough for bass as a bass combo. But, the Thump12A does offer a solution in some gigging environments. We have some regular gigs ,as a duo, in the bar of a small local pub and we use a Thump 12A and a JBL EON One Linear array. Bass & Alesis drum machine into the Thump12A and guitar & vocals into the JBL. It works really well for us at the volumes we need. My bass goes into Zoom MS-60B >> Tech21 VT Bas DI>> channel 1 and Alesis SR16 >> channel 2 of the Thump12A. The JBL line array copes really well without the need of any sort of monitors. I would agree with the other comments that the Mackie Thump 12A cannot compete with my Fender Rumble 500 head and my DIY Basschat 12 mk1 cab. Clearly for larger gigs you have to invest in one of the premium brands RCF , QSC etc.
  3. Heft was used THREE TIMES during the Jerry Corbyn interview on the Andrew Marr Sunday morning programme. Surely it'll be Ampeg on BBC Breakfast next and HPF on Good Morning Britain. Can't wait for the benefits of using a compressor for bass on Question Time!
  4. JohnDaBass

    Adding Tube Warmth to Solid State amp

    +1 for Tech21 VT Bass as the simplest most straightforward method of "warming" up any amp. For a little more control maybe add a Thumpinator & Spectracomp.
  5. JohnDaBass

    Adding Tube Warmth to Solid State amp

    Heft is in the ear of the beholder!
  6. JohnDaBass

    Maruszczyk flatwounds. What are they like?

    Watching this one.
  7. I have for sale a Fane Sovereign 12-500LF 500w 8ohm speaker. Used gently for prototyping while building a Bass Chat 1x12 Mark 1 cab. Please check the Fane site for the spec as this is the "LF" version which has a response of 38Hz to 5kHz @-6dBs, a very powerful low end driver which could suit one of Phil Starr's cab designs. Shipping cost to be covered by buyer, I will ship in the original packaging.
  8. I have for sale a Celestion BL12-200X 200w 8 Ohm speaker. Only used gently for prototyping my Basschat Mk1 cabs before purchasing Beyma SM212. Ideal for someone wishing to have a low cost entry into Phil Starr's Easy 12" cab build or the Basschat 1x12 Mk1cab. Shipping at buyers cost, I will ship in the original packaging.
  9. JohnDaBass

    Acoustic bass

    +1 for Fender Kingman. Lovely Jazz neck with a body large enough to produce a decent acoustic output to keep up with most mandolins. Great Fender branded preamp with on-board tuner, notch filters & quick change battery compartment.
  10. JohnDaBass

    Jazz Bass pickups

    Check out the DiMarzio model J PUPs. Split coils, so humbucking, passive, punchy with a great range of tones. I've found them to be a great all round upgrade.
  11. +1 Hold onto the cash and save for a second One10 for modular rig.
  12. JohnDaBass

    The new Orange OBC-112

    Looking forward to seeing & hearing some reviews of the OBC-112. Healthy competition is always good to keep pushing the boundaries of product offerings to us the customer. It keeps manufacturers on their toes and maintains reasonable pricing. Had a quick look at the LaVoce site and the XMax figure for the only 400W 12 speaker appears quite low compared to our Old friend the Beyma SMS 12. Anybody with more technical prowess able to comment?
  13. JohnDaBass

    NAD - More Trace Elliot Content...

    Love that bass. Pup positioning must provide oodles of tone. Any chance of more details?
  14. JohnDaBass

    New cab day/night

    +1 I use either a Fender Rumble 500 head or my Mesa D800 with either of my two Barefaced Super Compact 1x12 cabs. D800 into the two SC s is awesome! Seems to cover all I will ever need.
  15. JohnDaBass

    Orca Telebass Project Finished!!

    If it were me , I would stick with two Pups and move the neck Pup back to a position similar to that Darkheart posted.