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  1. I've used DiMarzio Model J' s in a Fender Jazz Plus. Replaced the Lace Sensors and the active pre with V B T passive setup. With a well selected cap value I get very close to a typical P sound. Really lovely Pups with a broad range of powerful tones.
  2. What are you Guys using to secure a replacement bone nut on a US Fender Jazz bass? In the process of sprucing up a Fender Jazz with a new loom, Fender Hi Mass bridge, new bone nut, new strings and I was wondering what was best to secure the nut. The existing one came off very easily so wanted something a little more robust.
  3. @adamg67 before committing to the purchase of a BF BB2 ponder on the flexibility two BF Super Compacts may offer. I know it's more expensive but having a modular solution may offer some benefits.
  4. @Slug Icesold me Fender High Mass bridge, Joe is a great guy to deal with, fast comms, swift shipping and great tracking details.
  5. That's an interesting concept, I wonder how the physics works? I'm not a fan of rear facing ports let alone rear facing speakers. But there must be some clever design work going on to avoid the rear speaker phase cancelling the output of the front facing speakers. These are still a bit heavier than my BF Super Compacts.
  6. Do you have any documentation to valid authenticity?
  7. Agree with those previous posts recommending Barefaced Super Compact it's a great cab. I would suggest you look at Mesa Subway D800 amp, built-in HPF and a simple EQ setup with the ' Character ' control providing easy access to a range of familiar amp sounds. The new Fender Rumble 800HD is also a real workhorse.
  8. You need to contact @threedaymonk he's the engineering genius who crafted the cover for me. He's a real gent!!
  9. Here's a link to a 3D printed cover I had produced by a very clever BassChatter.
  10. Well the Bass Block 802 coupled with the 12 BassDock would make a very appealing proposition in my book. A bit pricey at $699 + $599 but a top notch combo/ head&cab.
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