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  1. Nigel purchased a TC Helicon VoiceLive pedal from me. He arranged his own shipping and was one of the fastest smoothest transactions. Great Guy, pleasure to do deal with. Thanks Nigel
  2. Will the tort make it better for Metal?
  3. Are the Spector Pups on this the same size as EMG 35TW?
  4. Thanks for sharing the sound clips. The Nordstrand was my favourite.
  5. That really appeals to me. Great starting spec and space for a number of permutations of upgrade routes. Warman MM Pup, with a Retrovibe "Stinger" pre, methinks ??
  6. This could be an alternative with a little less fettling 😎
  7. Sold pending the usual processes.
  8. I have used Warman MM pups in a couple of basses and they offer a wide tonal palette. Alnico magnets so offer something warmer but if wired in series offer huge gain. For ceramic magnets I like the Roswell MFR-4(??). If you check my SpectorRay Bitsa 32ins build it's listed there.
  9. I have decided to part with my Barefaced One10 cab. Purchased in September 2019, never gigged used only in a smoke free home. Excellent spec and fantastic performance, 250w RMS but capable of up to 500w with clean signal, renowned by many as one of the best compact 10ins cabs available. Full spec at the Barefaced site. No Tolex issues in absolute perfect condition, comes with a Roqsolid cover. Shipping at buyers cost and risk. I have sufficient packaging to securely pack but also available to Covid Securely meet up within 80 miles from Tenby. Thanks for your consideration.
  10. Rather than starting a new NAD thread I thought it best to resurrect this fine thread of @discreet. I purchased my MiniMax from a fellow Basschatter for my Basschat Easy Build 10ins speaker cab/combo, which has resulted in a great sounding,13kgs, easy carry, loud combo. I previously used my Fender Rumble 500 head to compare the BCEB 10 to my BF One10 as I was familiar with my tone settings on that amp and I was very pleased with the outcome of my handiwork. The merits of MiniMax have been previously been detailed so I just wished to add my personal comments. The tone control frequency settings offer a huge range of tone shaping variation which allowed me to craft a tone which compared favourably with the Fender + BF One10 and the MiniMax + BFOne10. Many are familiar with the pleasing colour baked into the BF One10 but the Celestion Neo BN-10-300X had a much more cleaner tonal offering. After a number of hours playing with the MiniMax pre I was able to home in on precisely the same tone as the Fender+BFOne10 AND the MiniMax +BFOne10. Gain 9 o’clock Punch IN = +6dB @ 100Hz Bass 2 o’clock Mid Shift IN = 250Hz Mid 2 o’clock Bright IN = +10dB @1K Hz Treble 9 o’clock These settings warmed up the BN-10-300X considerably to deliver the same colour and heft as the BF One10. I noted that others on the thread found that the “Fancy Buttons” did not appeal to them but I have to say that they add a great level of flexibility for tone crafting. The amp is built inline with the Peavey heritage and I suspect it will be reliable as the build quality is first rate. The only downside is the noisy cooling fan. I have tamed the noise slightly by housing it in the combo cab with plenty of side vents in the cab side walls but it is still noticeable at home output levels. I am sure that no one would notice it down the Dog & Duck on a jam night which is what the design brief set out to deliver. If anyone has replaced the cooling fan I would appreciate any guidance on your experiences. I wonder if the new version has had this issued fixed, if so I would be happy to hear from anyone who has recently purchased the new version. All in all these MiniMax amps are really, really good and I would recommend them to anyone seeking a flexible, loud power house for very reasonable money.
  11. Thank you @stevie for taking the time to do the technical comparison. From your explanation the Pulse appears to have a similar character to the Eminence driver in the BF One10 but the BF may have a higher Xmas. IMHO the B10N-300x appears similar to the cleaner BF Super Compact rather than the more coloured BF One10. The extra 100w thermal power gives a decent safety margin when used with the MiniMax delivering 300w of headroom. So I've built a 13kgs, easy carry, 300w combo with sufficient headroom to match any "shed building " drummer who may turn up for a jam down the Dog & Duck. Happy days 😎
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