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  1. I believe that they are designed in the UK but manufactured in PR of China. I also believe that the Fender Rumble v3 combos are manufactured in PR of China.
  2. Go back to bassics! Take a look at the Split P DiMarzio Pups. Individual humbucking with a fantastic range of tones. John at KiOgon will help on the best value cap you need.
  3. Bought a Fender Hi Mass bridge from Lozz and very happy, great communications and delivery. A real gent and a pleasure to do business with. Thanks very much
  4. @The_Rodster which Thunderbuckers do you favour 63 ,66 or 66S?
  5. Old growly Thunderbird would be the objective. But I'm interested to learn what PUPs do what.
  6. I'm embarking on a Fenderbird Bitsa build and I am seeking views, opinions and experiences of different Thunderbird PUPs used by Basschat members. I've got a Jazz neck and have an Epiphone Thunderbird bass body on it's way so before choosing PUPs I wanted some input. Tone wise, I'm for a typical Gibson Thunderbird sound. So who has used, Bass Buckers, EMG TBHZ, Seymour Duncan, Bartolini T4CBC or any other PUPs?
  7. So got a Jazz neck and Epiphone body on it's way, so I'm interested in Epiphone Pro-Bucker, Gibson Thunderbird or EMG TBHZ or Seymour Duncan replacements.
  8. Epiphone Thunderbird with bolt on neck for Fenderbird project
  9. Yup black looks gorgeous. It probably sounds darker than the Sunburst 😂
  10. I quite like it. Maybe good fun tinkering with different PUPs & controls. I bet a black would look good!
  11. Fender 800HD , inside your budget great tone with vintage & contour switched voicing, foot switchable distortion, 800w, simple and straightforward.
  12. The head shape is definitely wrong. I have an all stock '72 Telecaster Bass which has a huge sound. I have seen some deals where Fender are currently selling Mex made '51 P necks for £168, put one of those on the genuine body and you end up with a really nice vintage bass for around (£168 + £560) £728. Seems like a decent outcome. I'm sure the current neck would be worth £100 to someone. So end up paying £628.
  13. Before going down the Talman route, take a look at an Epiphone Allen Woody RumbleKat. Great for noodling at home and the odd gig. A fine, light, good value bass with a surprising wide range of tones. Just saying😁
  14. Hi Simon, I would like to purchase the D'addarioChromes balanced tension set for BEAD tuning. Brand new in the packet. Gauges 132 95 75 55.
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