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  1. GLWTS I love mine, had it for years and used daily for headphone practice. I know everyone raves about Helix but quite honestly the amp Sims on these are really good!
  2. I get the feeling that we're only a week or so away from a formal "Lockdown" so the postponement decision may well be made for us by the Government. If so @scrumpymike you may be able to be in a better position to discuss the options with the hall trustees.
  3. Mesa Boogie D800 as main amp and Fender Rumble 800HD as backup. Mesa D800 a multi voiced powerhouse with built in HPF, great for a wide variety musical styles. Fender Rumble 800HD powerful clean Fender tone with three distinct voicing presets offering a broad sim of some classic amps.
  4. Sold pending the usual
  5. Yer me too, I put Fender on my Bitsabass builds after my kids FENton and DERry.😂
  6. +1 for Tech21 VT Bass DI, or if money is tight try a Zoom B1 Four. I don't think you need to change your current rig..
  7. I'd love a 32 ins maple neck & fret board please.
  8. Now £40 For sale is my Zoom MS-60B in excellent condition. Only used on a few occasions as a HPF, Tuner, Compressor & Amp sims into a Mackie Thump 12A in a duo project that has now ended. Great Multi Stomp "All -in-One" solution for a simple one stop setup. Postage not included. Thanks for looking
  9. +1 Phil you have expressed the mindset of many of us.Well done and thank you!
  10. I tried the VT Bass 200 combo but returned it. A neat form factor and a great sounding amp but sadly let down by the speaker & cab. The speaker simply couldn't handle lows very well at all, even with a HPF in front of the amp. The cab was not lined with any acoustic lining and sounded quite 'hollow'. I'm ra eal Tech 21 Fanboy and use a VT Bass DI Deluxe and VT Bass DI on both my pedal boards. I would be inclined to suggest getting the VT Bass 500 head and a smallish cab. Maybe BF One10 would provide a similar form factor with better bottom end and if you needed to be louder a second cab.
  11. That is absolutely gorgeous. My favourite wood combo of ash body and maple neck & fretboard. The variety of tones must be sublime. Fantastic job thanks for sharing.
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