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  1. Before spending lots of cash , try a BDI 21 for DI and "warming up" your sound. VT Bass DI is a great solution.
  2. Correct 100 allocated for Europe. BUT only 99 survived. I ordered mine from a UK retailer and was shipped direct from Fender's EU distribution centre but it arrived with a broken neck, I returned it and a second arrived in perfect condition. A fantastic bass! One I will never part with. GLWTS
  3. Boss have released a new version WL- 60 it looks very appealing, shame about the price. https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2019/06/25/boss-introduces-the-wl-60-wireless-system/
  4. This appears to be a very attractive back-up amp proposition. For around £250 you get quite good value for money. I wonder what Class D module they are using? I'm sure by now there are some excellent clones of the most popular Class D modules. I really like the pre amp in & out sockets in addition to the FX send & return.
  5. @Al Krow, please would you share your "Gain" setting on your Low Eq ? Type >>> HPF Freq>>>> 30 Gain>>> 6???? Vol>>> 70 Is that correct? Cheers Bas
  6. SORRY, @Al Krow, I am wrong it is 12dB per octave. Mis-read a previous comment on the B1Four Patches thread! Apologies to all for the error
  7. The new HPF on the B1Four has adjustable frequency cut points( I set mine at 40Hz) and a 24dB per octave gradient. The MS60B does not have a dedicated HPF but has a great bass preamp that can be setup to emulate a HPF, however to get close to the Thumpinator you need two in series as each only has a 12dB per octave gradient. If you are going the single pedal route , as everyone says, start with a Thumpinator and a TC Spectracomp.
  8. I really wouldn't worry too much about the comments on the noise it's miniscule and you probably won't detect it. I totally agree with @Al Krow, try a B1Four and load up some of the patches posted and see if it works for you.
  9. FYI got an email yesterday saying B1Four won't be available until the end on June!
  10. I didn't detect it at rehearsal levels (Rumble 500 into one BF SC) last night! I remain very happy with the B1Four performance. The only question that sprung to my mind was " are these units Pre-production units " since Zoom UK were selling well before the major retailers. Normally a small quantity of units are produced on the assembly lines to "prove & validate " the manufacturing processes before mass production commences. While the pre-pro units are a final hardware status the manufacturing test software and final product software may not have been concluded. I ordered mine from a retailer who e-mailed a day or so later to inform me that delivery would be at the end of May. So in the meantime I bought a B1Four from Zoom UK. I have been so pleased that I didn't cancel my order as I wanted two units, one for my small pedal board and one for battery, single use for my duo project. If my assumption is correct the retailer units maybe mass production units so it will be interesting to see how it performs in comparison to the B1Four I already have.
  11. Nope can't hear anything on the MS60B. But I am not a good judge as both my 67 year old ears enjoy tinnitus and have been abused standing in front of bl**dy noisey bass stacks for the last fifty odd years or so😆
  12. Ok, so I've plugged up my B1Four into my Mackie Thump12A frfr (lower case characters as it is really league division 2 compared to Headrush, RCF & K12) which I use for a Duo project in small pubs. Went through my own patches, and some of the original patches which were not culled when the B1Four first arrived, and yup I can just hear some digital noise which I hadn't detected previously. The Thump12A has a higher frequency response than the BF SC and does expose the slight digital noise if you listen closely. An Alesis SR16 drum machine is run into channel 2 and my bass via the B1Four into channel 1 of the Thump 12A normally and I'm sure any noise from the Zoom won't be noticeable in a pub gig environment. Until it was pointed out to me I hadn't noticed any slight noise and as I won't be using the B1Four for any recording I'm quite happy to ignore this minor issue of what seems to me to be a very decent value-for-money multi effect/ amp sim pedal.
  13. @Al Krow and @ped please could you share which effects seem to cause the digital noise you are experiencing? I use a BF Super Compact and I don't detect any digital noise on the patches I have created, which are mainly Amp Sims with no distortion effects. Mostly patches are :- >>bass>>HPF>>Comp>>Amp Sim >> VT Bass DI>> Subway D800(set flat) >>BF SC.
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