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  1. Souldier is approx 150cm Fender leather is approx 142cm Fender black is approx 187cm
  2. £429 https://www.andertons.co.uk/guitar-dept/electric-guitars/telecaster/fender-tenor-tele-maple-fingerboard-lake-placid-blue
  3. Shambo


    2001 50th Anniversary Fender P. I hide it in the wardrobe because it's too valuable to scratch. 2016 Am Pro P. This one's the player, lightweight, lovely neck and pre ding'ed by the former owner.
  4. I myself am a Labella Jamerson fan. The TI flats sound really really good but I can't comfortably switch between the two having gotten used to that heavy Labella stiffness. I'm not a Fender flats fan but I think I might have gotten a set with a duff A string.
  5. Three straps for sale. None of them have ever left the house. I used to think I need one strap per bass, when I kept my collection out on show in a multi stand, but now I keep them in hard cases under the proverbial bed, they are largely redundant to me. First up is a Souldier strap. Imported from USA where they are fashioned from old seatbelts I believe. Very funky. £20. NOW £18 posted in the UK Next up is a natural leather Fender Deluxe Vintage style strap. Gave it a quick smear with Vaseline as recommended, but it’s still quite new and stiff, (ooer missus, etc). £20. NOW £18 posted in the UK Finally a Fender nylon ‘Stars and Stripes’ strap. Not as garish as the name would suggest. £12 NOW £10 posted in the UK All prices are inclusive of postage to the UK.
  6. Bought to fit to my Stingray, but upon reflection I prefer the original. Apparently cost a pretty penny to import, but I'm moving it on for what I paid for it last year. Twenty quid including UK postage.
  7. This were ousted from my Jazz bass yesterday. They are the noise cancelling type. The previous owner bought them in the late 70's and didn't fit them. I fitted them but didn't really gel with them. There's nothing wrong with them, but they've now been replaced by some Fender V-Mod pups which I prefer the sound of. To save them from languishing in a parts box for another fourty years, I'm moving them on tout-suite for the price I paid for them. Sixty quid plus a fiver for postage in the UK.
  8. Used for a while in my Jap Jazz but where usurped by some DiMarzio's a while back. They've been sitting in by box of bass bits and I don't know when I'll ever use them again. In perfect working order. £45 posted in the UK. NOW £40 posted in the UK
  9. Bought some Jazz pups of Nick a couple of months back in an easy and pleasant transaction. Many thanks.
  10. Bought some old DiMarzio pickups off Allan a while back in a fast and pleasant transaction. Many thanks.
  11. Bought some pickups of Frank in a quick and pleasant transaction. Many thanks.
  12. My own Pro Precision is, I suspect, the nicest Fender I've ever played (in almost thirty years and that includes some higher spec and vintage instruments). GLWTS.
  13. That sort of thing really boils my Fosters... another F&F movie. SMH.
  14. I can't see these photo's
  15. I like that TRAIN acronym. Many's the time I've felt like I was going round in circles during a set up.
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