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  1. My own Pro Precision is, I suspect, the nicest Fender I've ever played (in almost thirty years and that includes some higher spec and vintage instruments). GLWTS.
  2. That sort of thing really boils my Fosters... another F&F movie. SMH.
  3. I can't see these photo's
  4. I like that TRAIN acronym. Many's the time I've felt like I was going round in circles during a set up.
  5. Does this one have an S—1 switch Ash?
  6. Gratuitously stolen from another thread. Buy this bass and you too may be able to play as well as Flea.
  7. One year on from my first post in this thread and I've gone from three up to six. In that time I've also sold two and got one more for sale. If that sells it'll fund a Jazz that I've got one eye on in the classifieds. I don't want to gig and I don't in all honesty want to play every day. They are nice things to own though and, as has already been stated earlier in the thread, are quite benign in the great scheme of collecting things. They hold their value and, if you choose wisely, don't depreciate (but I'm not doing very well in respect of the one I'm selling now). They'll all go up for sale eventually, when I need the money for something else!
  8. I've had some very lovely & stylish trade offers recently, but just not the right one! I'd be tempted by a maple boarded american jazz or rosewood precision. I'll happily consider other basses (ricks, gibson EB's, other mm's, old jap... anything that's a bit of a classic will be considered) and could part-ex or add money depending on the instrument. Whatever it is, it must be unmodified and not sunburst. I think I might withdraw this soon and keep it under my bed for a few years.
  9. Six pages... six... What a bleedin' gear tart. Anyway, I just bought my second of ash's bass cast me offs. The first time was in days yore when Basschat was a mere twinkle in Ped's eye... when all this was still fields. Let's be honest, there's so many basses past through ash's grubby mitts at this point, half the guitars in Northern Europe probably belonged to him at some point. He's got second hand bass dealing down to a fine art. Bish bosh, job done. Deal with utmost confidence. Thanks ash. Hope to deal with you again soon.
  10. I have to agree with most of the sentiment expressed by the OP. and have for years now avoided any musical scenarios where I might accidentaly find myself upon a stage seeking validation from strangers. This includes going to meet other musicians 'just for a jam' because one thing leads to another and, well... It amuses me, the reaction I get sometimes, when people find out I play an instrument but don't want to play for an audience. They range from a dog that's been shown a card trick, to shock and anger.
  11. Price dropped. I can't go any lower than that.
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