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  1. I don't know if or how it would work. Maybe a bit like ebay but without the hoopla and ripoff fees. A seller could choose to receive bids for their instrument. Other members can see the bids and the seller picks the winner? Might generate a bit more action in the marketplace. Any thoughts?
  2. I bought two sets of these last year but don't use them. I prefer the rubber washer things these days. These are the latest version. I'm not posting them in the little plastic box because they are PITA to wrap and they won't fit through your letterbox. £15, in a jiffy bag, delivered to your UK door... or £25 for both sets. Thanks for looking.
  3. I got this with a bass a while back now, and save for a couple of visits to the luthiers, it's never really left the house. All my basses are now stored in hard cases. https://www.gatorcases.com/products/guitar/instrument-bassguitar/pro-go-ultimate-guitar-gig-bags/pro-go-guitar/bass-guitar-gig-bag-g-pg-bass/ It's quite big with lots of padding, bigger than some hard cases TBH, but obviously a lot lighter. Top of the range Gator gig bag. In very good condition, no rips or tears. A bit of discolouration where the strings & tuners have been in contact with the lining, else it would pass for new... 9/10. £70 posted within the UK or £60 if you collect from me in Kingswood, Bristol. Jazz bass for display purposes only and not included. 🙄 Thanks for looking.
  4. Just to offer an opposing view, I found them too big and chunky. I tried them but switched to those rubber washer thingies which are much less invasive. They undoubtedly do the job for which they are designed though.
  5. Hi fellow Bristol bassist
  6. I was planning to sell some stuff, clear the decks for the new year type thing, but I suspect a few other people are having the same idea so I'll wait a bit.
  7. Adge Cutler's wife used to be a regular in that same pub I blew my chance with Michaela in. Absolutely lovely woman Yvonne. She came in one evening in great form and bought the whole pub a drink. That night she passed away peacefully in her sleep. I like to think she just kind of had an inkling and left us wanting more. I remember her very fondly.
  8. I missed his Glastonbury perfomance due to general apathy, but I have to admit that I think Stormzy seems to have a bit of star quality.
  9. Is it the alcohol or did I detect an actual bit of musical synergy between Rick Astley and that saxaphone player. He's always had a great voice but I'm sure there's an Astley shaped hole in a crusie ship cabaret somewhere.
  10. I still love Michaela Strachan. She popped into a pub I worked in by the BBC in Bristol about a decade ago. She came in on an empty weekday afternoon and asked politely for a gin and tonic. I just said "a guh a huh" like a dumbstruck teenager. Damn my social awkwardness, she could have been my wife.
  11. There's some fine musical chops on show that's for sure, but I find it so, so boring. The flat TV mix probably doesn't help. It's all seems so self-congratulatory... the same as it was the last time I watched it about twenty years ago. I'm making a mental note to go out next year. Happy new year everyone!
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