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  1. Thanks Andy. It's a handsome looking bass.
  2. Excuse my ignorance, but what is it about this guitar that makes it a FSR? It looks to me like a American Vintage '75 Reissue. I'm not questioning its provenance, I'm just curious to know.
  3. Sunburst (any burst) guitars should be put in their own grubby little thread where they can't offend me. I've lost count of the number of times (at least twice) I've read the description and told myself "I've always wanted one of them". I open the thread and see that the price is right, "NOW you've got my attention". It's not a million miles away, "could this be the one?" Scroll down the first image to reveal the headstock..."yes'm"... neck... "yep, it's a neck"... body... "no chance" It damn well breaks my heart.
  4. Just sold Beely a gig bag. Swift comms and swift payment. A pleasure to do business with. Many thanks!
  5. This is surely a stone cold bargain. Some bloke had his 'priced to sell' at £250 on facebook the other day. Gawd loves a trier apparently.
  6. If you can play them in your sleep then you'll be fine. Nervous energy is a positive thing. Once it's over you might notice that some women, who had once been indifferent to your presence, will look at you in an entirely unwholesome way.
  7. It's getting to be a bit like War & Peace in here so, I suspect I can write whatever I want and nobody will notice it anyway. It gives me enormous pleasure to post again on Paul's massive gear tart wall of shame. Few Basschatters can surpass the mans ability to buy and sell gear on this forum. Even less have ever been so, so fickle. This post will no doubt shortly be buried under the numerous future accolades, winging their way across the cyber space, to this thread, as I type. Many thanks Paul... until the next time. 😉 P.S. I bought a hard case.
  8. £10 posted for the Stagg bag. Collected for only a fiver. It's not completely useless, it's made from padded material, just don't drop your bass! I'll never use it because I've got a Gator Go Pro gig bag to use instead. It just takes up space.
  9. Bought a bass that arrived this afternoon as predicted. Swift response, good comms, as described. What more can you ask for? Another Basschat stalwart. Highly recommended. Until next time, many thanks Jamie.
  10. Shambo

    Feedback for grahamd

    Second time dealing with Graham on the Basschat merry-go-round. Can't recommend him highly enough. A Basschat stalwart. Thanks Graham.
  11. Fender Bag sold. Just the Stagg bag left.
  12. Sorry to hear this Ade. Besh wishes mate and hopefully things will recover with time.
  13. SOLD. Thanks for the interest.
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