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  1. I like to search for things being sold locally to me. I do this for a number of reasons. I don't have a car, I can try before I buy and I don't have to worry/pay for a courier. Yesterday I noticed Pinball's nice Dimension bass for sale with 'Bristol' appearing in big letters underneath the title, (if it wasn't burst colour he would have had a sale by now). Adding a location field to sales topics was a great idea, but it doesn't appear to be included in the search function? I type Bristol into the search bar and I don't find this attractive local bass that I almost want to buy. Basically, is it possible to integrate the location field in to the search function pretty please?
  2. I really like Hep Cat pickups. You don't see them so much in the UK. GLWTS
  3. Shambo

    *Pricedrop* Westone Thunder 1

    Ha yeah. The case is really interesting. It's got rock n roll wabi-sabi about it. Early 1960's judging by this this site.
  4. Shambo

    *Pricedrop* Westone Thunder 1

    Nothing that I would call significant but that is subjective. It has plenty of marks but it's very smooth and fast. Nothing bigger than than a fingernail scratch. Can't really catch them with my camera. All trials in Bristol welcome.
  5. Shambo

    *Pricedrop* Westone Thunder 1

    Price dropped to £120 collected.
  6. Shambo

    *Pricedrop* Westone Thunder 1

    The case is free with the bass. UK postage with the case is £30, postage without the case is £25.
  7. I'm sure this belongs in the 'Sell Anything' section.
  8. Shambo

    Feedback for Paddy109

    Just sold Paddy a bass. Lovely bloke and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Paddy.
  9. Shambo

    SOLD - Squire Classic Vibe 70's Precision

    Thank you for all the interest. This one's sold.
  10. Next up for the chop is an 80's Westone Thunder 1. It's got bumps and dings commesurate with an instrument of its age , but it plays really nicely and sounds great... and it's cheap as chips. It does the passive P thing really well. Weighs 4210g. Minimal fret wear and a lovely dark thick rosewood board. Came to me with non original knobs. Did I mention cheap as chips? It comes with a very old Selmer hard case (a lot older than the bass) and is quite heavy but has bags of mojo and, in its own way, is a beautiful thing. £150 £120 collected from Kingswood Bristol. Any trials welcome. UK postage is an additional £30. Paypal gift, bank transfer or cash on collection.
  11. Shambo

    SOLD - Squire Classic Vibe 70's Precision

    This one's on hold pending sale.
  12. Shambo

    SOLD - Squire Classic Vibe 70's Precision

    Cheers Grae. Cheque's in the post. It weighs 3830g and is 40mm at the nut.
  13. I've got 3 basses now that do the P-thang but only one of them ever gets played so I'm going to sell the other two. First up on the chopping block is a CV Precision. The 70's one with blocks. I bought it late last year and it looks nearly new. I didn't like the sound so I swapped out the scratch pots for a quality Ki0gon loom with bourns mini pots (originals included). I was going to upgrade the pickup but then I bought my main P bass squeeze and I haven't touched this guitar since. It just sits in its gigbag in the corner of the room... unloved. It's not heavy and plays nicely with the expected CV quality...I just haven't bonded with it. Any trial run in Kingswood Bristol. £230 collected, Paypal gift or bank transfer. Posted in the UK is an additional £25. No overseas post on this as there's no case.
  14. Shambo

    Good Squier, bad Squier?

    I think you should take it on a bass by bass basis and not worry about ranking the country of manufacture. I have a J and a P chinese clasic vibes. The jazz is a marvellous bass to play with a lovely neck. The precision leaves me cold... and that mightn't be its fault. Perhaps I just haven't gelled with it. it is a perfectly good bass but it just doesn't feel outstanding, and I have other precisions that I prefer. I've felt similar about american fenders. I should sell it really and give somebody else a chance to like it more than I do,