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  1. I was up to seven last year and I realised it was madness because I only play one bass at a time. I don't gig anymore and don't have the inclination to start. They were mostly piling up in the wardrobe and not being used. It was a long term itch I wanted to scratch, having an arsenal of bass guitars, but once it was assuaged I came to my senses and sold them all except one. I had a CV Jazz and a Jap Mustang, both of which could have happily been 'the one', but I settled on a preloved, lightweight and slightly roadworn example of Pro P. The moral I took from the story is that you have to play the field a bit before you settle down.
  2. This really is a joy of an instrument, a real player. I would have happily kept it but I was adamant I was going to get my collection down to one bass. Geoff's an absolute gent to do business with too. GLWTS.
  3. Just bought a Fender Jazz from Andy and I’m delighted. It was also as described and super fast delivery. 
    A pleasure to deal with.

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  4. Just sold Peeperoid a Jazz bass in a pleasant and smooth transaction. A strong recommendation for me. Thanks Alan.
  5. That depends entirely on the buyer. It didn't affect the value to me.
  6. I used to own this bass and it's a cracker. Does everything a Jazz should, the Shoreline Gold looks really classy and the S1 switch is a sonic bonus. But I'm trying to sell an American Pro Jazz and get my collection down to one bass, otherwise... well I'd be all over this. GLWTS
  7. I unboxed it and took some more photo's.
  8. I just recently sold one of these in white, but I'm temped to buy another because they're such fine basses. GLWTS.
  9. These threads always seem to follow the same path. OP asks should I buy a Mac or PC. A load of Mac users turn up and say buy a Mac because they're much, much betterer than a PC. A load of PC users turn up and say, " actually I've got Apple Marketing from 2006 on the phone, and they want their old advertising campaign back". I was just trying to have a bit of fun with it.
  10. Not round my house young man Condescendence? From a Mac user? Who'd have believed it!
  11. Ah, the age old internet fight of Mac versus PC. An emotive issue for sure and one that needs to be delicately handled. PC is the correct answer. Apple owners make me sick. 🤢
  12. Reduced to £950 delivered in the UK. A practically new bass, case and candy. No trades and no offers please.
  13. I have purchased a precision To Shamboo. I Live in Madrid. The process was perfect.

    very well packaged, good price, great instrument conditions.

    Fully recommended 

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  14. I sold a Precision to Pablo who arranged a courier to collect and have it shipped to Madrid. It was a pleasant, fast and easy transaction. This is a strong recommendation for me. Thanks Pab.
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