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  1. Now see what you've started ......
  2. I'm old enough to have paid his wages, once. 😎
  3. Sat through an awful performance from the late James Brown at the Barbican, Watched as most of the (largely American) audience walked out on Stevie Wonder at the Talk of the Town - he was dismal (off night?) Went to see Junior Walker & the all stars at the California (Dunstable) & left after one song. (from the above, you may surmise, correctly, that my going to see bands days are long gone) 😎
  4. I'm in clothing retail - most stock is imported by my major supplier - they have at least one container on board a ship which is currently stuck in the traffic jam at Suez (don't believe the press, the blockage is clear but there is a pretty significant backup), this is after fighting to get what stock they could from a pandemic-struck continent (or two). there is no certainty that I will get much of what I pre-ordered, but the situation has eased since last year when there was virtually zero stock available/arriving. Delivery dates are a total lottery ... 😎
  5. I recently had a buyer from Derby who paid 2k for one of my amplifiers on the strength of a few pics - sent a courier with the money - I got a phone call from him later to say how delighted he was with his buy - so it can happen. 😎
  6. ... Probably sold them all ... 😎
  7. It checks out as a Monzo sort code. 😎
  8. Fraud Act 2006 - Fraud by false representation (Section 2) made a false representation. dishonestly. knowing that the representation was or might be untrue or misleading. with intent to make a gain for himself or another, to cause loss to another or to expose another to risk of loss.
  9. I'd report this to Police & walk away................ 😎
  10. Has anyone flagged this up to Facebook ? 😎
  11. (not very) good try .............. 😎
  12. ............ I wondered how long it would take, problem was that it was the only image I could find that did justice to the (attempted) humour............ 😎
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