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  1. Many years ago, I worked for a major fruit machine manufacturer. It was decided to send a machine to a customer on BR since they were next door to a mainline station. The machine was heavily packaged (on a wooden base as well I recall) and arrived completely smashed. The next attempt (!) was to send the machine completely unwrapped, with just a consignment note on the playglass - it arrived intact & unmarked ............. 😎
  2. Some VERY good news at last - live music back by Spring 2023? - Suggestion for new thread title .................. 😎
  3. That's a non-tecnical term for 'a race to the bottom'? 😎
  4. Purists look away now - Sound system set (as used, by me, for years) Garrard 401 turntable (with felt pad brake removed) Felt slip mats for instant start of disc on already revolving 401 Goldring Lenco arm with strung thrust weight removed and rear of arm fixed with epoxy Cartridge - Shure N44c (juke box jobby)
  5. Which is why analogue tape masters were usually recorded at 15ips and never below 7.5ips, the 'usual' domestic speed of 3 3/4 ips was regarded as pretty unusable by pro studio setups & usually reserved for sample tapes for clients. 😎
  6. Yates - that's a sort of downmarket Spoons, right? 😎
  7. I have 'customers' who do this with clothes - come in, see what it looks like on and then gypsy's kiss off and buy it online. To the extent now that if anyone phones & asks if we've got so & so, we just say no.............. 😎
  8. Yup, saw this about ten min ago, was going to post it....... ......the UK world is going to be stuffed with these sort of problems, all of which will get sorted out - eventually (whether or not that happens in my lifetime is another matter) 😎
  9. This is only going one way ............. IBTL............ 😎
  10. In the antiques trade, it used to be that vat was only charged on an item less than 100yrs old and then only on the profit margin - has this changed lately ? 😎
  11. Had one of these slung under the parcel shelf of my mini - in car record player? - sorted !
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