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  1. taunton-hobbit

    What Killed Rock & Roll?

    ..........bit like 'metal' then? 😎 (The "all knowing" sister of my ex GF says that it all sounds the same....)
  2. taunton-hobbit

    What Killed Rock & Roll?

    Wot, no reggae? 😎
  3. taunton-hobbit

    Royal Fail

    I've got a couple of serious valve heads on t'Bay at present - no way would I consider trying to pack these & let them get thrown around by couriers......... 😎
  4. taunton-hobbit

    eBay Conundrum

    Ebay is very sniffy about adverse feedback - just sayin' ............ 😎
  5. taunton-hobbit

    Petition to help save a great local music venue.

    Enterprise Inns, aka Thugs in Suits............... 😧
  6. taunton-hobbit

    Pedal repair

    You could try Ampstack at Bristol - Ollie's well into pedal kit............. 😎
  7. taunton-hobbit

    Taking care of Cables

    Done this one before, but if it helps - I have fair quality speaker cables, all in 10m lengths.... they live on plastic drums that used to contain light chain at my local hardware store (free for a charity donation) My bass lines have yellow insulating tape at both ends, so I know what's going where. 😎
  8. taunton-hobbit

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    Sarf Lundon wedding - I'd not packed the loudspeaker leads (!) so used some odd bits of cable at the venue = atrocious sound. Atmosphere somewhat tense between the guests & after about half an hour some geezer comes up & asks how much I'm getting paid. He stumps up the readies & advises me to leave as 'it's abaht to get a bit ruff in 'ere' I left before the fight (just). 😎
  9. taunton-hobbit

    New toys and a rant

    Yup, I'm the same - it's when you look at your music collection & realise that most of the artists are long-dead.........! 😎
  10. taunton-hobbit

    Hybrid amps - yes or no?

    I've got an old Orange 120 pa with a transistor front end - it's currently out for a service & revalve, going to be very interesting once I get it back, I believe it's a Mat Mathias/Radiocraft (Huddersfield) build. ☺️
  11. The bloke that's dealing with your problem is off sick & we can't touch his paperwork............
  12. All the above is the reason that I drove 300 miles to Matamp (Meltham) to personally pick up my two new amplifiers. 🀨
  13. So, not UPS, but Securicor, back in the day, managed to 'lose' a package - I'm in the High Wycombe depot patiently explaining that the parcel contains a couple of matching walking sticks for the Queen Mother's 100th Birthday - cue sneer of disbelief from the idiot manning the counter. After a certain amount of time, I manage to retrieve said package, take it home & gift wrap the contents. The best moment was when I walked back into the depot, with my 'new' package, nicely labelled up to HRH, Clarence House............. Counter clown looked totally stunned.
  14. taunton-hobbit

    Solid pancake plug...?

    I'm very enthusiastic about Van Damme cables - can't comment on the plugs, I use Neutric or 1/4 jacks...........
  15. taunton-hobbit

    We Don't Play There Anymore

    London in the 70s used to boast a number of this type of 'venue' - usually small basement areas with no fire escapes, no ventilation & occasionally, no toilets. Unsafe doesn't even begin to describe this sort of opportunist carp...............