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  1. Chicken Shack are a British blues band, founded in the mid-1960s by Stan Webb, Andy Silvester, and Alan Morley, who were later joined by Christine Perfect in 1967. Chicken Shack has performed with various line-ups, Stan Webb being the only constant member. Wikipedia The moment that Christine Perfect slagged off the (especially tuned) piano at my venue is forever etched on my mind - I used to introduce them as 'The Christine Perfect Band' - they liked that (not) (shrug) 😎
  2. I think I'd give it a second go - give the guy a setlist so he can do some work upfront (or not), and keep it simple, no jamming, no freakin', no 10 min solos, no Mustang Sally (unless it's a must do) - see how he gets on with that. If not, it's a nice 'we're not yet on the same page' type conversation......... that way no-one gets bruised (hopefully). 😎
  3. Hyperbole, from a Greek word meaning "excess," is a figure of speech that uses extreme exaggeration to make a point . 'nuff said ............ 😎
  4. ^ ^ Duly added to my list of 'reasons I don't gig anymore'............... 😎
  5. My amps are cooking great valve jobbies (just sayin') 😎
  6. ....... I think the word is 'heft' ? 😎
  7. I'm not a bass player (reggae/soul sound rig) - had a very nice Crown class D, but sold it on, on the other hand, my Matamps and I are joined at the hip (300 bass, 120 mid/top) - small system for me, but as it never leaves my lounge, my two B/F Dubsters and my pair of Mackie C200 will do most play out gigs if needed......(old skool sound - mmmm) 😎
  8. .......... after Mustang Sally of course............. 😎
  9. I would think this is a point to ponder with 'modern' kit, I used hefty valve amps for years without issue, but I don't think I'd store anything chip-driven where it might suffer from a damp pcb.......... 😎
  10. Mine used to live in the van 24/7 - no special treatment - they were fine............ 😎
  11. ... not overly clever to tell every neighbourhood scrote that you're away.......... 😎
  12. ^^^^^ I'm still driving mine up .............. 😎
  13. I would never try and ship a valve jobby - no one will cover the damage risk properly - if mine go any where, I drive them; last time was to Matamp, 287 miles each way 😎
  14. ^ ^ you might like this ? http://evestudios.co.uk/studios/ 😎
  15. https://www.popmatters.com/motown-music-money-sex-and-power-2496243571.html .......... worth a read ........... 😎
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