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  1. taunton-hobbit

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    As in 'You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille'? 😎
  2. taunton-hobbit

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    Whenever I've had an 'issue' at gigs, it's always been some female at the back of it - never fails! 😎
  3. taunton-hobbit

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    The White Bear, Ruislip? 😎
  4. taunton-hobbit

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    This is the problem with appearing at venues with absolutely zero idea of the mechanics of gigging. I was once told by some cretin 'I know about entertaiment' my reply was something on the lines of 'yup, paying to get in, you mean'........... 😎
  5. taunton-hobbit

    Andertons, Guildford

    Are they any good for metal? 😎
  6. taunton-hobbit

    Farewell to HMV

    We have something similar in Brixham (Devon) - the 'new' street was built up over the old harbour area - I've been in the basement of one shop that is on top of the ground floor of an old Harbour property - complete with window/door frame - the shop next door has a deep flagstone 'cellar' & the building is supported by an old ships mast. 😎
  7. taunton-hobbit

    Farewell to HMV

    Mike Ashley wants everything as a freebie - I don't suppose he's bothered either way. 'Fairy Godmother' of the High Street he ain't, unless it's on his terms. 😎
  8. taunton-hobbit

    Hybrid amps - yes or no?

    Got it back a month or so ago - my amptech reckons it's one of the nicest transistor front ends ever - the 120 valve chassis is pure Mathias........... 😎
  9. taunton-hobbit

    Saving the planet, one box at a time

    My ex used to collect Morrisons bags for life - we must have had almost 50 prior to the divorce.................... 😎
  10. taunton-hobbit

    Saving the planet, one box at a time

    ^ ^ ^ S'only them wot runs the train set going through the motions - it shuts up the mob howling for something or other......... 😎
  11. taunton-hobbit

    Saving the planet, one box at a time

    I had some bird at my old accountants quote me just shy of 300quid to taxi my accounts back to Devon from Buckinghamshire I suggested they were posted (about 3 quid) and she seemed to find this somewhat strange......... not as strange as the fuel & pollution involved in sending a hire care on a 500mile trip......... (I've got nice sensible accountants now) 😎
  12. taunton-hobbit

    Not everything about the bass is great .....

    It's a very average JB offering, he churned this stuff out like a factory........... 😎
  13. taunton-hobbit

    new p.a

    "8 x 4" neodymium full-range woofer" from the Evox 12 online blah I'd have grave reservations about a firm that can't even seem to write its own publicity..................... 😎
  14. taunton-hobbit

    Adding Tube Warmth to Soiled State Amps

    I've just shuffled my living room about, having put a load of Orange/Matamp/Crown/Marshall up on the Bay (usual idiot timewasters....) I'm now down to my very own personal sound choice: 2x Barefaced Dubsters powered by a 300 (1970?)(Mathias) Matamp slave (KT120 x4) 2x Mackie C200 tops powered by a 120 (1969) OrangeMatamp (EL34 x 4) 1x Focusrite Compounder 1x Generic frequency splitter 1x Numark CDN77 twin cd deck 1x Denon DNX500 preamp/mixer Nothing 'solid state even comes close ...... this set's a Keeper.........I'm playing Joe Gibbs (reggae) as I type I think I'm in love........... 😎
  15. taunton-hobbit

    ok really boiled my p1ss, need to let off steam

    I have to admit that I was puzzled as to why this wasn't shoved as an 'open mike' It's just another cheapskate non-event. (my opinion, other opinions are available) 😎