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  1. My school, a council estate grammar , imported a string quartet & made the upper school sit through it. The music mistress was screwing the deputy head boy, and that was the sum total of our music departments efforts.............. 😎
  2. They're the absolute worst - after ten bluddy years at a certain Henley gig, you can stuff the lot where the sun don't shine............. 😎
  3. Ask the landlord/lady what the problem is and work from there? 😎
  4. Not necessarily - and that's the problem..................... 😎
  5. I'm not suggesting anything - merely stating that money 'earned in this way often has unpleasant side effects, some prostitution mob that got sent down recently were using cattle prods & tasers on the girls to 'encourage' them to work- I don't find that acceptable, ymmv.............. 😎
  6. The side issue (which no-one wants to consider) is where any 'profit' from this stuff ends up. Leaving aside the HMRC interest, a lot of online money funds drugs, prostitution, terrorist activity and all sorts of other stuff that you wouldn't think was ok. ....just sayin'....... 😎
  7. I used to be in the gaming machine business - this is illegal, end of - Facebook is stuffed with this stuff and the 'operators' never seem to get pulled - maybe it's too much like hard work for the Authorities? 😎
  8. Last gig I did in Reading was about 1972 (!) it was a useless place then, I'm guessing it's got worse......... 😎
  9. Anyone that dealt direct with RS used to be regarded as a professional user 😎
  10. Lead-core solder is still on EBay.......... 😎
  11. Takamine tan 16 c guitar in a brown takamine hard case, a L R Baggs Pre Amp, three SM 58 microphone; BETA 58 microphone. Anyone with information should call police on 101 quoting CR-094218-19 Stolen from van in the Preston area of Paignton overnight on Thursday (17 Oct) Any help would be appreciated !
  12. If you missed this on Beeb 4 last night, it's on I Player, for once, a good look at the genre.......... 😎
  13. Others on here know far more about mixers than me, but Behringer seem well thought of- as for foh speakers, I'd look at Barefaced (natch) and Crown amps - light & loud........ 😎
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