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  1. Ahem......this is a family show............
  2. ..........And that's why some are professionals.......... It's always a delight to work with crew (& musos) who know their stuff..........
  3. Stunning thread - thank you for sharing with us ........absolute respect & congratulations!
  4. Nights On Broadway

    https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/candi_staton/nights_on_broadway_chords_85282 any use?
  5. The Soul, Funk and Groove thread.

    DISCO LADY JOHNNY TAYLOR-1976 - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3JkEoQ0Cz8
  6. I Am The Leader of Revisionists (I Am)

    As far as I am aware, he was a millionaire before he went in.................
  7. I Am The Leader of Revisionists (I Am)

    I was married to someone who wouldn't listen to Jerry Lee or David Soul......... ........I mean, really? ....jeez
  8. Bass Stolen in Leicester

    Trawl Crack Convertors - almost certainly one within 20 miles (thieves are lazy barstewards)
  9. Tax Allowance

    I had an accountant who charged for absolutely everything (not only that, they helped fook up a 180k house sale) I'm now with another outfit who advertised 'no charges for phone advice'. Seven years on, they are still good - and about 30% cheaper than the other mob.
  10. Tax Allowance

    If your accountant is one who charges everytime you call -CHANGE HIM There are plenty that do'nt.
  11. Complaining Neighbour

    I've possibly posted this before - years ago I lived in an end terrace cottage. I got on ok with the adults, but the late teenage kid hated me (why?). One weekend, with the parents away, he mounted his stereo speakers on the adjoining wall and proceeded to turn the volume up. I tried to raise some reaction by knocking on the front door, but this onset was obviously deliberate............. I faced one of my sound system boxes against the party wall and played Count Ossie Mystic Revelation of Rastafari at about 100watts, set to 'repeat'.......... I went down the pub, until around chucking out time. .....I never had a moments problem from that day on.............. (yeah, I know, I'd probably be in loads of trouble if I did it now)
  12. Complaining Neighbour

    I'd think about where the amp is - does it face away from the neighbnour? Too close to walls can cause a vibration - I know it's obvious............
  13. What's going on?

    My pc gives me this every time I boot up - as my login & password is 'saved', I merely push the log in tab - it really ain't that much hard work.............
  14. Things you'll never have GAS for again

    Big valve amps - great in my lounge, but for road use I have a Crown Drivecore XLS2000 (and Barefaced cabs)
  15. Best NYE Band?

    IMO they are a well-oiled machine - it's nice to sometimes just sit & watch pro musicians earning their wages - no fluffs, no moodies, a joy to watch. They are simply good at what they do. I flicked over to JH a couple of times, and soon went back to Chic - But then, I LIKE slick.................