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  1. Nothing new - I was written off by some idiot kid on Exmoor in 2005, it took a lot of effort to get plod to even give it an incident number............ 😎
  2. I'd cut their hands off - at the neck ............ 😎
  3. In passing, talking of closed venues - does this ring any bells?
  4. This does not bode well ............. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-53428307 πŸ˜₯
  5. Any relation to the late Lee Dorsey? 😎
  6. I wonder how many have got sheets of 'M Mouse' and 'A Capone' ? 😎
  7. Thanks Ped, sent a screenshot in yesterday, nice to know it's not my machine. 😎
  8. If this is for 'the arts' - the usual suspects will get the lions share. This, as impressive as it sounds, won't even scratch the surface. 😎
  9. Modern ones have outside hutches................? 😎
  10. Most kit can be adapted for rack mounting, not always easy, but it can usually be done. 😎
  11. It used to be called 'a race to the bottom' 😎
  12. 007 riddim ............ 😎
  13. ^ ^ ^ Hemel is the only place that I ever had a police escort out of after a gig ........ 😎
  14. A mate of mine from Poland bought some back - could have powered up a Harrier with it ............. 😎
  15. One way of getting shot of old mics................. 😎
  16. Dad posted a link to his rc plane building stuff - awesome - p'raps you could think about something similar - I bet there's enough interest here..... 😎
  17. Yup, and live they cut 54 46 short (time issues) I wonder if that'll happen tonight? 😎
  18. I'd use potted plants, raised off the bottom with drain holes underneath to get rid of the possible rot problem (yup I know it's treated, but I've got sea marina planking in my back yard and some of that's gone home) 😎
  19. Devon Live : One of Exeter's most popular pubs has confirmed it is ready to reopen - but won't welcome customers back until it can be sure everybody is going to behave. The Prospect Inn on Exeter Quay fears 'Super Saturday' could be more like 'Black Eye Friday' due to the nation's pent-up longing for a pint. While it is finalising plans to get customers back through the door it won't do so until July 4 is out of the way. Instead the pub will wait until July 9 to reopen.
  20. ^ ^ ^ You are assuming that all pubs will play by the rules, irrespective of how many yobs turn up...... 😎
  21. If I were still playing out, I would avoid the 4th July weekend like the plague (no pun intended) every idiot that ever there was is going to be off their heads at a venue near you (music or no) 😎
  22. Nope, I'm a 'proper' retailer ................... 😎
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