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  1. Yep. Don't listen to the "I'll take it off your hands for ÂĢ**** " chancers. Let the Auction run its course. 😊
  2. I sold an old, unused Marshall Bass Amp, quite a few years ago now. I was in more or less the same boat as you, getting 17 "Please sell it to me now" messages. Some of them went as high as ÂĢ150, to "take it off my hands". I let the Auction run, and eventually ended up getting ÂĢ438 for it! Don't weaken, and let the b*ggers wait! 😁
  3. If youre under 55, I could very well be! 😛 Nothing wrong with still having a Cheque Book, young Man.Much more tactile than waving a piece of plastic at a screen...
  4. I'm a very old Bass Player, not Computer savvy at all. Not a clue how to do that, and no desire to learn, thanks. 😊 Thank You! So simple, but I didn't change it in the first place, which I find so annoying. People take Computer Skills for granted these days, and I have a fairly short life left to live, so I don't want to waste any of it, filling the time with learning computer fripperies. ðŸĪŠ
  5. Where did all the different Forums go? Is this the way it's going to appear from now on, because I hate it. Everything lumped together on one page doesn't help the 'Browsing Experience' in the slightest......or is it my Computer?
  6. Why is she interested? Hasn't she got any Ironing to do? (I'm an old Technophobe - No idea how to insert an amusing Emoji here - Sorry)
  7. That's the reason I stopped playing Fenders 25 years ago.
  8. There are people on here who have been playing Bass for well over 50 years, and we still have times when we feel like we know nothing! You're in good company. Welcome on board. 😉
  9. I've been playing an SX Precision for some years now (Don't laugh, I prefer it to a 'real one') and I recently had the chance of an SX Jazz - in Lake Placid Blue, apparently. Cheap as chips, to borrow from David Dickinson, and after a couple of daft little 'tweaks' I love it. Sad to say, I have no need, or desire, for anything else, so there hasn't been a bad purchase.
  10. Singing-yes, talking-no. You know when you're trying to be 'cool' by introducing a song, while playing the Intro? Can't do that. I used to have to talk while the Guitar and Drums were quietly starting off, then, when I'd finished talking, start playing and singing. I found myself talking 'in rhythm' with the song, and I've never been able to stop doing it.
  11. I always used 'Pound Shop' rechargeables on mine, and they fitted everything. Back to Passive Basses now though, so no problems for me anymore.
  12. Too contentious a Topic for me to write the reply I want. I think it best if I leave it alone.
  13. None - I went Fishing! Happy at the moment, but as usual, who knows what the Future might turn up. 😉
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