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  1. Nobody mentioned the Elf Band from Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom yet? https://www.youtube.com/embed/oPfj9UmHwl0?start=145&end=241 (featuring Ben on trimpy-trompy and Nigel on spaalthrottle)
  2. Anybody else remember this? We also had the sequel - "Birdy and the Group". Had forgotten all about them until this thread.
  3. For sale my mint condition Nord Lead A1 synth, complete with Nord soft case, manual and power lead. EDIT - PRICE £725 Collection only from SE London, or possible meet-up if not too far. https://www.nordkeyboards.com/products/nord-lead-a1 https://www.nordkeyboards.com/products/nord-lead-a1/accessories https://www.thomann.de/gb/clavia_nord_lead_a1.htm https://www.thomann.de/gb/clavia_nord_soft_case_nord_lead_a1.htm
  4. I've sold 9 items on B/C in the past 7 months, none of them basses, and not all specifically bass-related (including a microphone). No complaints here. Edit to add: I sold one item on ebay: from the sale price of £165 I got to keep just £128.28 after ebay and paypal had both taken their cut.
  5. Hi Mark, I have PM'd you - hope that's what you meant - I don't have your email address 😊
  6. AKG C214 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone for sale. Mint condition, in fitted case, complete with cradle, windshield and thread-converter. £155 posted within UK. https://www.akg.com/Microphones/Condenser Microphones/C214.html? https://www.thomann.de/gb/akg_c214.htm
  7. I remember playing a natural finish one (can't remember whether it was a Gibson or an Epi) in a shop a few years back. I'd always had a soft spot for them, but when playing it I couldn't shake off the impression that I was playing a huge wooden spoon.
  8. I think it was 14, although that's 14 events, and at some of them we performed multiple times (in the case of one festival in Germany, that was over several days). About the right amount for me.
  9. alternatively, you could name the other pedals in the range Florence, Dougal, Zebedee, Dylan, Ermintrude, Mr. McHenry.....
  10. That body looks a bit like it's made of foam rubber to me. In fact, are you sure the whole thing isn't actually just a giant novelty bath sponge?
  11. This is the first track I've finished in eight years! Been tinkering with it for a few months, and this isn't necessarily the final version, but it's as ready as it's going to get by xmas. The tune is a Swedish folk melody that I learned at the London Scandi session, and which has become the tune which I play for one of Huginn and Muninn's dances, Whirlwind. The arrangement for nyckelharpa, hammered dulcimer (a vsti), synths and percussion is mine. I appreciate that the ethos of these comps is for everyone to be very supportive of one another, which is great, but I'd genuinely appreciate any constructive criticism (feel free to PM if you'd rather not post critical stuff in this thread), even if it's only to tactfully suggest that all things considered one track every eight years is probably more than enough, and I should consider slowing down to avoid creative burn-out. Enjoy, and a happy xmas to one and all.
  12. Cool. "Oi! ET! I said pan the guitar a bit to the left, ya cloth-eared eejit!"
  13. Joni Mitchell's 'Big Yellow Taxi' has only grown in relevance as the decades roll on.
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