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  1. Bought a preamp from Gareth. Very satisfied. Item in first class condition, posted promptly and well-packed. A pleasure to deal with and recommended.
  2. GONE - sold to a mate. For sale is my mint condition Digitech RP360 multi-fx. I bought this for home noodling with electric guitar, but now need something buskable and battery powered so am using a (less capable but adequate for my needs) Zoom G1 Four instead. https://digitech.com/en/products/rp360 Users manual - 55 amp sims - 27 cab sims - 85 stompbox sims - 8 fx blocks per preset - looper - drum machine (though nb you can't use looper and drums at the same time) - can connect external expression pedal for wah, volume etc - use footswitches to turn fx on/off in stomp mode, or to switch presets, or operate looper. - usb : serves as recording interface, or to edit/store/share presets on computer using free Nexus software - soundcheck function allows you to record a phrase and repeatedly play it back while you tweak your settings - aux in and phones out on mini-jacks
  3. Sold a Zoom A3 preamp pedal to Malachy. All good - deal with confidence.
  4. Sold a pedal to Davy. Instant payment, great comms. Deal with confidence.
  5. Zoom A3 acoustic preamp + fx - with box, quick guide and power supply. Excellent condition. https://www.zoom-na.com/products/guitar-bass-effects/acoustic/zoom-a3-pre-amp-effects-acoustic-guitar - from the zoom website: Features at a glance: High quality preamp can be used with both pickup and mic Super-low noise design 3-band graphic EQ Acoustic modeling for restoration of body tone even when using a pickup Remodeling presets for 16 body types and 28 popular acoustic guitar models 40 effects specially crafted for acoustic guitar, including compression, equalization, modulation, delay, and reverb Up to 3 effects can be used simultaneously, in any order***<<NB: NOT STRICTLY TRUE: SLOT 1 CAN ONLY BE USED FOR THE ACOUSTIC GUITAR BODY TYPE MODELS 20 memory locations for the storage of user-created patches Backlit LCD with contrast control for easy viewing in low-light environments Patch cycling Automatic feedback detection and elimination Clean Boost foot switch for up to 12 dB of additional gain Onboard chromatic tuner supports all standard guitar tunings, including open and drop tunings Tuner range of 435 - 445 Hz Tap Tempo for synchronization of delay times or modulation rates Auto Save function for automatic saving of all patch parameters Standard ¼" pickup input with three-way pickup compensation switch Combo XLR/TRS Mic/Line input with phantom power and phase reversal Input sensitivity, balance and master level controls Dual ¼" output jacks for connection to PA and headphones Balanced XLR output with ground lift for DI connection USB port for firmware updates Rugged die-cast body ensures roadworthiness Small enough to fit in your guitar case or gig bag Easily integrated into any existing pedalboard Runs on 4 AA batteries, with alkaline battery life of up to 8 hours Supplied AC adapter
  6. I sold a Headway EDB-2 to Paddy. Instant payment and great comms. All good. Recommended.
  7. Behringer BDI21 preamp pedal. Compact, light, robust. Fits in your gigbag pocket. Great backup preamp.
  8. Headway EDB-2 - mint - with power supply, manual and original packaging. Twin channel acoustic pre-amp. https://www.headwaymusicaudio.com/product/edb-2/ The EDB-2 boasts Refined Class “A” Inputs and Pro Audio IC Components, easy to read Pro-Audio design layout & sturdy metal housings built to withstand “Life on the Road”. The EDB-2 is supplied with belt clips, rubber feet and is threaded for microphone stands. “The Swiss Army Knife for the gigging musician.” Twin channel with individual inputs & gain controls 5 Band EQ assignable to Channel 1, 2 or both Notch Filter assignable to Channel 1 or 2 Huge 0-32 dB Gain to interface with most mixers/desks etc Phantom Power is assignable to either "ring", "tip", or XLR to power virtually all instrument microphones/pickups. Phase Reverse assignable to each channel Earth Lift Switch "Range" Switch tuned for specific instruments i.e. Violin, Guitar, Bass etc iPod Input for backing tracks, practice routines etc Mute Switch Mono, Stereo & XLR Inputs, Jack and XLR Outputs Battery or Mains powered (power supply included)
  9. He used to wear fedoras, but now he sports a fez There's cabalistic innuendos in everything he says, Sucking on a cigarette, picking up the threads, Underneath the Casablanca Moon From "Casablanca Moon" by Slapp Happy - lyrics by Peter Blegvad. Blegvad is a great wordsmith - here's another example:
  10. So...a bit like the Spice Girls then?
  11. CS1x is a digital (virtual analogue) synth, I believe. I would say don't fall for the "analogue is best" hype. Digital VA synths can be ace, and generally offer a lot of bang for the buck, with stuff like built in effects, arpeggiators, stable tuning and, of course, polyphony. Check out the Novation K-station if you can find one secondhand. Only 2 octaves (though there were larger versions), but very capable and analogue-sounding if you want it to be.
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