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  1. Earbrass


    Sold Lawrence a Fishman preamp. All good - highly recommended. 😊
  2. So in other words, the long straight pole thing, which should ideally remain rigid, flexes when it shouldn't, hindering your "performance". As you say, "frustrating". I simply couldn't begin to guess....😉
  3. Aww , you've been and gawn and done it now!!! Look out, she's gonna blow!!!!
  4. For sale, my Fishman Platinum Stage, mint condition in box. £65 posted within UK. Sits flat on floor or clips to belt. https://www.fishman.com/products/series/platinum/platinum-stage-eq-analog-preamp/ https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Fishman-Platinum-Stage-EQ-DI-Analog-Preamp/19B6 17-volt, high-headroom, discrete Class-A preamp 4-band tone control with sweep-mid and low frequency filter EQ mode tailors EQ for bass or most other instruments Phase control Volume boost switch with level control Balanced D.I. with pre/post EQ setting and auto Ground Lift Belt-clip included SPECS TONE SHAPING: 4-band EQ with sweepable Mid, adjustable Low-Cut filter FEEDBACK CONTROL: Phase invert switch DIMENSIONS: 5.6” L x 3.3” W x 1.2” H (143 mm x 85 mm x 30 mm) WEIGHT: .65 lbs (0.30 kg) POWER: 9-volt battery (not included) 48-volt Phantom Power Fishman 910-R power adapter (optional) BATTERY LIFE: 70 hours AUDIO I/O SPECS 1/4” Instrument input 1/4” Amp output XLR Balanced D.I. output Auto Ground Lift
  5. Thanks for posting. Just wanted to add that, despite the band name, the rhythm section comprising Pekka Pohjola and Vesa Aaltonen was actually made in Finland 😊.
  6. Sold a pedal to Stofferson. All good - a pleasure to deal with. Recommended.
  7. Lemmy on "Space Ritual", and John Wetton in King Crimson.
  8. Earbrass


    Sold a set of strings to Charlie. All good. Recommended.
  9. I feel that I have fallen on my feet with my current gig. I play nyckelharpa for a highly bizarre and eccentric two-person border morris side. So there are just the three of us; I am the musician and the other two are the dancers. This means I have all the freedom of being a soloist, and pretty much get to choose the tunes I play, but am not the primary focus of attention, and enjoy all the camaraderie of being in a band with two (completely mad but) good friends. There is no heavy gear to lug (just my 'harpa and usually a tiny Roland cube amp), no turning up hours early to set up, or waiting around till late to break down. We can travel by public transport when it suits, or we can all fit in my ancient Nissan Micra (aka the Tour Bus). We get some great and interesting gigs. This year we have performed at a folk-metal gig in Camden, a major European folkdance festival in Germany (which included an arena performance in front of around 5000 people), a fetish club (lots of fun), and most recently a pagan samhain festival (All Hallows Dark Gathering in Boscastle), along with the usual morris gatherings and dance-outs. We have been interviewed twice by the press this summer (once for a local paper in Germany, and once for Dancing Times). We only do the gigs we all want to do - so it's quality rather than quantity. We've also made a shedload of (often strange) friends along the way. All in all, it has been a blast. Long may it continue!
  10. I have a set of unused DR DDT 55 / 75 / 95 / 115 strings for sale if it's of any interest.
  11. DR Drop-Down Tuning Strings - 55 / 75 / 95 / 115 - unused Bought these a few months back when I tuned my bass down to DGCF. Decided I didn't want to mess with the nut, and got used to the slightly floppier feel of the original strings, so never put them on. Box is slightly tatty, but strings are absolutely as new and unused. £20 posted within UK.
  12. It's not about the bulb, people, it's about the quality of the light you can create with it.
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