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  1. Nice! White for me, although I'd be tempted to get a mint green one 😬
  2. 60s reissue with P pup & KiOgon 62 stacked knobs & wiring loom.
  3. Looks to be a small misreading of the ad. I did the same, read "Bass side" as "Bass" and thought that seemed to be too cheap. Given its a guitar tuner the price is about right
  4. Maybe. He's got a lot of guitar parts for sale at the "right" price, could be he's got hold of a job lot of old stock and is selling on cheap?
  5. One of the most obvious tells on these cheapo basses is the way the black of the burst covers the forearm contour as opposed to remaining close to the body edge on ALL Fenders. I don't know for sure but I assume it's to disguise that the body is made of ply.
  6. One of the greatest films of all time!! School of Rock!! The bit when Jack Black is talking to the class about musical influences - Dewey: Look, the first thing you do when you start a rock band is talk about your influences. That's how you figure out what kind of band to be. So who do you like? Blondie? Marta: Christina Aguilera. Dewey: Who? No! Come on. What? You, Shortstop. Leonard: Puff Daddy. Dewey: Wrong. Billy? Billy: Liza Minnelli? Dewey: What are you...? You guys! This project is called "Rock Band". I'm talking about bands that rock. Led Zeppelin. [the class gives him blank stares] Don't tell me you guys have never got the Led out. Jimmy Page, Robert Plant? Ring any bells? What about Sabbath? AC/DC? MotΓΆrhead? Oh, what do they teach in this place?!
  7. Theres no umlaut on the bass in these pics either..?
  8. They don't half pick some weird places to wear. How on earth would a bass wear under the strings behind the pickups (sunburst above) or around the bridge (green)..? Surely, if you're gonna do it, look at pictures of actual rw basses and replicate that.
  9. Just an FYI on that site, if you click on a genre, it'll take you a Spotify play list with representative music πŸ‘πŸ»
  10. +1 for this ^^^ What a lovely bass and a "player" too. Perfect really πŸ‘πŸ»
  11. Well look at that, a very subtle but definitive mute! Thanks @arthurhenry, I'll work on that, another string to the bow πŸ‘πŸ»
  12. I don't like white basses. I don't like white basses. I don't like white basses.... 😬 That's a stunner fair play, it's taking all my will power not to start googling white Sandys to see what's on the market!
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