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  1. Does anyone set up and share a Spotify or YouTube play list for version control?
  2. Great tip. Our drummer is an ex pro, toured for 15 years etc so had a good ideo of what works live, hadn't thought of covering a live version though.
  3. This is the problem I've encountered in the past and it ultimately broke the band up. Keen to try to avoid that again
  4. @Christine was that agreed from the outset or did it evolve naturally?
  5. So much truth! 😬 So who in the band makes the decision and how?
  6. Interested in hearing how everyone chooses their set list. Is it a general consensus thing? Do you vote? Do you have a BL who had final say? What if someone really hates a particular song? Edit: I should say, I'm in the process of setting up a band so am looking for options. Cheers
  7. That's just taken me back to my early teens and first hearing Metallica - Garage Days Revisited. Absolute monster EP with 5 covers of early metal & punk and their first release with Newstead after Cliff died.
  8. This looks really good - "A Tuba to Cuba follows New Orleans' famed Preservation Hall Jazz Band as they retrace their musical roots from the storied city of jazz to the shores of Cuba and in turn discover a connection that runs much deeper than could have been imagined."
  9. Very nice and bonus points for the thread title 😁
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