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  1. No, Bass Buddha, a dealer who's bass I shared a bit earlier. A few of the guys find him a little pricey, I was just wondering if it was because of his location.
  2. Come to think about it, I can't remember how I heard about them. I seem to think he gets Bass Direct their stock, but don't hold me to that http://www.synergydistribution.co.uk/ I love them, best basses I've ever played. A passive VS or VT is on my wishlist, just hoping a used one will pop up 😁
  3. I wonder if it's because he's based in Denmark, so maybe has higher taxes or business rates? I think I'd probably order through Synergy distribution if I was buying new.
  4. Its out of reach for me at the moment, but tbh if I was going to spend that sort of money, it's going to be on a custom build. Just need people to buy my Fenders... 😁
  5. Keep going back to look this on the Bass Buddha site... 😳
  6. Hmmm... I'm a bit suspicious he may be hiding something behind his jacket, I hope it's not an undamaged section of paint... 😬
  7. here's what fender actually say - SHIMMING/MICRO-TILTβ„’ ADJUSTMENT Shimming is a procedure used to adjust the pitch of the neck in relation to the body. A shim is placed in the neck pocket, underneath the butt end of the neck. On many American series guitars, a Micro-Tilt adjustment is offered. It replaces the need for a shim by using a hex screw against a plate installed in the butt end of the neck. The need to adjust the pitch (raising the butt end of the neck in the pocket, thereby pitching the neck back) of the neck occurs in situations where the string height is high and the action adjustment is as low as the adjustment will allow. To properly shim a neck, the neck must be removed from the neck pocket of the body. A shim approximately 1/4" (6.4 mm) wide by 1 3/4" (44.5 mm) long by .010" (0.25 mm) thick will allow you to raise the action approximately 1/32" (0.8 mm). For guitars with the Micro-Tilt adjustment, loosen the two neck screws on both sides of the adjustment access hole on the neckplate by at least four full turns. Tightening the hex adjustment screw with an 1/8" hex wrench approximately 1/4 turn will allow you to raise the action approximately 1/32". Retighten the neck screws when the adjustment is complete. The pitch of the neck on your guitar has been preset at the factory and in most cases will not need to be adjusted. Note: If you feel that this adjustment needs to be made and you're not comfortable doing it yourself, take your guitar to your local Fender Authorized Dealer.
  8. +1 for a shim. I read somewhere to use a business card cut to size (about an inch x width of neck). Did it to my P, worked a treat πŸ‘πŸ»
  9. Nice! I would say we should meet for a beer, but... πŸ˜‚
  10. Well look at that! I'm a newbie, only been here in Redoubt since November. Whereabouts are you?
  11. I don't think I have. The promise to deliver if a courier is arranged is made between the buyer and whoever they choose to collect and deliver the item. The seller is not involved with this transaction so has no promise to keep. The only promise made between the buyer and seller is that the item they are transacting is as described in the advertisement. Because it would be one of the promises made if an agreement was reached for the buyer to arrange collection. But, really how does any buyer know that a random stranger off the Internet will package an item so well that it's impossible for it to be damaged in transit? Yes, and there are a lot of people who offer to arrange couriers who are incompetent at packaging. A) Yes. If you want something that you are unable to collect, you have to accept the risk of paying upfront for it for it to be delivered. Or should sellers just send their property to strangers on a promise it will be paid for when delivered? There is a reason why no one does this. B) Yes. Once payment has been made it is your property. Ensuring you get your property delivered safely and at a cost you're happy with is entirely at your own risk. C) Yes. You have to hope the seller opens the door. D) E) Yes. If the agreement you have made between yourself and whoever you choose to deliver the item goes wrong, it is entirely your responsibility to work things out. Yes, that is the answer. I've already given plenty of reasons why I want a buyer to arrange collection and it is nothing to do with laziness. The only time "laziness" has come into it is in echoing your words to highlight the flaw in your logic. Look, if a buyer doesn't want to arrange collection, that's fine. I completely understand that they may not want to accept the all the risks as lined out above (that we both agree on). As a seller, I don't want to accept those risks either, hense the request for collection in person. I don't think it's fair that a seller should be made to accept these risks if the buyer is unable to meet a condition of sale, especially if the seller is prepared to waive a key condition of sale to the benefit of the buyer. I have a bass for sale on the marketplace at the moment, may I take you through my "sales process" to see if that helps you reassess if you think I'm being lazy? - Strip, clean and deep polish bass Repair or replace any faulty hardware & electronics (If modifying) source, order and install all new parts Roll fingerboard edges, degloss neck Reassemble and set up with low action Take tons of photographs, select and edit those for the ad Write ad, try to include as much detail as possible, highlight all faults with pics, provide weight and tech spec if possible Pay a subscription to BC to advertise for sale Make no profit.
  12. There have been numerous posts above stating various reasons. You may disagree, that's fine, but that doesn't change the validity of the reasons given. I'd much rather the buyer "get off their behind" to collect it, but if they can't, they're welcome to send someone to collect it on their behalf. If that's a courier, I'll "get off my behind" to pack, weigh, measure and provide all relevant information to the buyer so they can go online and book a courier if their choosing. If the buyer doesn't want to stay on their behind and book a courier online, they obviously don't want the item that badly. The upfront payment is only asked for if the buyer is unable to collect. If they are sending a 3rd party to collect, unless that 3rd party bring the cash, there is no other way to complete the transaction without the seller facing enormous and unnecessary risk. There is no promise to deliver, that's the entire point. There's only a promise that the item listed is as described.
  13. In simple terms, I'd rather not ship a bass because there is a risk it will be damaged in transit, so will ask for collection in person. If the buyer can't collect it in person, he is welcome to send a courier to collect it on his behalf. I'll happily help the buyer with all the details needed and be flexible for collection and I will package the bass to the best of my ability. But my responsibility for the condition of the bass ends once the buyer collects, either in person or by courier on their behalf. I honestly believe this to be the fairest way to do remote selling as a private seller.
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