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  1. 😁 Aren't they all lovely ladies..?
  2. Funnily enough I did exactly the same thing when I bought it originally! 😁
  3. Its been a pleasure dealing with you sir! She's safe and sound ready when you are 👍🏻
  4. The only reason I can think that you wouldn't buy that particular TT4, is that you should buy this one instead! 😜
  5. Now sold, thanks for all your interest! Up for sale is my awesome Fender Jazz PJ, which has had quite a journey from its life as an 07/08 Classic Series 60s Jazz to the beauty you see before you up for grabs. When I first purchased the bass, the PJ conversion had already been done to a very high standard (see pic of the very neat routing) and fitted with a WD Customs Pickguard, housing an excellent Tonerider TRP1 pickup. I've since paired it with a Tonerider TRJ1B Bridge Pickup and fitted the stacked knobs control panel from our very own KioGon. It sounds immense. But... When I tested it in the shop it did have very high action, which should have rang alarm bells, but instead I just thought I could get it set up to my preference. Unfortunately, what I didn't realise was the neck had an annoying twist which my previous tech attempted to mitigate by fettling with the frets. That sort of worked, but I couldn't get the action as low as I like without it choking out. So, faced with a dilemma of selling the bass as basically knackered or, trying to rescue it, I decided on the latter and sourced and fitted a new vintage spec tinted rosewood jazz neck (sold as Allparts B Stock, although I can't find anything wrong with it) a set of very cool & solid Gotoh lollipop tuners, finished off with a very accurate original spec decal. I've just had it back from my new local tech who's done a full fret level, nut tidy and set up, so it now plays perfectly. All in, this bass has cost the best part of a grand, but no matter how much I love the look or how many I buy (6), I just can't get on with the jazz body shape & neck, so rather than have it sat on a stand looking fantastic, I'd rather sell it on to someone who'll appreciate it and get it played. So, grab yourself something quite unique for a bargain price! Specs - '07/08 Fender Classic Series 60s Jazz (body & bridge) Allparts" US Jazz Vintage B Stock Neck KioGon '62 Stacked Knob Plate Gotoh FB30 Bass Machine Head Nickel 4 Left Lollipop Tonerider TRJ1B Bridge Pickup Tonerider TRP1 P Pickup WD Custom Pickguard Fender 60s Jazz Decal Weight TBC The bass is in very good condition, but does have some age related marks, mainly light buckle marks on the rear and some small scratches only to be expected for a 13yo instrument. Collection from Eastbourne is preferred but please get in touch to discuss shipping. The bass will come with a rather tatty gigbag, suitable only for shipping. Thanks for looking and please let me know if you have any questions.
  6. Now sold!! Up for very reluctant sale is my gorgeous Sandberg California TT4 Passive, finished in a really deep Natural Highgloss (which highlights the lovely grain on the swamp ash body) with Rosewood fretboard and Whitepearl Blocks, and weighing in at a very lightweight 7lb 1.9oz!! This bass has barely left the house since purchase from Kytary in December 2018. I actually used it for the first time in the studio just a few weeks back (it sounded awesome and even drew compliments from our drummer!), so is in pretty much mint condition. The only marks I can find are on the top of the headstock (please see pic) and some light swirling on the scratchplate. I've had some work done on it by The Bass Gallery in Camden, basically I felt the neck was a little fat, so I had them shave a couple of mm off the shoulders and completely remove the satin varnish, so it now feels and plays just like my other Bergs. Other than that, it's completely stock. Sandberg have confirmed the date of manufacture as 30th April 2018 and also shared the spec code (see below). I'm assuming the pickups are Sandbergs own, but can't read the code well enough to know for sure, prehaps any Sandberg buffs will be able to advise? Either way, it sounded awesome in the mix, really balanced tone throughout the range and cut through no problem. Code: CANT1-TT:S-SPS-4S-34-HG-NT-SWP-NOT-RWF-F-WB-NOM-CRH-CLT-PS-BP-X-RH I really don't want to sell this bass, but a new venture needs funding so this (and my car!) have to go. Comes in its Sandberg gig bag. Please contact me to discuss shipping, collection in person from BN22 is much preferred. Payment by BACs is preferable. Thanks for looking!
  7. I'd have to say 70s look, I don't have any info on the history of the bass I'm afraid
  8. I don't I'm afraid, it was sold as seen without any real history.
  9. Up for sale is my 70s PJ Fender copy, in very relic'd condition. Edit... The asking price is £250, not £350! Fat thumbs + small keys = dumbass mistake 😬 I've owned this one since 2015, but as I don't really get on with P width necks, it spends its life sat on the stand looking super cool, but is unplayed and gathering dust. Tbh, it's way too good a bass for that! The Precision pickup's a genuine Seymour Duncan Bassline with the cover swopped for an authentic look. The jazz pickup is an original 1970s Dimarzio Humbucker, one of the first made for sale. The previous owner installed a discrete 3 way toggle (neck/both/bridge) to maintain the classic P look. I've just had it in to the tech for a going over and all dry solder joints redone, so is ready to gig without fear of any problems. I've swopped the scratchplate for a brand new Northwest Guitars tortoiseshell Pickguard, which still has the plastic cover on. Tbh, I was going to relic it to match the bass, but my last relicing effort was a disaster, so I'll leave that the new owner to sort out... It has vintage tint neck, rosewood board, truss adjustment at the body end and 70s Fender Precision logo. Truss works fine, the action is nice and low. The machine heads are genuinely aged & pitted early Japanese, they hold tune well and have no play at all. The bass is weighing in at just under 4kgs, so not too bad for an old Precision. Please contact me to discuss shipping, although collection in person from Eastbourne is much preferred. Cheers Steve
  10. I've been on the look out for a used VS4 in almost this exact spec for almost 2 years. This one came up for sale last week, the stars aligned (I sold my Fender P quick sharp) and she arrived today...
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