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  1. funkgod

    Auditioning Drummers

    This, This is only for bands that cover songs as is and want it right. Nothing worse than a drummer turning up and jamming all over your hard work, If you make the point of telling them to learn the songs "as is" then there is no room for moaning when you kick their donkey out the door. Bass lines on songs will have been thought about as also the drum parts, and the reason you are covering them is cus the lock in well, why change them, Our drummer has the right attitude, he learns the songs perfectly, then if needed says " ok what about this idea in this part".... perfect A drummer is not a good drummer if he chooses to be flash and jam over you hard work hes an arragont drummer, shape of things to come ! ! So for me i would pick the one who put in the most amount of effort and time to getting it right.
  2. funkgod

    What microphone and why?

    As already said horses for courses, use what ever you have to hand, once you have a good signal your good to go, For my own point of view mics are one of them things i put into the "the more you spend the less you get" category, great for studios who can afford a great chunk of cash for just that little bit extra, where their gear would be able to make good use of that "little bit extra". I have done recording and PA hire for a while now enough to find a couple of little gems that for the money is well worth seeking out, 1, in case you are looking for an alternative to your 58, i have a few 58s and know it will do a 58 and then some, its wide open and warm as hell, and will cover allot of ground is a AKG C5, there are two here a D5 which is a dynamic and the C5 which is a hand held condenser, its the C5 we want, i have had mine for live use since it came out, i use it for studio as well and it still sounds great. I think it might be worth you checking it out. 2, Is my secret weapon, uuwwww eeerrrr misses, and can say for deffo it is well worth the hunt, if you can find one thats not been abused, they do pop on ebay now and again about 1 a year, but soon get snapped up by people and studios who know about them, i know one studio constantly looking just for spares, Its a Roytek CM200WB very good Neumann u87 clone/copy, too good infact, early ones were hand made in italy and comes in a flight case with shock mount, there are two, a black one which has a low cut switch inside and a silver one, which is the one to look out for has a low cut on the front and -10db switch on the front, i have a couple of condensers for recording but this kills them and is my goto for vocals, i have the black one and the silver the silver is better, i have not long got the black one for £25, yep £25 ! and if i catch another on ebay al be there also. http://www.etnow.com/news/2001/10/compelling-case-for-roytek-studio-mic here is a pic of it... http://homestudioitalia.com/forum/mercatino-di-homestudioitalia/-vendo-hardware-da-studio-e-live/101788-pr-vendo-microfono-a-condensatore-roytek-cm-200-wb Drum mics i found is another horses for courses thing, i have tried a fair few sets over the years and still have a few sets, i have found that the larger diaphrams like the akg D and the shure while being very good microphones, and would sound great at a stadium gig but for me at a pub gig i dont want all that extra bottom end and end up having to roll off all that extra boom via the eq, im after a more focused tight bass drum sound with snap to it that a smaller size ( tighter) diaphram will give me but still at just that freq that hits you in the chest without the boom, and the one i use all the time to get that is the bass drum mic from the cheap Audio technica drum mic kit ( below), which keep your eyes open you can pick up for £60, for the over heads i use the condensers out of the Red 5 drum kit which are very good which "dad3353" put me onto, good shout dad. Just while im on about them overheads here is a great tip from a drum friend of mine who owns a studio and is very particular about drum sounds, and more to the point works great, if you want to really focus in on a point of the kit and not get too much of the room, get a toilet roll tube chop it in half and tape it over the head of the mic so the head is in the middle, you can use foam all round the base to hold the tube central you can then move that up and down exposing as much as the side vents as you want letting in as much room as you want, and if you have it over the head will narrow what you get into the tube, its large enough not to cover the vents even when you go over the full head of the mic so wont strangle the sound too much, works great live when i don't want stage bleed in the overheads, im surprised the drum mic makers have not yet made something like this, anyway works a treat for me, hope it works for you too. ...i can see you at a gig now running the bog to see if there are any empty tubes lying around 🙂 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Audio-Technica-MBDK5-Drum-Mic-5-Pack/362450928686?hash=item5463c2442e:g:~DMAAOSwAPtb0x9C:rk:10:pf:0
  3. funkgod

    The Mighty Hammond Organ.

    great clip, gaz on bass there who is a member on here is an encyclopedia on the subject of hammond and funk he has a vast knowledge regarding the subject, in fact i think he has done more than his fair share of keeping that whole subject alive, and still does, i know he is working with jay the old great trombone player from jtq a really nice guy ( his brother is dominic who played trumpet in jtq) on stuff to archive, see jays site...http://www.vinylizor.com/ word is, an Acid jazz autobiog the story and history of is on the way :-) im looking fwd to that. the Perceptions.. and the sound stylistics well worth checking out.
  4. mmmmm that might be me then, i have a genuine interest in all things music, take punk as an example i dont listen to it, but ok yea i got that ....when it was going on, so over the years i have built up thoughts ideas about it and have my conversation down pat ready to go, when someone comes up with interesting conversation about it with a new view then yea, im open to good views, and if they are good i might reevaluate my own views and take some of their ideas on board, what im trying to say is, i dont mind talking music at any time, i enjoy good music banter, But an xmas curry ? ? yea ok, i can live with that as well 🙂 Might Draw the line at that Led Zep bootleg with the guitar tuning up tho, that was just Sh!te. 🙂 Each to their own and all that.
  5. Hi all, i have been a massive fan of the Hammond groove past and present and have amassed a good collection over the years, I think the bass pedals ( or keys ) playing over them years has influenced my playing no end, i love the hammond bass pedal groove, simple, fat and usually very catchy. I was lucky to catch Jimmy Smith at the Ritz in Manchester on his last time over here before he sadly passed away, an experience indeed. i have now realised that most of the music i really like has hammond in, tower of power, Jtq, soullive etc and now when im writing music without really thinking about it i have added hammond i have written about 60 songs and nearly all have hammond in, some dont even have bass but the hammond is right there, i had a massive collection of George benson and on them Lps i was checking out who was on keys Jack Mcduff, Ronnie smith, Ronnie foster etc so started checking out their stuff which led me on the hammond trail, allot of fantastic playing. Any more hammond fans here ?
  6. A few solo albums spring to mind as being fantastic Most of my solo albums are bass related, so a quick mention of my faves of them already said Mark kings solo album is up there with moses Francis Rocco Prestia,s Everybody on the bus, Gary willis, Bent And the best of them all is an unlikely choice, when yes members were all releasing solo albums i had the lot, everything, the one i kept, is Allan whites solo album Ramshackled, its just stunning for lots of reasons, great bass playing by Colin Gibson, everyone on the LP is top draw, very catchy songs, Well done Allan.
  7. dont busk it, unless every one else is. if every one else has made the effort to learn the song right , then respect that and learn the song right or you will be jamming over everyones hard work = disrespect. in a perfect world, learn the song, understand the groove, and find the places where you can if wanted add your touch, if your bits go tits up, you can always jump back on the groove and in funk its the bass groove that carry's the song so you can be sure that bass line has already been thought about by quite able bass players, so , the chance of coming up with something better on the fly is doubtful.... fun yes, but doubtful. thats how i look at it.
  8. funkgod

    Tower Of Power Manchester 29 May

    Its not a typo, i did take it to the porn shop :-) what was i thinking about ! ! replaced, cheers greek, ---------------------------------------------- Be sad if he was not at the gig, but hell, al still enjoy it :-) i have had a pic of him in my studio for years, would of been nice to add a little photo in the corner.
  9. funkgod

    Does anyone play the drums.

    Yea i think it helps understanding rhythms, a knowledge of understanding where to land the emphesis, can only be a good thing. im not a very good drummer but i can get the drums and congas down for my tracks i write enough to give to our drummer in the band to understand where the groove is with the bass line, he then rips it to bits makes it 10 times better but all the time keeping the all important bass line groove beats or as "lowdowner" says where to lay off. So yes it did help my playing, i would say allot. Its a funny thing, when you hear a drum beat, right away in your head you could write bass line that would fit perfectly to it. the clever bit is then getting the chord structures to go with the line you have. 🙂
  10. I am not missing it this time, i have just taken all the wife's jewelry to the pawn shop, and sold the mother in laws wheel chair. she did put up a bit of a struggle dragging her out, but hay, my need is greater than hers. :-) London as well on the 30th I am really hoping to get that long awaited, nay... NEEDED photo with Rocco. Fingers crossed See yall there.
  11. funkgod

    Weight Of The Bass

    Your right, no doubt about it for me heavy basses project better, more depth and a more solid sound imho. i cant use any of my light basses for live any more, i feel like i have to turn the amp up, its like i have gone back to passive single coils, strange i have a few basses of the same make so the same pickups different woods the heavy ones for me are far better. but each to their own.
  12. funkgod

    What are you listening to right now?

    Dave McKinney, Flow Dynamics, if you like funky tracks check him out, the cd is killer
  13. yee harrrr, cheers dad and lowdown, sorry im a bit of a tectwit
  14. funkgod

    SOUNDTRACS TOPAZ, has anyone got the VCA option ?

    Dad beat me to it, cheers dad, yea seen the " jensenmann" thought you might have had the FF, in which case i have some parts.