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  1. yep bang on, i was reading through all this thinking that everyone had missed janelle, her band is killer and she is such a great front person out of all them bands on i would of gone just too see her and the band, here is another version.....
  2. what about nickelback's version of elton john's saturday nights alright for fighting ? everyone should know that.
  3. yea, chris squire for me was a jaw on the floor moment. "we are all on the conveyor belt, sit and enjoy the ride, just don't try and jump off or run past anyone" ! !
  4. aawwww go on then another one, last one promise.... Any one remember Bus stop by The Fat Back Band, ? cool track no doubt, but has anyone heard Chaka Khan's use of that as backing track version ? she did a really cool vid for it, those of you with a sharp eye and a long memory may recognize 1 iconic dancer from back in the "Soul Train" days. inspiring for ideas... enjoy.. original version... Chaka's version, well backing track anyway.
  5. ah right i know they never played for a long time, i did not know they were playing last year, i got sent an email saying fancy coming to Dublin as they were playing again.ahh well there ya go, you snooze you loose 🙂 I will edit the title and op cheers for that. im still made up :-)
  6. Funk and jimmy sounding,mmmmmmmm, i have just the ticket, your guitarist will bolt down his pants, did this a while ago and it goes down well ( no pun intended ) enjoy :-)
  7. A very sad loss indeed....... RIP Boon and thanks.
  8. Edited... For all the "back in the day" Acid jazz guys among you, Corduroy are back at it, , i thought they had just got back get together but apparently have been back together for a while, great to hear anyway. seems those of you in Ireland are lucky as a date is confirmed in Dublin at the Grand social on the 25th of this month, yep this month get ya tickets quick. more info.... https://www.songkick.com/artists/232276-corduroy/calendar
  9. I have i think nearly every down to the bone CDs they have done and i have heard worse down to the bone tracks than that :-) you should do an album full of grooves like that, its current and cool.
  10. Cheers for all the advice guys, im going to do some editing, and try some new software, and old :-) .....again.
  11. That sounds fantastic, how old is your copy of CHH ? mine is vol 1 i still have it. i just gave up with it in the end, you seem to have it down really well. No sign of software limitations there anyway. so it was me then after all that... bugger. after that i feel so tempted to have another go, i did use to get " must try harder in my school books" 🙂
  12. rocco and dave garibaldi James jamerson and richard allen or benny benjamin Bootsy and jabo colin hodgkinson and tony hicks Ernie Mckone and crispin taylor
  13. Cheers Lowdown i will also check that out, I have been holding off getting new tec into my working of songs, not because im against it in any way, only because it means me having to learn yet another process and getting a pc or laptop involved into my set up, but i do realise i am being left behind, not that that ever bothered me as i always found a way to do stuff with my old gear to make things work, but yea now that i can see things have advanced from my old dabblings with cubase i can now see the NEED and benefits to spend abit of time looking at software, and that looks just the jobbie, i think what put me off software was when i had cubase i wanted brass in songs so i got "chris hein Horns" i spent so long messing around with that and never being able to get what i wanted out of it thinking it was me just not knowing how to use it i carried on, in the end i gave up after spending so long with it with the conclusion that it was the software limitations, and you have go through all that just to find out that you cant use it for what you want. an utter wast of time for me, some may love it. in the end i just got a mic and hummed brass lines on to the track and then my mate just came sax in hand and did the line then played the harmonies, done. samples, i still use my AKAI Z4 for samples and have now a mad collection of samples for allot of stuff, it has the 8 chan output card on the back so can have 8 chans to the inputs to the desk and create some big strings or sounds, i know there is software that does all that now but again it was just another process that i knew how to do against learning another. Cheers Lowdown i will look at that.
  14. hi paul, no, its real brass and you are right it took a lot, ALLOT of time editing 3 saxs 1 trombone and 2 trumpet parts, you can just hear the trombone slightly flat at the begining held lines,in fact though you might not be able to hear it those brass stabs at the end on 2 and 4 run right through the song sometimes in odd places just enough to give them beats some punch. i wish i had "quantising" all my gear is old school not a PC in sight so all recording and editing is done on a two Mackie HDRs linked to a mackie D8B desk, and there is no quantising, just editing hell for allot longer than a day, quantising ? you dont know you are born 🙂 i wish haha, but i love the sound of the HDRs and im just too use to them to change. Yes John Williams is another world, the guy comes from outer space, he is just amazing, french horns ?, never thought of using french horns before but can see what you are on about, they do have a sound of there own and would give brass parts some separation in sound, im going to try that and experiment with that idea, thanks again.
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