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  1. thanks for that guys, big red, yea i have as said also i normally also just gone for what i had, and has done me for years, no one ever commenting on it, "over-thinking it" ahh no im beyond that now to the point of no return. i think i have seen the light .. more later..cheers for all that V type v4, i have also a boss rv3 pedal which i love on bass as it was the only pedal boss did that had reverb and D, delay in the same box befor they decided to split them and sell you two boxes, its a great pedal which i have also used in parts on tracks as in insert, good results for what it is. yes i do like the M-one its building block lcd makes so much sense and so easy to use. regarding brass.. read later in this ... thanks wintermute.. no i dont use plugins, i know im missing out here on some great stuff but my studio is all hard ware, not a pc in site, ( except the D8B HDR brains) though i do bounce things over to a cubase on my laptop now and again to "dabble" trying things, the kate bush trick is a new one on me i will check it out, but yea getting into multi verbs ok ... this weekend iv had a good read on the net trying a few things, out of this weekends lessons two things iv learned which most of you will already know and for those that do not, its worth a try. 1 if using say 1 reverb and then set all your instruments through it maybe at different times right through the track, then more of the track will have that same reverb right through giving it all a more back sound. 2 i have been trying this weekend using automation on the fx ( lucky my desk is fully automated, though cubase protools reaper ect all have this as std) to bring in the reverb as and when needed, but then get rid of it, so the overall mix is more dry sounding and more up front. interesting... so you say ...isn't that the same as just adding reverb to the parts as and where needed ? yes .. but.. using automation a bit more cleverly not only can you just bring it in when you want but also change the amount and use the dynamics of it also as the track goes on, and to all the various parts, so as in the OP i can add longer washes on vocals and shorter ones on the brass giving the brass a more up front stab to the sound, all using the same reverb patch, so sounding more consistent in the track (? ..we will see)..so not the same as washing all the whole track on the same setting.....clever, for gods sake don't ask me anything else on this as im just still on the new idea of it all, but can see the potential of it, more later. but got that from reading somewhere in this..
  2. sorry not exactly budget keys but does give an example of whats available if your looking to upgrade maybe second hand, im using a nord stage keyboard and nord have a site they keep updating free so you can download the brass samples straight into the nord in seconds, for nothing except the price of the keyboard. here ya go.. https://www.nordkeyboards.com/sound-libraries/nord-sample-library-30 as with all keyboards there are some good and some,not so, dont get me wrong not bad, but not quite what i hoped for, so i too are always on the look out. i got so frustrated in the end i bought a trombone and a trumpet and just learned them, i can now do enough to get simple lines down and my mate a sax player just fills it all out, but,,, getting the ideas down first, iv been looking for something that sounds good with keys, tried chris heins horns and found it a pain i know lowdown loves that and has it down as we have had this conversation before, but so far the nord is my go to for quick lines to get the ideas down which leads me to my little secret which i have used loads NEW YORK BRASS. these guys are just great guys, they will brass up your track for not a bad fee, and also let you use totally free, any of there brass samples ( as long as you name them in your credits) and there is some crackers if you know how to yse them. for example and can speed them up or slow them down to drop or up the key, i use a american audio Radious 300 dj deck for this, sounds great. so thats about as much as i can tell you, here you go, with some great advice on recording brass, just send them a message asking permission and they will send you a link to down load the better quality samples. enjoy... http://www.newyorkbrass.com/download-free-brass-samples.html
  3. Hi all not much going on this topic, yet it seems its something we all use. i have found Reverb for recording and bass abit puzzling and end up just putting in what ever sounds god at the time and what ever i have plugged in at that time. i never really gave it allot of thought, but its no doubt more of a science than one would think once you get into it. some say dont mix reverbs in tracks, some say do bla bla bla and so it goes on if i can just narrow down this whole conversation to two things in the same track 1, vocals 2, Brass ( or for you maybe something else other than vocals) i have as said just use what ever reverb i have at the time for both so some reverb on vocals and then the same reverb on brass but just turned up slightly more. lately i have been doing some testing with different reverbs for vocals and brass so on my mackie D8B i have some nice mackie verbs and some tc reverbs but i also have some outboard gear like... an old quadraverb TC M-one TC Fireworx. so im trying different patches on both vocals and brass, and im now thinking it was worth the effort, the mix i thinks sounds better with the two different ones, more eeerrr dedicated shell we say. so im trying different pre delay values so the brass stab for eg still has the power at the begining of the note with no reverb but then comes in after the inital BAA stab, again tightend up my brass mix no end. Another point, if you are recording in say 24 bit and use old reverbs say from the quadra verb yes it does give you that late 80s early 90s sound as it was used alot then, i can hear it because i know i did it, but is it really that impotent that someone would notice against more modern verbs ? im just throwing this out there to see what others are using and why to get a better understanding on it all. so if you have have any links of just you using a particular type of reverb on something please put them up here for us all to hear and if you have the time go some way to explain what and why, also reading this https://musicproductionnerds.com/best-hardware-reverb some expensive verbs out there, has anyone one got an expensive unit they can do a straight A and B test with it and using something we all would all likely know to get a better idea of what them extra Β£ sounds like ? cheers all.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. yep these are pritty hard to beat for over 3 times the price, i have been using them for years in the studio have about 4 pairs 681 sound great if you want extended bass and a bit sweeter sounding get the 681B ( silver pair) but dont mix your songs with the 681B or your mix will sound bass light compared with what your hearing in the cans,,, and i have noticed AKG have now a budget range that look just the same ,, but with an akg babge,,, you can see thay are made in the same place ! so at Β£20.. these are killer https://www.thomann.de/gb/superlux_hd681.htm
  6. Daves right, two things going on here, 1 i already do the music i like cus i write it for my funk band, but it does not put steak on the table, sometimes only just about sausages. 2, to pay for this self indulgent passion i need some income, so i play cabaret as well ( covers band) in that, i dont care what i play, its not for me to like its for the people paying me, i will go with whats needed. so, if it pays me i will stick a hoop in my pants ware size 30 boots and a red nose on my face as long as the people are dancing i dont care al play any old sh!te cus im just a music for cash slag. πŸ™‚ sorry i will rephrase that... im just a skint music for cash slag, out come = cash needed for funk.................. and sausages.
  7. Yep, anything you get out of something is directly proportional to what you put into it, only in music its not, its dam hard work to get something out of it, and the pay is definitely not proportional but at least we like doing it. Now.. as said in the comments in the vid, i hear loads of musicians going on about how they are putting music on youtube and not getting anything out of it ! HELLO wake up, its your own fault for putting your tracks on there in the first place. what did you think was going to happen ? people are going to down load it, free, read youtubes agreements to which you agreed to when you put them tracks up, ( now i know this will open a whole new argument, and i also know these statements do not apply to everyone,) the only people that make money from that download, ( im talking joe blogs in his bedroom studio and unknown bands and so on) is youtube and all the people you agreed to let it be used, ie ebay "partners" so ok i get im just shouting out here, but i have said it so many times... there is a better way ! We need to use THEM "youtube" as advertisement for us ONLY and NOT let them use you. How do we do this ? Anyone serious enough about their music will or should have there own site. if not, then get one. Put your songs for sale on your own site as down loads for a fee you think is fair for it. then on youtube just download ( or is it upload) a part of your song with a link to your site where they can down load it for the fee you attached to it and scoot about other songs you have done, maybe they will download the whole cd. anyway this is how i do it. and these are Just my thoughts on just that one aspect. but dont give your songs away for free. UNLESS you want them to be free πŸ™‚
  8. only lightly related, but i love this , do not do dodgy huey covers,,, he will get ya πŸ™‚
  9. also can i suggest this fantastic lp
  10. Been a blast looking at some of these bands some great talent overseas a real eye opener some of them, Some of my fave bands are from over seas New cool collective, i love them guys, and so giving, letting me release a cover of one of their songs. been watching a band from Estonia go from strength to strength they really have got their finger on the Pulse well worth checking out. i like his G&L jazz bass as well πŸ™‚ Lexsoul Dancemachine
  11. Indeed loads of great names and most of them very valid bassfinger has gone taters deep with this one so many cheers. maggie thatcher milk snatcher, love that... i remember her stopping milk to primary schools, it was always warm anyway, UUUGGGHH. Thinking back to the 80s it was actually a pritty bleak time miners strike, maggie, Falklands, cruse, unemployment, strikes, the change of NHS, loads of reasons as all decades have i suppose, but then to make it more bleak we had the reminders of it all by great poets and tv series like john cooper clark and boys from the black stuff, bread and little gems like one summer, i think for the younger generation kids leaving school in the 80s, me being one of them in 82, music was a way to get away from it all, or even confront it all. i am sure there is a great theater show in there somewhere waiting to be done and it would be huge, as its a decade we can all relate too, i would go and watch that. the music in the 80 was pretty special too, growing up with it, it seemed to be "ours" a lot of people diss 80s music but a lot of advancements were made in the 80s for pros and us young people that wanted to get into music, the porter studio, how many bands were signed up based on them demo tapes, record company's could hear the potential of the songs/bands just on them raw demos, i always thought tony wilson was great, i think the 80s sound was a british thing, to me then it seemed the usa was mainly hair rock bands with the exception of a few like debbie harry, talking heads and so on, but to me the 80s sound was british, looking at the set list the iconic 80s songs were mainly british, prob because we associate iconic with the most played and we are all listening to british radio, and radio was changing, i use to think that it was all "designed" the gov wanting to get rid of the anarchy of punk in the 70s as it was for them disruptive and wean us all on to something not so threatening, again its how we were thinking at the time, πŸ™‚ so a lot of argument there, ... sorry all just thinking out loud, just my thoughts on it all. A Name ? right i think the rewind is winning at the mo " The Rewind, 80s tribute show" if we add the end bit we might get away with that, we will see, will keep you all posted but the band is sounding great, a lot of effort has been put in, for eg drums, are all triggered to get them 80s sounds, one of the biggest things when looking at an 80s band for me is the drums, they were so varied between songs and to have one kit trying to capture all them sounds which adds allot of dynamics to the songs seems a bit one dimensional, (this is just my thought ) to have them massive drums in say "New sensation" make a massive difference, so we have gone to great lengths to get them sounds, we will see. Thanks so much to everyone with your ideas keep them coming if yall want the more the better im sure 80s bands in the future will all be looking through the names πŸ™‚ cheers once again
  12. OMG... wow thank you all so much, did not expect so many response's loads of great ideas keep them coming if you can, if we had a girl lead singer we could have " Hot Hatch Maggie and the Mullets " an adaptation on two of your great ideas. The Rewind is great as well as said it is being used but if we add a bit on the end, which we would have to anyway and call it The Rewind, Back to the 80s Tribute show ( or band).. would we get away with something like that ? for ref here is the set list of the first 20 1, Gold..................... Spandau, Live version 2, New sensation............ INXS 3, A little respect ........ erasure. 4, Heat is on............... glen fray 5, Reo...................... duran 6, Everybody wants to rule.. tears for fears 7, a new flame.............. simply red 8, Dont you Forget.......... Simple Minds 9, dignity.................. deacon blue. 11, dancing with tears....... ultravox 10, Town called mal.......... jam 12, lets dance............... dave b 13, wont let sun go down..... nick kershaw, live version with band member intros. 14, we close our eyes........ go west 15, Real gone kid............ deacon blue. 16, this one goes out ....... Rem 17, im still standing........ ej 18, dont look down........... go west 19, take on me............... Ah ha 20, running in the family.... L42 we did think about using a name of a song but the best one there is "New Sensation" but that sounds a bit too 70s cabaret πŸ™‚ once again thanks all keep them coming the funny and the witty as well, my chuckle muscle never stopped πŸ™‚
  13. Hi all we are looking for a name for an 80s tribute band playing 95% english pop and iconic 80s tracks for theatre and corp work ( got to earn some money somehow ! funk only buys me a bag of chips now and again !) if you have any good ideas we could nick we would be very greatful, pref one that is not being used already. and something that implies its an 80s band. cheers all,
  14. you can do yes, it seems everyone is going for that hifi scooped sound, thats not what im after after recording it, you can roll it off but its still too "breathy" if thats a word to use, i want to hear the hi tone not a super hi click, and the mid does not get you up there so cant compensate, its just prefs thats all, each to their own and all that. just had a thought.... on saying all that,,, its really down to your bass set up and pickups, the mec golds are super clean, so maybe that has something to do with it ??
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