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  1. Thats cool 🙂 we all need a flash point. mine was nils Landgren, loved that band, i was playing in a funk band doing more than a few of his songs you know how it is, you obsess and i ended up getting everything by him, and then when magnum Coltrane price joined as much as i envy Lars Danielsson as a top bass player that band then with magnum seem to spark something and i wanted to play trombone, must of just been seeping through all them years, plus my friend i was in the funk band with was a top bone player using wah wah and all sorts tom foolery. also the necessity of asking brass players to play on my tracks, in the end i just thought "how hard can it be, get a bone and find the notes" so i did, so i think thats where it all began with me, with nils,
  2. just a thought from another post someone mentioned, it does seem quite a few bass players either started on trombone and went to bass or started on bass and went to trombone. i know a few on here play bone as well. for me i started on bass guitar and trombone came much later, of all i talk to who play bass and trombone it seems like a natural progression either way, it must be a low end kinship. i now love playing trombone, im nowhere near where i want to be im good enough to do all the parts on my songs, but i now do wish i had started earlier. For those who have thought about giving it a go, i would say do it, for the most im sure you will love it. so... how many of you play bone as well, and while we are at it how many have thought of giving it a go ?
  3. Yea its the right place, funny thing but loads of bass players also play trombone, i think its a low end kinship 🙂 i know a few on here also play trombone, and if you dont then you should give it a go, its a great instrument to play, and yes you are right fretless bass players do seem to take right to it as i did, i love trombone i do all the trombone flute and some of the trumpet parts if they are easy on all my tracks i release. yeaaaa a bass forum could easy be its second home 🙂 All you bass bone players please say yey, lets see
  4. the sax player in my funk band has a conn bari sax, it sounds like the QE2 🙂 yeaaa pritty special the conn stuff, the 8h series is their stuff of choice for lots of reasons. cheers
  5. conn 8h Trombone large bore, and case symphony artist, rosebrass bell, top dog trombone and to be fair it really is the mutz nutz. retail price is £2800ish, so its a good price. this one... https://www.conn-selmer.com/en-us/instruments/band-instruments/trombones/8h i will take a px with a fretless bass upto about 700 and or other studio gear, rack synths, fx, that sort of stuff
  6. yamaha ysl354 trombone nice bone with yamaha case, collection only from cheshire i will take a px for studio rack stuff, synth, fx that type of stuff or if you are feeling for more of pro bone im also selling a conn 8H also on here
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Mackie D8B mixing desk with 5.1 ready to go, if you are looking for a top notch studio desk or daw controller with full automation, and i mean everything including fx, and top class plug ins with more ins and outs than you can shake a stick at, then this is deffo worth looking at as an option it really is mind blowing what you can do with this, i really dont think anyone on the planet has ever used this to its full capability, iv had mine 20 years and still learning new tricks. and still there is not a digi desk that can do more than what it does made today. features... 5.1 software. all fx open. £1000s of pounds worth of fx alone, Full automation 3 x analog cards installed digi in/out. clock card. And i am giving a choice of an MFX or a more expensive UFX card as well !!! very clean inside and out. can be used as a protools, cubase ect control surface, all working great. this is my spare one no longer needed. can show fully working. Please note ... this is NOT a worn out desk with old outdated software that you can not upgrade anymore ( beware !! ebay !!) but a fully functioning bang up to date with all last and best software releases. I have released tracks done on this you can hear if wanted. ARE YOU USING TAPE ?? If you like me are still using tape then you are in for a real treat, you really need to check this out, it really will open doors for you, imagine all your tape tracks having a fantastic quality compressor and gate on every track thats 24 compressors and gates and also a very good switichable between british eq and std eq on every channel and then all the fx you will ever need and i am not talking cheap plugins here, im talking .....massenberg eq, ....... https://www.massenburg.com/ TC reverbs and delays. drawmer adx http://www.drawmer.com/products/plugins/advanced-dynamics---mackie-d8b.php?sort=series&series=software_series a multiband compressor for mastering your main out to give your tracks really wide depth that is still available today as mastering software fore your daw, by trackion. 5.1 surround sound for film/theater work + loads loads more too much to list, ........... all in the same box ! ! yep all in the D8B.... i think you are starting to get the idea. i know these desks inside out so its not as if im selling and running, i can supply some of the best back up in the uk for it also. these were getting up to £10k new. if you want to see it working get intouch. I do have a mackie 24 track recorder also for sale to go with it as well if wanted with all cables ready to go. you will then have a hi res fully working studio package that you will need nothing else to create songs ready for release, except your talent of course, a pdf manual can be downloaded from here as well as all the fx manuals incase you want to go in a bit deeper... oowww eerrr missus. 🙂 alst a dedicated forum withe some verygood boffins and any info questions or most things you would need. great bunch of guys maintain this. https://www.sonido-7.com/d8b/index.html#Post3 cheers
  9. out the house too ....thats a great deal, im going to look into that,
  10. Got all my studio and basses covered new for old in house insurance, what most people dont know is if you contact your insurer in my case it was halifax bank, they just asked me to list stuff i had, i give it to them and hay presto done and ... for some reason never cost an extra penny, great. but for insurance when gigging i just use this 🙂
  11. iv played this one loads and can say for defo this one plays as good as they get, i wish all stingrays were as good. buyer wont be disappointed.
  12. ahh haa .... but then you must also know then that rounds are rounder than flats ? if not, then i have just doubled your knowledge of string theory, your welcome
  13. it seems allot of this going on on facebook market. there are an equal number of people trying to rip you off if your selling stuff as well. i get them every day without fail. one of the biggest scams on there at the mo that i have seen is the " Ketter shed" scam, have alook its amazing. no matter what area your from there will be someone selling a Ketter shed close to you, with pictures that show a house from anywhere else in the world except the uk with palm trees and all sorts of give aways, all at £75 and delivered to you when you order from their special site, no matter how many times you report it as a scam it pops up again under another name, funny enough some look like hacked accounts from people that have been on there a while, seems fb is just a minefield and will only get worse as they tell their mates how easy it is, and will get even worse untill FB just shut the whole thing down as just too much of a pain in the crack to control. i hope you all get some sort of justice out of all this, nothing can be more frustrating.
  14. beautiful indeed 🙂 there is something more "art" to a gretsch, i think they have the same thing going on as the early ibanez semi, love some of them as well, so much more went into them than the gibson's.
  15. Just incase anyone is interested. i have for years been listening to some great funk from all over the world from a great site called filtermusic with loads of great radio stations on am in fact just listerning to the station "goodfellas music station" B-Funk has loads of fresh wacky stuff going on, great for ideas, but there's loads of good stuff here, worth a bookmark at least. https://filtermusic.net/funk-soul-disco https://filtermusic.net/
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