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    Hi Vinny northwest bass bash is not the same without "it" that "thing" the lurkey one.. Have to change the date guys, we are now looking at sunday march 18, confirmed will amend the Op ..(done)
  2. Hi Guys, sorry its been a while, been mad bizzy and loads of other equally naff excuses. I have Booked The same place as last time The whitby Club in ellesmere port... http://www.whitbyclub.com/ For Sunday 18 march confirmed ( 11th was a no go) from 12 to 5:30 we have to be out for 6. same as last time hot food available to order on the day but fee will cover a few trays of sandwiches, tea and coffee. So who is available, and what would you like to bring ? Has anyone got ideas for this one ? i will start a list off, please just copy past and add too.... SWR RED HEAD, SWR Son of birtha 15 ext cab, SWR SM500, SWR 6x10 golly Wal cust Goodfellow Classic MM Stingray G&L L2000-E ( series E) 81, to show you what all the fuss is about ! G&L L2000 83 HK 6 string fretless. Fender Jazz ...Fotoflame Some tasty Pedals, Can we have synth Pedal shoot out ? if you can bring your synth bass pedal i would be very interested to hear whats out there and try some ? Cheers Guys
  3. SWR

    most of these guys sound ok enough :-)
  4. Seminal 'bass' albums

    Tower of power Back to Oakland Level 42. The early tapes weather report . Heavy weather/black market george benson. The shape of things to come donald fagen . the nightfly wayne Johnson trio Grasshopper Buddy Rich. strike it rich live pierre Michelot Round about a bass brian Culbertson Funk Back Door Back door james brown any good collection but check out the rare stuff like "take a look at those cakes" BB King Now Appearing at Ole Miss Live........ you really can learn alot from this Double Lp motown/stax any good collection
  5. MEC Pick ups for a jazz bass.

    sorry about the late reply, been away, cheers all. i have pre in at the mo with passive pick ups but the pre was designed to just drop in with what ever pups are in there. i think i will look out for an active set with the right pre. thanks for all your help, very much appreciated cheers again
  6. MEC Pick ups for a jazz bass.

    hi yes they do, but they do jazz sets now, here you go. but no mention if you can use the passive ones with an active cct, http://www.mec-pickups.de/?&c=35352344224&modul=shop&site=shop_overview_2&filter=new&nm=D0444213001389959557A15|MEC|D0444282001389959557A15|D0444455001389959557A15
  7. hi all, just a quick question, has anyone used an MEC dynamic silver writing pick up on an active bass ? from what i gather the gold writing on the pick up means active and the silver is passive ? I have been after some MEC pickups for my jazz and been offered a good deal on a silver writing dynamic correction one by a good BC member but my jazz has a pre amp in it,so we are both wondering. cheers for any info
  8. MEC pickups for a jazz bass, if anyone has a pair knocking about for sale, please PM me cheers
  9. FUNKAFONIX 22nd DEC Chester, Telfords Warehouse. the mighty fonix playing all original funky stuff, funk, northern soul, groove, Gospel, Funkjazz, in yourface power funk and other shenanigans, going to try and squeeze an 8 or 9 piece band in there with brass section, should be fun.... and funky. free before 9. if your around pop in and say hello.
  10. Gig Poster and flyer printing

    Speedyprint, Gosport. cheap as chips 1000 double sided, thick, biz cards, all come in plastic casses, £19 free post fast turn around, no doubt. they have bent over backwards for me, cant thank them enough [email protected], Vista charged me almost £30 for 250 double sided, so i moaned and got half my cash back,
  11. D.I.S.C.O. Faves

    [quote name='Leonard Smalls' timestamp='1509971880' post='3402912'] Not sure if this has been posted yet, if not it's time it was! [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBh1869ayNg[/media] [/quote] thats cool, consider it nicked and abused.
  12. Stage gear

    [quote name='Leonard Smalls' timestamp='1509643890' post='3400578'] This is what I wore in a very early 90s very indie band... [/quote] Can i lend that frock .....
  13. Stage gear

    "Genre is 90s/00s indie." Go for the look corduroy had, still looks cool https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Havoc
  14. Some people dont like to be told they dont fit. We had the same prob with a drummer for a soul band, he was just a feeless bedroom rock drummer with no dynamics at all, he just jammed over everyone elses hard work could not even do the right beat for higher and higher and i just wanted to get on the kit and show him but did not want too show him up, when like you a nice email was sent because he did not answer his phone on the few times our singer tried. woooowwww did he kick off, we wasted HIS time even tho it was one practice and he was going to tell everyone what a tool our singer was and we were not all that anyway !, this was not just one email but a week of them, the emails were just horrid, so we just ignored them in the end. I dont like to use the word audition when someone comes, i think it make people feel on the spot, i would hate it also, but thinking about it, its what it is and maybe should let people clearly know this. ow well, on and up..
  15. [quote name='Lord Sausage' timestamp='1508091945' post='3389700'] If you wanna meet me you just have to ask!�� [/quote] dont worry sausage, your second on my list [quote name='yorks5stringer' timestamp='1508092550' post='3389705'] Here's my experience of meeting FRP... It was in the small hall in the O2 Arena a few years ago. i waited patiently in line to speak to him and get the obligatory selfie.When it was my turn I stepped forward, shook his hand, thanked him and explained how he was an inspirational influence to me. I cued up the phone camera ready to take the image and it rang at the same time from a family member who had gone out a different exit and got lost.. in answering it the moment was lost and and I never got my selfie. Postscript: a few years later someone posted on Basschat about him and I got a signed set of strings ( he wrote KYDA- keep your dream alive) too and a signed photo sent all the way from the USA. [/quote] Great story, al keep the dream alive. ..iv got a framed pic of him in my studio for inspiration. so inspired in fact i wrote a track called "Everyone on the funk bus" which we do live as a dedication to him, as it was inspired from his solo album called "everyone on the bus" Worth checking out yall ( not mine, His)