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  1. funkgod

    Weight Of The Bass

    Your right, no doubt about it for me heavy basses project better, more depth and a more solid sound imho. i cant use any of my light basses for live any more, i feel like i have to turn the amp up, its like i have gone back to passive single coils, strange i have a few basses of the same make so the same pickups different woods the heavy ones for me are far better. but each to their own.
  2. funkgod

    What are you listening to right now?

    Dave McKinney, Flow Dynamics, if you like funky tracks check him out, the cd is killer
  3. yee harrrr, cheers dad and lowdown, sorry im a bit of a tectwit
  4. funkgod

    SOUNDTRACS TOPAZ, has anyone got the VCA option ?

    Dad beat me to it, cheers dad, yea seen the " jensenmann" thought you might have had the FF, in which case i have some parts.
  5. her paintings not selling well then ? Have you ever seen the plastic ono band live ? i had the dvd and its the funnyst thing ever, the shocked WTF look on eric claptons face when she is sitting under a white sheet moaning is priceless. I'm with you eric, WTF indeed, you should booted her off the stage while you had the chance, im sure you will always regret that.😜 Mods..... the new smiles are rubbish, bring back the old ones
  6. funkgod

    SOUNDTRACS TOPAZ, has anyone got the VCA option ?

    cheers Jensen ( an FF ?) thanks for that, yes seen that site, i wanted to find someone who uses it, for feedback and what they thought of it, might be the wrong place but you never know ! Cheers
  7. just checked that out, cheers
  8. was just scooting around on the net and came up with this, The Audiovox 736, could it really be the first electric solid body bass ? 15 years before fender Interesting read, https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/on-ebay-the-worlds-first-electric-bass-guitar-forgotten-and-made-in-seattle/
  9. Hi all has anyone got the automation option on there topaz project 8 ? if so do you have a copy of the tracmix software to put on to a PC ?
  10. On my bench is my soundtracs Topaz, the bulbs in the analog meters have been out for ages, as it happens it was an easy fix, it helps with having a detachable meter bridge, Has anyone here got the VCA automation option on there tapaz ?? Whats on your bench at the moment ?
  11. funkgod

    Stuart Zender...

    can only agree with most of the posts already, but to add some more... Zenders bass lines in most of the early stuff was the song, end of. Jk, the band and the mixer the producer and even the label paying for it all, all had the good sense to wrap most of the music around them bass lines, and for very good reason,,,, they were catcher than a trawlers net, check out too young to die, killer bass line played so well, 1 or 2 tricky bits in that ! im not to sure the last cd was held together so well at all with out zenders bass gluing all the tracks together, its sounding very studioy cold,,, auto the opening track is top draw, but after that, i was reaching for the FF button,
  12. funkgod

    In need of a good drum machine

    had a few drum machines over the years. the best one i have ever had and still use is the Boss Roland DR880 for lots of reasons. 1, The sounds... i have a roland TD12 expanded electronic kit, as good as the samples are in it, the dr880 drum samples sound better and more to the point still bang upto date, 2 editing and programing songs into it is a breeze, the bass pre amp in it is great, you can plug your bass into it and play with the beats via headphones, loads of kits loads of bass sounds as well if you want fat moog its in there, slap bass, double bass, big fat kick a$$ synth rave bass, its all in there, usable guitar fx sound good bla bla bla another great reason you can send the bass drum and the snare and the overheads to dedicated outputs so in your daw or what ever you use you can then record them on to seperate tracks so you can edit the bass drum and snare and eq them or get them up in the mix when you need to without affecting the rest of the kit, just this alone opens up all sorts of doors like sampling a bass drum or a snare and swapping it, or doubling up on a bass drum with another one, adding reverb to just the snare, compressing the bass drum by its self with out effecting the rest of the kit, options are endless. If mine broke tomorow i would have to go out and get another the same day, my studo NEEDS it, most of the tracks i do are done on the dr880 they are that good you can release tracks using them. in fact here is one i have released using it, might give you an idea. good luck with what ever you get but for funk...... try it, you wont be sorry.
  13. funkgod

    Bean9seventy - the first UK funk / slap bassist?

    The LP for me that took slap to a new level was Level 42 Level 42 i only got the early tapes later on when it was rereleased not even knowing about the first untill i read the foot notes on the LP, i know this is about uk slap players but just as an interesting point, while slap bass has been around a long time for double bass players, the earliest i know of was the ink spots releasing a track called "slap that bass" early 30s and even later on joe haymes released it also, tho on the jo haymes version there is no bass slapping the part was done in finger style tho no doubt on the ink spots version i can hear slapped notes or pulled at least. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRo2Htl73bc
  14. Loads of great covers out there, agreed there is no point doing one unless what you have is something new to hear, i use to do a great cover of a cover of i want it that way by shoshana bean. the two backing guys are bang on. also remember doing a good version of ABBA's summer night city by nils landgren, worth checking out for the cd version from funky abba. a million versions of Crossroads but i think Ry cooders is the one to beat.
  15. funkgod

    Live Albums - Were You There?

    James Taylor Quartet, Whole lotta live 1998 Manchester Academy, i was made up when they released the cd seen them about 10 times, this was for me about that time the best line up, tho snowboy was not on percussion, but great gig great vibe and the place was just sparkin.