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  1. Hello All, just thought i would give a shout out to to the amazing talents of Doug wilkes. very little is known about dougs work by the most, but is in the more pro level shell we say, circles, doug is based in KEEL just off the M6 doug has made guitars and basses for the likes of dave gilmour and sting and is a true custom builder of guitars and basses in that he does not have a template of one or two designs with a few options, doug will build you ANYTHING no matter how bizar, want a half mandolin half strat with a harp over the top doug will make it. He has been doing his thing for a loooong time now and has come up with some amazing designs, i remember in the late 80s a friend having a half fretted half fretless stick bass with slap plates at the begining of the neck to save the strings chewing up the wood, a great design, i was round his last night picking up a bass ( more later) where he produced one of these amazing things with a more modern john east preamp in, a really strange unique design ( its one of these i think sting has) so, my fender jazz fotoflame has on it the most amazing slim 62 neck which i love, but always though the body was a bit light and so not giving the low notes that tight bottom end which i love in my wal and G&Ls so guessing this was down to weight when i went to pick up my G&L he had done i got doug to have a look the fotoflame is starting to peel and is badly cracked on the body so something needed to be done, he looked at it and said wait there, he came back with a slab of flame maple he had brought back with him from the usa years ago and said iv had this sitting around for a while now just waiting for the right job, and this is it, so a very very very reasonable priced was agreed, and left the jazz with him and my goodfellow to do a laquer crack, He is just ordering some nice wood from the usa so next in line is a flame maple jazz neck a replica of this 62 to go on the nice body he has made then i will put back together the fotoflame as original and hay presto i get a quality jazz based on the one i like, just as a side note here when you look on ebay for these fotoflame jazz basses and strats what you will find is loads of fotoflame strat bodies as guitar players have also jumped on to how good the necks are to play and are picking them up just for the necks then getting bodies made, then selling the bodies i think also the pickups on the strats are very good so also kept. sorry back to the story...I went to pick it up yesterday and here it is, turnaround less than 4 weeks, on the rear is heavy ASH and on the front is not just a veneer ohh no not good enough for doug, but a SLAB of flame maple bookmatched that half the thickness of the body all hand carved to get that rounded arm corner, he coulkd of split the slab into 3 and made 3 tops out of it easy, tried to show this in a pic, what you cant see is the finish its like a piece of glass 🙂 here also is my G&L L2000-E he did, before and after im really made up with both of them thanks so much doug your a star. Dougs site... http://wilkesguitars.co.uk/
  2. ebay are getting more greedy by the year, remember when you sold some thing for £10 + £5 post you was only charged 10% on your sell value not the post, but now as yall know they charge 10% on the full £15 you get, so now everyone had to put there post price up by 10% and what ever % paypall charge, fair enough so the only person who is loosing out here is the buyer, they are having to pay the extra if you put the extra on, if you do not it comes out of your pocket, which goes into ebays pocket thank you very much. I was selling classic car parts all over the world, selling heavy stuff overseas was a real pain in the crack, like post to austraila in my case once was £85 ! for something i sold for £30, this is where people take the [email protected]@, once they get the items they just say " not what i was expecting" or "there is a fault" i dont want it, , " please can i return it?" knowing you have to pay them their money back, and now your £85 out of pocket for what you spent on the post AND you have to give them £85 to get it back as well, so if you want it back it will cost you £170 or even more if the post price is higher , so they keep it, and get their refund. then they bar you from bidding on any of their stuff so you cant do it back to them. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR iv had my fill of ebay, Rant now over,,,,
  3. uww eerrr misses, you should sell that idea to mrs whiplash's emporium of perverse sexual practices for frustrated deviants and adnormal social fcuk ups. ... that reminds me, i must renew my membership !
  4. i am not sure this will do for apple owen, but there is a guy on ebay selling off a few of the M-Audio R8, 8in and 8 out, with routing options, with an external power supply, i got one to move my stereo mix from my d8b digi mixer to cubase via smpte to master and im very happy with it i am using it with windows 7 and cubase 5, and the driver works well in both, i offered the guy £50 for it so he will except £50, but check if you can get a driver for apple in case you are looking at it, but its a great little box i now use for all sorts of things. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174624315297?hash=item28a86b97a1:g:XBMAAOSwcW9fx2KM
  5. as new, 1X speaker, i got two of these for a fender twin and never used them, for bass or guitar, bargain at 30 16ohm so if you use two in a cab then its 8ohm for a pair
  6. sennheiser HD477 headphones, Very hard to get now as you don't see them second hand because people keep them, these have been used once and have sat in my studio draw in a box since i got them, you can buy all the parts for these still on ebay like new leads of varying quality, and the ear pads, and even the head pad, so before i put them on at a stupid cheap start price of only 35, here is your chance, perfect working condition they have been sprayed with isopropinol so are ultra clean, not that they needed it, loads of reviews on line, if you want to hear your bass and great stereo separation with no loss of Hi's then here ya go. collection from ellesmere port. or post £5
  7. haha, WOW WOW WOW, hold on there luv, i will foot the ladder while you reach for the E tuner. :-)
  8. hi jazz , it wont sound any different, its purely looks, unless you change the tone cap value, otherwise its still the same pickups going through a carbon track pot, show me the back side of it and i will send you a mod for it while you are putting it in, wont make it sound better but will be much more reliable 🙂
  9. ouchhhh makes you wince as its going, mine fell over in the studio an 1830 thedore heuber and snapped the head clean off, i had popped out to get a coffee when i got back i wondered why everyone was just staring at me with white faces, my mate broke the ice by saying... " maybe it will play in tune now" 🙂 so you need one of these, what ever is holding this up .....
  10. yep spot on. lets just say that word again " the greatest"........... ok, to who ? you ! we all have our " greatest" for me, as much as admire fantastic players who have obviously put allot of time into their playing, and some pushing boundaries, i will never remember anything malmsteen, or mclaughlin has done yet i will remember stuff by george benson, knopfler, gilmour, carlton, jimmy herring, wayne johnson even zappa because those guys play with melody and its melody that catches my ear, its that that i hum walking down the st, im not saying here that malmsteen, or mclaughlin and the like dont play with melody but just too much of the other stuff leaves me a bit cold and reaching for the FF to the next track. Regarding Clapton, i dont think he was overrated claption like it or not took music to another level in cream, i think Blackmore was better, and i think clapton and esp Blackmore were better than hendrix, hendrix was raw and ground braking no doubt ....but not better, ........to me.
  11. Check out 200 motels, you might change your mind ! !
  12. Cheers guys, thanks for the nice comments, yea made up with it, i will get some sound bits on youtube when i get the chance, Im now just thinking of adding a pull up switch to one of the pots, well...changing one of the pots sorry to one with a pull up switch to take out the tone cap and bypass it, so it goes full tone or add another value cap for a more trebly sound than the other one, so a bit of experimenting may be on the books soon, iv just fitted one to ians rick 4000 and makes a hell of a difference, so much more tone out of it now, i would say its transformed it to a much more usable tool. just my op. we will see, thanks again guys.
  13. Thank you, thanks to doug, he is a bit of a star, he is just doing me a flame maple topped ash body for my fotoflame jazz bass, and refinishing the worn out body on my 82 wal, also doing a lacquer crack on my early goodfellow. and his prices are very good too, any repair work needed he is very VERY reasonable, yea give him a bell the bass is now done, as said i went for an antique finish, doug is very perticular about his finishes for example on this he did not just spray the edges black but hand done the finishe in an "antiquey" as he calls it brown and also adds something to the poly to blend in, a bit like a violin finish and its like a mirror, here ya go, thanks doug.
  14. yep, its crap, this whole subject presses more buttons than i can cope with...... i work my tits off getting a studio together good enough to release good quality tracks, the hours involved getting them tracks together would scare people, the amount of years spent learning all the instruments played on them tracks, for what ? for others to earn money for all my hard work makes my blood boil. i put a post up a while ago saying "allot of times its our own fault for giving it away for nothing, i see people putting whole tracks on youtube, WHY, FFS all you have to do it put part of the track on youtube with a link to your site where if people like it they can pay for the down load, easy" so then i got into an argument with one guy saying " if we did not give it away for nothing, our songs would not get played at all " And thats what we are all up against !
  15. Everybody at some time has looked at a price and said to themselves " WHAT? FOR THAT ?" i know anything is worth what someone will pay for it, so im trying to think of basses that are really worth every penny against others which i would call just taking the [email protected]@ so 1, great value for money basses ? what is going at the mo which is great value for money ? for example im just looking at the sire marcus miller on ebay for 360 buy it now looks great and when you stack that against a mex jazz for now 150 more or even a usa jazz to me its looking pritty good spec wise, but are they really worth it ? ( im looking for a fretless) and 2, which ones do you think is over inflated ? so... would anyone pay £7,749.00 for this https://www.peachguitars.com/fender-winter-2021-custom-shop-event/fender-custom-shop-1958-p-bass-heavy-relic-mb-vincent-van-trigt-faded-chocolate-.htm
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