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  2. I am interested to see how many musicians think music is getting worse, cant just be me. i will be honest i don't know what is in the charts right now, i think as we get older we choose a direction and tend to explore that to the point of it getting so involved everything goes by the way side, i am very guilty of this, on saying this i do believe music is getting worse. here is a vid, i wonder how many people agree with this, and the big question for those that agree is there a way back ? i realise this topic is going to open a few cans, so i am going to try add a poll to see if you agree with the vid or not. Be interesting to see the outcome. The TRUTH Why Modern Music Is Awful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVME_l4IwII
  3. Some tracks we use to do in the funk band i was in, nice grooves . you dont hear much of black nasty but well worth the hunt.
  4. There is going to be arguments for and against this topic, i think its sad that you are not even allowed to even talk about a chord in a song with out some sort of copyright infringement, on saying that we can argue that yes you can talk about it you just can not make money talking about it, so once your video on you tube starts to make money for say a million views then that money would be taken away from you because of copyright infringement, i am wondering how deep that rabbit hole can go ? for example at your next bass bash if you paid for a famous bass player to come and chat about playing bass, if he talks about other bass lines other than his own then going on the above would he have to give his cash to universal music group ? going on this maybe he would, . i have a feeling its about to get worse, i have a vid on youtube showing how to connect two digi mixers, not in the manuals, never been done before, it took allot of working out, if my vid gets enough views to make money, (not that i did it for that) could that then be taken away as i am using a branded product to make that vid ? i think so, it would be never ending, sad really, just another way to stifle creativity, your thoughts ?
  5. GOD DAM :-) .... perfect, how about a modern version thats powered, im off for a scoot about now, cheers
  6. Not bass gear...unless you use a wedge as a monitor, but a great idea anyway, how about stage monitor wedges, that when you clip two together they make a box to stop them falling all over the place in the van and to save space, you could even make them stackable and get 4 of them in a nice neat box, it cant be hard can it ? would surly sell like jaffa cakes.
  7. Samson Q3 microphone, studio use only for sax, trumpet and trombone, or drums perfect working order,. spec... Designed to excel in kick drum and instrument miking applications, the Q3 provides consistent output with unmatched sound in high SPL situations. The Q3 can be rotated up to 90 degrees for easy positioning. This microphone brings great sound without feedback to any stage or studio. Neodymium element delivers maximum output Hypercardioid pattern reduces feedback Mic rotates 90 degrees for easy positioning Transformerless design reproduces extended low end frequencies with minimal distortion Aluminum humbucking voice coil Switchable 10 dB pad facilitates use with high sound pressure level sources such as bass drums Switchable 12 dB per octave high pass filter helps eliminate stage rumble Triple-plated multi-stage windscreen allows close proximity use with minimal noise Multi-axis shock-mount mic element enables quiet performance Sturdy Zinc casing and "anti dent" ring Foam-lined carry case, mic clip and "Euro-metric" mic stand adapter included Gold-plated balanced XLR connector for maximum conductivity
  8. im going to go for the SWR red head. When fender took over, im not sure whether they made it any better or worse, but i think people just did not like it cus it was fender ? but in any case sales fell when they took over, now ... here is my thought on it, i may be wrong ! i think the original pre fender super red head had a great following being helped promoted by the likes of marcus miller which helped define his sound, Now... the bass community is a small patriotic bunch that likes to follow our fave product and in our own way help support that product, and the red head had its following, it had been going a fair amount of time before being sold to fender for 8 million in 2003, so, long enough for most bass players to have heard of them before fender and they either passed it by or went with it, so its established core users were already there, ... when fender took over they had ideas of revamping and selling more units, as is the idea of most bigger company's when they take over a smaller company, ...you can guess what happend, yea, they never got their sales they wanted and so about 10 years later fender axed it, and i think nearly all swr products, a shame, i think for the red head i dont think fender had anywhere to go with it, as swr had already engineered a product that you could not squeeze anymore power out of a small box with two 10" speakers, so in terms of power v size and features and sound it was already at its pinnacle. I am not sure if there is a market now for a new red head as most bass players will see right through it as making cash from an old name, but i would not mind seeing a new incarnation of it just to see what could be done, weight cold be one thing !.. i love my super red head and will use it till it falls to bits or blows up, i don't think there will be another to take its place, we will see....... here is fenders list and history of swr products. interesting. https://support.fender.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002366263-Vintage-SWR-Products
  9. In fairness, i have his first solo album, some killer tracks on it. and for the most its mainly the tower of power rhythm section, it even inspired me write a song we still do live called "Everyone on the funk bus" should be interesting to see who he uses for this project. i think if gariboldi, and thompson are on it then its going to be good to go, and if he gets bruce conte or jeff tamelier as well then whats there not to like, we will see, i hope he gives jimmy herring a call tho, then that would really be something, else.
  10. help fund Rocco prestia's solo album if you feel the need. even sit in on a days recording, if you have the cash. https://launchpad.artistshare.com/at/1688/2323/?fbclid=IwAR3ZccTxFCq3b5r1Wak_lQtZ-Mg5H9djb_pUPAwHd9fcDYcMJgm9rwO_SV0#/
  11. bang on this is right, with one addition if i may, All Basses are not made equal, all have different frequency's that want to jump right out the bass, two basses the same wont sound the same, that peak frequency will be different in each one, and also how you play it, for example... i play in a 9 piece soul band, i can not use my active jazz for that, its not deep enough to create that tight bottom warmth thats needed for this as all of the higher frequencys are already taken up by keys guitar sax trombone trumpet the only place left for me to shine through is in the lower end and for that i use a 82 G&L L2000E which has a very tight low end sound, due to the powerful humbuckers...Now for my funk band and the 80s band i use the G&L but any slappy songs gets done on the jazz with MEC gold active single coilsto cut through which is more middy treble sounding aka marcus miller, perfect for them songs, my G&L is far too bassy and low end power to slap you would need dam good speakers to stop them popping, even when you roll back the bass, its still too bass heavy for them types of songs, though does have very good slappy sound of its own, so all in all if i want to cut heads of i use the jazz, if i want to wack them in the face with a cricket bat i use the G&L, ..thats as far as i know really, here are my to weapons of choice,
  12. i think the biggest clue is that all the pics have different backgrounds ! ! if it was a shop or a unit surly they would of taken some sort of uniform pics ???
  13. yep bang on, i was reading through all this thinking that everyone had missed janelle, her band is killer and she is such a great front person out of all them bands on i would of gone just too see her and the band, here is another version.....
  14. what about nickelback's version of elton john's saturday nights alright for fighting ? everyone should know that.
  15. yea, chris squire for me was a jaw on the floor moment. "we are all on the conveyor belt, sit and enjoy the ride, just don't try and jump off or run past anyone" ! !
  16. aawwww go on then another one, last one promise.... Any one remember Bus stop by The Fat Back Band, ? cool track no doubt, but has anyone heard Chaka Khan's use of that as backing track version ? she did a really cool vid for it, those of you with a sharp eye and a long memory may recognize 1 iconic dancer from back in the "Soul Train" days. inspiring for ideas... enjoy.. original version... Chaka's version, well backing track anyway.
  17. ah right i know they never played for a long time, i did not know they were playing last year, i got sent an email saying fancy coming to Dublin as they were playing again.ahh well there ya go, you snooze you loose 🙂 I will edit the title and op cheers for that. im still made up :-)
  18. Funk and jimmy sounding,mmmmmmmm, i have just the ticket, your guitarist will bolt down his pants, did this a while ago and it goes down well ( no pun intended ) enjoy :-)
  19. A very sad loss indeed....... RIP Boon and thanks.
  20. Edited... For all the "back in the day" Acid jazz guys among you, Corduroy are back at it, , i thought they had just got back get together but apparently have been back together for a while, great to hear anyway. seems those of you in Ireland are lucky as a date is confirmed in Dublin at the Grand social on the 25th of this month, yep this month get ya tickets quick. more info.... https://www.songkick.com/artists/232276-corduroy/calendar
  21. I have i think nearly every down to the bone CDs they have done and i have heard worse down to the bone tracks than that :-) you should do an album full of grooves like that, its current and cool.
  22. Cheers for all the advice guys, im going to do some editing, and try some new software, and old :-) .....again.
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