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  1. Looks like it's shimmed. The Badass + Hi mass bridges sit higher on the body as they have a thicker bottom plate meaning the neck usually needs a shim to make tha action manageable as the bridge saddles won't go low enough on their own
  2. This is just what i'm after.. Don't supoose you'd take my 98 Stingray for it ?
  3. Here's what it sounds like without a battery in ..
  4. Looking to move this '98 Stingray as it's not fitting with what i do these days . I've played a few over the years and this has been the best of the bunch. The bodys got an old school weight to it and it has all the usual things a stingray has about it. It's a great one to play and the action will drop as low as you want it to go. Electronics also in tip top condition and issue free . I'm not really looking for cash but would rather swap it for a Warwick 4 string of around the same vintage specifically a streamer with PJ or MM+jazzman config ... *** I would consider other stuff though. Cosmetically there are are some bumps here and there but to be honest they're not too bad ... More pics etc on request. Original hard case included
  5. Thanks for the input guys luckily I'm not too far from Doug WIlkes who has done a few bits and bobs for me in the past so i'll probably consult with him on the matter. I would never have come to this only I played a 5 string warwick belonging to a friend the other night and whilst I hated the bass i loved the earthyness of the neck.. It just felt great. Warmoth is a viable option although By the time you factor in postage / customs etc it would probably have been cheaper to 'keep it local'... I saw a gorgeous P for sale the other night made by schecter in the late 70's that had a koa body and a wenge neck ... would be great to find something like that if poss
  6. Hope this is the right place to post so I'll apolagise in advance if it isn't. I'm looking for a new or used wenge neck to fit a 70's Precision. The only current website I can see offering these is warmoth in the u.s. Any help appreciated
  7. That's surf green .. I had a Japanese fender from 93 which was the same but with a maple neck .. Looks a lovely bass mate
  8. https://www.dbpoweramp.com/ Conversions to almost all formats just a right-click away
  9. Everyone’s ears/setup are different but for me it sennheiser HD280 pro’s every time ... great for recording with too.
  10. Squier was the name of a string company which Fender owned from the 60's and they chose to keep the name for the budget guitar range when they started up in japan in 82
  11. He's sold more of these than fookin Hohner over the years ... Ian only had one !
  12. I don't doubt it for one moment ... Only proceeds from certain lots go to charity also yet I hear people always saying it's a 'charity' auction and to leave the man alone
  13. It was 'another' PH auction .. and barney and steve had said they had used a metal comb or something on the original .... (or maybe the tambo thing you mention ?)Let's not forget all the other random gear with JOY DIVISION stenciled onto it and sold as 'joy division era' .. I can't even find some of these past auctions online now so don't have definitive proof ... Am sure there's one or two links floating about still though
  14. He's dumped a few shergolds claimed to be 'the one'
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