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  1. 3k? Just over six years ago I managed to snag one of the last ‘133 series’ 2EQ StingRays in black with a rosewood board for £1099 brand new.
  2. Serial number is somewhere between the one Machines has/had and is a ‘95 and my own which is a ‘96. For those who don’t know about this model it pre-dated the L-2500 which didn’t go into production until ‘97. I read somewhere that there were approximately 400 or so of the L-5500 built which would make it a fairly rare model. GLWTS!
  3. Been a bit of a journey on the bass merry go round. Hoping to slow down now but hey, that can easily change tomorrow. As far as regular production basses go, I’ve never owned a Yamaha, Lakland, Sandberg or Sire bass which I find a bit odd tbh. * means I still have Valenti Jazz #042 Valenti Jazz #146* Ovation USA B768 Elite bass Breedlove Atlas Solo fretless Gretsch G5440 Bolin NS-5 Spector NS5 CRFM Spector Euro 5 Godlyke Disciple Godlyke Deity Warwick Streamer Stage 1 Warwick Corvette Std Warwick Streamer Std 4HH Warwick Streamer Std 5HH Status Energy 4 Status Groove 4 Ibanez Ashula II Ibanez Cerro singlecut 5 Ibanez SRFF806 LTD RB-1006 Rocco Prestia* Overwater/Tanglewood Aspiration Elite 4* Overwater/Tanglewood Aspiration Elite 5* Overwater/Tanglewood Aspiration Deluxe 5* Overwater/Tanglewood Jazz Cort GB94* Cort GB99F Cort GB74 Cort GB75 x2 MTD Kingston 5 fretless Tune Bass Maniac Flea bass Tanglewood Curbow 4 Tanglewood Canyon III fretless ESP P bass Musicman Sabre Fretless Musicman Cutlass* Musicman Silhouette bass Musicman Bongo 4H* Musicman Bongo 4HS Musicman Bongo 4HH Musicman Bongo 5HS Musicman Bongo 5HH Musicman Sterling 4H CAR Musicman Sterling 4H white sparkle Musicman Sterling 4H honeyburst Musicman Stingray pre Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray 2EQ teal with Status neck Musicman Stingray 2EQ black Musicman Stingray 3EQ vintage sunburst Musicman Stingray 3EQ fretless Musicman SUB teal (X2) Musicman Stingray 5H teal Musicman Stingray 5H black Musicman Stingray 5H Pearl Lavender Sterling Ray 34CA Sterling Ray 35 honeyburst Sterling Ray 35 Black cherryburst G&L Tribute JB-2 sonic blue G&L Tribute JB-2 sunburst G&L Tribute Kiloton G&L Tribute JB G&L Tribute L-2000 blueburst G&L Tribute L-2000 natural G&L Asat bass G&L Asat bass hollow body G&L SB-2 G&L L-1500 G&L L-2000 silver flake G&L L-2000 sunburst G&L L-2000 Flametop/J neck G&L L-5500* Squier Classic Vibe Jazz Fender MIJ Jazz fretless Fender MIJ 62 Jazz Fender MIM Jazz 5 Fender MIM Classic series Jazz Fender USA Std Precision trans white Fender USA Std Precision Blizzard Pearl Fender USA Dimension Deluxe 5HH* Fender USA Std Jazz 5 fiesta red Aria Pro II fretless 5 Hohner Jazz fretless Hohner Jack bass black Hohner Jack bass natural Hohner B bass Hohner MusicMan copy HH Marlin Sidewinder no name Rickenbacker copy Satellite short scale Westone Thunder 3 Ibanez Cimar P bass
  4. The Forest Green looks superb. Shame it doesn’t have an ebony board and a matching headstock. My second pick would be Snowy Night.
  5. Over the years I’ve owned five of them in various combinations of 4 and 5 string, HS and HH but my current one is the first single H I’ve owned. Thought I would have to sell it to purchase the Valenti Jazz I recently got but swung it that I kept the Bongo too. Glad I did as well. It was the favourite and last Bongo sold from a seller’s personal collection. Which was thirteen years to the month after I sold him my white Bongo 4HS. In my opinion they are great basses and I’m currently enjoying the bit less thunderous tones of the 3EQ single H. Sterling Ball said the single H is point and shoot and that’s about right. I was forever on the EQ controls with the two pickup ones. This one is more plug in and play and has a StingRay vibe but the sound is smoother and to my ears doesn’t have the top end ‘clank’ of a 3EQ Ray. The bass is also very light with a super fast neck.
  6. The Tribute Kiloton is also a good bet. The passive, single MFD humbucker and three way switch sounds great. Also the J width neck, is for me at any rate, infinitely more preferable to the bigger neck on the L2K
  7. If a single H Bongo with 3EQ qualifies for the StingRay part, I have to say that I’m happy with my P-J-MM trio
  8. Thanks for that! Bass sounds great. More bottom end on tap than any of my other basses. Passive sounds really nice too. Keir
  9. Might need to try again in better light. These are the best I can get. iirc the Aguilar OBP pre amp on #42 was encased in a small metal box? also somehow the blend pot is on the wrong way round. Turning it up I get a load of mids which I am guessing will be the bridge pickup. Doh! been a really long day🥱
  10. Sorry yes blend not mids. there’s no centre detentes on the bass and treble controls and set at zero they sound similar to the tone and output when the passive circuit is engaged. Can’t see any branding etc on pre amp and there’s not much play moving the plate around but I got some pics if it helps any Incidentally does anyone know the whereabouts of #11, a teal green Vintage P5 with Norstrand pickups and black hardware? It used to pop up from time to time on here but haven‘t seen any mention of it in years.
  11. Just picked up this trans white Valenti which was for sale local to me. I owned the Basschat candy apple red #42 for around a year more than a decade ago now, so I know just how good Nino’s basses are. The seller was a guitarist and couldn’t tell me what preamp it has. A check on the Valenti archive doesn’t list the circuit either. Wondering if anyone can shed light on what it is before I have a look inside? Front to back it has volume/mids/passive tone (pull up for passive)/concentric bass and treble. Pickups are Aguilars according to the archive. Both pickup covers have hairline cracks running across the middle so guessing someone maybe over tightened them in the past. Otherwise the bass has no issues at all. Truss rod has the MM wheel and works fine. Very light on the shoulder too. Wondering too if any basschatters owned this bass previously? Anyway here are the pics
  12. Looking to trade my Bongo 4H. 2010 build. Colour is Ice Blue. Pickup has neodymium magnets and the electronics are 18v 3 band active EQ. The single H Bongo is discontinued now and some of the features described have since migrated to the post 2018 StingRay Specials. This example is in really excellent cosmetic condition (small nick on the lower horn) with no structural, electronics or playability issues. Bass is super light on the shoulder! One thing of note is that there is a colouration difference between the neck and the body which is more noticeable in natural light. The neck has remained blue where as the body has taken on a slightly greenish tint in certain lights. This is fairly common to Bongos depending on the colour. A while back I owned a white 4HS Bongo where the neck stayed polar white and the body turned a cream colour. This bass doesn’t have the MM hard case but comes with an official deluxe MusicMan gig bag. Ideally looking for a trade for a nice StingRay 3EQ (already sorted for a 2EQ Ray) Also open to trades or p/ex deals with other MusicMan basses. Your bass must be in excellent condition with no issues. I‘m in South Ayrshire about 30 miles south of Glasgow. Happy to drive a couple of hours to the border area to meet if anyone is up for it.(is it ok to do that at the moment?) thanks for looking! Keir
  13. I was the original owner of the bass and took this pic of the bass just before I shipped it to Craig. Shows the figuring well. The Cort 74/75s are very slick imo. Great working basses that cover a multitude of tones.
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