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  1. Lovely looking StingRay. Nice price too. GLWTS!
  2. Overwater by Tanglewood Aspiration Deluxe
  3. Bargain!! Superb bass for not a lot of dosh and Jerry is a great guy to buy from. GLWTS!
  4. Seen some of the Ibanez Premiums go for £600 or thereabouts on the classified’s here. A lot of bass for the money and enough left over for something else bass related? USA Fender Dimension is another one that regularly sells below their worth. I got one on here, a Deluxe HH 5 string for £600. Killed my GAS for another StingRay 5 as soon as I got it.
  5. Love this bass and wish I had the readies for it. Guitarist friend of mine use to own a Blade RH4 in a gorgeous see thru purple colour. Always liked their stuff.
  6. No experience of playing any with the roasted maple necks but did have a black cherryburst Ray35 which had a mahogany body and was lighter than the ash bodied honeyburst Ray35 I had at the same time. Logic says go for a used USA one but I was happy owning the offshore ones (having owned the full fat USA ones previously) They looked, played and gigged much the same. There was a natural Ray 35 with the roasted neck for sale here at the start of the year which I really wanted. Looked ace. Unfortunately I was flat broke and couldn’t get anything of mine shifted at the time.
  7. Gumtree. I think it was the same bass that was on Facebook marketplace at £400 a few weeks before. It was advertised at £333 on gumtree but after a spot of haggling, seller very kindly offered to do it for £300 including shipping. Came with a heavy duty Warwick rockbag too.
  8. Just picked up an Aspiration Elite 4 string too with the (I think) Wenge dark wood top. Battery was ever so slightly loose in the compartment and the bass was needing a set up but otherwise really chuffed with it.
  9. Paul bought my G&L Tribute LB-100 bass. A proper stand up guy and a total credit to this forum. Couldn’t have been any easier a sale. Deal with confidence!! Keir
  10. Nick bought my Cort GB99F bass. Great guy to deal with and made payment very quickly. A credit to Basschat! Keir
  11. Thanks Jerry! 🙂 Bass is now on hold
  12. Looks great and is the best look on a Ray imo. Must admit to liking the 2EQ myself.
  13. Actually arrived today. No issues apart from a slightly loose battery compartment door. Shuts ok though. Plays and sounds great with loads of mwah
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