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  1. Because of other hobbies and interests eating at my disposable income too, I have largely been a bass bottom feeder of sorts lately. I’ve been mostly buying and playing Corts and G&L Tributes this year and genuinely have no complaints about them. I used to play pretty much exclusively USA Instruments at one point but nowadays I don’t feel I necessarily need to be doing that as the quality of the Indonesian gear is so good. That said I have bought a USA MusicMan Cutlass bass in 2020. This could all change again at some point as I rarely ever stay still on the basses I own. Maybe half as many basses that each cost twice as much will be the focus of the next overhaul. I do love seeing all the Super J, custom builds and high end exotica on here though. It’s like super cars on you tube. I will never own one but it doesn’t stop me wanting to look at them😍
  2. My Cutlass. Finally got enough respite from rain yesterday to let me take some pics.
  3. I have the same as this. The combination of the MFD humbucker, three way switch and passive electronics got me interested in these. That and then watching this demo video. GLWTS!
  4. Cort GB99F Bass c/w Roland GK-3B synth pickup. Bass has flame maple top and bound maple fingerboard with block inlays, Hipshot tuners. Bass is from 2003 and was top of the range at the time. Bass has some marks in line with its age but nothing noticeable from anything other than close up. Nice low action, no electronics or playability issues. GK-3B pickup has quite a few marks and paint missing etc but works fine. GR-55 is in excellent condition and has no issues and comes with extra long GK lead, instruction manual and psu. All works fine with no issues I’m in Ayr 30 miles south of Glasgow if you want to come and have a try. The world of guitar/bass synth is very inspirational if you have the time for it. The GR55 has a load of onboard features eg bass modelling, looper etc and I have only scratched the surface in the time I have had it. My time is very limited these days so not much opportunity for messing around with gear unfortunately. Bass And synth package £475 + £20 p&p May split
  5. I have a couple of Sterling brochures which were in the gig bags when I bought their basses. The mint green was a launch colour in the 2011/12 brochure but had disappeared by the 2015 one.
  6. I have one of the older Ray34CA ones.Great bass and my own humble opinion is these are better than the regular Ray34. The EQ has a fat sounding bottom end with just enough treble/click/sizzle and to my ears always sounds warm and musical. The whole thing is put together extremely well too. I honestly have trouble finding fault with mine at all. Yes the neck could be a bit wider at the nut to help further the illusion and yes, while I would love a pre EB, a Classic StingRay or a regular 2EQ USA StingRay, this does the job I need it to do. If you’re at home on a Jazz then the neck will feel familiar. MusicMan for a while did the SLO Specials which had a J width nut and those were always highly sought after by players wanting the MM tone with a J width neck. I haven’t ever played the newer Ray24. I like the finish options and the price is lower but beyond that I don’t know anything about them other than what’s on YouTube videos of them. The Ray34CA basses don’t pop up too often, though are probably going for near what you can get a Ray24 new for.
  7. I have a GB75JH with the MM humbucker at the bridge. Speaking of which, I like the Omega high mass bridge, each saddle has four separate grooves for setting your own string spacing. The bass has some quality hardware (Hipshot Ultralite tuners too) and the fit and finish as well as the woods used are all very good. The figuring on the fretboard on mine is nice though would have been a classy touch to have continued the same flame maple onto a veneer on the front face of the headstock. The pickups/electronics package are certainly up to the job but given the quality of other aspects of the bass, it’s the one area I feel I may look at upgrading in the future. It doesn’t feel like an issue with the bass, like I said the electronics are fine, probably likely more me and an idea in my head of the sound I want. Nice to have the active/passive switch on the volume control but there is what feels like a fair drop in output when switching to passive even with the active bass and treble controls set flat at the centre detentes. I like mine a lot and I’m in no hurry to punt it on. I did actually have two when I planned on using these as my main gigging bass but that’s changed and I don’t need a back up the same now. Lastly, I like all the see thru colours on both the JJ and JH models. They all work well with the maple board imo.
  8. Paddy bought my G&L Tribute JB-2 bass earlier this week. Pleasure to deal with and an absolute gent. A credit to Basschat. thanks again Paddy!
  9. Withdrew this from sale last time round on account of its all round excellence, however I hardly have enough time in the day some days to play bass never mind a synth workstation. So back up on the chopping block it goes! The synth has only ever been used at home and comes with the psu, instruction manuals and a gig bag. I also have the original Roland box for it for shipping in. £475 postage will be £25
  10. No not as much range to the tone control as I have been used to on other passive basses. The Tributes don’t seem to back off to zero and do that woolly no treble sound (for want of a better description). I didn’t find much change on the LB-100 either and I actually though the tone pot was duff on it when I got it. I have mostly been playing through my mixer and studio monitors or on headphones at lower volumes and I have noticed more difference in the tone settings when plugging into my TC head and cabs and cranking it up a bit. Still not like how I expect the tone to travel from full on to full off. Backing off the tone pot, it doesn’t do that much until about where 3 or 4 would be, when it noticeably changes. Becomes duller but not the woolly, undefined no treble sound we are all used to. Is not a deal breaker for me as I would very rarely if ever back the tone off like that. For me it just adds to the instrument’s character if anything. The LB-100 has a big neck. Quite a handful and I think I would find it exhausting on my left hand to play it for a whole gig. Do love the bass though. It sounds great and occupies its own space the way P basses do. I also wanted the ash/black/maple look so much. It’s very, very likely a keeper and actually keeps me from getting my MusicMan Cutlass out of its case which is high praise indeed! The sonic blue JB-2 has just been sold. I couldn’t keep both it and the JB. Sold the JB-2 not because it’s any less useful than the JB, but because I have played JB-2s a while now and wanted another Tribute with different pickups than J/J. I’m 100% sure I’ll get another JB-2 as those basses have their own vibe that I like. For now though I bought a Kiloton from jezzaboy on here. That’s another killer bass for the money and I’m really liking it so far. Sounds like a passive L-1500 in an SB-2 body.
  11. I bought one of the JB basses from Guitar Guitar a couple of weeks back. Weighed it at 4.5kg/9.9lb. It has a different tone from the JB-2 with the same pickups and controls and the bridge pickup is closer to the bridge on the sunburst JB (60s vs 70s?) I am a late convert to black blocks and binding on a maple neck but it looks great with the sunburst and black pickguard. My one has some unusually heavy figuring in the ash which I’m not 100% sure about on a burst finish but that aside I can’t fault the bass. It and an LB-100 will be my gigging pair when (if) everything returns to normal.
  12. Just bought Gerry’s G&L Tribute Kiloton from him. Gerry took my Zoom MS60B stompbox in part exchange. Straightforward meet up and deal done. As usual top fella to deal with🙂 I have now had three Tributes from Gerry and it’s fast becoming the norm for his G&L’s to head south thirty miles down the coast to me.
  13. Basically just taken out of box and tested. Up to 4 fx at once. 50 memory locations. Boxed with instructions. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal gift please. £50 + £5 RM signed for
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