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  1. **SOLD LOCALLY** Boss RC-2 Loopstation with instruction booklet. On board drum machine/rhythm guide. Only selling as I'm upgrading to a Boss RC300 Loopstation.
  2. Now been set up by myself to my liking and given a good clean up.Sounds,looks and plays fab. Strings on it are well used and dull but I don't feel any need to change them until I put some flatwound strings on it. As always hoping it's a keeper and that I don't have my head turned by something else on here/gumtree etc🤞
  3. Thing is I was after a Precision and was going to put flats on it. Then this came up. Think l will put flats on this for a none more old school vibe Ye the switch too. Seems quirky and a bit over the top but maybe that's how I see Gretsch as a brand anyway. Saying that I liked the selector switch on the G&L L2K and Asat basses I owned in the past Thought it would neck dive but can't say I feel I'm ever holding the neck up. It's ok on the forearm too. I have a deep bowl Ovation Elite bass which also has a square edge where my forearm rests and being pushed out a bit further can get uncomfortable after extended playing time. No real complaints with the ergonomics of the Gretsch though and even if there was I'd forgive it on account how drop dead gorgeous it looks.
  4. Got this rather fetching Gretsch long scale today in a trade. Lovely thing it is too and I've been playing it pretty much since I got it! btw I don't think I've ever seen this before on a bass but it has a master volume as well as individual volumes for each pickup.
  5. Andertons are showing the 2019 USA made LB100 (and JB) Standards for order. https://www.andertons.co.uk/g-l-fullerton-standard-lb-100-bass-in-emerald-blue-metallic-w-caribbean-rosewood-fingerboard-(non-cites)
  6. Sterling Ray34ca which arrived today. Still setting it up to my liking but already hoping it fills a niche in my basses and stays.
  7. Ibanez Ashula II and LTD RB1006
  8. sorry to hijack this for sale thread but there's at least one more in the UK I know of as I used to own a SR5 in this colour Lovely Stingray this. if I hadn't my readies earmarked for a Classic Sabre I would be all over it Keir
  9. The LB100 fullerton standards are in vintage White and emerald blue
  10. Andertons have quoted me around £1300 for a new 2019 Fullerton Standard bass (LB100 or JB2) http://glguitars.com/product-category/fullerton-standard-basses/
  11. MTD Kingston with Seymour Duncan STC-3M3 stingray preamp
  12. dub_junkie

    Ibanez Porn

    SRSC805 'Cerro' SR806FF
  13. I took delivery of an SRSC805 Cerro singlecut yesterday. And my SRFF806 :
  14. Lovely! I'm a recent convert to Ibanez but I am rather taken with my fanned fret 6 string after it re-ignited my passion for playing. So much so I have another two new Soundgears on their way to me at the end of the week. Can't wait!!
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