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  1. They’re both lovely in the violin burst finish. I had my USA Deluxe 4HH up for sale but I’ve again gone off the idea of parting with it as A) the Valenti I was after is no longer available and B) the Dimension is a super versatile bass that’s going to prove its worth in my new project. I’ve recently applied a number of coats of oil and wax to the unfinished neck and it’s now lush. Very similar to an EBMM neck in how tactile it is.
  2. I had at least three regular StingRays with alnico magnets, 2EQ and contoured body. The last one was a black/rosewood which was one of the ‘133 series’ Rays. Basically a 2EQ StingRay in black,Pearl blue or Candy apple red with either maple or rosewood fingerboard and a MusicMan gig bag instead of a case. No other options. Bought it new for £1099 in late 2014 when there weren’t many left kicking about. They were originally £999 which was a great price at the time for a USA MusicMan. I also had a teal/maple 2EQ and a sunburst fretless 2EQ like Pino’s one but with an unlined pau ferro board. Don’t know what the nut width was for sure but 1 5/8 or 41.3mm rings a bell. and iirc the difference in price between a regular production 2EQ and 3EQ was only something like £40
  3. Very nice! I have the CLF L-1000 which Owen tried out at the bass bash a couple of weeks back. Mines is exceptionally light and the fit and finish is top drawer. Sounds huge too. If mine is anything to go by, the CLF research basses are a bit special and if I had the money I’d try and get hold of an L2K like yours as well.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. I’ve been downsizing/consolidating since before and after relocating from the west coast of Scotland to Shropshire. I had fourteen basses at one point. I’m down to five now and if the Dimension and G&L sell I’ll be at three. One P type, a super J and an MM. Got myself into a band again. Feeling ready to go and the three are all getting equal playtime. Really lovely SR5!! Tort plate would look great on it btw🙂 Keir
  6. I used to have one of these in the original blue dawn finish and it played and sounded great. I strung it both A to A as a baritone and E to E as a bass. In the end up I stupidly let it go cheap when I needed the cash. Sold it on the fretboard forum and then about a month or two later seen the music store Frets had it up for £1400 or thereabouts. Was right gutted then😞 I remember once taking the Silo bass into Guitar Guirar and they offered me £400 for it saying they would likely only knock it out for £800 as it was a niche instrument. I knew that was a bare faced lie so without saying anything, I shut up the case and walked out. They’re really great guitars and from my own experience they appeal more to guitar players than bass players. just imo and ymmv Joe Perry plays the Silo bass on Aerosmith's ‘Back in the Saddle’ GLWTS!
  7. **NOW SOLD** Bought on here a couple of months ago. Has largely been my go to bass in that time but I am after another bass that has caught my eye and a couple of my basses will have to go to fund it. Ash body finished in transluscent white. Nicely figured neck with a bit of birdseye. Rosewood fingerboard. Lakland bridge, hipshot tuners, Lakland vintage J pickups. Lakland Levy’s deluxe gig bag. Bass is in excellent condition. Has a mark at the end of the headstock on the edge, otherwise very clean. The neck has been plek’d, plays beautifully and has the lowest action of all my basses. Guarantee that first to try will buy. Fantastically good passive jazz bass. Very reluctant sale. No cash offers or trades. I’m on Shropshire/Staffordshire/Cheshire borders. Could meet locally. Postage will be difficult as I don’t have a shipping box but I may be able to source one. Postage will be £25 to UK mainland though this does not include insurance/cover. edit: weighed the bass and it comes out at 4.26kg/9lb 7oz
  8. **withdrawn as now back on five strings again with my new band** Seen something I’m after yet again so once more my L-5500 is up for sale. Bass has just been restrung with 0.040 - 0.125 strings and had the fretboard oiled and the frets polished. edit : was asked for dimensions/weights so will put them here too Nut width 48mm String spacing at bridge 17mm Weight 11 lbs 1996 G&L L5500 in see thru red over ash body with quartersawn maple neck with carbon graphite strengthening rods and rosewood fingerboard, G&L saddle lock bridge, G&L stamped elephant ear tuners, EMG humbuckers with EMG BTC 2 band active EQ. Built in small numbers (less than 500 I’m led to believe) before the L-2500 appeared in 1997. This model was the transition model between the L-5000 which had a very narrow nut and string spacing and the L-2500 and used the EMG pickups and circuit while G&L were getting their five string MFD pickups ready. This bass is in great condition for its 25 years. There is tarnishing on the machine heads, bridge saddles and most notably on the black crinkle neck plate, some buckle rash, some crazing in the lacquer on the back and there a couple of slightly duller patches on the front which can only be seen from close up and at certain angles. There are numerous small knocks around the bass (none which go through to the wood) commensurate with the age of the bass. No structural, electronics or playability issues though the pots could do with a spray of electrical contact cleaner. They are fine when set and cause no problems. The bass comes with the certificate of authenticity and user manual etc and has the original G&L hard shell case which though scratched, functions perfectly. Selling as I no longer play fives and I have seen a fairly rare bass I am after. Not looking for trades and no cash offers. This is a USA G&L made in Fullerton,CA and is priced to sell with no further price reductions. I am on shropshire/Staffordshire/Cheshire borders. Can travel a bit for a meet at cost of fuel. Postage could be an issue right now as I don’t have a shipping box at present but should be able to source one. Postage will be £25 but this won’t include insurance/cover.
  9. Too close to yours. You need a single H with a rosewood board😉
  10. Fender USA Dimension Deluxe 4HH £795 or £750 with USA MusicMan padded gig bag.Pics of bag added. *2014 build, metallic rootbeer finish *Maple neck with asymmetric profile and Posiflex Graphite rods. Truss rod wheel adjustment. Hand rubbed oil finish. *Maple fingerboard and bone nut. Nut width 1.625” (41.3mm) Compound radius (9.5” to 14”) *Fender humbuckers matched to 18v preamp with 3EQ (cut & boost on treble/mid/bass)and five way switch (both inner coils and both outer coils on in-between positions) *Fender high mass bridge *Fender F stamped tuners with tapered string shafts and strong arm retainer on the A string. *Fender moulded hard case Great playing bass with powerful humbuckers giving a wide array of tones. Bass has a number of small marks on it though nothing that could be seen from anything other than close up. There is also a couple of small indentations at the volume at the back of the neck where it meets the headstock. No structural, electronics or playability issues £795 with Fender case £750 with deluxe MusicMan gig bag No further price drops on this one. Bass can be auditioned in Market Drayton(Shropshire/Staffordshire/ Cheshire borders)or can travel up to an hour to meet. Can post but will need to source outer box. Cost for shipping will be £25 though insurance cover will be extra. Thanks for looking! Keir
  11. Shame that the Sadowsky is a pain to fit as the one on my Valenti with the VTC paired with Aguilar J pickups sounds the dogs doo-dahs.
  12. Very nice! my first ever Bongo was a white 4HS way back in 2005. Even the regular production white ones were/are rare.
  13. Hi Andy was good meeting you yesterday and thanks for bringing your Sire 5 string which was a lovely thing. be careful of the classifieds on here, especially the basses for sale section. Dangerous place for your wallet. Keir
  14. Saw (and played) some great basses this afternoon, including those by local builders. Enjoyed playing (in no particular order) a Sadowsky 5, Overwater Progress 5, Fender flea jazz, Fender Performer as well as a Manton medium scale P bass with a really great feeling and comfy neck. In all truth I fell in love with the Sadowsky 5. If this is how it is to be then so be it for I have found a new itch I didn’t know needed scratching before today. Amongst others, I missed out on playing a Sterling short scale Stingray pictured above and an ash Warwick Corvette much like I once owned. Hopefully next time. Also, being possibly one of the last bassists to actually experience playing one, I got a late in the day audition on a Sire V7 five string. I was very impressed by it too and they now find themselves on my radar too. thanks all for a nice bass day. Put me down for the next one. Cheers! Keir
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