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  1. From our jam night. Me and my drummer with ace guest guitarist / singer.
  2. Our jam session (so many safety rules I don't know if I am allowed in) should be interesting on Sunday, then...
  3. Hosting a jam night next Sunday. Have spent hours theorising on making it safe.
  4. Do step one. Take the photos. The next day do step two. Write the listing. The next day Post the listing and photos.
  5. I think he was using a Tobias when I saw him on his final gigs.
  6. I can't see anything going ahead now until next summer.
  7. I will try them out first wherever possible. I've bought one bass (an Ibanez 5er) on Ebay and was very lucky with the price and the condition of the bass. I've had 4 new Rics from online stores, all great and I still have them. One new custom colour Fender FSR P online from PMT, which I had to set up, but mint and lovely. Never seen one in-store.
  8. Les Pauls: Vintage | Gibson | Gibson | Radiotone
  9. This was out of the case yesterday as well..
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