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  1. I did say a couple of posts above it was usable in the studio.
  2. The vintage sound thing is just a pointless bass cut. Fortunately, it can be ignored.
  3. If you watch Kay Mellor's TV programme 'Girlfriends', that's where the shot is from (on the set - we were the band in the show). I am now worried that I may have inadvertently caused a slight continuity error with that bottle, as I don't think it was on the rig when I had to play through it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyt1TSe6jXE They picked a song from the 'on pain of death' section of our setlist. The additional guitarist in the middle was an actor. Gerrard Fletcher.
  4. This is what I normally use: This is my backup rig:
  5. This is a sales blurb from a site I just found at https://reverb.com/uk/item/7087494-hiwatt-b300h-300w-bass-head-solid-state-maxwatt-series-brand-new-boxed "HIWATT B300H 300W Bass Head Solid State Maxwatt Series DESCRIPTION The B300 Head puts out 300 watts into a 4-ohm output or 200 watts into an 8-ohm output. The Head includes: passive and active inputs, gain control, master volume, shape control (push/pull flat/boost) and a 7-band EQ with push/pull - on/off control. There is also a built-in LIMITER with ratio and push/pull - on/off controls. Outputs include XLR balanced line out and a headphone jack. This amp, again, is a tried and tested solid state modern classic. This is the most popular and the only solid state head that we make for bass in this price range. In fact, some bass players swear by this for full on LOUD! The pre-amp has high & low sensitivity switch. There is simply no better sounding, looking or engineered solid state bass head amplifier in the world in this price bracket! FEATURES Front Panel Controls: INPUT, PASSIVE/ACTIVE SWITCH, GAIN, BASS, TREBLE, ON/OFF EQ, EQUALISATION, MASTER VOLUME, LIMIT SWITCH, MP3 IN, PHONES INPUT, MAINS SWITCH Back Panel Features: LINE OUT, 2 X SPEAKER OUTPUTS, XLR OUT, AUX IN Output Power: 300W. Please note this amp can be used for keyboards as well. Dimensions (Unboxed) L x H x 😧 59 x 32 x 26 cm Weight (Unboxed): 19 kg" ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ As for the guitars in the picture, it's an old picture that I took of the HiWatt rig, before the lockdowns started, so I honestly don't know if they still have those in. They have lots of weird and wonderful looking guitars.
  6. I have four 4003's and the neck pickup never gets solo'd on any of them, simply because the overall sound of both pickups is what I am after. I'm generally one of those people who will just leave all the tone controls in one place (fully on) on the bass and sort my EQ on the amp and I'm good to go on stage. The neck pick up has a very good sound but needs boosting. The bridge pickup always sounds nice and trebly, but it's the mix of the two that I will always use. In the studio, it's a versatile enough bass. The vintage pull out pot they have added now is a waste of time for me in a live situation, as it just sucks all of the bottom end out of the bass and I could only see a possible use for that in the studio, but I would just EQ around that on the amp to get the sound right, anyway..
  7. One thing to remember with a 4003 is that the overall sound that everyone seems to love (unless, of course, you don't) seems to come from the balance between the pickups.
  8. Yup. It is at Chase. Head £399 4x10 £299 1x15 £299
  9. It must be 2017, that I first saw a huge HiWatt rig in a shop not far from me. New. Maxwatt 300 amp plus 4x10 and 1x15 cabs. I sent a mate a pic in 2018 to tip him off, but he didn't bite. I had an excursion away from my regular Hartkes into Blackstar, which didn't go well. I was reluctant to change over but before covid struck, I started to think a spare rig might be useful. The shop was closed since early last year. It wasn't in their online store. After a few attempts to get to the shop to try the rig, I managed to get there today and (ringing to check the shop was open), the rig was still there. I played through it with an active Jazz bass and it sounded great. I haggled for a deal, but it was already reduced as far as it would go. I was sorting out purchase of the head and the 4x10. Some one came along to lift the head down and he said how heavy it was. I picked it up and it was REALLY heavy. Oh... I asked what the 4x10 cab weighed. Two guys got it down onto the floor. I could only lift it 3" off the floor. Damn. If I couldn't get it in the car, what use would it be? I left the shop dejected and cash unspent. Damn.
  10. Ric 4003 neck pickups are generally less powerful. The cure is a replacement.
  11. The band I was in was run by the drummer who was matey with the singer / guitarist from the headliners. He bent over backwards to get them to play with us. We just were told they were using our gear. They had watched us from out front and I did say the amp was set and didn't need changing. He just didn't listen. There wouldn't have been a problem if he had left it alone. Like you say, it's about respect.
  12. Slade at Manchester Apollo in 1982 gave me a migraine. The sound guy must have been on a bet with someone. I saw them about 50 times and they never ever were that terrifyingly loud.
  13. I once got stuck with a name nostalgia band that we were supporting using our gear at a big civic centre gig, so they could just walk on stage. We had the sound set so everything was fine. The bass player from the headliners (a former Eurythmics bassist, now with a single member of a 60's Liverpool band) walked on, cranked my bass rig up to stun level, causing the crowd to start holding their ears as it became deafening in the PA and the guy doing the sound told me to sort it out. I walked on stage while they were playing and turned them down again. I told the bass player that if he did it again, he'd end up going back to his car for his own combo. He shot me a look of pure hatred. I got applauded as I walked offstage. Another time at the same venue, we did the same favour to a 70's band. I asked politely and their bass player left my controls completely alone. They nearly blew our guitarist's Fender combo apart, though. I'd never heard it sound so good, but he moaned for weeks afterwards that they had ruined it.
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