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  1. It just says WE DON'T CARE ABOUT THE MUSICIANS in bloody huge letters.
  2. Kiss on Friday in Manchester. Cheap Trick in Glasgow on the 21st.
  3. Anything else I say would get me into Jo Brand type trouble....
  4. I had one of these. Bloody useless, except for bedroom practice. (Photo from net - not my amp) Then I got one of these. I had it for quite a long time. It was NOT in the slightest bit portable. I think there's a family, somewhere, with about seven children living in it now. (Photo from net - not my amp)
  5. It is a great work. I have to give the prize to the Bass Culture book about John Entwistle's collection, though.
  6. I just looked on the site. they have gone to a bigger venue. Tix still available. I will make do with my unsigned one from amazon.
  7. Any pics of that? I think he had a red Hamer that was used in the video for 'Can't stop fallin' into love'. Apart from that, as TBirds go, he's always been a Gibson guy.
  8. Milkshakes are not on sale that day..
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