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  1. 12stringbassist

    Twas 33 years ago - RIP Phil Lynott

    I saw them twice, Manchester Free Trade Hall, Jailbreak tour and Reading Festival 1977. They were incredible. They had it all and then Lynott injects himself in his feet to hide needle tracks and leaves two kids behind. A sad end.
  2. 12stringbassist

    No Prices On New Guitars in PMT

    I bought a Fender Player P last year, but they wouldn't match the Rich Tone online price, but went a good way toward it, same with the Player Jazz I bought the next month. In Salford, it only appears to be certain guitars that are unpriced, but still quite a lot of them. When a £2k Telecaster looks like a £700 one, price tags would avoid disappointment.
  3. 12stringbassist

    No Prices On New Guitars in PMT

    I must say that no price tag = no sale for me.
  4. 12stringbassist

    Musician Assaulted At Cavern Club

    I was there on Dec 16th, watching this lot. Fortunately, no fools tried to interrupt.
  5. 12stringbassist

    What are you listening to right now?

    Godley and Creme - Freeze Frame album
  6. 12stringbassist

    What are you listening to right now?

    Rick Parfitt - Living my life without you.
  7. 12stringbassist

    Geddy's Bass Book - Out In December

    Yup... £22.51. Trigger pulled.
  8. 12stringbassist

    Who did you see live last?

    Cheap Trick - Manchester Arena Cheap Trick - the Cavern Club, Liverpool That last photo is being used by Classic Rock.
  9. 12stringbassist

    How was your gig last night?

    Again, NOT my gig, but I saw Cheap Trick at The Cavern, Liverpool.
  10. 12stringbassist

    How was your gig last night?

    Not MY gig, but it was fabulous....
  11. 12stringbassist

    Thieving scum spoil Roy Wood gig

    His gear has been found.
  12. 12stringbassist

    Hartke HA 3500 - fuse blown

    1. Fuse sled - This contains a fuse holder and shows the currently selected voltage rating for your Model 3500/5500. Make sure the voltage rating is correctly set before powering up the amplifier! Fuse ratings are 10 amp for 115 vac and 6.2 amp for 230 vac. Has anyone got a link to the correct replacement fuses just in case?
  13. I have had a couple of messages about my Blackstar rig this week. I apologise that I can't now answer the questions, as I am no longer a Blackstar Artist.
  14. 12stringbassist

    Does it really matter what gear you have??

    I think having the bass(es) that you need to do the gig and good quality, reliable gear is everything. Add that to being in the right band with people who you fit in with and who play well together... On the other hand, add in rubbish gear into the equation.
  15. 12stringbassist

    How was your gig last night?

    This weekend my old band, The Kerbcrawlers, reconvened after a 10 year gap for two shows. We had only one rehearsal - the night before - as one of our guitarists went to live in Spain 10 years ago. The rehearsal was particularly hairy for me as my bass amp failed on me (once again - the manufactures had an email the next morning about this) and I had to plug into the PA, but we got through it and came away very happy. The first night was at The Boulevard in Wigan and we got a decent crowd of friends and family down and had a nice evening playing two sets both well over an hour each. It was just a really great evening - a different atmosphere from your usual gigs. We supported The Quireboys once in a small theatre gig and had that rare level of audience concentration and appreciation. We played really well that night. Everything fell back into place and muscle memory kicked in. The second night, we played a local venue and had to cut our set lists really short to clear the stage and make way for the DJ, who started at 12. We also didn't have that much of a crowd - because of boxing on TV apparently, but we were doing this gig for us. Various cameras failed on us and at this point, we only have the one song from the two nights, though we are expecting some audience footage to be passed to us soon. We really enjoyed the get together and don't expect to be doing it again as full shows.