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  1. How long had you had this bass before the truss rod failed? Some top end basses have rather long warranty periods. And if they don't, maybe they should.
  2. Jam night. I'm on guitar for a change. Andy Worthington on bass.
  3. New to me today - a limited edition FSR Player series bass in this groovy colour. Arrived thru post with slack strings, from PMT online, but was quick to set up and intonate. Plays wonderfully
  4. We were part way through burying him.
  5. Nah. The 12 string bass gets an airing every now and again...
  6. The Christi Haydon EP (bonus tracks on the deluxe reissue of Sparks' Gratuitous Sax and Senseless Violins). I had the pleasure of having a dance with her at a Sparks gig some years ago. Lovely girl.
  7. People coming up to me midsong, while I am singing.. If I can hear them, I pretend they are not there til the end of the song. Then I speak to them. However, there should always be an exception: Slade at Manchester Rotters 1979. A punter (me) gesticulates frantically at Jim Lea during a song. Seeing as he knew me to chat to at sound checks he didn't ignore me. "Oi, Jim. Your bass rig is belching smoke". An Acoustic 360 power amp was overheating. One of the crew just pulled it out of the rig.
  8. I use a Zoom B2 bass pod, set to Hartke rig (which is what I use onstage) and go via very careful EQ and compression on the desk into the recorder. I tend to trim off the bottom end a bit. Clarity is your friend, rather than thump.
  9. It was a lot of money to lay out (even with an artist discount for a sh*t product).
  10. My 'expensive' mistake was a few months flirtation with a newly issued range of amplifiers last June, because my guitarist snagged me an artist deal on them. The top amp was a 500w 2x10 combo and I also picked up a 250w 1x15 extension cab. They looked gorgeous, but the amp started to make hideous noises at the first or second gig, so it went back to the maker. They arranged courier collection and got it back to me fairly quickly. They blamed the fault on "a crimped wire." A couple of weeks later, the extension cab failed to power on, so that went back. It was replaced with a new one. I warned the company that the next strike they would be out and I would be asking for a refund. The third strike followed a couple of months later. Fortunately, it was during the solitary rehearsal for a band reunion the next day. I went into the PA for the rehearsal. Thank God it didn't happen at the actual two gigs. I got the rig collected later that week and my refund was processed after a couple of reminders. The company were very fair with me and I cannot fault their superb customer service. I was refunded with no argument. I have been told by a number of friends who work at repairers and stores, upon mentioning that I had owned them, that this amp range is a bit of a disaster and the number of returns is unbelievable, without even mentioning my woes, though I did share my experience after that. No names, no pack drill, but think back to what new model bass range came into stores in July or August last year.
  11. My band played two blindingly enjoyable gigs on Friday and Saturday after a weekend off. We handed our weekly jam night over to a long established and trusted local band, so we could head up to The Talbot in Burnley (always a good gig) . It had been handed over to some friends, who regularly attend the jam, the previous week, without incident. After our first set of three, I saw a message from the landlady, asking me where the stand in band for that night were. I looked on the bassist from that band's page and he had been advertising the jam earlier in the day. I sent her a screenshot of that. We kicked off our second spot... Then he posted, asking around for a drummer, as their drummer wasn't doing it. They have had 3 weeks to sort this out. Shortly afterwards he posted that he was chucking the jam in, as he couldn't find a drummer. The landlady messaged me saying she was going to have to close as people had come in and walked back out, as nothing was going on. I messaged the bassist who was covering and he said he had messaged her and she mustn't have seen it. That was not the point. He let her down. Big style. I just felt sick. This ruined my evening. I know that we are going to get it in the neck next Sunday, as she will be ripping about this - as she is indeed entitled to be. I am normally there first and will catch the brunt of this anger. Ironic, as I didn't want to hand the jam over for a second week on the trot. Pray for me...
  12. Kiss could license the name Kiss to a band to perform using the name, but it wouldn't be Kiss. Not by a long way. They'd probably have to call it THE KISS SHOW. I could never see the show being staged like an actual Kiss show. I haven't read mention of Thin Lizzy without Phil Lynott. Scott Gorham said it felt wrong for it to continue with the Lizzy name after a while. Slade have been continuing without Noddy Holder and Jim Lea since 1992. In the world of Slade fans, this causes either much controversy or delight. Some guys I used to be in a band with joined up with some other guys who had bought the name of a 60's chart band, (who were long defunct) for a couple of grand. The funniest thing I have ever heard is them announcing "This was our big hit in 1965" or whatever, then doing a hatchet job on it. It's a way to make living, I suppose - playing to people who have no clue about the original bands in social clubs and on holiday camp weekend bashes.
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