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  1. 12stringbassist

    Bass Guitar Magazine website.

    Thanks, guys.
  2. 12stringbassist

    Bass Guitar Magazine website.

    Has the Bass Guitar Magazine website been abandoned? It appears not to have been updated for several months? The new news is from February? http://www.bassguitarmagazine.com/
  3. 12stringbassist

    Fleetwood Mac (with Neil Finn)...

    The lineup has a lot of potential. I imagine the rewards are pretty good (a pension boost) and Neil Finn wouldn't have taken it on if it felt wrong in any way to him. He pretty much does what suits him and if this didn't, at any stage he would have opted out. I reckon Finn will continue to do solo things and maybe reconvene Crowded House between Fleetwood Mac tours. Mike Campbell is a dream addition to most bands.
  4. 12stringbassist

    Tried a Rickenbacker...

    The Ibanez: Customised Ric Mapleglo Ric Fireglo He has also been seen using a White Ric.
  5. 12stringbassist

    Tried a Rickenbacker...

    Paul Weller and Bruce Foxton lent genuine Rics for the Jam exhibition last year as I recall. At the time of In the city, Bruce Foxton was certainly using an Ibanez copy. By the time of This is the modern world, enough money was coming in to enable the band to buy the guitars and basses that they desired. Bruce had several Rics. I understood that the Rics used in the videos later on were used on the recording sessions.
  6. 12stringbassist

    Tried a Rickenbacker...

  7. 12stringbassist

    Bassists as lead vocalists

    I never thought I'd be able to do anything like this, as there is so much going on, but... put the work in and you can.
  8. 12stringbassist

    Bassists as lead vocalists

    I do the lead vocals in my band. we do two one hour sets. The secret is to get the bass part solidly in your head first, making sure you play what is required to keep the song solid, then to get a lyric sheet and play and sing along with the song until you are sick of it and all of it is in your head. Not easy work.
  9. 12stringbassist

    Your Strengths & Weaknesses

    Strengths: My voice stays intact on 4-gig weekends. I play the bass part that is required. Reasonably fast learner. Creative with arrangements and not sulky if an idea does get accepted. I am persistent and can fill a diary. Good gear and transport. I can keep a good tight pounding rhythm on something like Roadhouse blues. Weaknesses: I get really tired, due to health issues (but have never messed up at a gig). Not a good after-gig chatter. I usually want to get home and to bed. I sometimes need a cheat sheet on the floor for new songs til they are in my head. The occasional lyric will fall out of my head at a moment's notice - I have never had to sing all of a 2 hour set until last 2 years.
  10. 12stringbassist

    P Bass - Which Brand?

    I bought this a couple of weeks ago and am using it as my main bass on 3 gigs a week. 2018 Player P. (Scratchplate swapped out) I liked it so much I bought this one since.
  11. 12stringbassist

    What are you listening to right now?

    Eurythmics | Revenge
  12. 12stringbassist

    Joining another band...staying in first?

    If you can do it and your diary works, all is good. It may play hell with someone else's diary, but best of luck.
  13. 12stringbassist

    Joining another band...staying in first?

    Agreed. I have found that getting drum cover is the easiest. Our band doesn't go out if myself or the guitarist are not available. It's never the same with a different drummer, but we can get by respectably.
  14. 12stringbassist

    Joining another band...staying in first?

    I have always found people being in another band to be a pain in the butt. Trying to run a diary when they are possibly elsewhere with people from other bands, all interdependent on their other bands not being down is utter misery. I would not take on a guitarist who was in two bands, simply because I want to go out and play and have all of my band mates there at every gig. If Guitarist A can't live with that, there are others as good who can. I won't go out with a scratch band on the night. It's rarely good. Concentrate on one thing and get it right. The exception being if there are a couple of you that are in both bands and then working on the diary is quite simple.