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  1. The truth of the matter is that once people start doing other things, it dilutes the original band. Diaries clash and disappointment and dep players get involved. Can't be doing with it.
  2. A weekend off at the end of the month... YESSSSS!!!! Going to watch The Bootleg Beatles on the Sunday.
  3. I voted 1. However, if I was in an originals band, I would be far more prepared to take a punt on gigs that involved more effort at good venues.
  4. Your way forward is maybe to contact your friend and tell him that unless the other people are going to show enough interest and commitment in a stated period, then you are going to depart. That gives him a chance to replace you if he acknowledges that they aren't going to join in - or even possibly replace them.
  5. Being in a band realistically has to fit in with a day job, relationships, families, holidays, other hobbies and a whole lot of other things. All that anyone who runs a band (and there's very often one main person who runs the diary) needs from his / her band-mates is a fair degree of honesty about when they are available and when they are not. If someone doesn't block a date off as not available and a gig comes in, then they should do it, unless it is some sort of really pressing reason preventing them from doing so. You have to all be on the same page or there's no point in doing it.
  6. At least you know where you are up to with him now. People who thinking blowing gigs out are a waste of time. I don't think much of people who are in more than one band either.
  7. They are saying "You and the band are less important than going off for a weekend of drinking and bunking up with the Mrs". They may even have a point. Using the babel fish to translate that though, I get the wording "PLEASE SACK ME BEFORE I F*** THIS BAND ENTIRELY". The babel fish is very reliable. It knows, you know...
  8. What people are saying is that other people are A PROBLEM. The easiest way to solve a problem is to REMOVE THE PROBLEM. Removing a problem may indeed cause a bit of stress, but replacing the faulty part with a new one generally makes the machine work. No pain, no gain.
  9. That's awful. You have my sympathies. Cancelling gigs is for when someone is really unwell. I cancelled one on the day a couple of months back, because my wife had had a routine heart operation (an ablation) in Liverpool that day, and though we were expected to be home late afternoon, so someone could stay with her, we ended up still being in Liverpool 'til 10.30pm. When I got an inkling it was all going wrong as far as going straight home went, I rang and cancelled. That is when you cancel a gig, not because someone decides that going off in their camper van and telling YOU to ring the venue and cancel, so you look a d*ck instead of them is the way forward. In 'my' band, we put our not available dates in, as far as is practicable. I have blocked the same sets of weeks for the next 3 years - same as I did when I was at work. We don't play on our birthdays, other halves birthdays and wedding anniversaries as a rule. We are all fairly skint, so we are gig hounds. Our date list is quite good. I'm lucky to be in a band with two guys who are on the same page.
  10. It's ok for people to block dates out as 'not available'. When people do that, you know what you have to work with. In the instance above of the guy who turns down gigs willy nilly to spend weekends with his wife - he needs to own up and be honest and say that being in a band is at the bottom of his list of priorities. Bands with a player like this maybe need to realise that, sooner rather than later, he will be more of a problem than an asset. As in my post just above, I have had someone in my band who was effectively a time-waster and have watched him bounce from band to band in the last couple of years, making these bands disintegrate. The worst thing is, he seems oblivious to why it happens when i talk to him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the situation of the original poster, whose guitarist has just declared himself unavailable for booked gigs.... and unable to commit to next year because he doesn't know when his holidays are yet. That comes with some jobs, but as far as the band goes, it is a problem. If it was me faced with this situation and getting another guitarist was virtually impossible, I would find another band myself.
  11. I have a mate who has played guitar in a band I was in. He has a nice job with a bank and brilliant gear and is a real tech head about guitars. With his brilliant job goes brilliant pay. With his brilliant pay, they have bought a holiday home abroad. He likes long weekends in the sun with his Mrs. He has messed about five bands around in the last couple of years. Gigs pulled, unable to plan ahead. Love the guy to bits but I would never be in a band with him again. He really needs to stick to going to jam nights, rather than being in a band.
  12. I've had it happen to me. A couple of Hercules stands have ended up in bins outside venues. Never again.
  13. As much use as a chocolate fireguard - get rid.
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