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  1. Status have released a new limited edition mark king signature again
  2. LukeFRC

    Zoom B1 Four

    From memory it was added the same time as the B15 sim
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. LukeFRC

    Zoom B1 Four

    my 2p, presuming it's similar to the B3n in terms of models.... - you either need a cab sim (so use 100%) or you don't... something like the 810 sim is going to have a attenuated top end, and a massive fat bottom end - depending how you have it set up (if you're running a compressor after) it will sound like a big tweeterless 810 cab! the Ampeg 410 cab has a tweeter - if you compare the two you'll notice! The first mic is a nice "bass cab sound", the is a SM57 or something second lets more treble through, and tends to be pointed at the tweeter if it's got one... so on the 410 cab the SM57 mic acts like a tweeter control... Try the EBS cab for something utterly unlike the 810 as it's a cab with a lot of top end. Of course I'm talking about a completely different pedal to yours so your mileage probably will vary!
  5. LukeFRC

    Zoom B1 Four

    If it’s like the cab sims on the B3n the second mic option will have more top end to it, so turn that up
  6. LukeFRC

    Zoom B1 Four

    Think I’m going to need to try one. For some reason I expect it to be a bit “meh”
  7. for me selling comes down to either money or space. Do you need the money more than you need the bass? And do you have the space. I live in a smallish house, ideally I would sell a couple of basses because of that... when it comes down to it, one is the bass I've had the longest of any I've had (10-15 years) and has lots of memories. The other is a bitsa I spent more on than I should putting it together and I wouldn't see much of that back, and no one else is going to rate a body built by me and electronics designed and built by me... so no point selling that either...
  8. LukeFRC

    Zoom B1 Four

    That's really interesting (and @krispn's following one too) My playing with first a B3 then a B3n was first and foremost a reaction to playing at church with no backline and IEM. I'm actually fairly happy with a straight DI sound, but it turns out that amateur sound techs get better results if you give them something that sounds like a bass through an amp and cab rather than a flat signal (esp more modern sounding basses) I also am realising that theres' in my playing I tend to play with quite a difference between loud and quiet bits, and being able to dig in against something compressing works for me. So something like the Spetracomp compressor into a preamp with DI of some kind would on paper do me, I tried @owen's API preamp he used to have and on paper that worked but I wasn't loving the tone (Esp when compared to his Hellborg preamp 💗) ... but then some overdrive is useful sometimes... and a tuner and before you know it I need a pedal board and to read all these threads where people discuss the best type of power supply... and I've still not got a friggin cab simulator... and you know what, I enjoy looking at the pedal board porn thread from time to time, but building a pedal board is one rabbit hole that I don't have any desire to get into... I want one box and plug and play. I reserve the right to change my mind on this one The Zoom B3n is really very good, but I keep hearing that the amp models on the HX are a step up which is why I want to try it out (esp relevant using IEM) in the HX's favour is being able to assign pedals - currently wanting to switch something at the other end of the chain on the B3n is a pain*... and one button tuner... is it more than I need... well yes, but so is the B3n... So yes... I'm tempted to pick one up (esp now the price has come down and they are coming on the market secondhand) and sell the B3n *yes I know you can program it to avoid this with different patches.
  9. LukeFRC

    Zoom B1 Four

    probably yes. I mean cultures where shoes aren't a thing, they aren't a thing. I think our society probably pressured my parents into thinking that shoes are something a young lad should wear when he starts walking. I used to play barefoot for a few years. Goodness knows why. But the average audience member did notice that
  10. see bit OT as it's a question about your setup rather than photos of mine... Why not just take the HX stomp out live? Reason I ask is I'm thinking changing my B3n for a stomp. But you've had both and then gone for the B1x live... I'm confused
  11. As one of those who doesn't really use effects and is slowly adding them to what I'm doing.... I like this thread
  12. Couple coming up secondhand hand as well... even more tempting
  13. IEM= in ear monitors, headphones, @EBS_freak has a mammoth thread on them, but safe to say there’s some Chinese ones folk are getting for about £30 so you don’t need to spend big. B3n = Zoom B3n multi effects pedal and very good bang for buck
  14. advantages: no stage spill, cleaner sound for FOH, mix what you need, you don't wreck your hearing. disadvantages: sometimes it's a bit like playing in a bubble as to get the bottom end you need reasonable isolation, what you hear and what the FOH sounds like may not be the same, it takes a bit of getting used too, you realise how bad some backing singers at church can be.
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