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  1. Thing is there’s two different things here - attitudes to how average Joe at average church approaches worship and doesn’t make it a performance ego trip (though some churches go more or less on performance vs spontaneous) The second thing is dull wall of noise songs with little melody. (Personally I’m less fussed about it being interesting for musos.) The way I might explain that Is: think of Radiohead’s the bends, it’s kinda indie sound but you can hum the melody’s - some delirious stuff back in the day had that Britpop influence melodic focus ... some of of the more recent stuff doesn’t have that and it’s dull flatness verse quiet chorus verse loud chorus before the inevitable MASSIVE bridge (which often is the only melody that sticks in the head)
  2. If it helps put you all at rest I bought a 73 key electric stage piano - so no real strings in it! it is lots of fun even at my very very early stage (plus it’s obviously teaching me to read music which I couldn’t before)
  3. I agree totally. I find the issue is often people who can’t listen to others, so go blam the whole time. Either because they aren’t good enough musicians to listen, or because they are very good but think the music is so simple they don’t listen to the other musicians ....
  4. Findings to date I really didn’t know the fingerboard as well As I thought. 5 def helps with this Lakland make a lovely instrument I really love the bartolini pickups with the John East preamp, it just works as a set up. I think I will always be a bass player who owns a 5 string, rather than a 5 string bass player. The 5 string version of something I’ve wanted to try for years came up recently... but another 5 string? No thanks. (Probably if the 4 string equivalent of my Lakland came up I wouldn’t mind switching, not that I’m looking for that) my realisation of how limited I am musically led me to start learning piano. so overall positive!
  5. Guy I know has a Mark King dog Status. Outstanding instrument, 100% not my thing in the slightest
  6. Wasn’t there one on here or Facebook last week for about that? (I made a joke to my Mrs that I was buying it)
  7. Are you already in the queue if @marleaux62ever wants to sells his Bravewood version?
  8. Surely she prefers the cost savings of you marrying Yamaha compared to your previous ménage à trois with Yamaha and your pal Roger? (Sadowsky for those not on first name terms)
  9. How do you think he keeps time?
  10. Which really says something about Yamaha’s manufacturing.
  11. LukeFRC


    Maybe ask the question a different way.... How is a HX stomp not the right answer?
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