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  1. going to take you a while to put a comment beside each one isn't it?!
  2. Stagg P bass - borrowed, came to me in bits from someones CDT project at school. Had to learn how to put it together and set it up before I could learn to play it Status Shark 2 Proactive - found at the back of a shop in colchester, new - neck like a banana and bits going rusty... what a first bass though. Kinda polite sounding Fender Precision Japan PB57-US - Formed a band. needed a 'proper' bass. It was lovely, fitted a annodized scratch plate. Warwick Streamer Stage 1 (1991) Blue - Joined bass chat. realised someone would pay me money for my Status... sold it and convinced @warwickhunt to sell me his blue streamer. Hated the sound! Warwick Streamer Stage 1 (1991) Natural- found locally for sale, weighed less than the blue one and sounded better - was my main bass really for years. Fender JV Squier Series Precision '57ri - One of the ones that is super rare. Amazing bass. Had a SD-PB1 pickup in it - sounded great. Tracked down an original pickup - didn't sound as good. Currently residing with @sdbrown8177 Valenti No.42 - bought from @richardd kept for a month, sold to @funkyspuke - I didn't like the sharp corners on the body and the ugly typeface on the headstock- and I didn't like Jazz basses. I learned after this that a new bass needed at least 6 months before you sold it on. Fender USA 70's RI FSR in Lake Placid blue - bought a few weeks after the Valenti from @AndyTravis - lovely thing proved I didn't like jazz basses. Went to Barcelona Cimar model 1905 (1975) - - Found for £40 in a secondhand shop off Byres Road. Fixed it up with the help of @Bassassin - one of the most fun things to play ever. Unfortunately bought it to do up and sell to a really good friend. He won't sell it back Peavey T40 - Took 4 trains and a bus to a random suburb of Paisley to collect it. Almost lost my arm on the way back. Weighed about double my main Streamer did. Once you had picked it up it was quite fun to play live. But far too heavy. Cant remember who it went to, probably a black hole. Kramner P JJ thing - Bought on here as it had an original JV P pup on it. The seller didn't want to sell me the pup for £100 but 6 months later sold me the whole bass for £120 or something. Kept the pickup sold the bass...It wasn't very nice Aria RSB fretless oddity - Bought off here, old thing, defretted and with some crazy 80's pickups in it- sounded great in the hands of the guy who I sold it too! Self build green Stingray thing. - Body off a Vox standard, and some neck I found. Don't use Ronseal Dimondhard floor varnish in the place of Epoxy on the neck.... it's too hard to sand! Horrid thing really Self build Pink Stingray thing - attempt 2 someone built a bass on a bass building course at uni. I made it look like a stingray and refinished it pink. Heavy and didn't play nicely. Self build Black blue stingray thing - attempt 3 - built the body myself from a lump of ash, HH set up giving me P ray and jazz style tones, MM Sub neck. Was nice but not nice enough to play. By the time I had finished it probably cost me as much as just buying a secondhand stingray. Lesson learned. Vision Matsumoku Japanese oddity - it was black - that's all I can remember Yamaha BB300 (Japan) - tricked up a trade along with the Squeir jazz below. Was the nicer of the two. Sold it stupidly Squier Jazz bass Japan '92ish- Not as nice as the BB300. Stripped the body... possibly wood, possibly something else, bought a new body sprayed tomato soup red with graffiti paint. Nice but I don't like Jazzes remembe? Warwick Thumb bass (1985) - You know your long term GAS bass that you've wanted since you started playing? Yep - this was it. Phenomenal.Beautiful. Except it turns out it spent a couple of years not being played. Made an amazing racket when it was. Yamaha BB1200 (1977) - - Really nice early one. Liked everything about it apart from the sound. G&L L1000 (1982) - From @gareth Replaced the BB1200 - much more my thing, and it was green. They are brilliant. Very hot output. Sold to pick up a Precision bass. (still not bought) Sadowsky Metro Will Lee - Traded with Warwickhunt for the Thumb bass plus I think he wanted about 3 extra cases. The best bass I've owned by a long way. Almost impossible to get a bad sound from it. Just beautiful sounding. Only traded cos a Sadowsky is easier to sell than a vintage Warwick ... I got it home and "I could sell all my basses but this one" wasn't exaggerating! Since getting it the old No.1 streamer and L1000 were sold as they weren't getting played. ❤️ Lakland 55-94 Classic (5 string from 1999) - Picked up locally because it was red and at a nice price. 5 strings are ok?! Pretty good bass, really really fat low mids, it sounds louder than the Sadowsky even when it's not if you know what I mean.Jurys still out on it a bit but just survived the cull of 2020
  3. A bass comes into Cash Converters - they stick it on their website and see if it sells without them doing extra work. Obviously works as you bought it! The moment you start cleaning or changing strings you're going to come into a few issues... what do you clean it with, who cleans it and also do you have anyone qualified to change strings on all guitars and basses that come in and do a half decent setup? If you get a bass that's a mess and dirty with old strings, but it plays and it's working why would you risk not being able to set it up properly, or one of your staff breaking a truss rod - or even just finding undisclosed damage or something? Easier to stick it up on the website and if someone wants it they will buy it, if they don't want it GAK, Andertons, PMT et al will provide clean instruments with new strings...
  4. I’m not sure @The Burpster is on here much any more - search prs bass on a popular auction site and you will find another one if his he’s got up
  5. I think @Doctor J brought his JPEG guns to a knife fight
  6. yeah - it seems to be a fairly big europewide company and I emailed them asking if Brexit would mean any more fees or anything. Apparently not, and they held on from sending it for a couple of weeks so to avoid any border craziness. I'll report back where it is - UPS currently have it in transit in Poland and say it's due on Friday
  7. I find Amazon baffeling - 50 variants of almost identical kettles from Chinese brands you’ve never heard of - no way of knowing if any of them are any good
  8. I ordered a new coffee grinder from what said was a UK company... they posted it today and it's coming from Poland
  9. Teal Green Metallic ooo yes please! That is a nice colour
  10. If you think every church in America (or even the western world) will have at least one musicians rota, and above a certain size need some kind of PA or something so they ppl can hear them at the back... that's a lot of instruments and a lot of kit installs... and a big market.
  11. So one bit of it is Fender branded - broadly the same as the other one!
  12. even cooler jazz-ish bass at Bass direct - and £300 cheaper... https://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/ACG_Retro_4.html
  13. I kinda agree with what @peteb was getting at - sometimes you pay more and you get a better instrument. I picked up a Fodera at the Bass shop near henley that Molan used to be connected too (I forget the name), and without plugging it in I could tell that it was an amazing sounding resonating, even playing instrument and kinda understood why it had the price tag it had. On the flip side the guy from Vulfpeck did ok for himself with a Mexican fender. so if you've got a cheaper bass that sounds as good. great. Also as Pete says it's a bit about attitude. I'm quite happy to buy a bass, try it and if I don't get on with it sell it on and try something else. I've got a mate who's a guitarist and he's dropped a crazy crazy amount on essentially a custom bitsa - it's resale value is almost nothing - but he works professionally and it's a tool for the job and he knows the exact specs he requires. It's a bit like a trades person who needs a drill for a job, they go and buy the best Makita they can afford, beacause they like that brand, know it's reliable and know it will perform. They won't save £50 and try the deWalt that's on offer and has better specs on paper ... because on the job they don't have the level of confidence it will deliver.
  14. I've done the thing a few times where a shop has been quiet and cool with me trying everything. (mainly looking at Fender style) - Having done that a few times and then sat and thought about what has been the basses I would actually buy I've always found the higher end Squier stuff to be pretty consistently good. Yamaha also manage to provide amazing bang for buck. Recent Fender stuff IMO I found wasn't as consistent and I've played a lot of "alright" basses where they sound fine but nothing special. I've always liked the AVRI line though and played some crackers. In terms of long term basses that the OP is talking about... I had a Warwick Streamer for years, and had a couple of identical looking Japanese Fender Precisions for years.... the precision went to fund my dream GAS bass (early Thumb) which in retrospect was a mistake. But the Thumb was traded for a Sadowsky metro, that I never intended to keep (The thinking was that Sadowsky are a lot simpler to sell than vintage Warwick) but I've played very little else since I got it... and pretty much sold everything else I had from before I had it.
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