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  1. The pointy bit on the bottom edge of the body?
  2. LukeFRC

    Later with Joolz last night

    Are there any younger music presenters out there? There doesn’t seem to be much of a talent stream
  3. Argh we had that model at the church I played bass for for almost ten years. Ok I admit I probably would be better with the eq now but sticking a bright sounding Warwick streamer with active pups into it was like going through a time machine into an 80s nightmare. Mind you I would try one again... though the tech who fixed my walkabout warned me off them as *apparently* the Fets are out of production
  4. LukeFRC

    Shuker Uberhorn Fretless 4 Revisited

    So you’ll be asking @skelf to make you a fretless with his filter preamp in it then...
  5. LukeFRC

    Shuker Uberhorn Fretless 4 Revisited

    Did it originally have the filter based pre? I’ve the EQ-01 and it’s amazing in terms of tonal variation - it does however match the character of the streamer really well
  6. LukeFRC

    Shuker Uberhorn Fretless 4 Revisited

    The John East / ACG preamp transformed my streamer into one of the best basses I’ve ever played. I would happily buy anything from either Alan or John based on the quality of that preamp alone.
  7. LukeFRC

    On hold - Mesa Boogie Walkabout combo

    To try and shift different models ... then come out with a legacy version in a few years time (at a higher price point) ?
  8. LukeFRC

    On hold - Mesa Boogie Walkabout combo

    Go for it. I went to a music shop this week to try out a fender, a custom shop, a new ray and a sandberg, tried through both a amped svt and the new orange terror bass - regardless of the basses I came away thinking that my Mesa walkabout was in another league compared to them, for clean punchy power and heft even... On the bench with the Mesa recommended tech I was using mine was actually putting out around 400w apparently ...
  9. LukeFRC

    MM 2018 Stingrays

    I would say I call a spade a spade ... but think that would make it worse
  10. LukeFRC

    MM 2018 Stingrays

    My mate who was a farmer had very good equipment, well maintained and looked after. It was heavy duty and his tractor was from the 1930s and still going strong. he hadn’t however mastered the art of putting a fence up that could stop a sow on heat escaping but that’s a different conversation. When I say agricultural would Land Rover defender vs Velar be more helpful?
  11. LukeFRC

    To keep, or not to keep?

    Is the hd350 into the BB2 really that much more effort to move?
  12. LukeFRC

    MM 2018 Stingrays

    If you want to compare it to the one I played today it was an ok adjective. Not brilliant, but works to get across what I was trying to say. The older basses are chunkier, heavier and built with 1970s construction techniques- the one I played was different. For what it’s worth if I were to go out and buy a stingray I would go get a pre EB someone I know has it sounds amazing - then I would get the stripped ‘88 with bitsa 3 band eq added and worn frets that just sounded good - then I would get the more lithe new one. Agricultural isn’t bad, the continued popularity of precision basses Prove this! If your basses do what you need them to I don’t think you have any cause to be insulted by another’s opinion of them.
  13. LukeFRC

    MM 2018 Stingrays

    So I just popped into PMT Leeds to try a bass out and ended up trying four! They have the dark glitter finish, single pickup with a roasted neck in... and I got to try it... and it’s a pretty lovely thing - such a nice neck, lightweight and really really lovely instrument. It feel less agricultural than the traditional stingrays - which is a good thing. tone wise - no idea as I was going through their orange bass terror so not what I was used too at all- sounded a bit like a stingray! You could hear the treble point was a bit different as it didn’t have that stingray ‘click’ going on. So yes, nice instruments! I also tried a fender USA Jazz bass (meh- not great), a custom shop relic P bass (nicer than the jazz, fun to play) the stingray and a sandberg J/MM thing (really nice feeling but a bit underwhelming sonically after the ray)