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  1. What was it that you were thinking of?
  2. And you have to have a bit of luck to get on the queue! He builds what he wants, if you are fortunate you might get first dibs
  3. You say they are vintage - Would a cheap new hard case be a significant percentage of the cost? Depends on the bass I guess, a £100 vintage from Russia and a £9k 60's fender are very different. If you stuck a sale post up on here and said, I want £x and postage will be £x in the UK plus £50 for a gator hard case or something... that's reasonable
  4. someone selling their Bravewood '62 P https://www.gumtree.com/p/guitar-instrument/bravewood-precision-p-bass-relic-/1402219195
  5. If you are switching pickups... Q timers as meantioned, or something using Er I can’t remember what it’s called, different technology , lace alumatone, villex ... but if it’s a Warwick streamer with an active pj set - it’s never going to have a piezo tone but I would change the preamp before the pickups. Personally I would get an east Uni pre but other hifi preamps are available. I think that would make a bigger difference than the pickups
  6. On the regular Bass Collection models it lists World Musical Instrument Co. Ltd, Korea as the builder
  7. visually, not that you sell them all
  8. that looks really nice. I see a bit of a theme with your P basses though.
  9. Did John deacon have the pickup flipped too?
  10. I hated it too, and then I was building a pedal years back and ran out of solder, I couldn’t get across town to maplin before closing time but went into this super old school electrical repair place and he guy sold me some ancient lead based solder - it’s so much easier to use!
  11. @gareth has one of most of them!
  12. love the photos. like the bass is nice and all... but as a graphic designer I get all weak at the knees when I see a really great photographer. Also if its not been covered. Jimmy Moon is a very very good luthier https://www.moonguitars.co.uk
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