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  1. first that's a great price. And you can probably put "No trades" in every other line of your advert and someone will still ask if you would like a trade. It's the nature of the beast as most folks "bass money" is tied up in basses... but anyway good luck with your sale it looks a lovely bass!
  2. This in my book is a classic design small and ergonomic. The original adjustable bridge too is a simple and good design, I love the way the tuners told backwards on two planes too.
  3. What are you after pick guard wise? I went for tort on mine and it was a fraction of the cost to get bass doc make one over here. From memory with shipping and customs it ended. Up over £100
  4. I think I preferred the DR strings, but to be honest I'm listening on laptop so not the best comparison... but more importantly - is that a guitar stand built into a bookcase? genius if so.
  5. It was late, I was tired, I’m not good at spelling and spelling beige was beyond me at that point!! erm no - to my ears the Will Lee is the one I like the sound of the most. It was nice to get the Warwick our again too. I forget how nice it is to play
  6. See I've a theory that people did listen on the phone... and it is the brightest sounding of them too... but now maybe the "warmer" is that classic Warwick growl. The alternative theory is that people listen with their eyes, and don't like Warwicks... but it's a great bass, a lovely 1991 streamer stage 1, Chris at Alpher Instruments sorted the frets for me years back so it plays absolutely amazingly and it's got some brilliant Bart pickups in it. Oddly if I turned the drums off it doesn't sound that good. Sadowsky was without the WL switch engaged. And yes three times. It's the newest and I'm still not 100% about this whole 5 string thing so it was an opportunity to hear how it sounded. Yep, I just need to work out how to play in with the B string!
  7. So for the one person watching (hi @bassfan!) the answers are in the second post. What I wasn't expecting is the Warwick to be the favourite by such a long way!
  8. What settings do you use on it? I need to fiddle with mine as it makes it a bit hissy
  9. As we're snowed under with people guessing I'll stick the answers up tomorrow!
  10. I've made it a bit easier now with a multiple choice options...
  11. Good point... I've made it a bit simpler above with a multiple choice. Not sure I want to say exactly what the 4 basses are as it's more interesting to know what people ears are telling them rather then their eyes. I mean their ears are probably telling them I need to practice way more and don;'t know how to record... but I wouldn't disagree with that!
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