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  1. Beautiful colour. Just checking, you’ve got all the paperwork to ship the Brazilian rosewood?
  2. So the next question is... what you building with it?
  3. @AndyTravis - still looking for some Jazz pups?
  4. Is this my old one? I saw it and am tempted to buy it back too!
  5. Anything Yamaha will be quality and good value for money
  6. I would have thought that would have worked quite well soundwise
  7. nutool or something., made in Doncaster I think... but someones stuck a new 240v motor on the back. I needed to drill 30 really accurate holes in a banister - at the time I only had a plug in SDS drill so the argument was that buying that pillar drill for £75 or whatever was worth it as it would still be worth that much when I didn't need it. It's nice though! Putting it in the car was fun, we put the stand in first so it was just behind the drivers seat - hadn't considered the fact that that left most the weight hanging off behind the rear axle ... a very odd drive accross Bradford ensued.
  8. that's actually a really sad story Dr Das pulled it off for Asian Dub Foundation
  9. I got my bench finished yesterday... no clamps though... Upcycling Ikea unit for the drawers
  10. And here starts your career as a YouTuber ...
  11. I’ve done that before. Been miming some crazy flea impression with the bass off....playing with my teeth....“can you turn it down”
  12. really?? I remember that, it doesn't feel like 12 years
  13. Does it sound like a jazz too?
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