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  1. I’ve played that mouse - it’s amazing. And I dont even really know how to play fretless - but that thing is really fun to play
  2. Would that be linked to @Frank Blank getting a new ACG by any chance?
  3. Supporting member ? Says what it is, and members have benefits
  4. Sort of thing that will sell better on here
  5. To be fair @binky_bass your points 4-7 would be good applied to basschat too?
  6. Filters would be better, so you could actively filter down to what you want to see. Subsections mean that somethings just won't get seen enough as you'll loose the more casual but interested traffic. Filters would be a lot of dev work though I think.
  7. I like Basschat. Folk are generally sound, on a similar wavelength to me and it's the best place for shifting specialist stuff. FB takes more time if you're looking to buy, and also fills up your newsfeed with pictures off basses. Personally I don't think you can buy from there unless it's local. Selling is ok depending on where you are in the country. eBay will take your money and probably shift it for you. For some stuff it's the best place to find stuff... I like the idea of using Bassdirect. At the end of the day their cut is probably not that much different to eBay/Paypal, and if someone is taking a chunk, I would much rather support a local specialist bass retailer than eBay who aren't the nicest company in the world. The big problem I see with Basschat at the moment, is that it's become really only effective at the higher end stuff... cheaper more generallist items (say a squier bass) are more likely to be listed and sold on FB and move quicker. The issues with that I can see are twofold... for the site, is it a valid channel for young folk at the start moving cheaper end stuff around? as there's a risk of the bass chat demographic getting older and older... and secondly for me... things like straps, bridges and odd bits just don't get listed as much as they used too, folk just listing their parts drawers used to be more common, and for someone just wanting a secondhand pickup or something, they just aren't here any more. Pickups are a good example...
  8. Use the effects send to go to your amp. Main send with a TRS-XLR to the desk what it will let you do too is add any blocks that you don’t want going to your rig after the send. eg if you are playing through a cab you probably don’t want to put a cab sim in your rig, but you might to the FOH
  9. yes you have. ACG have beautiful body shapes - but something about the woods on your one......
  10. I’m trying to get us onto a digital solution. We use opensongs for the presentation and the opensong format supports chords and they have a free android app that supports them - opensong files also can be read by OnSong ... the thing is you then loose OnSong ability to create and beam sets but it’s more accessible to non Apple owners
  11. Based on this review I also spent £3 to fit these to my UE 900s earphones - up to now I’ve been getting an ok response with different foam ear buds, but playing at church where sometimes you have to take one side in and out a bit they never last long... these things though are brilliant - I’ve just used them and not had so good, and long lasting, isolation from the room - you know they work when the ambient noise of a bunch of people chatting in the room is quieter than your IEM mix was. Really really really good. Recommended if anyone hasn’t found something that works for you plus if you’ve any wax in your ears the flanges pull it all out!
  12. LukeFRC

    Show us your rig!

    you're reacting well to your band leader suggesting you all switch to IEM and not amps... which stage are you at now? denial?
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