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  1. LukeFRC

    New TC Electronic heads

    But Its kinda irrelevant - it’s like a 100w valve amp keeping up with a 300w solid state amp... well that’s because the valves are introducing compression... and the 300w solid state amp having more heft than thr 800w class D ... because the class D has a burst power of 800w and way less long term... ... which in some applications is fine and in all types of amp a good enough amp exists. personally I think TC got a lot of the tech and ideas behind the RH range right - even if in reality it wasn’t quite the finished article. They should have been more up front about their amp ratings and were daft not to have been. The real interesting test would be to hear if the blacksmith is still cack or if that solved the problems (ie the RH450 was just underpowered and tying to make up for that)
  2. LukeFRC

    New TC Electronic heads

    Or it’s unbelievably good... but with a flaw that makes it cack ...
  3. It’s a combo... by the time you sell the barefaced you can afford it! plus it will stop me looking at it
  4. I would get this from @Chimike - I know I keep looking at it with GAS (and guessing for recording portability is secondary
  5. LukeFRC

    New TC Electronic heads

    Not according to the table posted above. however as @wateroftyne alludes too it’s a slightly fictitious discussion - mainly as most all the class D amps will have some kind of burst power .... and not only is it hard to compare, but who’s to say that TCs implementation isn’t more intelligent than any other makers...
  6. LukeFRC

    So, just how many basses do you own ????

    Do you have a top five that you wish you could have kept?
  7. LukeFRC

    New TC Electronic heads

    To get a cheap basic head out at a lower price point? The bass head range is a bit of a mess from a marketing POV - like what is the difference between the BH and RH lines supposed to be? They don’t explain that at all
  8. LukeFRC

    New Schaller strap locks!

    Good idea - I never quite got why they didn’t make the screw bit 2mm longer and give you a lock nut
  9. LukeFRC

    Dreadnought acoustic (guitar) for me?

    Yeah but you don’t post the blow by blow f ups!
  10. LukeFRC

    Dreadnought acoustic (guitar) for me?

    He does that. It’s mildly annoying as you end up planning your own projects- but in my case without the skills
  11. LukeFRC

    Bass/Amp with the most prominent midrange

    With the tecamp 210 I had it was middy as it wasn’t designed properly so at any sort of volume the bottom end disappeared...
  12. LukeFRC

    Interesting FRFR story..

    Out of interest which channel strips?
  13. LukeFRC

    Interesting FRFR story..

    Me neither, and I think when I looked at the helix after folk in this thread were raving about it - it modelled amps I was meh about, and not £1k meh enough edit: just looked again, they have added more now so slightly less valid
  14. LukeFRC

    Dreadnought acoustic (guitar) for me?

    I had always presumed that is how they did it, bending irons I only found out about today
  15. LukeFRC

    Bass/Amp with the most prominent midrange

    GK through one of the older Schroeder cabs ... ? Trace Elliot maybe too. Stick a bright sounding bass through it too, Warwick or Spector with EMGs? I dunno, it’s the exact opposite of what I like - my streamer with active pups into a trace could conceivably combo cut through with so much mids it sounded like a machine gun when I played punk style with fingers. You may like this?