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  1. http://drtonelab.com/?fbclid=IwAR2fRWJLdx2Dg6uH0jRLirDA0uZjaXWXemQK-Iq7Z1xWy5hsYczVtFxh1iQ some of these have some good ideas in them
  2. I’m not being facetious - but how do you avoid this?
  3. I'm not disagreeing with you at all, but I've always found it interesting how much my playing sounds like me playing a bass, regardless of the bass. Other people pick up my basses and sound so different. (usually better). Different basses of course sound different, and some fit with my playing and some don't. I tend to think of it that the pups type and position/ strings/electronics are going to have the fundamental effect on where the bass is going to sit tonally. The specific pickups, and woods and construction technique I think are often contribute the "voice" of the bass- in the same way my voice is different to yours. Of course if we were singing BV in a band, the finesse of the voice is going to get lost to a certain extent.
  4. I think what I was thinking is that if you high pass it around the tuning freq you can test if the high excursion is because the power of the amp is really good with transients, or if there is something going on below thetining freq which is giving the high excursion.
  5. I don't really get GAS when I see photos of basses... this though I like the storage stuff under the window - what's the thinking with how that's laid out?
  6. You’ve seen this site? http://www.zinfanus.com/zoom_b3/cabinets/index.htm out of interest - and Stevie May be able to tell us having designed the cab and done the maths - but if you use the HPF on the B3 can you dial out the knocking sound by taking out the subs? Ie is it the power of the amp or subsonics that cause the high excursion?
  7. Fly screen and pet mesh is a fairly common idea in some of the old Fearful builds. Pet screen would probably work better than my fly mesh. I stole the idea from @2x18 of this parish who has used it to great effect on his fearful
  8. You won’t need too - they make two dark greens
  9. So I’m getting excited seeing @funkles build and been planning my own. One of the provisos that my other half put on me having another “box” was it had to look as nice as my Mesa walkabout- that’s a green tolex, brown leather corners and handle and tan basket grill. While I could have just copied it I decided to go for another colour, like Stevie I’m going to mix my own Tuff Cab - combining turbo blue and black to get a dark blue (coincidentally not far from my bathroom wall colour in the background of the pics) for the grill I’ve got a tan coloured fly screen. Over 50% open and hopefully opaque enough not to look stupid - if it does I’ll pick up some black stuff and try that- it’s proper tough stuff so will be able to get it quite taught. For the leather corners there is a shop in our village called scrap, that sells erm scrap stuff for craft type projects. There is a bit of an ever changing range of leather offcuts from a local leather producer or user. I managed to pick up a couple of options for a brown - and also a light teal blue which might be quite fun. (Though crying out for a matching colour aluminium grill)
  10. isn't that so it works if mounted to the rear of a baffle? That's what I had always imagined
  11. I'm planning a fabric grill. The main consideration you have with fabric is how open it is - Unlike Barefaced with their slot port or equivalent, the port sits behind the grill - and is sized to move a fair amount of air. I've ended up buying some beige insect mesh which is 54% or so open and will let me get it taught. The downside is that it may not be opaque enough to look good! The aluminium grill Stevie has looks the dogs do-dahs and it would be only a little more ££ to paint it... the spray bike needs a top coat but does come in nice colours!
  12. Technically I think it's a rich black erring towards blue as I was trying to get as much pigment into the sublimation process as possible to be dark enough, but not have the risk of it going odd colours browns or something under stage lights. It will er towards a blue but in a way that won't look odd on stage, and contact the red.
  13. It was designed to sit top right - I think an inch from each edge of baffle gave enough clearance of the port that @stevie was happy. Obv adjust to taste based on what you think and what looks good! Talking of which - I kept my sticker rather than post it to you Stevie to post it back - you will have to let me know my number
  14. Did you end up doing a top coat on top? Looks interesting!
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