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  1. LukeFRC

    NCD TC RS212

    How would you describe their sound?
  2. To reiterate what @mcnach was saying - the stingray sound requires a mm pickup in the exact place that Leo put it. Put it there and it sounds like a stingray. If you compare with a Lakland or Sandberg who use the J/MM setup quite a lot their bridge pickup sounds like a fatter jazz sound rather than a stingray sound.
  3. LukeFRC

    Improving a Sadowsky’s tone

    This link may work https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008256334887&ref=content_filter
  4. LukeFRC

    Improving a Sadowsky’s tone

    He’s not on basschat - I contacted him on Facebook
  5. LukeFRC

    Apparently Markbass are to make bass guitars

    Think they could have made the logo bigger on the pickup?
  6. LukeFRC

    Apparently Markbass are to make bass guitars

    All you need now is a black marker pen...
  7. LukeFRC

    Apparently Markbass are to make bass guitars

    He/she must have seen this thread
  8. LukeFRC

    Apparently Markbass are to make bass guitars

    Stollen has more heft
  9. LukeFRC

    Improving a Sadowsky’s tone

    The holes would annoy me I think! Its a different beast to the warwicks I’ve had. Like you know in the video you’ve posted you can hear every note? Like take away the fact he’s a way better player than i will ever be and eq, amps etc - each note is present with a punch and a tone. On a lot of other basses I’ve owned the note is there but with less defined punch, I’ve got the house to myself so I just cranked her up to have a bit of practice and some of the little fills I would play on other basses just don’t seem to work as they sound more musical and stand out as guff ...
  10. LukeFRC

    Apparently Markbass are to make bass guitars

    Wasn’t Leo Fender an amp man at heart?
  11. LukeFRC

    Improving a Sadowsky’s tone

    It’s good. Go back 3-4 years and I had three through necks - they were great but picking up the G&L made me realise that I enjoyed a bolt on fender-type as much as anything else. Tone wise it’s obviously been designed to have a certain sound, there is a punch to the notes and musicality that seems designed to sit a certain place in the mix. Even in passive The bridge pup sounds a bit more full than you might expect, and the neck pup is usable, rather than a nasal tone. The nicest thing is that the ‘mid drop out’ with both pups up full isn’t too extreme and that’s where I like it. It’s seems both more trebly, more bass focused and with a punching midtone - all at the same time. With the current strings on, it doesn’t have the hollow warmth of the L1000 (think P bass) and in passive mode seems more synthesised and tailored to sound a certain way. Switch the preamp on, boost the bass just a tiny bit, and the bottom end fills out just enough for a typical P bass player like me. Thats playing gently/normal - dig in hard and the tone gets a certain aggressive grind to it that makes you smile. The Will Lee mids switch I need to try out more in different contexts to have a strong opinion on. Simple to use. I did the trade for it with the thought in the back of my mind that if I didn’t like it it would be easier to move on than a vintage Warwick. To my ears it will just ‘work’ in a mix, it’s super playable, not too heavy and Is more than enough bass for me.
  12. LukeFRC

    Improving a Sadowsky’s tone

    Hmmmm calling the genius that is “the Bass Doc” (a Sadowsky pickguard imported would cost over £100!) and a wall of basses. The Sadowsky fell off the other day, mostly due to my bad diy skills and stupidity... but while the screws are good the rawl plugs that come with Hercules hangers aren’t ... anyway scraped the back but was the catalyst for me getting the tort...
  13. LukeFRC

    Improving a Sadowsky’s tone

    Charcoal frost metallic btw. There was just one thing I didn’t like... this better?
  14. LukeFRC

    Improving a Sadowsky’s tone

    So a while back I did a trade with the lovely @warwickhunt which led to me driving back down the A1 with this lovely Sadowsky metro. I wanted to try one out, had a bit of a jazz bass craving and he about the only person in the uk interested in my super early thumb bass so it made sense. omg effortless to play - And sounds amazing.
  15. LukeFRC

    Inspired to try

    Some of the recent Alpher basses have been amazing looking