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  1. Bass guitars haven’t really changed masses since the ‘50s … one thing that has improved IMO is active circuits being a bit more refined
  2. Thanks @agedhorse - an educational read and thanks for sharing
  3. Is “it’s a pretty colour” a good enough reason to buy a bass?!
  4. On that- isn’t it passive volume tone, pickup selector switch and then active passive switch and active bass treble or something?
  5. Looks like a great project! Do what you need to make it work!
  6. Ild ask @wateroftyne I think I got in contact via Facebook
  7. I think I'm the same... except I've got the the point where I was using the B a fair bit. My main bass has got a d-tuner and embaresingly I have found it easier to work out 5 string than the D-tuner that I always forget and end up playing something a tone lower than I intended too!
  8. if you do you can mark the second anniversary by posting one of those really long "all the basses I've had" posts and look back at the 30-40 instruments you bought and sold in the year
  9. you're missing an owl after the second pickup - easy mistake to make.
  10. similarly I remember an older friend listening to the strokes and lending me his Television record
  11. yes! also, sadly, because there was never really any more to make it a "sound". He's a good example, because oddly he kinda sits outside culture a bit, pops up, does his thing and then was gone far too soon. If you compare it to something else that was fairly original (at the time, and in the mainstream), like I dunno, Kid A, or Screamadellica - then the culture and the music form around each other - it's not as much that the music sounds dated, it's that the culture of the time picked up resonances of the music and vice versa.
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