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  1. Is the Qstrip an always on preamp style thing at the end or a effect you turn on and off?
  2. Build your own preamp, use the Tantalium caps like the early ones and it will get quite close. Mine can’t have cost more than £10
  3. Who’s Mark King again? Was he the fella in the Beatles, or is it U2?
  4. Also relevant for the self build cabs discussed in a UK/EU forum... Faital 12pr320 - £129 (Blue Arran) Eminence Kappalite 3012LF - £199 (lean) plus you will need a mid driver...
  5. The Grace Félix. Where the Hellborg is harmonically rich and warm the Félix is clean and precise (and tweakable. )
  6. Owen let me visit for a bit and had a brief try on this, the API transformer and Warwick Hellborg... I used to use a Hellborg and in my memory it’s ‘my sound’ but I found this preamp to be the most versatile. And the sound is so erm precise - and clean in a way that it’s like listening to something through a top end PA with a really really good horns when everything else is through a struggling 20 year old over driven behringer PA
  7. Im guessing small workshops could use stronger glues in the 70s compared to now
  8. I used to use my DIY clone of a Caitlinbread SFT for that kinda thing...
  9. The Tattoo is completely different to Edinburgh International Festival and even The Edinburgh Fringe. The one you're thinking of, and preformed at would have probably have been the fringe. That tends to be big comedy gigs that make money and then everyone else spending money to put on their shows. I'm not sure if how many acts break even. Quality can vary. I spent £15 I didn't want to once while unemployed listening to a shite Londoner spend half an hour talk about erectile disfunction. I also had free shows in a cafe I ran that were really really good. The International is the orchestras, opera, comedy and more "high" culture type stuff. Usually at very high levels of quality. The end of festival fireworks is possibly the best fireworks display ever, set to live music. Tattoo is all the marching bands, the terraces by the castle and fireworks waking you up at about 11pm every night for a month. Tourists love it. They can probably afford to pay for musicians... even if it's not much once they shell out for august priced accommodation for the band!
  10. Well if you want to swap it your stomp for my B3n I figure that will be bombproof ... and I’ll even buy you another one just to make sure!
  11. Well it’s got chromes on now, and we live less than 30 miles from each other so if you want to compare or even borrow sometime for a wee bit ...
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