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  1. Valve amp features

    Heft? (Runs)
  2. Valve amp features

    Your amp is I think converting the signal to a digital one and back again, doing all sorts of clever power management and compression and simulating a certain sound - the RH450 is a pretty awesome bit of kit ... but very different from an all analogue setup - where the more stuff you put in the signal path the more possible distortion, phase issues and anomalies you will get from them. If you look at the guts of a lot of valve amps they will look quite simple in terms of number of parts. There is a difference I think in terms of the sound. Live, by the time it's gone through a pa the RH450 will work well and it's feature set will help... but I doubt you would ever mic one up in the recording studio...
  3. Worst bass you've ever played that you did not own.

    Two for me: Trace Elliot/Status T-bass - my first bass had been a Status Shark so the T bass was the top of the range GAS machine I had wanted for years. Finally got myself to the Gallery in Camden as they had two secondhand ones in stock - both of which sounded dull and lifeless of all the basses I could have tried out in that shop... Fender American vintage reissue series '74ri jazz bass and that era- I had tried a fair few of the previous vintage reissue series basses and they had been seriously nice instruments - I wish I had had the money to buy at least 3 of them. The old '75ri Jazz is a bass I wish I had owned but never have... so when Fender updated the series and brought out the newer 74ri jazz I went to try one.... cheap wood covered in thick cheap finish with a dull sound and just cheap feel and finish and a worse sound plugged in... so tried another one the same. A-B comparing to a Squier and the Squier was a better instrument!
  4. Bass suggestions?

    Drop Alan a line and see what's possible in your budget...
  5. In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    If I have used up all the foam tips on my UE900s would you recommend spinfits over comply foam tips?
  6. Zoom B3n firmware 2.0 - GuitarLab 3.0 editor updates

    I can't find output VP as an effect to add - am I missing something?
  7. I know some folk who had a big old 5 bed tenement on Castle Street - they let it out to students for 11 months and festival for one month - they made twice as much in one month as the other 11
  8. Edinburgh is an amazing place to live... but only IME if you're a student, or have a decent paying income. If you're in the lower pay grades it's not that amazing as you'll have a good quality of life, but kinda no be saving very much. Plus if it's music opportunities surely it would be Glasgow you would move too? Way more open city to blow-ins too - Edinburgh can be a bit cliquey sometimes. On the plus side if you do similar to lozkerr and buy somewhere on the royal mile, factor going on holiday every august.... the rent from letting your flat out will pay for the month holiday, plus the whole year of mortgage payments! Halifax - super cheap and easy distance from Leeds, Manchester and at a push Sheffield Hebdon Bridge if you've a bit more money and want people to *know* you're a musician...
  9. LOUD sells Ampeg to Yamaha

    Exciting - it's odd that Yamaha buy a good brand and my natural reaction is "cool" if fender had bought them (not that they could afford) wewould all be like "oh no"
  10. High end rig ??

    So you've got a top end amp already - if you like the Eden sound look at Thunderfunk as it's a similar amp but done really well. But it's not an upgrade, it's just a different sound. Cab wise I personally would just buy barefaced but use your ears and decide what you like!
  11. Aguilar cab prices....say what?!

    Nice - and supposed to be a pretty amazing combo
  12. In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Really the only options to reshell are a company in Singapore or convincing you?!
  13. Aguilar cab prices....say what?!

    whereas the Tecamp M210 i had was just bad engineering IMO