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  1. aye up lad from Farsley
  2. that sounds like a traumatic bass buying situation
  3. You could just do it in the global... and if you want to save blocks any cab block will have one on
  4. that looks amazing! I was swithering between doing green and matching my Walkabout cab or trying something else... Influenced by your suitcases too... you could go for leather corners?!
  5. Penny dropped.... I was wondering how it was that the FX worked for you and why Line6 would release the HX FX and the HX Stomp... then realised- guitarists would need the amp modelling way more than bass players would!
  6. Bit like one bass cab or another sat in the backline supporting the PA
  7. @warwickhunt was selling one not so long ago up in your bit of the world. I tried it, it was nice but I didn't know what the switches were doing
  8. I wonder how a early G&L L1000 like mine would have gone down...
  9. so guessing the price of the aforementioned Berg HG310 you would need to have quite a big band before IEM got more expensive
  10. always the way- shop is judged on shifting new units of stuff, take PX in and secondhand to help that happen - but will price it to sell as the cash flow is more important than the potential value of the item... someone else thinks it's underpriced they buy it and try to sell it for more, because likely for them the potential value of the item is more important than the cashflow.
  11. Is it just me or are secondhand basses getting more expensive recently? 

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      I take my hat off to you!

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      bloody autocorrect


  12. for a bit of wider reading this is also good: https://reverb.com/news/interview-fender-visionary-dan-smith-on-how-to-turn-around-a-faltering-guitar-brand I really don't know what offends people about JV Squier being appreciated.
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