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  1. I’ve done that on a DIY stingray I built - one of the reasons it isn’t common is that the pickup feeds directly into the preamp and it doesn’t love the impedance switching. the L1000 is probably a good example where pickup switching was designed in
  2. two questions... why check the pickups? And two ... I'm surprised @gareth hasn't driven to enfield yet!
  3. other way to do it would be to have two sets of identical strings and a bridge that allows quick release (like my sadowsky one does, it can't be original though)
  4. like @chris_b said - the best thing is to buy basses you like. However if you know what you're after and what something is going to do then it's worth changing something... And also sometimes it's fun to experiment with things, and £100 on a set of pickups is cheaper than buying a new bass.
  5. The EQ1 is brilliant. Flexible but after a few months very learnable. FYI there’s a blend control so you can set where any top end you want to add in comes from- or a blend
  6. Best purchase … after 12+ months and all sorts of parts related delays I got a P bass… (Bravewood) worst: nothing really, I picked up some secondhand strings off here to try which I hated… but that was more my taste than anything else!!
  7. Oh … the one that was on my eBay list thought it was a Fullerton and I forgot about … at least it went to a good home
  8. So you’re saying you found another bass hanger?!
  9. did you see the thread on here a year or so ago where someone took the fretboard off a Wal to repair it and showed how much carbon was in the neck?
  10. I missed that. I think from watching @wateroftyne's video clips down the years I could probably play the tunes from memory he usually uses ... so cosmic girl was a bit of a shock. It will be the maple fretboard that brings the grooving...
  11. Anyone got any ideas... took a Korg SV1 keyboard to church yesterday for the keys player to borrow.... plugged in BUT TURNED OFF, and connected to the desk via XLR, or jack and DI box we got some crazy high pitched squeals and whines coming through the PA it wasn't turned on... what could cause that? something getting from the earth and neutral into the audio inputs?
  12. I like the body shape - kinda jazz, kinda not
  13. Ok use G&L as an example which were better built... it was still added to the design... why?
  14. I always thought shims were to fine tune neck angle compared to body - not to lower action... there is though differing level of craftsmanship in basses - and something cheap and mass produced might need a shim, cos it's relatively cheap and mass produced... whereas I doubt the one bolt neck on a Freedom custom guitar research Rhino bass would ever need one! @Twincam - how do you feel neck micro tilt features like you find on 70's Fender and Musicman and G&L ?
  15. You know they don’t exist any more ?
  16. this looks like a great project The guy got anything else kicking about?!
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