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  1. Eude - if you have something to apply the eq curve Funkle was playing with on page 8 of this thread... how does that sound ?
  2. depends. There's some people on here that the answer would be yes too. There's some pro working bass players the answer would be yes too, on the basis that they were big grown up people wanting to borrow a professional tool. Ideally I would be interested in the music and get on the guest list as a thank you. My mates mate who's got someone coming over and needs an instrument, when I don't know them, the music or the level of professionalism ... probably not
  3. While I sadly haven’t lived in Edinburgh for coming up to a decade now, it still feels like home… so that’s no bonafides to being able to take part in this thread… I struggled with tips for IEM for a while, with comply tips I was getting good but not great isolation, and a tendency to work loose if moving around - some triple flange silicon ones are surprisingly good, stay in place and easier to clean. (And way cheaper/longer lasting) so worth a try
  4. Near retail price as it’s been “extensively upgraded” with a quarter pounder and a different colour scratchplate… or sellers who tell me the price of how much some tech charged them to fit the set of strings (on an electric bass) and then expect that cost to be added to their asking price…
  5. I get frustrated that the idea that for any given year Fender Japan made basses over a wide range of price points ... yet when they come over here all the attributes of the most desirable ones get given to all of them... For instance, some of the first run of Squier JV Stratocasters reportedly had US parts, for a short while.... yet how often have you seen Fender JV basses being sold with "US pickups and hardware"??! All the bloody time
  6. "I love this and it's the best bass I've ever played but..." - when you know they bought it off eBay/gumtree a month ago for £800 less than they are trying to sell it for.
  7. I honestly think if you can play it competently the bass you play is pretty much irrelevant for vollenteering to join a local church’s band. 5 strings does let you transpose keys easier. and (controversially maybe) a simple bass to mix for vollenteer PA teams is a bonus vs the gear geekery you find on basschat. I tend to grab my Sadowsky J most the time at church - mainly as it’s easy to mix. The Warwick streamer with ACG preamp I used to have sounded amazing solo, but was a pain to get in the mix right. that said I use a hx stomp as a amp and use a high pass filter to cut off the top and bottom - again to make it easier to sit in the mix
  8. I went to art school so we were all into our art and up-to-date on the current market. A lass on our course spent a fair bit of her student loan on a series of signed Banksy prints and I remember her being absolutely ripped to shreds one drunken evening by some of the other guys for both not being 'working class'*, and wasting so much money on rubbish graffiti art. Years later she sold them and bought a house. * whatever that means.
  9. After noticing this I suddenly remembered I tried a Rickenbacker in 2018!
  10. You didn’t know Jesus used to read the Melody Maker?
  11. 88 thumb will have lovely solid brass hardwear made by Schaller compared to the cheaper alloys they used later - (change in early 90s) ild keep them as they are
  12. which are also nice strings... made by the same company...
  13. I bought the Infeld super alloys, not the jazz rounds!
  14. he's playing with things for his setup... the amp settings and the eq-block-cabs are great... Also for ideas..... but he's not giving you plug and play... you have to backward engineer it the Yamaha bass out of it and work your sound in... But it's free and full of ideas in a world where people seemingly will spend money on a set of presets for Helix it's possibly worth looking at it and spending some time. Forexample the amp settings are a better starting place than the preset ones line6 used!
  15. Have You tried Jon Willis’ eq block based cabs? Worth the time trying out to see if that gets you what you’re looking for…
  16. I don't like the look as I kinda feel there's a beautiful design in there, and it's just not quite made it...
  17. The most important question… what colour
  18. I would message someone like andyjr1515 and get their take - £1000 to fix a truss sounds a bit like the price you would give if you didn’t really want the job..
  19. I think we know what you're interested in! 🤣 In the last 5-6 years I expect you to pop up in any thread about Ernie Ball basses saying how you think they are great in some way or the other. I'm not sure that positivity is much different really to other long standing members not liking something.
  20. You would particularly like the way the B string sounds I think
  21. I am not surprised. I’m not really sure who the market are for new Warwicks
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