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  1. Have owned a couple of J & D 's over years. Excellent value for money, have a GLWTS bump
  2. high end of 8lb or just under 9lb ..compares favourably to the fender bodied jazz I have . So not a beast
  3. UPS: No problems, I am sure other have, but they have been on the money every time for me even internationally (Portugal and two to France) PostOffice: Bass went missing got less than the value back and didn't get the postage refunded. They also managed to reduce the recipients wife to tears blaming her for not paying attention. Second occasion they swore blind the address of the house next door was the delivery address, who obviously objected that they had it wrong. So, they said "so you are refusing delivery.." In the end they returned it back to me. n finally left a Fender Jazz in a fully marked Fender box behind my dustbins, didn't leave a card or email, I found it three days later (two of which had rained all day.) Hermes: Missed two delivery dates even though they agreed to both, then said they didn't have the package, then found it, and delivered it to the wrong address. Now this with Argos refusing the parcel because of the size, they knew my address and contact details yet wanted to send it back to the sender. TNT: bit expensive but ok
  4. So, over on the auction website that must not be named, I purchase a G&L L2500. Much happiness and excitement, but with a lot on the to do list this week the hour each way to pick it up was out of the question. Option available "deliver to Argos for local pickup". Handy thinks I, saves missing the courier etc. Pays up and waits. Normally if I ship a bass I use UPS (I know some don't like 'em...) as I have had no issues and normally a couple of days turnaround. did the deal on the Monday with a vie that it may turn up in time to gig on the Saturday. Update says yesterday..(one week and a day to go 25 miles or so..nice) Check the courier...the dread Hermes. every dealing I have ever had has had 'issues'. So checked the status on the due date, still not delivered, with a note saying the were trying to contact the sender to return it...from a depot 1 mile away from the Argos they were supposed to deliver it to. Turns out this particular depot has a history of high value 'missing items'. Quite unhappy I get down to the depot to be confronted with a sign on the depot door "parcel inquiries not available , ring this number..sign'. Moving from DEFCON 2 to 1 I tail gate man employee, and (somewhat amazingly) remaining civil request a "WTF is going on?" status. The guy was quite helpful (a first for this lot) and finds my parcel to inform me that they tried to deliver to Argos, only to be told the parcel was too big for Argos to accept. So luckily me picking it up stopped them from returning the damn thing and wasting my £35. Massively slow delivery, bad communications, not contact lines , and no customer services at the depot. Ebay offering a service that Argos doesn't support. Dumbfounded. Who do I shout at or even how. Especially, after a recent run in with the post office who lost a bass I shipped with them and with casual indifference didn't even bother to apologise. Pfft...definitely resent handing over monies and insurance premiums to cover the inept handling of the couriers who should have some legal duty of care for your item you have paid for a service to deliver. And yet we even have to insure for if they lose or damage it.
  5. @odysseus Succinctly put. I guess its the attitude I was commenting on, its a horses/courses deal. I am doing the covers band things and a separate originals/rock stretch to play project as well. So covering the bases (basses...). Was nice to play to a packed pub.
  6. Not sure if I am making a point out just meandering through thoughts from the weekend...who knows. I have been playing live since 1986 and across the years I have played songs like 'mustang sally' 'black magic woman' ...'sweet home Chicago etc more time than I suspect I even can remember/count. In the latter years there is definitely a dialogue amongst fellow musicians along the lines 'I aint playing that old *&^%", and whatever you play someone in the crowd requests one or more of the above. Now this of course is the covers band circuit gigs, if you are presenting original material request like this are even more annoying...'play something we know...". Normally to indifferent crowds in half full pubs. So, this Saturday I played in a covers RnB /soul band and played every 'classic' under the sun. The pub was packed, everybody had a great time. Probably one of the liveliest and fun gigs I have had in a while. Sure its bread and butter pub stuff, but hey why not it was fun. So I guess my thought is, do we do we kind of shut ourselves off just because it easy to play and well know, and forget just to have fun with it sometimes..?
  7. The one i have hankered after since first seeing it in the 90's yet only seen a couple and always in photos, never in the flesh.. the Peavey b quad 4. Never played one but just wow...what a bass. Rare as heck, mad and unreliable electronics.....maybe its a never meet your hero's moment bass wise..
  8. So, who out there bought into the signature bass market? and how did it work out. My stories 1. Billy Sheehan Guitar 1. A Yamaha ltd pacifica, budget friendly "single out with a guitar hum bucker at the neck" version. Needed a fret job to prevent blood loss, in the end. Swapped out the bucker for a real Dimarzio, good sounding bass. also added a d-tuner that never got used. Looked the part though. Guitar 2. A proper £1000+ Mk1 Billy Sheehan Pacifica. Huge in every way, sound neck. Beast of a bass. Conclusion: The proper one sounded great ...as long as you wanted 'that Billy' sound. seems like a dumb thing to expect it to be all things to all men...but its was brilliant at its job but nothing outside (cue: howls of Pacifica owner rage comments..) 2. Geddy Lee Bought in early to this and got a CIJ Jazz. What a bass..loved it.clanky and very Geddy like. Terrible machine heads... Conclusion: More like a Jazz than a 'Geddy only' bass. Great neck (marmite comment I know some people dont like thin necks). A mate of mine owned a twin neck Wal for a spell (he collected Wal's..) apparently the number 2 of 2 originally designed for Jonas Hellborg, midi, fretless huge. In the end a novelty coffee table sized bass. So who else...Macca hofner, the fella from the foo's p bass, more exotic one off's . Interested how people have get on trying to swim in the same pool as their hero's...Was it worth it?
  9. I don't know what it is they do at Sandberg to 'age' their rather nice guitars but this is a corker. I am generally not a fan of the road worn look but this is just lovely. Looks and feels genuine.The dinks and rash etc are tasteful without utterly trashing the bass. Cool as a four letter word. feel, not so 'aged' as to look like its been attacked by a rather dirty handed nutter with a belt sander. A fantastic brute of a bass. Great tonal range from the single coil and MMan style Delano pickups and pre amp. Bass can be run passive or active (pull/push on the volume) the bridge humbucker can be run full on or single coil, giving you a single coils jazz pickup option. I am pretty sure Sandberg don't do this pickup configuration anymore or use Delano so if this is your thing then....Tonally just great. My first ever Sandberg and impressive isn't an adequate description, these are great. Sporting a relatively recent set of round wounds, fretboard and fret polish. Many bills to pay so downsizing is a must.....I know I will miss it..
  10. Have owned a bunch over the years but cream of the crop have been Yamaha 425x Sire V3 (astonishing value for money). I have one for sale but even new they are in your price range Sire V7, secondhand they are a good buy Ibanez BTB - fancy woods big and chunky bass, monorail bridge. Nice all round bass
  11. Me too ..well sort of G & L jazz bass (if I can nail the bass lines off of Riot by Ricthcie Kotzen then its worth the outlay) on order, making more room in general 2 basses sold, this and another up for sale. so hopefully 4 out 1 in...for the time being of course ..lol
  12. He we have a gear4music round back electro acoustic bass very much in the style of an ovation autumn leaves round back guitar. Its basically new, and has the bonus of a decent setup, oiled fretboard, new strings and fret polish. Changing the strings has been a major boost to its sound quality and I have been amazed by its quality considering its price point. On board tuner and eq. For this money you won't find better. Bought for a project that never happened, so what you have here is a guitar set up and ready to gig, basically new, new strings and £30 cheaper than a new one. NOW SOLD
  13. Here we have the almost legendary USA musicman SUB (Sport Utility Bass) 5 string. So no, its not made in Indonesia or china or whatever... In the early 2000’s, Musicman wanted to produce a financially accessible stingray range. So they built the S.U.B range out of the same factory as the main production line, same hardware, alnico pickup, same pre amp, poplar body, slab cut, hard wearing finished and black painted neck, budget (as in crappy) tin scratchplate. Make no mistake this is a proper job (not a sub standard line as one seller of one of these thought..) ‘cept maybe the scratchplate. . They didn’t make these for long is this is an end of production 2007 model, probably one of the last one off the line. Great condition, plays great look most excellent sporting a stingray classic scratchplate (which is a direct fit no re-drilling btw). Comes with a serviceable flight case. No issues, no dings to the body, minimal wear to the finish on the neck, truss rod works perfectly, restrung, recently cleaned and oiled fretboard, intonation checked and set, no fret wear to speak of. Plug in and play. As the latter day USA builds get really quite eye waveringly expensive, this is Champagne for lemonade money imho. Beautiful and very, very cool.
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