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  1. you are probably right, but the cash pot is empty for now so I shall have to live with last weeks purchase.
  2. Had I not just bought a Mex Jazz last week this would be mine, have a bump..
  3. BaggyMan


    Its a good point, I have owned 4 sires both 5 and 4 strings. That said i have also bought and sold others in that time as well. Sire do a great job of a well turned out product. But like Ibanez they don't seem to have the savage loyalty of Rickenbacker or Fender, which in some respects isn't fully deserved. And being relatively cheap they are easy to pickup and are very popular. A review I saw from 'lowendlobster' on youtube, the complexity of the pre amp whilst enabling the bass to punch well above its price point, has 7 control and requires extra effort to drive and understand. I had an ACG with the dual filter pre amp and eventually sold it becuase i just couldn't drive it in gig situations. It will be interesting to see how many of the passive sires (V5?) pop up for re-sale in the coming months. If the latter don't turn over as much, then maybe four knob pre amp from sire would work. In fact lowendlobster strapped a sadowsky to a sire and was happier.
  4. BaggyMan


    I have owned a few v7's (three I think..) and a V3. Neck dive wasnt a problem that i remember but maybe you got one with a lighter body or sonething. Have a little cash and really fighting the urge to buy another v3....they are so reasonably priced..and. I'll get me coat.
  5. Mid 2020 I bought this as a new Squier CV series Jazz bass., and set about my own little personal tribute Geddy Lee bass. Firstly the CV series are really rather good and ha a vintage tint on the neck, 70's pickup positioning to start with, but I set about some choice changes: Badass II bridge - as per the Geddy Lee original Tom Brantley Pickups - The fella who supplied pickups for Geddy's number 1 bass, no better pedigree. (can be swapped over to Dimarzio dp122 if you like) CTS pots, cloth wiring, Fender Jazz knobs, Fender 'F' neckplate. Pearloid scratchplate and Alchemy sticker (appeared on the clockwork angels tour) Bass weighs in at 9 and a half lbs, by my bathroom scales, All in all I have about £500 into this so I think £395 is a good price to sell. Body has a couple of little scuffs on, nothing through to the wood or anything serious. Happy to ship using UPS insured at buyers cost.
  6. Pictures, weight, colour, condition, fret life ...info a prospective buyer needs..
  7. so working on past experience of 'handling fees' What would have cost £1000 is now £1210 (assuming a 10 handling fee) worth noting bearing in mind there are french/spanish and sometime Italian sellers on the forum. Good chat thanks.
  8. So the status seems to be, no import duty for non business transactions, but VAT will be charged locally, probably paid by the courier who will add a handling charge based upon the value of the item, if its more expensive than £135.
  9. from the go interesting section from this reads.. The changes will not apply to consignments of goods containing excise goods or to non- commercial transactions between private individuals. Existing rules will continue to apply for these transactions. does that mean no import tax?
  10. Just trying to see where the additional costs land, and getting a feel for what to say should a EU based buyer might expect, or alternatively what I might expect on top of a EU based purchase.
  11. Interesting, So effectively Uk VAT and import duty may now be a separate component, and possibly incur courier handling fees and I am guessing the same the applies for the EU countries. I guess we'll properly know when someone completes a transaction.
  12. ok calm down, its not a right /wrongs about BREXIt post.. So, have seen folks on the EU side of things selling stuff, what exactly has changed? Seen a bunch of comments and cost of shipping a bass to say..France were: Cost of shipping + insurance. Now Cost of shipping + (20% VAT on shipping cost) + insurance plus buyer pays import on it? And in reverse before: Cost of shipping +insurance no surcharges Now Cost of shipping +20% +import duties?? Is that correct?? does anyone have any real facts on it (as opposed to general opinions) If that is correct a £500 bass turn into probably about £100 or so more with additional vat and import duties?
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