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  1. The sterling by Musicman Ray 4 range is the entry level into the world of Musicman, some of which are now getting out of the range of the working musician. In my opinion their build quality is excellent, fretwork is spot on. As a collector/player/modifier, I change things around on occasion making all my basses gig ready. This one is an example in point Pre-amp: The sub 4 has a spicy pre-amp, too spicy for some and is a common gripe. I have swapped this out for a OBP-2 aguilar pre-amp along with a new 5 way selector and the original was scratchy. Bridge: I do not like the big plate faux old musicman bridge. This has been changed our for the newer style like on the ray34's Hipshot: I love 'em, all of my 4 strings get them. Scratchplate: The blue colour is a tricky colour to get a matching plate for that looks credible. I have wrapped this plain white one using carbon fibre car wrap which look great and is hard wearing and durable. will also come with a blue anodized aluminium plate I made from a original stingray style one. So a ray4HH Aguilar pre amp, updated hardware in next to perfect condition. Whats not to like? 'cept maybe you dont like ray's..lol Usuals: buyer pays shipping and insurance, happy to meet up for a consideration towards petrol and coffee. Visits to Rochester for a tryout is cool too.
  2. The kiloton is a great musicman 'zone' type bass yet passive. The MFD pickup range is as hot as they get and this is no exception. Beautiful trans 'root beer' finish over mahogany, currently not available at andertons, (not sure if it now unavailable permanently..). Smaller body shape (same as the SB-2) makes this good on the shoulders and in the just under 4kg area of weight. I have fitted a hipshot and the dropped D rings lovely on this. This is a nigh on £100 upgrade and with the list price being in the £400 zone, i think £325 is a steal. I have a thing for carbon fibre wrap on scratch plates and this is no exception, underneath is a tort plate, but I have added black carbon fibre which looks tasteful imho. No heavy dings or scratches, some very light signs of wear but nothing to cause any concern. This is a lovely instrument but not getting used (due to me switching over to 5 stringers) so a new home is needed. Happy to post at buyers expense, will always ship insured. Happy also to meet up within reason in Kent or M25 with some consideration towards petrol and coffee.
  3. HAd a little think and was surpised i have owned pb20 in the matte black mb5 in the matte black HBZ 2005 through neck wood. I am keen modifier of basses. Biggy on the PB was the machine heads, they stripped pretty quickly...you can only be so cheap i guess. the overall build was great, and i swapped in some dimarzio p bass pickup and the thing barked... MB 5 made it active, changed the bridge to the smaller plate style and addeda series parallel switch. Sounded amazing HBZ i liked a lot except the quality of the sanding on the finish was variable, so sanded it back and wax/oil finished it...transformed the feel.
  4. I had a MIJ Geddy for a good few years. Sold it and regretted it ever since. Made at the Matsumoko factory if memory serves whose quality is legendary. GLWTS
  5. Phil Jones stuff is renowned for compact powerhouse dynamics. I use a 8*5 stage cab and its amazing. Here I am selling a 2*5 combo, the Bass cub 100w The Bass Cub II is 100 watts of pure tone in a “shoebox” size package. It is so light, that it can be lifted with one finger! 2*5inch speakers Two independent channels can accept two instruments or one microphone. It also has a stereo input for a Drum machine or iPod/MP3 player. Play along practicing can be accomplished through the two internal speakers or headphone jack. The Bass Cub II’s dimensions are 12”W x 11”D x 7.8”H and it weighs 15.5 lbs. It produces 100 Watts Class D amplification with digital switch-mode power supply. A soft carry bag is included. in 100% perfect condition
  6. The Sterling SB14 has a basswood body that delivers warm tone with great sustain. Like the Music Man model, the smaller body is comfortable and easy to hold during long gigs. It features a Music Man-designed active preamp. The Music Man-designed bridge has thick saddles for stability and precise slotting. Carbon fibre wrap on the scratchplate (easily removable, plain white underneath). Matching headstock. Upgraded pickup to a Nordstrand (now discontinued) with 'ghost coil' to kill hum in single coil mode. The SB14 is an accurate version of the popular Music Man Sterling model. Hence why its called a SB14, Otherwise it would be the Sterling by Sterling by Musicman. Body: Basswood Neck: Maple Fingerboard: Rosewood Pickups: Nordstrand Humbucking with ceramic pole pieces and hum-canceling phantom coil with switching giving series/parallel and 'noiseless'single coil options Preamp: 3-band Active Preamp: Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass Bridge: Music Man designed Tuners: Open Gear No scratches or dints to mention, very nice colour (metallic red) with matching head-stock. Light (just under 9lbs), basically a stingray that's easier on the neck with some extra coil switching on the pickup.
  7. google translate says: Good morning Is this bass still for sale? Mvg. Richard Stuffertz.
  8. Squier Affinity bass, in black. Black carbon fibre wrapped scratchplate. Dimarzio pickups originally from a Billy Sheehan signature bass. Fender Hi Mass bridge. D'addario 105 - 45 stainless steel strings. Black tuners, with silver ferrules for contrast. choice updates taking a good stock bass into the next level. All the usuals, come round, meet up or courier with insurance to your address as your expense.
  9. Back up for sale, G & L Tribute Kiloton bass c/w hipshot detuner. In pretty much unmarked condition. Finish is 'Irish Ale' over a swamp ash body. Plays beautifully. Not getting used since i bought my Dingwall, so here she be for sale. Sub 4kg in weight so not a boat anchor by any means. All the usuals come round, meet up or pay (insured for a courier. Specs.. CONSTRUCTION: bolt-on SCALE: 34" PICKUPS: Leo Fender†-designed G&L MFD™ Magnetic Field Design humbucker made in Fullerton, California BODY WOOD: Swamp Ash NECK WOOD: Hard-Rock Maple w/ Maple fingerboard NECK WIDTH AT NUT: 1 1/2" NECK RADIUS: 12" NECK PROFILE: medium C FRETS: 21 medium jumbo, nickel TUNING KEYS: Traditional open-back + Hipshot de-tuner on E string BRIDGE: Leo Fender-designed G&L Saddle-Lock™ ELECTRONICS: 3-way series/split/parallel mini toggle, volume, tone **note: scratch-plate is the original tortoiseshell, but covered in car wrap carbon fiber effect.
  10. Supef busy with gigs, will get you the weight first thing tomorrow..apologies
  11. Beautiful Metallic red with matching headstock. Nordstrand 4.2 Pickup. 3 band EQ Maple on Maple with some light flame in the maple Hipshot d-tuner Beautiful all round conditiion, a few small dints in keeping with a 22 year old bass. No buckle rash. Full Musiocman flightcase Truss rod adjusts nicely. Choice of scratchplates available (currently sport a mirror plate with red carbon wrap cover.). Pics show a couple of options. Cash is king, although part trades with cash my way 'might' work, especially if its a clean USA SUB5. More pics available.. All the usuals, money has to be secured before the bass leaves me (forget it if you think the courier scam is going to work). HAppy to meet up withing reason for petrol money, or courier at buyers expense (incl insurance). Pickup and/or tryout here in Rochester welcome.
  12. I have this exact model. Same colour way..everything. Where did you get the scratchplate from may i ask?
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