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  1. Can arrange postage for you would be about £35 insured
  2. I am clearing out the basses I just dont have time to do justice for. Here is the first in the list, a Yamaha 425x in sunburst, rosewood over maple neck, Nice Sunburst, much classier looking (imho) than the model that succeeded it. It has some dints etc so not perfect. I have upgraded the bridge to a nicer looking and sturdier unit than the original, which just looked half-assed. Good frets, no sprout, machine heads are ok not brilliant but stay in tune. Good honest bass, that has seen some life yet still looks classy. The original three way pickup switch has been modded to a sweep pot which is far more refined in use.
  3. Hi I have two basses for sale and one has now sold, cant edit the advert, no option available..anywhere..or i am unobservant which is a highly possible option.
  4. Very nice MiM jazz bass, Metallic green, plays great. When I bought it the previous owner(s) were into the roughed up look. I didn't like scratches all of the scratchplate (actually it was doing its job so respect..) and there was some wear on the control plate and some rust on the bridge. So I upgraded (scratchplate, Fender Hi Mass bridge,control plate) and cleaned it and she's a peach. Fretboard is in great shape, I think the pickups on these are the US ones for this year, whatever its a very nice Jazz bass that sounds and plays great. Only 'bad point' is a dint on the bottom bout, body side (so not visible from the front), looks like is slipped off a guitar stand at some time in its history. Comes with a padded gig bag. Buyer pays postage etc or happy to meet somewhere within the bounds of the M25 or anywhere in kent.
  5. Full bass pic added. Just looked at the picture of the Nut, its a bit dirty and kind of looks like there s shim in behind it, there isnt, the brass nut fits perfectly.
  6. The Nut Is as I got it, only thing I changed was the pickup (it was a poleless bartolini) and the scratchplate. I'll drop a couple of full frontal pix later (ooerr)
  7. He we have a 3 band Stingray in Candy Red, brass nut, Nordstrand 4.2 Pickup and hipshot de-tuner. Headstock is matching. Neck is waxed (or oiled...basically not lacquered), very clean with some figuring. Frets are in excellent shape. No issues at all, buzzes rattles noisy electronics, all good.. Condition is excellent, which just a couple of blemishes (literally 2 that I can find see pic..) in paint from its 21 years in use! No buckle rash. Comes with its Original Musicman OHSC. I am looking to sell or preferably trade against a sandberg or a dingwall.
  8. Just bought one of these, they outgun a P bass imho, and lighter on the shoulder to. The two volume layout is sooooo simple but great for on stage. These just great and scary powerful for a passive to!
  9. definately built in the same factory as the peavey's of a few years ago. some detaikl changes but not much, very good for the money and of course an ideal mod platform for the spannery ones..
  10. Sorry to hear you are retiring, shame you aren't trading.
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