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  1. looks like my old bass..its lovely
  2. All of the g & L's i have owned or played have been excellent, Kinds of even more sorted Fenders...which if you think about it makes sense..lol
  3. G & L in general aren't mainstream and surprisingly so as they play great sound great and out perform guitars of 'similar heritage' in my experience. MFD pickups are great. I have a kiloton 4 string and that is a monster of a bass and its passive.
  4. I have been a RUSH fan since the mid 70's. The way those three guys conducted themselves was an exemplar of thoughtfulness, dignity and professionalism. The press have been pushing lee and Lifeson for the reason behind the final hurrah for Rush and at all times were polite (never ever losing it...) even though they had the full knowledge of what was happening to Neil. Incredible musicians, incredible work ethic and intelligence. Peart was unassuming and in the same moment Colossal. RIP
  5. Damn it pulled the trigger on a brand new one from Andertons just before this came up. Great bass lots of presence and plays rerally well. GLWTS the market is on it butt atm
  6. Ashdown 210 cab modified with two faital 10FH500 1000w 16ohms speaker. Wiring in cab for a tweeter although there isnt one atm. feet on bottom and side. Good alround condition, belter of a cab that can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. Pickup from Rochester, or meet halfway with some renumeration for coffe and petrol for yours truly. NOW SOLD
  7. I don't know what it is they do at Sandberg to 'age' their rather nice guitars but this is a corker. I am generally not a fan of the road worn look but this is just lovely. Looks and feels genuine.The dinks and rash etc are tasteful without utterly trashing the bass. Cool as a four letter word. feel, not so 'aged' as to look like its been attacked by a rather dirty handed nutter with a belt sander. A fantastic brute of a bass. Great tonal range from the single coil and MMan style Delano pickups and pre amp. Bass can be run passive or active (pull/push on the volume) the bridge humbucker can be run full on or single coil, giving you a single coils jazz pickup option. Sandberg don't do this pickup configuration anymore or use Delano so if this is your thing then here she is..... Turns out they do ..d'oh Anyway, Tonally just great. My first ever Sandberg and impressive isn't an adequate description, these are great. Sporting a relatively recent set of round wounds, fretboard and fret polish. I have baulked once.. but many bills to pay so downsizing is a must..so here we are again. Comes with ABS flightcase. Will ship anywhere in the UK, will consider other locations, all at buyers expense. Might PX (with cash adjustment as necessary )against Warwick Corvette, bongo or nice stingray PRICE drop £1050
  8. Three TSB with black back. Active/passive switching, coil selection pickup seletion back/both/front. G & L MFD pickups, rosewood fretboard, frets in excellent shape, no buzzes. A couple of very fine dints nothing major , in very good condition. Has been my standby but dont seem to be playing any 5 string right now and just isn't getting the love, so new owner needed. If you have a warwick corvette to trade lets chat.
  9. One the disadvantages of trawling around the web and such is seeing something useful before you actually need it. So in the hope that someone on here has such information I have a Jeff berlin combo with the 250 black line head in it. The first head has a problem with the digital switching power supply issue which was pant wettingly expensive to replace /repair, so I bought a second hand 'hardly used' one to swap it out . All seemed well when i started getting a distortion in the signal and output. I seemed to vaguely remember a fix that re-routes a cable away from the power or something which solves it.....anyone??
  10. Dimarzio DP123 or DP148,149's depending one how hot you like your curry. I have these and Lindy fralins and the LF's are great but the Dimarzio's edge them on presence and power.
  11. I can vouch for these, great little basses and good platform for upgrades
  12. Been a fabulous year for me: Muse (twice), frank Turner (including to my utter amazement Jimmy eat world who were on my unlikely to ever see bucket list) and a bunch of others. Latest two have Periphery/plini last night of the European tour and they looked like they were having a good time. Buck and Evans at the 100 club a couple of weeks ago, great up and coming blues guitarist, bass too low in the mix tho (isn't it always eh?)
  13. @TheGreek Top transaction, good communication, fast payment. Many thanks
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