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  1. Weird that the headstock is exactly the same. Either way, Japan build basses are the business. GLWTS!!
  2. Is Bacchus and sub brand to FGN, same headstock, same high level of workmanship???.. I have an FGN mighty Jazz which is brilliant, and this look in the same ball park, so its gonna be good.
  3. if my 5 string sells i am a buyer for this
  4. BaggyMan


    Figured Ash body 5pc panga-panga / walnut neck Hipshot® Ultralite tuners. Bartolini MK-1 pickups MarkBass-1 Pre-amp, passive /active switching Great weight in as new condition. I lightly wire wooled and bees' waxed the neck, improving the already excellent playability. Build quality and materials is very good. Recently restrung with Fender Nickels unmarked, effectively as new and a chunk of cash off a new one. Will consider trades at a push, cash preferred. Delivery at buyer expense, using UPS insured .
  5. I have owned a couple of Sb-2 probably the most underrated, stealth bass on the market. So happy with mine. GLWTS
  6. PM me if the deal doesnt complete and i will buy.
  7. dammit if my warwick had sold i'd be on this. Had one a few years back and well you know the story..sighs. glwts
  8. always wanted one of these and this the first i have seen one up for sale...sighs
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