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  1. Love US G & L had a Sb-2 and rather foolishly sold it. Got a Tribute Kiltoton now. G & L are really stealth basses, deserve more attention than they get.
  2. Same you aren't trading, beautiful beast of a bass, so well made.
  3. i bloody love this and the newer x series of BB both the 5 string and four string , especially in white, i have owned both. Just fabulous instruments. The newer series after these doesn't look as classy as these do imho. GLWTS if i had cash or something to trade...sighs
  4. Couple of things, yes the market is hard work, and a lot of folk dont know how good the fenix stuff was and that they had a hand in early squier production etc. A bit of spiel about that might helps move things along. I have a fenix jazz bass, excellent wish i still had it.
  5. Looking straight trade of my Sandberg TM5 for a nice dingwall combustion 5 ( i had one and wel...miss it). Condition etc obviously a component of the deal. Anyone??? Nope cant do it. Just restrung her and she is singing her little heart out. WITHDRAWN. MAny thanks for anyone who considered this.. Admins please close.
  6. Geddy Lee had washing machines and rotisserie chicken cookers, pop corn machine..
  7. I recently traded this lovely beast but cant afford to keep it, which is a real shame as I have a build in progress and need funds and parts. This is a superb example of the ibanez blazer, serial number gives it a birthday of March 1982 at the Terada factory in Japan. Build quality is excellent and is one of the best sounding and playing p basses that i have ever played. For a 38 year old bass condition its excellent. Bridge/truss rod are fully working, the bridge and controls are tarnished as you would expect. Around the body there are a few little marks but basically its in amazing condition. Fret wear is all but non existent. lacquer on all parts of the neck is excellent. There is a little bit of scratchplate lift but nothing out of the oridinary bearing in mind its vintage. A rare colour to. I cant recall ever seeing a blazer in sea foam green. Previous owner did some shielding, no noise at all, so good job well done there. Recently restrung, its a plug and play bass. Beautiful. Kicks butt to, very powerful. Happy to post to the UK, insured at buyers expense. Or meet up to exchange in the home counties sort of area. may PX (although cash needs to be involved somewhere). small portable bass cab (15"), I have a build in progress so decent five string bridge, a decent pre amp (aguilar, john east, glockenklang, Delano).
  8. looks like my old bass..its lovely
  9. All of the g & L's i have owned or played have been excellent, Kinds of even more sorted Fenders...which if you think about it makes sense..lol
  10. G & L in general aren't mainstream and surprisingly so as they play great sound great and out perform guitars of 'similar heritage' in my experience. MFD pickups are great. I have a kiloton 4 string and that is a monster of a bass and its passive.
  11. I have been a RUSH fan since the mid 70's. The way those three guys conducted themselves was an exemplar of thoughtfulness, dignity and professionalism. The press have been pushing lee and Lifeson for the reason behind the final hurrah for Rush and at all times were polite (never ever losing it...) even though they had the full knowledge of what was happening to Neil. Incredible musicians, incredible work ethic and intelligence. Peart was unassuming and in the same moment Colossal. RIP
  12. Damn it pulled the trigger on a brand new one from Andertons just before this came up. Great bass lots of presence and plays rerally well. GLWTS the market is on it butt atm
  13. Ashdown 210 cab modified with two faital 10FH500 1000w 16ohms speaker. Wiring in cab for a tweeter although there isnt one atm. feet on bottom and side. Good alround condition, belter of a cab that can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. Pickup from Rochester, or meet halfway with some renumeration for coffe and petrol for yours truly. NOW SOLD
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