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  1. Cool. I wouldn’t expect it would cost more than 7.50
  2. The lads at Alpher are sound as well.
  3. dmdavies


    Hey, smooth jazz fans... D6Bass - Clear
  4. Holy cow that's a glorious looking thing.
  5. I love this song. Took about 2.5 hours in Garageband on my ipad pro. Fly Like An Eagle
  6. Good condition. I drive around the NW a lit so can drop off.
  7. dmdavies

    5 Strings

    All good advice. I've got my muting down on the 4. Thumb up and down like a good 'un. I don't think I'd ever use the bottom range, but the extra flexibility higher up the neck will come in really useful I think.
  8. dmdavies

    5 Strings

    DON'T WORRY, IT'S NOT ONE OF THOSE THREADS. I want to try to get my head around using a five string. Does anyone have any suggestions for a cheap one to give a go? I play various Jazz's so one that has the same kind of neck profile etc would be great.
  9. I want one of these sooooooo much. WHY AM I SKINT RIGHT NOW. GLWTS.
  10. I think I've just had the best photo of me taken ever for any of the bands I've ever been in.
  11. I'm thinking about selling my pride and joy. I had this made last year. It' a version of a Sandberg TT4 that I'd had previously. I've since upgraded various bits. It now has: Hipshot D-Tuner Lindy Frailin -5 underwound pickups John East retro Jazz pre-amp Comes with a Fender hardcase. I'll upload more pictures later today.
  12. That's great! I use markbass stuff.
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