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  1. Nah the bottom one is the way I was thinking. Just you saying it too is good. I'll give it a go, see what happens!
  2. Hope someone can help. I've got a Stomp that I control using bluetooth midi connector to my iPad. Change the song in BandHelper, it changes the patches. Pretty straight forward. Now I want to introduce a C4 Synth pedal into the mix. I know I will need some kind of USB Host for this to connect the Stomp and C4, but what would the wiring need to be for the iPad to carry on working? This is the bluetooth adapter I'm using. TIE 1i1o-e Bluetooth MIDI Adapter : Amazon.co.uk: Musical Instruments & DJ
  3. Got one for sale on this very site!
  4. Just putting feelers out really. I'm moving to IEMs and Helix so this is just sitting here. The Amp is in perfect working order. Rackmounted with a Kork PitchBlack rack tuner. The cab has a RoqSolid custom made cover. Picture to follow.
  5. If this is still here on Thursday it will be mine...
  6. If it wasn't for the fact that import duties would probably bankrupt me I'd be all over this like a rash.
  7. This is a delightful looking thing. GLWTS
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. I had one of these, but just the passive version. Missed it so much I had a Limelight built to impersonate it! GLWTS!
  10. Burns night this year, end of a gig at a Jazz club in Edinburgh. Straight into the PA using the house DI. Very cute German exchange student. Seemed to be very impressed too. flip it I'm sold.
  11. The festivals I play nomally have their own backline if on-stage presence is needed. I'm really torn tbh.
  12. General. I think? More about the idea of amps and cabs, rather than any particular ones.
  13. I play medium sized venues, and my MarkBass Marcus 800 and cab is overkill really. Also, I am wearing in-ears more and more. If I were to just go effects and DI into the desk and not move any air on stage at all, is that going to cause me problems do you think? I'm really interested in what you guys think.
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