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  1. HI Mickey, what are you looking for the 734A
  2. Post Christmas and funds are low for most 🥲
  3. Thanks Andy, came out better than I thought it would, did you spot the body shape...🤔
  4. yes you can just about see it when it was sprayed red, such a pity to cover up that lovely grain
  5. I could not pass it up Maude, it was a pleasure to work on and im pleased with the result, you have to love that fretboard ...
  6. See if @AndyTraviscan spot the body shape
  7. I bought this Yamaha SB1200s on Ebay before Christmas, a previous owner removed the stock pickups and replaced them with cheap ones, tuners were in bad shape but the body was in good overall condition despite the routing. So I striped it all down to the bare wood and oiled it with gunstock oil. New P an J pickups, new kiogan loom and it all turned out well.
  8. Missed this the first time round Andy but having bought 1100S I would be first in the queue but GLWTS buddy...
  9. They are really like a good love affair, without the hassle 😍
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