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  1. My Aria pro 2 Gibson copy with the Babicz bridge
  2. That looks the business Andy, I actually used button head stainless bolts which also look cool if you ever decided to change...
  3. Reduced to £500 I have for this Yamaha BB1100S in beautiful condition apart from few minor tiny dents some hard to photograph and mostly on the back The price will include delivery to UK addresses Very versatile bass with active/passive switch 9v battery Nut width 42mm Weight 3.9 Kg's Typical Yamaha build quality No case but will be well boxed for delivery Thanks for looking guys
  4. For one night only as I need this gone Bought this very rare BB1300 in metallic blue, Made in Japan 1980's Price is firm as this is what it owns me. In lovely condition with very few marks, little wear on the frets Push pull volume pots 40mm Nut 4.3 kg's No case but will be well boxed for shipment Bought this off @AndyTravislast year
  5. I has one in the same colour and year with the white pickup covers, sold it just a shade less than yours so you are not too far off the mark , great basses GLWTS
  6. Yes I have it now, a lovely slim neck, original pickups were changed to Kent Armstrong designed ones in the late nineties but I managed to snag a set from an early MIJ Fender P which sounds just as good as the 75 P that I sold recently..
  7. Was that the one with the white pickup covers
  8. The photos show exactly that its a modified cheap bass if you know what to look for, decal is all wrong, all those holes ect.. this is the typical con "I don't know about basses ", house clearance and all that garbage should automatically put serious buyers off. The winning bidder in in for a shock 🤨
  9. Graham bought my Fender Jazz, fast payment and smooth transaction all the way, hope you enjoy your new Bass... Cheers Brian
  10. just a wee update on my Yamaha Superbass 1200s I took out the pickups that were installed in my first post and installed Yamaha P and bridge pickups that I ordered from a UK company that @AndyTravis recommended to me. Took over 8 weeks to land due to a backlog of orders, anyway they landed 2 weeks ago and I had to get my Luthier friend to make another Scratch-plate to accommodate the new pickups. The result was a massive improvement on the what I had installed, hope you like the new look and a proper Yamaha sound.. Pic to follow
  11. Surprised that this is still here at this price @Clarky
  12. @Velarian I sold a Fender P to Nick, fast no quibble payment and a pleasure to doing the deal with him, top bloke
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