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  1. I Have a Washburn but not like this one and the quality is first class
  2. Could not find the one on the bay
  3. Hi Raslee, Sent you a Pm
  4. Might have to go back up as he lives in Europe and I dont like sending basses too far away 😳
  5. Yes it has sold, was a wee hiccup but I cant edit this listing
  6. Thanks Silverfox, Yes the build quality is first class but unfortunately I am selling all my basses as I no longer play so someone will very pleased with their purchase of this beauty. 😉
  7. NOW SOLD I'm putting my Late 70's or possibly early 80's Tokai Hard Puncher up for sale only, I need the readies 😉. This is the Spaghetti type Logo which Im told is the earlier model. I bought this off a Guy in Scotland who paid £899 (Ebay receipt for it if you want it ) which was a bit on the high side, Im asking what I paid for it so no profit making. The frets are hardly marked and Im guessing that it got very little gigging, few marks here and there with the main chip as shown in the pic. All original except for the covers which are brand new and came with the Bass, truss works, electrics work as they should and the neck is in good straight order. The bass came with heavier strings than the ones I have on which are 105-45 so the nut is cut a side lower that normal, plays fine but could be improved depending on your preferences. Nut width is 42mm and weighs about 4Kg I have an old case which has no clasps but will do for the courier and keep the bass safe on its Journey.
  8. Hiya, Country of origin and nut width please B
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