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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Bought some bass guitar pickups from Vedran recently. Fast and uncomplicated communication , smooth transaction, although he lives in Croatia.... happy to deal with him again !
  3. Pics without the bridge added ground wire route underneath the bridge is 60‘ies style , small oval body weight is 2 kg
  4. Hi , pickups are dated 1970, neck 1971, pots 1966 neck plate is 280 xxx and yes, it is the original late 60'ies early 70'ies bridge the bass belonged to a luthier before who was repairing a lot of vintage Fender guitars and basses. He was cleaning it and refinished the body in natural, because he liked the wood grain. He said that the body is older than the rest of the bass, because of the lightweight ash body. I have to check and post the exact weight here
  5. I have them, i have them.......as clothline in the garden :-)
  6. Yep ! I will take more pics meanwhile, i hope this helps..... there is no routing beside the control cavity
  7. Yes, of course! the names escaped me for moment, that was the only one i remembered 🙂 .....perhaps just because i tried it and it worked very , very good in some of my P basses
  8. Hi everybody Selling some vintage Fender parts for a nice P-bass project : true 1960' ies naked feather light ash body , wonderfull wood grain the body was originally blonde, cleaned after a spray job and refinished in natural comes with the original bridge .Weight is 2 kg its fretted 1971 Fender Precision neck with original tuners, beautifull rosewood fretboard the truss rod has been professionally repaired and fixed i can split and sell body and neck separately ! the action of the bass is max 2,5 -3 mm on the 12th fret , which is not too bad for a vintage Fender simply fit it with a good pickup ( Lundgren, Seymour, Lindy Fralins which work all very well on this ash body) and a nice Emerson kit ( or other ) and you have immediately a very good vintage Fender Precision player for a decent price ! I can throw in , for some additional money of course, its original pickups which are dated 1970 , but these other brands do a very good job too , really ! for additional infos and pics, please send me a PM thanks for looking
  9. Norm bought a bass from me with different kind of accessories . it was a great contact, smooth transaction and excellent communication . Thanks again Norm
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
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