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  1. Current regret: not picking up an Ashdown ABM Evo II 1x15 combo for £125.

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    2. NealeP


      Got one sitting here doing nothing. quieter fan  and Black widow  installed

      ashdown amp 1.jpg

      ashdown amp 2.jpg

    3. Jono Bolton

      Jono Bolton

      Offt, very nice, but a bit too far away for me!

    4. Bigwan


      Yes... £125 for, IMO, one of the best amps going (not quite as good as the original pre-EVO, but nearly)... Your regret is justified...

  2. Jono Bolton

    Ashdown ABM 115T Compact 2 SOLD

    Don't know how it is for other folk, but most of the stuff that comes up near me is knackered garbage. The only good stuff seems to be miles away. I'd have had this like a shot if it were nearer.
  3. Jono Bolton

    J bass with precision neck

    The Fender Mark Hoppus Precision has a Precision neck on a Jazz body, but then it has a P Bass pickup so probably doesn't count.
  4. Jono Bolton

    Heat and setups

    My Matt Freeman doesn't seem to move, regardless of what the weather does. I went from some skinny D'Addario rounds (.040 to .100) to some heavy Fender flats (.055 to .110) a few weeks ago and expected to have to tweak the neck after a day or two of settling in, but so far I've not had to do anything. A "strong and stable" bass.
  5. Jono Bolton

    Ashdown fan club

    For years, I played through an Ashdown ABM300 (Evo II) and found it to be a really nice and versatile amp, however I sold it on when I picked up my Peavey Mark IV as it was more suitable for the band I was playing at the time (heavy, and loud). I'm half tempted to return to the Ashdown fold as there's a good deal on an ABM locally that I quite fancy.
  6. Jono Bolton

    New Player Series Buttercream P Bass!

    Sage green was an old MIM colour from the early 2000s and wasn't that popular if I recall, but I had a Jazz in that colour and when I sold it 3-4 years ago, folk were going daft for it. Got to say, I really don't like all these variations of Jag bass that don't have the full set of Jag switches and control plates. That big expanse of plastic guard just looks cheap.
  7. Jono Bolton

    NBD: Fender Mexican FSR 70's P Bass

    That's a nice bit of wood! Never seen black dots and binding on a maple neck before either, I quite like it.
  8. Jono Bolton

    New Player Series Buttercream P Bass!

    Saw the release video on Fender's Facebook page this morning; this was definitely the standout in the range. I'm a fan of the Tidepool Blue finish as well. Glad they've gone with a different logo to the horrible 70s-style logo that the Mexican Standards have.
  9. Jono Bolton

    feedback for AndyTravis

    Andy bought my p bass pickguard through a Facebook group; he was quick to pay after we agreed the price, top man to deal with!
  10. Jono Bolton

    Jazz bass for beginners

    Apologies if this should be in a different section, but does anyone have any recommendations for learning jazz bass? I listen to it, I understand chord structures, but when it comes to walking baselines and jazz bass in general, to quote the great Danny Dyer, "I just can't get me nut around it". Does anyone have any recommendations for a simpleton like me?
  11. Similar story for me; I bought a bass from Clarky, who bought it from Old Horse Murphy, that I subsequently sold back to OHM, that I wish I hadn't. I often wonder where it is and if it's possible to try and track down.
  12. Jono Bolton

    Feedback for Outsider70

    I bought a set of Fender flats from Tony; quick to reply to messages, posted quickly, as described and keenly priced, can't complain! Thanks again Tony!
  13. I picked up a new Squier Matt Freeman P Bass a couple of weeks ago, and the pots are quite sorry-looking. The bass comes fitted with Alpha mini pots as standard, which I'd like to swap for full sized ones, however there seem to be lots of different options for sizes when I look online. Does anyone know which pots would drop straight in to the existing pickguard? Do mini pots have the same size thread as their larger counterparts, or will the pot holes in the pickguard be too small for full sized pots?
  14. Jono Bolton

    Thumbrest for Precision Bass?

    I think @mcnach might be able to help with this one...