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  1. Thanks Christian, it was indeed you that I bought these from. I actually bought them from you in June last year, but didn't actually put them on my bass until October while the body was away being resprayed. I didn't realise it was that long ago
  2. La Bella Deep Talkin' flats. I'm not sure how old these are; I've had them on my P Bass for 9 months and they had been used prior to that. The strings are in good nick but the silks are a little scruffy, and worn through on the G (pictured). Price dropped to £30 inc postage.
  3. Danelectro Fab Tone Distortion pedal. I bought this a few weeks ago but it's not really for me. The Fab Tone was used by Larry Graham and was apparently Prince's bass fuzz of choice. In very good condition, with only a few scuffs on the casing. Full working order. No box or manual but shipping is fine and will be about a fiver.
  4. I actually like the Venus! The angle of the strings begin the bridge doesn't seem very well thought through, though
  5. It's quite deceptive; it feels almost toy-like compared to my P Bass, but the sound from it was completely unexpected. It can do proper clank, but dialling back the tone gives you a very nice thump.
  6. I put medium scale D'Addario chromes on my Squier Musicmaster the other day.
  7. I've recently picked up a new (old) bass and the frets are pretty manky. I have the Planet Waves fret polishing kit and it's done a reasonable job, but they're still some way from being as good as they could be. What else should I be using? Are the fret erasers any good, or is it just a case of getting some steel wool on them?
  8. After a week of waiting, my new bass arrived this morning - a Squier Vista Series Musicmaster, in shell pink. I've been after one of these for a while but haven't seen many turn up, and the ones I have seen have been overpriced, knackered, or both. This one was definitely overpriced when I found it on eBay, but I managed to negotiate the seller down to a more reasonable figure, though slightly north of what I'd hoped to pay. It's in good condition overall, with only one tiny chip on the rear of the body, and a couple of small dents. The seller said it had been "well loved", and though it definitely hasn't been abused, it hadn't been looked after. I had to take the whole thing apart and clean a fair bit of gunk off it. The frets in particular were in some state and despite my graft still need a bit more polishing to get the shite off them. I scored some very cheap D'Addario medium scale Chromes on eBay last week so it's been restrung with those, and just needs a set-up, which I'll do this evening. I've never had a short-scale before, unless you count a Bass VI, and it's great fun to play. It sounds very good through my Peavey Century. It'll be shielded and get a new Switchcraft jack later this week, and possibly a new pickguard as well. Pics:
  9. That's a cracker. My JV Precision is my #1. My Bass VI is a lot of fun, and I have a MIJ PB70 that I haven't used much, but it's the JV that passes the house fire test.
  10. Which colour is which on your basses?
  11. Brian Pillans made a great pickguard for my JV P Bass. The original tortoiseshell plate was a bit knackered and had a wonky cutout for the pickup where someone had tried to widen it and made an derrière of it. I sent him the original to trace and he did a smashing job and got the new pickup hole spot on.
  12. Set of 4 Gotoh FB30LP lollipop tuners, right handed, in nickel finish. Used but in excellent condition. Comes with bushings but I don't seem to have the screws for them. They come in a Gotoh box but it's not the right one. Price includes postage.
  13. I retract my previous comment; there's a slight bit of fraying on the G string where it meets the string retainer, otherwise, they're in great shape. Should have also mentioned that they're cut for a Fender 4-in-a-line headstock, with plenty of winds on them.
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