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  1. Jono Bolton

    Guitar to Bass amp conversion??

    Not a valve amp, but I've used an old Sunn Concert Lead for bass before and it was great. For recording in the past I've split the signal through my Peavey Mark IV and an Orange guitar head to good effect.
  2. Jono Bolton

    How often have you needed a backup amp?

    The only time my amp has failed on me was when I didn't have a backup; thankfully it was towards the end of a set and there wasn't anyone there to bear witness other than the sound guy, who seemed to have never done a hardcore band before so the sound was stinky poo to begin with. It was a horrible gig. I booked the amp in to a tech to be looked at as it was a couple of weeks before we went on a short tour, got it back the weekend before and was told it was fixed, only for it to happen again at practice the night before the first of our run of gigs. Had to spend the next few days borrowing from other bands, using house amps or DIing straight into the desk. When I went back to collect my amp for the second time, the guy told me it was due to one of the capacitors that had failed, and showed me the swollen cap in a "this is very obvious" kind of way. I asked how he managed to miss it the first time round given it looked fit to burst but he had no answer for me.
  3. Jono Bolton

    Backpack bag for 1x10inch cab?

    By sundries, do you mean cans?
  4. Are there any studios in Glasgow that I can use for an hour or so on my own to try out my new head and really give it the beans? It's too loud to really test it properly at home.

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    2. EMG456


      Lofi - city centre http://www.lofistudios.com/

      Carlton - other side of the river just beside the High Court http://carltonstudios.co.uk/carlton-studio-cafe/

      Audio Lounge - Maryhill http://rehearserecord.com/

      Sure there's lots of others as well, Riverside in Busby for example- depends where you're based.

    3. Jono Bolton

      Jono Bolton

      @EMG456 I've used most of the studios around the city but the majority are 3 hour blocks. I'm looking for somewhere where I can use a room for 30-60 minutes to have a play around with my head at volume to see how it all works.

    4. Jono Bolton

      Jono Bolton

      Lo-fi is probably the best shout as it's a few hundred yards from my work so I could maybe ask to use an empty room on my lunch one day for a nominal fee

  5. Jono Bolton

    NAD - Crackly Volume Knob

    That was my plan, but for some reason none of the screwdrivers I have fit comfortably into the cross heads of the screws to be able to get them out My pal down the street has a 'leccy screwdriver that I'll ask for a shot of over the weekend; that should hopefully get me inside. I'll have a look at the solder joints too while I'm in there.
  6. Jono Bolton

    NAD - Crackly Volume Knob

    I picked up an old Peavey Century head today. I didn't get a chance to test it before I bought it and the seller hadn't used it in over 6 months but I managed to haggle a bit off the price as a result. When I first plugged it in, there were a few pops and bangs from the inputs and the power switch, which I attributed to the fact it had been in storage for most of this year. I don't have a Phillips-head screwdriver that fits the screws on the front panel to be able to open it up, but a quick spray with Servisol on the knobs from the front, and on the power switch and jacks seems to have cleared most issues up, but the volume knob is still incredibly scratchy. Is there anything else I should be looking at doing to try and sort it before booking it in for a service? P.S. the chrome corners are soaking in coke just now to try and get rid of some of the rust spots, so pics will be added once I've put it all back together.
  7. Jono Bolton

    1966 Fender Precision Bass - Natural Refin

    That's a tidy bit of wood
  8. Jono Bolton

    Big stars, with their old guitars...

    Herbie Flowers and his blue jazz?
  9. Jono Bolton

    The Roadworn 50's P......I get it.

    One of my big bass-related regrets was not having the patience to wait for one of these to come back in stock. Ordered and paid for online, I got an email saying that the shop didn't actually have any in stock (the site said they did) and that it would be a few weeks before they had more in. I politely declined and cancelled the order and ended up spending a lot more putting together a parts Jazz. I think at the time the 50s Classics were around the £400 mark; this was about 10 years ago. Still, the whole thing could've been avoided if I'd not made the mistake of selling my US Standard Precision - the biggest of my bass-related regrets.
  10. Jono Bolton

    SUNN Concert Bass - 550£

    Very cool. One of my mates has the Concert Lead and it sounded amazing on bass
  11. Jono Bolton

    ESP Ltd Hybrid 300 Now £225

    Ooft! I wanted one of these when I was about 15/16 and still occasionally keep an eye out, even though I don't really play guitar anymore. If shipping is available, I may have to go away and do some sums.
  12. Jono Bolton

    What Strings Are Doing it For You?

    I'm using Fender 9050Ms; they're 55-105 gauge flatwounds but by Christ they feel a lot heavier. They're not unenjoyable to play, and a bit brighter than flats I've had in the past, but I can't quite get the action as low as I did when I had lighter gauge rounds on.
  13. Jono Bolton

    High mass brass bridges

    Does anyone have any recommendations for where I can find an old, high mass brass bridge like the one pictured? I've always liked the look of them but so far my searching hasn't returned any results.
  14. Thanks. Was interested in the idea of a Sunnbather preamp/DI pedal and a power amp but didn't really know how it would work.