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  1. Site Bugs - List them here

    Thank you!
  2. Site Bugs - List them here

    Do you know where in the profile? I'm looking around but I can't see anything
  3. Site Bugs - List them here

    Anyone know about this? I can see that other people have updated their statuses recently, but I've been looking for it all weekend and can't find it. Am I being stupid?
  4. Site Bugs - List them here

    How do you post status updates on the new site? I can't figure it out. I can see ones that have been posted on the right-hand side of the main page, but can't put one up myself.
  5. Specifically, without having to fill and re-drill the screw holes? I know that the screws on the Classic Vibe bridges are spaced wider than the standard Fender-style bridge, with the outer holes being completely off. Does anyone know if it can be done or is re-drilling required?
  6. Your Dream Bass.?

    This, with or without the bridge pickup, I'm not fussy:
  7. Basses owned ( is one you want amongst these? )

    [quote name='Jono Bolton' timestamp='1365256793' post='2037288'] In order: 1. Peavey Foundation - red, with a maple neck. £50 off a guy a few years above me in school, it was a 14th birthday present from my parents. Not a bad bass as I remember, an identical one came up on ebay recently and sold for not too much, if I'd had the cash at the time I would've had a punt on it. 2. Washburn XB100 - my first new bass, it was metallic blue with a rosewood fingerboard. I recall it was pretty cheap, about £100 and not really an upgrade on the Peavey, but by the time I got the Washburn the Peavey had seen better days. 3. Fender Jazz, made in Mexico, 2003, Sage Metallic Green. I traded in the Washburn against the Jazz, which was bought for me by my parents for my 18th. I still have it, but never play it. I used it a lot through uni, but it doesn't suit my sound or style of play these days. I [i]hate[/i] the colour too, I bought it on my 18th birthday and it was the only one guitarguitar but I'd been out the night before, and because I'd made my way up to Glasgow in my pitiful state, I didn't want to leave empty handed. In hindsight I should've taken the staff up on their offer of ordering me in a black one and coming back a couple of days later. Frustratingly, I walked round from guitarguitar to the old Sound Control with my new purchase, and was presented with a wall of Mexican Fenders in every colour 4. Fender Precision Bass, made in Mexico, 2000, Black. This one was picked up on ebay for £200, with a flightcase in about 2007/8. It was in pretty good nick apart from being filthy, I gave it a clean up, new strings, a new black scratchplate, Badass bridge and Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounders. I didn't have it for long though, I ended up selling it a year after I finished uni to pay off a council tax bill. 5. Fender Precision Bass, made in USA, not sure of the year, maybe 2006? Sunburst/rosewood. This is the one I wish I still had, bought from Clarky on here, who bought it from Old Horse Murphy. The nicest bass I have ever owned, to the extent that I barely played it for fear of damaging it. I gigged it once and it sounded amazing, but once I left the band I felt guilty for having such a nice piece of kit going unused. I sold it back to Nick (OHM) after having it for about 6 months. 6. Parts Jazz. In selling the US P Bass, I planned to replace it with a Mexican 50s Classic Precision. I bought one online for a bargain price, about £400 I recall, and even though the website showed they had them in stock I received an email a few days later saying that it would actually 8 weeks until they had them again. They offered to hold one for me, but my impatience got the better of me and I cancelled the transaction and built my own bass. Once again, with the benefit of hindisght, the length of time it took to source all the parts was about 8 weeks, and cost a fair bit more than the 50s Classic The Jazz comprised of a natural Marcus Miller Jazz body bought on here from Mr Fudge, an Allparts neck and Hipshot reverse gear tuners. I hated the Allparts neck, and swiftly replaced it with a maple Might Mite neck that was much nicer to play. The reverse gear Hipshots were replaced as well with the 70s style equivalents. This remained my main bass for a couple of years, but I got the hankering for another P Bass. I put it up for sale on here with little interest, but eventually managed to trade it with another member for his Precision, which upon arrival, turned out to be my Precision (see number 4) It came back a little different to when it left me, the scratchplate and Gotoh 201 I sold it with were still there, but there were covers added, and a Wizard Thumper, a few more scratches and dings and cracked finish and holes in the headstock from a Hipshot 3 string retainer, and the flightcase was gone as well. I've spent a lot of time modding it, and it currently has a threaded saddle bridge, a 4-ply tort scratchplate (proper celluloid), a tug bar and a Ki0gon wiring harness. It plays nicely set up with 50-110 Rotosounds, it's definitely "road worn" but it's my go-to bass. I'm toying with the idea of selling both the Jazz and the Precision to fund either a 50s Classic or Road Worn Precision, but the market's pretty slow just now so I reckon I'll hold on to them for now [/quote] It was interesting to read all that back after 4 years, if only because I doubt I’d have remembered it all! I sold the MIM P Bass; I’d put an Allparts Telebass neck on it by the time it left me. I also sold the Jazz as well. An updated list: 7. Epiphone EB-3. I hated everything about this bass. It didn’t last long. 8. Peavey Foundation. I bought this on eBay for a bit of nostalgia, but it was a bit knackered. I bought an original body and transplanted the neck and pickups across. It sounded great but the neck was too thin for me. Someone on here has it now. 9. Squier Matt Freeman (black). Cost me £200 off eBay 3 years ago and is still my main bass now. 10. Squier Matt Freeman (white). I liked the black one so much I bought another! It has since been moved on but I wish now that I’d kept the white one and sold the black one. 11. Squier CV 60s Precision. I got lucky and picked it up on Gumtree for something like £150. The bridge was siezed so I replaced it and put a white scratchplate on it. It was nice but didn’t do much for me so I traded it for... 12. Squier CV 50s Precision. Once again, it was nice but not my thing. Sold it on here earlier this year. I don’t think anything’s missing. Having a list written up just makes me realise how much money I’ve pissed away over the years. I’m quite happy with just the one bass now. I’m sure others would disagree that it’s money wasted but I certainly think that the money I’ve spent could’ve been put to better use.
  8. Anyone found their perfect bass?

    I suppose my P Bass is my "perfect" bass, if only because I can't see how a more expensive P Bass would be an improvement. The build quality is excellent, it sounds great and plays the way I like it, and it cost me £200. If I sold it, I don't think I'd get as good a bass for the same money. Even if I spent 2 or 3 times more, I doubt I'd be getting a significantly better bass.
  9. Pick a Precision pickguard

    Tort only goes with a rosewood fingerboard IMO. I voted black, but I quite like gold.
  10. 70s Fender P in Antigua - £400

    Yep, just found the same pictures on an eBay listing. Honestly, some people...
  11. 70s Fender P in Antigua - £400

    The seller hasn’t replied, but there’s someone in the Central belt who has a habit of picking up cheap basses on gumtree and selling them on eBay. He’s lowballed me a few times on items I’ve been selling, and recently picked up a Squier James Johnston Jazz for £200, which he flipped for £300, advertising it as having owned it from new. I can only imagine his delight if he sees this.
  12. 70s Fender P in Antigua - £400

    [quote name='timhiggins' timestamp='1508097665' post='3389763'] There were MiM Antigua p's a few years ago but the serial number on this seems to indicate this is a u.s.a 78 i just wondered how reliable the numbers are ? [/quote] The Mexican FSRs had a plug at the headstock for the truss rod, and this one doesn’t, so seems legit. Edit: the Mexicans also had a maple fingerboard.
  13. 70s Fender P in Antigua - £400

    [quote name='PawelG' timestamp='1508095707' post='3389729'] Yup, good deal. Why would you tell him what it's really worth? Is it a case of being nice? Or is it a case of ''I am not able to get it, so nobody else will''? [/quote] It seems he’s selling it on behalf of his father, and I don’t like the idea of a possibly sentimental item being undersold by around a grand because the seller doesn’t know it’s true value.
  14. Located in Thurso up the top end of Scotland. Seems to be a case of he doesn’t know what he has. I’ve messaged him to tell him what it’s really worth: https://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/fender-bass-electric-guitar/1270827090?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=sms