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  1. It arrived, and it looks great; just the slightest hint of mint. I just need DPD to deliver my guitar (delivery after 7pm 😫) so I can see what it looks like in situ.
  2. Sorry chaps, I found out that Vanson does 'light mint green' which looks just what I'm after. The plate should arrive tomorrow so I'll report back once I've got it.
  3. Does anyone know where's good for mint green pickguards that have just a hint of green? A lot that I've looked at are far greener than I would like, border on mushy pea territory.
  4. With mini pots, is the thread that goes through the hole in the scratchplate the same size as a standard pot, or is it smaller?
  5. Here's Fender Modern Player SS Jazz that sold on here recently to give you a rough idea of the price: Don't know much about them myself but it's maybe worth sending 2x18 a message for his thoughts, although £300 sounds cheap, depending on whether or not the refin is good. The only thing I really know about the Modern Player series is that they came from the same factory as the top-end Squiers, like the Classic Vibe Range, J Mascis Jazzmaster, Matt Freeman P Bass and the Biffy Clyro sigs, so the quality should be pretty high.
  6. I wish I'd bought this instead of a house
  7. A guy who used to come into our school to teach guitar had a Hofner Senator, and I've wanted one ever since.
  8. I had to google it because I've never seen one of these before. Where they all built into flight cases like that?
  9. Up to the start of the year, I was using a Peavey 400 Series Mark IV head; it weighed a ton, sounded huge and cost £100. If I was still gigging I would have kept it but I found a Peavey Century bass head for even cheaper so I sold it, but the Mark IV through a matching Peavey 2x15 is the best sounding rig I've ever owned.
  10. My favourite pickup for a while now has been the stock pickup in the Squier Matt Freeman P Bass. I bought one a few years ago with a Duncan Quarter Pounder fitted, and requested that the seller include the original in the sale so that I could swap it out.
  11. I'll be interested to see how the cab turns out; I've been thinking of doing something similar my Peavey 4x10 because it's ugly as sin.
  12. Much less than I expected. I'll have a think and get back to you.
  13. I was sceptical at first, and I still am, but that particular CC has some really weird old basses in at the minutes, including Mosrite, Jaydee, and Hayman: https://www.cashconverters.co.uk/shop/bass-guitars/6438?orderby=date&max=48&order=desc&page=2
  14. What do you reckon the shipping cost would be, if you were to do it?
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