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  1. I have my JV Precision booked in with David Wilson in a couple of months for a refinish in Shell Pink. Price was very reasonable.
  2. Lovely. Brilliant necks on the SQs.
  3. I googled the name and saw Hexham and assumed it was the same fella. Is there a link to contact him? I couldn't find anything
  4. I got a bit carried away on ebay earlier and won myself a Squier JV Precision (for an admittedly low price), but it requires a refin. It had a Jazz Bass pickup fitted at one point which has been filled but the fill has sunk so requires sorting at the same time. I'm looking to get it refinished in Shell Pink; any recommendations? I've been looking at https://rexterguitars.co.uk/pages/refinishing which look decent, but wanted to open it up to the board to see who gets the thumbs up. Happy to pack it up and send it away to someone who will do a good job of it.
  5. Seems it was dodgy pots. Put some new CTS pots in, and some Gavitt cloth wire, and there's no hum at all. Did a fairly tidy job too, if I do say so myself.
  6. I've ordered some new pots and wire and will nick the cap and socket from the current wiring and have a bash at rewiring it at the weekend.
  7. I have an issue with a buzz from my P Bass. With the volume up full, and the tone turned all the way down, there's no buzz. With the volume full, and the tone turned all the way up, there's a bit of buzz, but once I start to roll the volume back down, the buzz increases, but disappears once the volume is rolled all the way down. The bass has two grounds; one to the bridge, and one to a lug in the cavity. Everything seems to be wired up correctly. The issue doesn't seem to be from my amp, or the wiring in the room, as when I plugged my Jazzmaster in, there were no issues. Any suggestions?
  8. Good find. I have a Squier Classic Vibe cover and that measures an inch, but I always thought the Squier one was larger than standard due to the high mass bridge; possibly it's wider, or deeper, rather than taller.
  9. A straight-forward request; does anyone have a Fender P Bass bridge cover and would be able to tell me how high the top of the cover sits above the body of the bass?
  10. A friend of mine bought a Squier Bass VI with an aluminium neck from EGC a couple of years ago.
  11. I'm looking to transplant everything from my Matt Freeman, so it'd be sunburst, gold guard, tinted maple neck.
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