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  1. I had seen the Fender ones, but can't find them in the UK anywhere
  2. I've got a neck and I think the truss rod is maxed out. It's a heel-end adjustment, and the nut/adjuster is screwed in as far as it can go, but the neck could probably do with another quarter-to-half turn to get the relief as low as it needs to be. It's definitely playable, but I've managed to get the action on my other P Bass very low, so it's a bit of a jump going between the two. The neck is from a Japanese SQ series Squier Precision, some I'm not sure if it's imperial or metric. Does anyone know what size of washer I need, how many, and where to get them from?
  3. I love mine. It plays and sounds better than many more expensive basses I've owned.
  4. Matt Freeman from Rancid regularly uses his Squier signature live, although despite it's modest price tag when it was available new, I'd happily put mine up against any Fender.
  5. An unexpected bitsa. Recently, I posted in the Wanted section, looking for a sonic blue Squier Classic Vibe Precision Bass, to which @Philboyo duly obliged. However, on arrival I realised I didn't get on with the shallow C-shaped neck; that was the reason I sold my old Fiesta Red CV Precision. I was fortunate enough to find a Japanese Squier SQ series P Bass near me for cheap, so picked that up a couple of weeks ago and gave it to my guitar tech, along with a vintage-style, threaded-saddle bridge to replace the high mass stock unit, and a set of Gotoh FB30 lollipop tuners which were intended for another bass, but dropped into the existing screw holes and replaced the crap Wilkinsons that came with the neck. It needed a fret dress, a new nut, and the screw holes in the heel of the neck were slightly stripped, so had to be filled and redrilled, so a bit more work than was expected, but now it's all together it plays wonderfully.
  6. Karl, if you're able to speak to the Mrs and convince her she doesn't need a new bathroom fitting next week, I'll have this off you in a shot.
  7. Does that include JVs? SQs? Silver Series? Vistas? Classic Vibes? Or are you just following the belief that if its says 'Squier' on the headstock, it must be crap?
  8. I saw a Squier Matt Freeman P Bass on ebay for over a grand from a seller in Japan.
  9. Schaller BML 4-in-line Right hand bass tuners, either nickel or chrome; I believe it's the former but I'm not 100% sure. Great condition and in full working order. Two of the tuners were a little stiff so they've recently been given a couple of drops of oil and they're working fine now. I've had these on my Squier Matt Freeman Precision for the last few years; if you have one of the Squier Made in China Classic Vibe, Artist Series, or Fender Modern Player basses, these should just drop straight in. Comes with bushings but I don't think I have the screws; I'll have a look for them and will include them if I find them, but for now please assume that these are screw-less. No original box but I've got a Gotoh box to keep them secure in the post. £45 posted.
  10. There's one on here I've looked at quite a few times and would probably have bought a while ago were it not priced about £200 more than the going rate.
  11. I've been conditioned by Fender to think their's is the only correct headstock shape, but I've grown to accept that others are nice in their own right. I really don't like Pau Ferro and Laurel fretboards; they're too pale and "grainy" in most cases. I prefer darker, closer-grained fretboards.
  12. I used to play in a band that tuned to C#. I used the bottom 4 strings from a 5 string set; I think the low string was .130 and had no issues at all.
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