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  1. Much less than I expected. I'll have a think and get back to you.
  2. I was sceptical at first, and I still am, but that particular CC has some really weird old basses in at the minutes, including Mosrite, Jaydee, and Hayman: https://www.cashconverters.co.uk/shop/bass-guitars/6438?orderby=date&max=48&order=desc&page=2
  3. What do you reckon the shipping cost would be, if you were to do it?
  4. I've only bloody done it again; less than a week since the above post, and I've let an ABM 410 for £160 pass me by.
  5. Could you not ask for both? Attach the steel grill to the wooden frame and then have the silver cloth over the top?
  6. The LB100 is seriously tidy, although I'd like some more choices for finish, rather than just sunburst or red.
  7. EDIT: I just re-read the thread and realised that the OP refers to single-speaker cabs. I really should read things properly.
  8. Two of my biggest gear-related regrets both involve Ashdown. There was an Ashdown ABM 500 1x15 combo just 15 minutes away from me for £125 that I dithered on for too long, and the other was an Ashdown MAG 414 (4 ohm 4x10) cab for £100. Annoyingly, I had the cash for both. I need to stop sleeping on the stuff that's mega-cheap and just buy it, because for those prices I could have easily got my money back if I didn't like them.
  9. Hi Jono, I'm actually selling a Squire CV 60's P Bass in Sonic Blue - send me a PM if you're interested :) 

  10. If I had £3000 to spend on a bass, I probably wouldn't spend £3000 on a bass. I would spend maybe £1K, tops, but my tastes are simple and I only really like P Basses. In fact, I only really like the one I've already got. I'd probably just get it a decent set-up and spend the rest on something else. I may be tempted to splash out and buy the Fender 50s Precision in pink or the Squier Classic Vibe Precision in Sonic Blue that are for sale near me, but I'm not an overly GASsy person.
  11. As said, it's an ET-280. I always liked these, I think they look pretty cool.
  12. That Peavey was my first gigging amp when I was 18 or so. From memory it's about 130W, and would be more than capable for what he's after. Try and haggle the price down to £90 and use the extra tenner for a sack trolley to shift it about, because it weighs a fecking ton.
  13. I've got the Fender flats on my P Bass; they're 55-105, but they feel a lot heavier than the 105 rounds I usually use. I've had them on for 9 months now, and they still sound bright, but have smoothed out a bit.
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