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  1. Everyone moans about Fender doing the same old thing, but surely that's the lesser of two evils if the other option is stinky poo like this? The Powercaster is the first half-decent new design they've come up with in years, even if it would look better with a Jazzmaster-style trem rather than a hardtail.
  2. The original Chinese CVs were supposedly made in the same factory as Tonerider pickups, and there was talk on a forum somewhere of a Fender rep confirming that they were using unbranded Toneriders in the Classic Vibes.
  3. Swapping to the 9050MLs was a great shout. I'd been struggling to get the action right with the 9050Ms and had thought for a while that switching to the lighter strings (.050 - .100 instead of .055 - .105) would get me to where I wanted to be and I wasn't far wrong. I haven't had a chance to adjust the action but even just with swapping the strings it's much more playable. I really like the brightness out of the packet; I had my last ones for around 18 months and they never really dulled like other flats do. I honestly can't see myself switching back from the Fenders now.
  4. Insurance (both home and gear-specific) is already in place. Unfortunately there's not anyone I can get my gear to between now and leaving on Saturday morning. I'd given thought to sticking them in the back of the wardrobe but it's not secure enough for my liking. I'm going to be up in the loft to get suitcases and bags out tomorrow evening so I'll do it first as soon as I'm back from work before the heating gets switched on to see what the temperature's like, and make a decision then. If it's too hot, or more likely cold, I'll try and find somewhere else to store them, but if it seems ok I'll fire them up.
  5. Is it safe enough to store my guitar and bass in the loft while I'm away for a few days? I'm probably over-thinking it but it can get very warm up there, although I've not been up in a few months so I don't know what it's like up there just now. There have been a few attempted break ins in our area recently so I want to put them somewhere out of the way. I'll maybe stick my head up there too but I'll leave the cab because if anyone's daft enough to try and steal it then more power to them. I need to go up there to get suitcases out so I thought I could chuck them up there while I'm at it. I have a gig bag for my bass but nothing for the Tele; should they be fine sitting up there for a few nights?
  6. I always ask which courier would be used, and if it's Hermes or Yodel, I'll request that it's shipped by other means. I won't buy anything if it's going to be "delivered" by those charlatans. The Argos thing is curious; I bought a football shirt a few months ago and chose the Argos collection option as there was one 5 minutes from my office and I'd presumed it would be easier. As it was, it got stuck in limbo for nearly two weeks until the shop were notified by eBay that the parcel was going to be arriving in their store. I'll not bother again after than. One of the local guitar shops offers a courier service where they'll pack and ship an guitar/bass for £25. Saves a load of hassle and when I ever need to ship instruments, I use them. They did sting me last time for an extra £15 because I was shipping to Northern Ireland, even though when I phoned in advance they said the cost would be the same.
  7. I'm a fan of Fender flats. I had the 9050M set on my P Bass for a year or so but could never quite set it up the way I would like. I sold them at the weekend and bought a 9050ML set to see how they differ. I've got an old set of D'Addario Pro Steels on there while I wait on the new strings arriving and I can't wait to take them off.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Selling a set of Fender 9050M flats; these are 55-105 and are a bit too heavy for me. I've had them on my bass for a year or so, but I've not been playing a lot recently. They're in good condition and cut for a P Bass, with a few winds of the peg on each. Silks are still in decent condition and it's been strung through a top-loading bridge. Looking for £15 plus £1.50 postage. Would also consider trades for a lighter gauge (flats or rounds).
  10. Should do. The older CV basses had a high mass bridge with slightly wider screw spacing than usual, but the new ones seem to be the standard BBOT bridge so the hi-mass bridge should drop straight in.
  11. I'd tried nail polish remover before posting but it didn't work, but I gave it another go a few days ago and it did the trick.
  12. I was doing some filling and re-drilling of some screw holes, and managed to get some glue on the top of my bass. What's the best thing I can use to clean it off?
  13. It arrived, and it looks great; just the slightest hint of mint. I just need DPD to deliver my guitar (delivery after 7pm 😫) so I can see what it looks like in situ.
  14. Sorry chaps, I found out that Vanson does 'light mint green' which looks just what I'm after. The plate should arrive tomorrow so I'll report back once I've got it.
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