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  1. I’m well known for my bomb proof packaging if that’s any help?
  2. They vary in weight like any Fender bass if you read the reviews and comments on talkbass etc. There are reports of them being as much as 11lbs and as little as 8. I’d say It’s about average for a Fender bass and I have a shoulder injury and don’t find it too heavy. The bridge probably accounts for the difference between this and my MIJ Precision however If you want a light weight Precision I’d look elsewhere.
  3. Fender MIM Nate Mendel These basses get excellent reviews and this is a lovely example. It is beautifully made and has the advantages of being equipped with a high mass bridge and a Seymour Duncan Quarterpounder. It’s also part of the ‘Roadworn’ series so you don’t have to worry too much about dings! The neck is exceptional on this and has a played in feel. It comes with original gig bag and goodies plus a swappable FF neckplate. It weighs 4.4kgs on the kitchen scales and is perfectly balanced. Currently strung with heavy gauge Fender strings it’s perfect for rock. I bought it on a whim because it looks and plays so well however I prefer the feel of maple boards these days so it has got to go. No trades. UK only. Pickup preferred but I can possibly post at buyer’s cost if I can find a box.
  4. That was mine it’s a stunning bass I only got rid of it because I bought a vintage 4003s
  5. Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder Precision pickup for sale. I bought it to try out on my MIJ Precision but decided to keep it original. Excellent condition - the ground wire has cloth covering and is quite short so I will include a longer length of wire. Price includes postage in the UK only. Cheers
  6. There was definitely something awry. I’d be interested to see if the sales that went through were actually finalised as the prices appeared to be above market value.
  7. Interesting that all the items this seller had for sale have been removed this evening.
  8. I’ve been watching this seller’s stuff with interest. Today there were several items which sold for high amounts and then were quickly relisted. A Lakland 6 and an Eastwood Hooky pro. I was watching both and they have reappeared with the explanation that the ‘buyer made a mistake’. The Wal was on but I wasn’t watching that one. A lot of high end and nicely kept gear. Poor feedback though.
  9. Well it’s a shame the case is not Fender. High street prices are high for 70’s Fenders at the moment but they vary so much in quality (and weight) it’s difficult to definitively price them. I’d be offering half the asking price max. But it would have to weigh under 4.5kgs to tempt me 😉
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334019694866?hash=item4dc5201112%3Ag%3AGLMAAOSwWKhgsidm&LH_ItemCondition=3000
  11. Is the Washburn logo scuffed or is it reflection? I had a Wing series bass is it a bolt on neck? Cheers
  12. That’s a beauty. What’s it’s weight please?
  13. I always do a double take when I see these and think ‘Shergold’! It looks a beautiful bass GLWTS.
  14. Clarky bought my ‘62 MIJ Jazz reissue - easy deal and mega quick payment. Basschat at its best as always!
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