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  1. A bass that is essentially a hybrid Fender Roger Waters signature model with a MIM Fender 50’s body. All the parts and the neck were from a Fender RW bass. The pickup is a Seymour Duncan quarter pounder and as the name suggests it’s a pretty beefy unit. Strings are D’addario round wounds. The body is from a Fender Mexican 50’s reissue that was nice and light the whole bass weighs in at 3.9 kgs and plays really well. It’s a unique looking bass with 100% Fender parts. The neck is capped maple and has a brass nut. It dates from 2010. I’ve used this as a backup and it’s had a lot of compliments as the black and red combination is very eye catching. I was going to put black chrome tuners on it but never got round to it so these are stock. There are very minor dings on the headstock and the neck is very clean, one tiny ding on the body at the back and some tarnishing to the hardware, see pics. Part of my moving house clear out so no trades please. Pickup preferred but I can post at buyers cost. U.K. only though I’m afraid. There is no case or bag with this one but I have a decent box.
  2. Roger Waters signature Precision bass. I bought this from the original owner a while back mainly because of the black finish and maple neck. It reminded me of my old 70s Precision, however the neck profile is different and so it’s been in storage and not used. I noticed when I swapped the jack output that it has had extra scratch plate holes drilled so it accepts a traditional style 13 hole guard. I installed one as I wanted to keep ‘The Wall’ scratch plate intact with the sticker in place. So the bass comes with three ply guard and original single ply guard as a spare. The neck is lovely, it’s unusual as it is a capped board rather than one with a skunk stripe - I believe some 60s basses were made like this notably the slab body P bass made for the U.K. market only. The bass has a brass nut and black hardware, the tuners are stock and they are chrome - another quirk of this model. Currently there are chrome pickguard screws however I will include the original black ones. The bass also has a stock Seymour Duncan quarter pounder fitted which sounds great! The bass plays well and is fitted with newish round wound strings, it’s got a great sound with plenty of sustain.it is lightweight at 3.9kgs and comes with Fender gig bag and manual, etc. It is in near new condition other than the replacement jack socket and extra holes which cannot be seen when the original scratch plate is fitted. It dates from around 2016. No trades please, I can post but only in the U.K. I’m selling it for what it cost me.
  3. I have an ‘81 Elite 1 it’s a nicely made bass and not too heavy either. GLWTS
  4. Another lovely old Fender for sale - this time a stock natural finish 1979 Precision with maple board and subtle flaming to the neck. This has been my spare bass for quite some time. It’s a real workhorse with some minor dings and cosmetic blemishes but no structural damage. There aren’t any issues with the neck other than minor dings and marks. Scratchplate serial sticker matches the one on the headstock. All the proper stickers and stamps on the body and neck. When I bought it had a cheap replacement pickup and newer Fender tuners and knobs. The thumb-rest is a later one it looks like something had been glued on and then removed at some point. See new pics. There is a glue/residue mark but this is mostly covered by the newer rest. I replaced the pickup with a Seymour Duncan Quarter pounder. Everything else is stock, pots, wiring, scratchplate and hardware. The bass is light for a late 70’s P at 4kgs. Balances well, sounds great and plays superbly. A proper vintage Precision. It comes with pickup and bridge cover though they look very new I was told they were original to the bass. It comes strung with D’Addarios and there isn’t much fret wear for a 40 plus year old bass. Truss rod works as it ought to. I have loads more pics if required. You know the script selling because I’m downsizing, UK only sale, no trades, I can post if necessary however I’d prefer pickup in person.
  5. This time a money grabbing Grabber https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/294383258858?hash=item448a9c0cea%3Ag%3AIRwAAOSwXtFhOLU7&LH_ItemCondition=3000 Sadly the original pickup that made the Grabber grab me has been replaced. I love a Grabber - my ‘74 has outlived many basses and looks like an Ercol coffee table, but it sounds fantastic. This is a nice bass but very much the wrong side of a grand - the buy it now price is ridiculous! Perhaps I ought to tell the seller I’ve got a genuine spare ‘74 pickup to sell….£400 perhaps?
  6. A beautiful original US 1977 Fender Mustang bass with maple fingerboard and stock natural finish. Great condition, functions and plays superbly with a punchy sound. It’s strung with Roto medium scale strings. At some point in its life it has been strung as a lefty as there are filled areas for strap buttons and some side position markers which have also been filled. These do not get in the way when playing. Truss rod works fine as do the electrics. It’s a great vintage bass for those with back or shoulder issues as it weighs a mere 3.3kgs! Very comfortable to play and has a nice clean look to it. There is no thumbrest as this must have got in the way of the lefty’s pick technique It has the matching serial number sticker under the scratchplate, pots and wiring appear stock to me and the grounding plate is still in the control cavity. A rare opportunity to get your hands on a Fender short scale vintage classic. The Mustang actually uses medium scale strings as it is through body strung. Sorry no trades and no sales outside the U.K. I’m selling lots of stuff I don’t use owing to a house move (although most of the vintage Vox/Jennings gear is staying). It comes with a contemporary non-Fender case. Postage can be arranged but pickup definitely preferred.
  7. Fantastic communication, a superb bass and even delivered in person. Many thanks Peter!
  8. Yes I commented on how good they are, I’m moving so need to let go of equipment I don’t use much that’s of none sentimental value. I have two vintage Jennings JMI speakers I can use if I need extra trouser flap but I wouldn’t consider selling either of those.
  9. I think you have hit the nail on the head there 🤣
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324778307967?hash=item4b9e4bb17f%3Ag%3ATt4AAOSwVtVhNMg8&LH_ItemCondition=3000 A bitsa and that neck looks all wrong to me.
  11. That one has done the rounds price coming down from over a grand. What a shame, great basses these. The neck is probably worth it if you can try it out. That mudbucker neck pickup looks very wonky to me.
  12. Powerful, relatively tiny cab in great condition, these aren’t that common but for such a small package push lots of air. 600 watts 8 ohm impedance made in Italy, little use and no recent use, weighs around 15 kgs. 4 x 6” speakers. Free cat hairs! I’m moving house so selling what I don’t regularly use. No trades sorry. Pickup from Lancaster. Comes with good quality Roqsolid cover. Thanks. http://www.markbass.it/product-detail/new-york-604/
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265299260190?hash=item3dc511731e%3Ag%3ArqIAAOSwa5hhM8cL&LH_ItemCondition=3000 I wonder what atrocities lurk behind the giant scratchplate?
  14. The body looks like a Burns Nu-Sonic, a bass George Harrison used occasionally. There were quite a number of these bodies on eBay and through outlets such as Brandoni. Looks great !
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