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  1. It’s cheap and a project and still for sale 😊
  2. Afraid not work commitments means I rarely travel. Sorry.
  3. I’m in Lancaster a bit far up North for you judging by your location 😉
  4. A lovely early Japanese made Fender at a reasonable price type bump. Still available.
  5. Thanks for the kind words Bassassin, I’ve always wanted the more basic maple necked ‘P bass version’ of this with the bolt on neck - this model must have been near top of the range at the time. I did have my doubts about the bling! 😀 I’m not open to offers on this and I reckon postage will be around £20-25 depending on how quick a service wanted. I would prefer pickup though.
  6. I got this a few months ago as a project it arrived with a burnt out preamp a knackered pickup and an unplayable action. I believe it’s a MIJ Force 40 dating from the mid to late 80s. There is a plastic diamond inlaid into the top horn for some reason - don’t know if that’s an original feature but it’s ..erm..sparkly.. There are lots of dings and dents and most significantly a big repaired crack in the headstock. When I bought it I was going to strip it and convert it to headless however when I checked it over the ugly repair was sound, the trussrod worked and now the bass plays pretty well. The electrics have been swapped out for passive - two volumes and tone, the switch is a dummy. The Jazz pickup is a bashed in one I had knocking about as the original was trashed. The neck is really quite nice and the hardware and through neck construction of top quality. It weighs around 9.8lbs. Everything looks original apart from the aforementioned pickup and preamp. I’m sure someone could get this back into a lovely bass with some time and TLC. No trades, pickup preferred but negotiable. UK only.
  7. Squier JV Precision Bass - 750£

    Some of the domestic models had the standard bridge as stock - I’ve owned some like this also I believe that the domestic models had the black pick guard as opposed to a tort one. It’s a shame it doesn’t have the original pickup.
  8. I just read this thread about the Ric I think this guy has tried to buy things off me before. What an idiot. I saw this one as I’m looking for a Ric I was also bidding on a black 4001S a week or so back and was negotiating with the chap when it disappeared. It’s a shame they won’t allow Rics on here as there are quite a few of us here who still play and enjoy them despite their slightly misguided CEO. I think you were right to pull out of the sale and you will be able to challenge any negative feedback given the evidence of his multiple IDs and behaviour.
  9. What’s the weight please?
  10. Fender MIJ E Series Precision Bass 1984 This is one of the early Japanese made Fenders and is a superb instrument with a lovely neck. The truss rod turns and the frets are good, all original as far as I can see and comes in a Bass Centre tatty but protective gigbag. I have swapped the bridge saddles for vintage style threaded types however I will swap them back to the originals. There are a few dings to the metallic candy apple red finish but nothing awful. The back of the neck is in lovely condition. The neck pocket area has none of the usual tiny cracks around it that many Fenders do. There is a small repair around the nut that does not affect playability. I’m selling as I’ve just bought a rather expensive bass and I need to free up some cash. Sorry no trades and though I’d prefer pickup I can ship within the UK only at buyers cost. There are lots of nice things said about this era of Fender online.
  11. JV Squier Jazz Bass 1982 MIJ

  12. JV Squier 1982 Jazz Bass in sunburst. The bass is near original and has a beautiful flame to the centre of the sunburst finish. The bass weighs around 9.6lbs and the dark rosewood board has a wonderful feel and low action. The bass has been widely gigged and has its share of knocks and scuffs. It’s genuinely gigworn owing to 36 years of life on the road! See pics for condition. There is a chip on the headstock that has been filled. There are a couple of dings on the neck. I will post more pics. The earth strip has been replaced with copper foil. There is no structural damage and the truss rod turns as it ought to - the neck is straight and true and the frets are good. It’s a lovely old Squier made during their golden era and only a short time after the logo changed from large Fender to large Squier script. No case sorry and no trades. UK only.
  13. Slight miscalculation..... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Marlin-5-string-bass-guitar-used/173299923194?hash=item28597af8fa:g:IDYAAOSw87Raw9Ko