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  1. I guess you’d use a stool
  2. Haven’t we debated this one before? That logo is a more modern Ibanez one surely. Kay with an Ibanez decal? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ibanez-bass-1970s-lawsuit/224320770209?hash=item343a8f50a1%3Ag%3Au~kAAOSwGB1gBdZu&LH_ItemCondition=3000
  3. I bought this Greco GOB 750 off eBay last week - it’s very well made. Through neck and light weight.
  4. Similarly my Grabber’s body looks like a 70’s Ercol coffee table 😁
  5. Very nice! What’s the weight before Tom asks 🤣?
  6. I bought a Markbass Micro combo and it arrived quickly, well packed and as described. Perfect transaction. Many thanks!
  7. Yes the Grabber bridge is a simple string through BBOT design. I have kept the metal ashtray cover on mine as the saddle grub screws are so tall they are likely to snag your hand brutally.
  8. I’ve had a couple, great sounding and playing but both I had weighed over 5kgs!
  9. Good luck if you can find a good one at a decent price prowla. Mine is a little beast it’s got a great sounding pickup and a lovely neck. On the pic it has a hipshot bridge but I reverted back to the original.
  10. This is my ‘natural selection’ including my ‘74 Grabber!
  11. Fender Contemporary Precision Bass Made in Japan 1986/87. These basses were known as the Boxer series in Japan apparently . They were known for their excellent necks and very powerful pickups. These are more commonly seen in a PJ configuration. It’s an excellent bass in very good condition albeit with some dings and paint chips. Pickup in person however I am happy to post at buyers cost in the UK only. No trades.
  12. Thanks I’ve found it now. There are a few Grabber copies available, the most common are from the Italian ‘Melody’ brand. I’ve also seen Maya and Kimbara versions. Not a patch on the real thing though. My ‘74 Grabber is one of my keeper basses.
  13. Can’t seem to be able to follow the link - may have gone?
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