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  1. ash

    Blueshift project

    I saw that one he wouldn’t ship it as it was very heavy - it weighed 5.5kgs apparently. I asked a few questions about it. I bought a double neck Gordy once - sold it on here a few years back. Very nice with quality Schaller hardware and bespoke pickups mounted with screws through the back of the bass ( as pointed out by Jon). It weighed as much as a fridge however.
  2. If anyone wants to trade for a Fender Hot Rod P Bass I’d be up for that but nothing else.
  3. ash


    Very nice but check it’s weight first...I have!
  4. ash

    Feedback for ead

    Alain bought my MIJ Precision within 30 minutes of it being added for sale on BC! Great to deal with as ever. Many thanks, enjoy the bass!
  5. The cull continues this time a 1996 Fender MIJ Precision. This is a beautiful vintage style bass with the classic sunburst finish and tortoiseshell pickguard. It has a fantastic sound and plays superbly with a low action and straight fast neck. The frets have lots of life and the trussrod plenty of play. There are some dings that can be seen in the pics and three small grazes and a ding on the back of the neck in one area when it was knocked into a stand. It doesn’t interfere with playing particularly. As far as I know it’s completely original and reminds me of the JV ‘60s type Precision’s from the early 80’s. The bass weighs around 8.9lbs and comes with a Ritter gigbag. No trades sorry, I’m happy to post in the UK however pickup from Lancaster would be welcome.
  6. Yes it disappeared when I hit the buy it now! I love it but an old flame bass-wise has come up so first in first out! Erm I mean last in first out...doh! 😆
  7. I bought this Fender off eBay and it’s a fabulous reissue model based on a 50s Precision with a 60s paisley Telecaster Bass finish. It’s in virtually mint condition. The paisley pattern is a rare limited edition finish. Made in Japan between 1993-94. The bass weighs 4.1kgs and balances well. Frets are excellent and it’s got a low action with plenty of play on the trussrod - the trussrod in fact looks untouched. The bridge is a later US one as the original would only have had two saddles. It comes with both pickup and bridge cover and a clever wooden insert that acts as a thumbrest to protect the single coil pickup. I’m looking for what I paid for it and I’m only selling because something has cropped up that I’m looking for so no trades sorry. I’m selling for exactly what it cost me. I’m in Lancaster. Postage if required will be extra. It comes with a gigbag.trades would be a JV Precision preferably a maple neck version or a Fender Hot Rod Precision. It’s a lovely bass but I’m not using it with any of my bands and I don’t like using basses as wall hangers now SOLD. 😉
  8. ash

    Hayman 40 40, complete!

    Shame it’s missing the logo nice guitar though!
  9. ash

    Hayman 40 40, complete!

    It’s mine and it’s gorgeous but heavy, I didn’t think I’d get any interest if I put it on here as it’s an odd ball bass! If I didn’t have a shoulder problem I’d keep it as it’s lovely to play however like my Ric 3000 it’s just too much for long gigs.
  10. ash

    SAI Bargain Valve Amplifier

    It’s probably narrower but I’ll measure it - cheers
  11. ash

    Feedback for lawriemacmillan

    Great buyer many thanks, hope you enjoy the cab!
  12. I’ve dropped the price this is now £200 for a virtually new amp!
  13. ash

    never heard of these...

    I’ve had a few Burns/Fenton Weill - they were known before Steinbergers as ‘Martian cricketbats’ I believe. Have a look here - http://www.blackguitars.com/burns-weill-RP2.html ...and yes you are correct it is ridiculously overpriced. They are nice to collect but not exactly ergonomic! The bass player from Egg and Jet Harris used them however so they must have been reasonably well regarded at the time - for image alone perhaps?
  14. ash

    SAI Bargain Valve Amplifier

    Yes I think it may well be as volume one appears to have an effect on volume two when the bass is plugged into channel two. I had it on for about an hour today and it really has some punch to it!
  15. ash

    SAI Bargain Valve Amplifier

    A bit more information about the old SAI valve amp I picked up recently. I took it to bits after discharging the capacitor and have given it a good switch clean. There were also a couple of dry solder joints so I’ve fixed them and a broken wire on input one. Hey presto all the inputs work now - albeit with a little encouragement on channel 1. The Volume pot may need replacing although it probably hasn’t been used in years. I’m also going to make a back for it using some wire mesh. The thing kicks out a beefy sound through my Barefaced cab even though it’s not a bass amp. 50 watts of valve goodness for £20. Oh yes I’ve also found out SAI amps were made in Standish near Wigan and I believe the original makers are building boutique amps again! I still want to get it serviced but at least I know it works.