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  1. This was mine and is beautiful. Who buys this will be very happy.
  2. Musicman USA Sterling 1996 and MM case This is one of a pair of Sterling’s I own - this has an unusual beautiful flame to the neck. It is all original and plays superbly with a versatile preamp. It’s a good weight at 4.3kgs and is in a metallic blue finish. Frets are excellent and the trussrod works as it ought to. Action is nice and low. This bass sings! There are some cosmetic dings and scrapes to the body however the neck is perfect. No trades sorry, pickup preferred but I can post at buyers cost in the UK only. Selling because of an impending house purchase - I don’t really need two of them!
  3. I got this a few months ago as a summer project however work and house moving means it’s been neglected. Time to move it on. It’s an Epiphone Dot 335 type semi in good condition however the front has been rather amateurishly repainted in a ‘Pelham blue’. I think it could be stripped to reveal the original tobacco sunburst or stickered or generally customised to your own tastes. It’s a good guitar and plays well with no other issues apart from a knob that doesn’t match. Case is worn but does it’s job. Can post in the UK at cost. No trades.
  4. I took this modern bridge from a US Fender, it has the string through option as well as traditional stringing. It’s heavy duty with Allen adjustments. Price includes UK postage.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Unfortunately I rarely travel on account of work commitments. I’m reducing the price for a quick sale.
  7. EMG Precision Bass pickup with solderless loom and white covers. Excellent condition, white cover is a little grubby - I’ve swapped it out for an old passive unit. Price includes UK postage. No trades.
  8. It’s a Stagg EUB in good condition. There are a few minor dings to the paintwork. One of the attachment ‘arms’ is missing - but I’ve never used them anyway. It has been shielded so no hum from the preamp. It’s been fitted with a very nice set of Pirastro strings and plays really well. The preamp gives quite a convincing double bass sound when played live. I can’t use it as a result of a tendon issue. It comes with a nice Stagg gigbag. It’s pretty big and delicate so pickup only from Lancaster U.K. No trades.
  9. Used set - Fender cut. The silks are excellent, very low use taken from a bass I swapped. Price includes U.K. postage
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