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  1. Price drop to £310
  2. A very Geddy looking MIM Jazz Bass for sale with maple neck and black finish. The bass plays and sounds as a Jazz ought to and is light and well balanced at around 8.3lbs. The neck is in superb condition other than one tiny ding around the 16th fret. The body has a few scuffs and one major ding about the size of a 50p piece where it’s sustained a knock. The paint part is cracked and has been glued and there is an area of bare wood . I was planning to patch this with some black enamel but haven’t got round to it yet as it’s not visible from the front. Neck is straight and frets are good, it’s spent it’s time as a spare recently so since taking the pics I’ve put on some fairly new rotosound strings. It really has got a lovely neck, very slim with a satin finish. Extremely comfortable to play over long gigs. It comes with a Fender gigbag. No trades. I’m only selling as I’ve just got a Musicman Bass. Pickup preferred UK only post at buyers cost. PS open to sensible cash/PayPal gift offers of course! I’ve now touched up the ding and added Roto strings. Plays superbly and has that real Jazz mid range honk to it.
  3. I’m in Lancaster so a bit far Paul.
  4. This cab has now been sold elsewhere. Markbass TRV121H 8ohm 400 watt cab and roqsolid cover. Very good condition.
  5. ash

    Feedback for Dan_Q

    Dan bought my Squier Telebass quick payment and very easy to deal with. Perfect 👌
  6. ash

    Ibanez ATK305 *Sold*

    The usual question about weight 😉
  7. The reason I had a good look at it was because I have always liked the look of those simple short cutaway instruments like the first Gibson EBO and Melody Maker guitars. On closer inspection the body looks quite big in comparison to the neck, or is it the picture angle? That bridge arrangement though and what a strange pickup choice. Patrick Eggle also made one with a similar shape I remember.
  8. I’ve been looking at this Precision. Can’t work out is it a bitsa, an MIJ or MIM or a Highway one. It’s got an interesting history for sure however It doesn’t look like a stock ‘96 US bass to me. I thought that the serial number would be on the back of the headstock. The tuners are definitely from an MIM or cheaper US Fender. Opinions? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fender-Precision-Bass-1996-50th-Anniversary-Edition-in-Sunburst-Tortoiseshell/202552437180?hash=item2f2910e9bc:g:FwkAAOSwQXlcKW3x
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Douglas-Nugget-Bass-Prototype-32-Scale/273548365267?hash=item3fb0c0cdd3:g:L~MAAOSwdr1b4t8P Reminds me in shape of a Ned Callan bass or one of Dan Armstrong’s early instruments. Check out the odd bridge/string anchor design.
  10. ash

    JV Jazz bass over £2k

    He’s been trying to flog that for over a year. Knock a grand off and it may be worth sending a best offer. I love JVs but they are not worth over 2k.
  11. I’m selling my original US made full size vintage ARP Odyssey. It’s flightcased and in excellent working and cosmetic condition having been regularly serviced over the years. It was toured professionally throughout its past and has been recently kept in a studio. The synth has a couple of extra features commissioned by the original owner. Firstly the pitch wheel is sprung so it jumps back to its central position making using it in performance much easier. There is also an extra control to adjust the amount of the pitch change. There is a knob which adjusts a delay on modulation so that you can adjust the attack on the modulation used. This can be turned on and off with the extra switch. Otherwise the synth is a typical black and gold faced early Odyssey. All keys work and the oscillators and tuning are extremely stable. There is plenty online about this version of the synth - here are some pics and I’ll try and post a video. More pics to follow. It’s heavy and delicate so pickup only and no trades. The flightcase is an old school ‘rainbow’ case with foam lining (the lining would benefit from being replaced). The synth functions as it ought to and all slider caps are present. I doubt you will find a better example of such a classic synth for this price. I’m in Lancaster UK.
  12. ash

    Why oh why?

    Agreed but the price is rather optimistic.
  13. ash

    Why oh why?

    Why? See above....It also looks like someone has used a belt to distress the finish when you go in close. The gigantic bridge cover doesn’t help either. It’s a nice finish otherwise and would have been a classy looking bass before it was customised. £399? £275 would be more realistic.
  14. Still here despite a flurry of interest.