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  1. Very nice what’s its weight and is postage an option?
  2. I bought this one from Karl recently it’s a lovely bass however I’m too nervous to take it out as it’s near mint and as it’s a similar weight to my old faithful Precision at 4.3kgs I’ve decided to move it on quickly before I bond with it. To quote Karl it’s ‘Not one of the 1000's of '96 Fender 50th anniversary, this is a 50th Anniversary of the Precision bass model. Less than 500 made, apparently only 200 made it out of the USA, these do not come up often. They sold at about £1500 in 2001.’ Price is cash, no trades thanks, I won't be taking offers I'm afraid. Here’s a link to some discussion - https://www.talkbass.com/threads/fender-50th-anniversary-precision-bass.597217/page-4 I’m happy to post at your cost within the UK. It’s a beautiful bass, comes with certificate and documents, original tweed case, matching Fender tweed strap, truss rod tool, it’s probably the nicest, cleanest modern P bass I’ve played. This is a UK only sale. Thanks for looking.
  3. It is the same person as Fly Guitars he bought an old Epiphone off me years ago - decent chap - the pricing of this bass seems a tad ambitious but good luck to him, it’s a rare thing but definitely the Corvus of the Gibson bass world 😉
  4. No I decided against it - too much work, I picked up an old Wilson Sapphire bass earlier this week so that’s my current project.
  5. I did yet another deal with Karl today brilliant to trade with as ever, this time a 50th anniversary Precision. Cheers mate - good to see you again!
  6. I added a new Eminence 6.5 mid at 8ohms and it sounds great! Thanks for all the advice.
  7. This is a great bass to play a really nice neck and a good weight for a slab body and that massive pickup with the equally massive sound.
  8. Love it what’s the weight please?
  9. Ah glad you sold it thought you’d got a non payer.
  10. Thought this had sold on eBay tonight? Nice bass I was watching but I’d prefer the maple board version. GLWTS
  11. That was a few years ago I think. You can get them still there’s a chap on the Shergold site who stockpiles all the old Shergold and Hayman stuff and sells bits occasionally. I bought a 6 string bass bridge off him once. I think he has great difficulty parting with anything associated with Shergold as I had a long wait for it! He’s a nice guy and a total enthusiast for this kind of thing I’m sure he’ll have his beady eye on this! Hmmm I seem to recall the 50/50 as having a shorter scale length but I maybe wrong
  12. No think they were replaced by the US Special or Performer series
  13. Here is my recently purchased Fender US Highway One bass. It’s got the Leo Quan Badass Bridge and nitro finish. It’s nice and light at 9lbs. Very good functional condition with only a couple of dings and some bucklerash on the back. Neck is excellent just lemon-oiled and with a new set of Roto Swing bass 40-100. Will come with a spare set of flats and a gig-bag. I bought it very recently but I prefer the feel of maple boards these days so having gigged it I know it’s not for me. This is all original and sounds great. I can post in the UK. I’d only consider a trade on a US made Fender P bass with maple board (with cash top up from me) or a Markbass CMD 151 combo. Cash preferred.
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