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  1. I’m selling my Markbass F1 to raise funds for a new combo. It’s a 500 watt amp, very lightweight with a lovely eq and extremely powerful. Its an Italian made amp and though it has some scratches to the casing hasn’t been pushed or seen much action as I always DI my amps when gigging. UK postage will be about £12. Stock pic attached but I’ll post pics of the actual amp later on.
  2. JV Squier Precision Bass 1982

    I’ve had a lot of enquiries however I’m not going to post outside the UK and also I can’t do third party ‘please ship to my friend who lives in London’ type deals - sorry. I would be very happy to accept cash on collection or Painpal. I can courier in the UK only for £25. It is a lovely Precision! Thanks for looking.
  3. As an owner of both Indonesian and Italian Markbass products I’ve had no problems with either. Like American Fenders however the bottom line is that there is a little more kudos attached to the original Italian made versions. Most of us recognise that some MIJ and MIM Fenders are as good if not better than their US counterparts - think Roadworn or JV - but there’s a desirability about the US versions and some would argue a snob value. It’s certainly a selling and discussion point and supports my reasoning for specifying that this amp is an Italian version. 😉
  4. JV Squier Precision Bass 1982

    There’s no shipping outside the UK sorry.
  5. Price drop. £50 from

    These shift air, mine was fondly known as by the band as ‘The F*#ker’ owing to its vastness! GLWTS
  6. Bump for offers - no trades though
  7. JV Squier Precision Bass 1982

    I’ll take £650 type bump
  8. Cheers Mark I was just reading the label at the back!
  9. Here’s a Little Mark Tube - it has two gains and a mix so you can mix a grittier tube signal in with a clean sound. It also has phantom power and a balanced input. The tube is a miniature Groovetubes valve. The amp is in excellent condition with some minor cosmetic marks to the metalwork. I’m selling on behalf of a friend who is a local jobbing bassist and music tutor but not into forums (weird eh?). This has been his spare amp and has not been needed. It has been unused for a couple of years. One owner from new. On the pictures you can see it being run through my Markbass NY604 and it is a very powerful amp! It’s the Italian version. Comes with mains lead. No trades, it could be posted but at buyers cost and only in the UK. Thanks for looking!
  10. Pm sent regarding the Micromark
  11. JV Squier Precision Bass 1982

    Thanks mate, how you doing haven’t seen you in a while on here? Cheers
  12. Vintage Yamaha SB500 (Super Bass) '78/'79 Japan

    Love it and especially the ‘Batman’ tuners! Someone buy my JV Precision 😉
  13. JV Squier Precision Bass 1982

    Thanks it’s a beaut but I tend to use the bashed in black one as I’m worried about damaging this one since it’s in such great condition!
  14. Can you feel the lacquer cracks when playing up the neck Geoff?