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  1. Withdrawn I’m keeping it 😊
  2. Yes I’ve been chatting to the seller about it I’m just trying to get an accurate weight for it.
  3. ash

    Fender MB-5 Uber-lightweight MIJ 5er

    I’ve had one of these, I really liked it and it was super light and had a versatile sound too. Definitely worth looking at if you are interested in a quality 5 string with a comfortable string spacing. I’ve just bought a Status 5er otherwise I’d be asking for postage rates! GLWTS
  4. Wow what’s its weight please?
  5. I think this has been featured on here before.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1983-RARE-Reeve-Guitars-Alligator-Boutique-Custom-Vintage-UK-Wal-Bass/123664457431?hash=item1ccaf9ded7:g:uWUAAOSw6fBcdGla
  6. ash

    ***SOLD*** G&L L-1000 '83

    Weight please?
  7. ash

    Squier JV Precision

    Nice what’s its weight? Any case or bag and where are you?
  8. ash

    Gibson puzzler

    Yes they were set necks
  9. Okay look at the way the bridge has been mounted with routing firstly, but the headstock inlays are wrong - similar to a later RD Artist? The body looks legit but are the ‘inlays’ stickers or aftermarket custom jobs? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1972-Gibson-SB450-Vintage-Bass-Guitar/273721505591?hash=item3fbb12b737:g:BZIAAOSww4Jcb71G
  10. ash

    JV Precision for £475?????

    Well done I’m glad it went to a fellow Basschatter and JV lover!
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-70s-Bass-guitar-humbucker-pick-up-cover/132925209758?hash=item1ef2f5bc9e:g:1SwAAOSwZ8pcQdt~
  12. ash

    JV Precision for £475?????

    I messaged them when I first saw it but haven’t heard back. I’d like to see if the wiring is cloth with brass plates under the pickup. The knobs have been changed - usually on older JVs the chrome flakes off. It would look great in my collection but I’m miles from them ☹️
  13. Musicman StingRay HH 4 Bass Cased US made approximately 2015 The bass is in near new condition with only minor finish blemishes on the edge of the body. The bass has been rarely played and has spent most of its life in its case. I am the second owner and I bought it as I wanted to try the HH version of a StingRay. I prefer a maple board however therefore I’m looking to sell it to buy a maple neck option unless someone has a Musicman bass with maple neck to trade? I’ve not seen an HH in white before and it really gives it a vintage look. It comes with all case accessories and keys, string wipes, etc. all unopened. It’s finished in creamy white or vintage white if you prefer. It weighs 4.4kgs and is well balanced and very comfortable to play. Frets are as new and the rosewood board is lovely and dark with a satin feel neck. One odd thing is that the strap buttons are a pewter colour to my eyes but there isn’t evidence to suggest they have been changed as they look like standard buttons for an EB strap lock system. The bass has the usual MM trussrod and original bridge all working as they ought to. The hardware and electrics are top quality. It has a good action and plays very well, set up for my tastes and is currently strung with 40-100 Rotos. Here’s the Musicman blurb... Featuring a dual alnico-backed humbucker design, five-way selector switch for easy combination toggling and the coveted built-in three-band equalization, the Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay 4 HH offers double humbuckers for great tonal variation. Cash on pickup preferred but I can post within the UK if needed at buyers cost. Trade wise I’m ONLY interested in Musicman US made basses with maple boards, I’m not interested in Bongos or SUBs. Thanks for looking! To clarify I’m looking at trades at a similar value. A straight swap your maple board MM for mine. Single pickup classic MMs also considered. SOLD elsewhere
  14. My hamburger pickups aren’t working Dr Preston.
  15. Nice enough bass and decent start price but predictive text fail... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fender-Deluxe-Preston-Prescription-Bass-Guitar-USA-made/292928744716?hash=item4433e9ed0c%3Ag%3Ach4AAOSw3GlcRrUz&LH_ItemCondition=3000