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  1. It’s a great synth and compares very well to my 70’s ARP
  2. I sold one recently for nowhere near that amount around a grand in fact. It was a beauty but at 5kgs not for my back! The controls were volume active bass and treble, if you switched it to passive they reverted to volume and tone. Very effective circuit.
  3. Thanks - I think my price is fair given the ding but I get your point. I could probably fix it myself but in actual fact it isn’t felt when playing and people pay extra these days for the worn look 😉. It is a beauty though and I’m surprised it’s not had much interest. Only selling as I have four other Precisions and this was last in so first out.
  4. You know I’m not sure. I remember there being some mods. I have had a couple of these Status Retros - I am sure I bought one off Si and sold him one too so I may have got them the wrong way round but certainly owned this one at some point.
  5. Si bought that bass off me quite a while ago. It was lovely but getting no use as I was playing my old Fender Precision at the time and saving for my new house. I’m glad it’s got a new owner. I still own a Status Eclipse with two Jazz pickups and carbon neck with no trussrod, it’s the only active bass I own. The neck is wide and flat and it is very light it is my go to bass when I need versatility. It cost me under £400 and is one of the few basses I will not sell.
  6. I’d be willing to accommodate courier at buyers arrangement and expense however I would only have basic card to wrap it in.
  7. I shouldn’t be surprised if this turns up again. I watched the bidding closely and exactly the same thing occurred as before. A bid going £10 above the last bid and then a big leap in the last seconds. Also I didn’t think they started putting stickers under the scratchplate until later when the serial numbers had migrated to the headstock. I left well alone this time. If someone did buy it and it’s a legit auction fair play. I don’t think the bass is a knock off but there’s something odd about the listing.
  8. The price has shot up since this morning. I’m going to watch with interest but I won’t participate this time. It will be interesting to see any bid withdrawal activity or if it comes up again? I have seen the seller before and remember feeling a little suspicious of their listing. Can’t remember what it was they were selling however.
  9. Just did a socially distant deal with Dunc on two of my basses, prompt payment and easy going bass banter. Cheers Dunc
  10. It could be shill bidding activity and he stepped too far. I put in a bid in the last 3 seconds and it was higher than the price at that stage in fact straight to my maximum bid, then a bid came in a second later and nothing else thus giving me enough time to bid again. But I didn’t. Bid sniper or shill bidder it feels a bit off to me.
  11. Thankyou just my iPhone and a sunny evening 😊
  12. I asked and he said non payer. Not sure about this one now. I bid last time and was next highest bidder, there was no second chance offer to me.
  13. Peavey Foundation Bass I am selling this US made Peavey Foundation with maple board and cream finish. It’s in very good condition and the neck is nice and slim. I had it strung with heavy strings and tuned it with a low D for a while but now I’ve decided to buy a 5 string so I’m getting rid. I recently had the neck pickup rewound by Aaron Armstrong at Armstrong pickups who did a great job. These Super Ferrites are highly regarded but hard to get into to repair. It’s a nice light weight bass under 9lbs with a Jazz vibe to it. No case or bag so I may take the neck off to transport it if postage is required. These basses are well regarded for the price. I reckon this one dates from the early 90s. Pickup preferred so you can play it. No trades. Can post in the UK at buyers cost.
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