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  1. Lovely basses these - I have a black and maple one and it’s my main gigging bass these days.
  2. No problem Mike but it’s a long way - I’m in Lancaster
  3. The usual query about the weight of the bass? Cheers
  4. Gorgeous how heavy is it please and does it have a case or bag?
  5. The blue ones are Daddarios and the greens Fender.
  6. Having just got a new bass that has taken over as number one workhorse it’s time to thin the collection. This one is an early JV Squier Precision Bass. It has a JV1 prefix serial making it a late 1982 model according to the 21 Frets site. The bass has the wider string spacing and flatter neck profile of the earlier models and the desirable highly figured Sen ash bodies. The neck is superb on this one: frets thin and low but lots of life in them and beautiful wide dark rosewood board. I’ve owned this bass twice as I sold it and then bought it back recently. Unfortunately during its former life and subsequent time away from me it has undergone some fairly radical modding. A P bass pickup route had roughly been gouged from the wood in the bridge position. This had a P bass pickup installed and when I initially purchased it I made a surround from an old scratchplate. The wiring was very basic and both sets of pickups shared master volume and master tone. The bass was a backup for a while to my ‘83 JV. Barely used I sold it on. Recently I came across it again. This time the second pickup had been removed and the route filled with chunks of hard wood and filler. Not the most elegant repair. It had stack pots too - a bonus - therefore I decided to remove the filler and wood - shield the route and add a vintage cream Dimarzio. To cover the rather crude edges of the route I used a brass pickup ring I had made. Each pickup has independent stacked volume and tone and has some great tonal variations and real punch and clarity. Now it’s certainly no collector’s piece but it looks far better than previously and is a superb sounding instrument with a lovely low action. There are cosmetic dings but the neck is straight ,true and has plenty of play in the trussrod. I’m not certain if the spiral bridge is a replacement. The scratchplate, electrics and pickups are modded - the neck pickup looks like a US Fender. Note the replacement gold screw on the back of the headstock strap button. It has a great balance and weighs around 4.5kgs so relatively easy on the shoulders for long gigs. It comes with a gigbag as I’m now using the spare case. No trades sorry. Cash and pickup preferred and UK only. I could post at buyer’s cost.
  7. Another great trade and chat about all things bass and prog with Alain. Many thanks I’m very pleased with my new G&L.
  8. Fender Precision Bass with a rosewood fingerboard this is a 60th anniversary US model in butterscotch blonde. I realise I prefer maple boards so this isn’t getting played. It has a transparent finish so you can see the grain of the wood through it. It has a single ply black pick guard like the limited edition model. This has the S1 switch and original pickups and hardware. It is light at around 4kgs and sounds and plays fantastic. It will come supplied with flat wound strings. It’s in excellent condition with only a few minor dings at the tail end of the body none of these are down to the wood. The bass comes with a rather nice Fender gigbag. I’d prefer cash on collection but can post in the UK. I will trade for a similar era US Fender Precision with a maple board. I’m not interested in other trades. Cheers
  9. And replied still for sale sorry folks I’m not looking for trades. Cheers
  10. Here’s a later set neck Aria Pro SB600 from the late 70s early 80s. I bought it as a bit of a project and was thinking of stripping it back to the wood and restoring it. The bass has been refinished in candy apple red before I bought it and this looks like a pro job. The rather ostentatious Aria logo isn’t original and has been stencilled on I think. Lack of time and spare cash however means I need to move it on. The bass plays well although it has a couple of odd saddles and one of the grub screws has seized. The original brass nut is present, frets are good and the neck is very nice indeed. There are a couple of missing screws on the trussrod cover and the knobs are replacements. The pickup isn’t working properly and I tried rewiring it and though I replaced the switch it still didn’t work properly - it sounds like a coil has gone. (I have included the original switch). Having read up on them it seems that they are notoriously difficult pickups to repair or rewind as they are potted in some kind of resin. Replacement pickups are available from Armstrong pickups and other custom manufacturers. It is a nice old Japanese made instrument and a bit of a classic design. Perfect for modding or restoration. No trades cash on collection preferred and I can post for £20 UK only.
  11. I bought this combo three months ago and have only gigged it a couple of times. It’s as good as new and hasn’t been pushed. These are superb little combos and can keep up with a drummer with ease without PA support in most rehearsal and small gig situations. I’d prefer pickup but can post at buyers cost as I have the original box. £450 No trades. http://www.markbass.it/product-detail/mini-cmd-121p/
  12. Cheers Gareth I have two of these and this one is the spare - they are used when my back is playing up and my Precision Bass is just too much of a heft. You are right - I tried a Mustang and a Musicmaster but the scale length didn’t suit. As these are an excellent lightweight alternative I will always have one in my arsenal of basses.
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