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  1. I’m no expert but these crop up a lot and JV denotes Japanese Vintage. I think the difference is merely in the decal - and the price! There’s a great website about JVs called 21frets it describes all the different versions. Interestingly yours has different tuners and bridge from mine. Mine has the spiral type saddles and early reverse tuners although the serial is same era!
  2. What a mess! Mine cost me £600 when I bought it a few years ago and it was near mint my headed graphite bass was £450.
  3. Yes though I’m sure it had a different title. It’s mentioned in one of the Fender Bass Books. The author was looking for a slab bodied 66 as they were UK imports only and a limited edition. I think Entwistle had a few of them possibly used as parts for his Frankenstein bass.
  4. This amp is in excellent condition and was bought as a back up whilst my own amp was being serviced from here. This is the earlier pre amp version and has bags of punch and clarity for such a small unit. An Italian made high quality bass amp, a few cosmetic scratches to the metal case and some wear and tear to be expected of a gigged unit. Some of the pots could do with a squirt of switch cleaner but all working fine. I will post in the UK only free but pickup is preferred. This is for the amp only no trades sorry. Reduced £185. Thanks for looking!
  5. Great amps, I miss mine so very interested. What are the holes on the bottom of it for? Cheers
  6. Many thanks for posting the Markbass amp so promptly. Cheers Ash
  7. Very nice bass, what’s its weight please?
  8. The first Wal bass had an adapted Hayman body - there was an article in Bassist magazine a couple of decades ago in their Wal issue. Not sure I have my old copy still but I recall it having a Hayman 4040 body with some odd pickups on it - one being a Fender Mustang pickup. This bass has the elegance of a modern take on those classic designs, even the control panel and choice of controls is reminiscent of Shergold. Very pleasing design. I love the Tele/51 headstock too!
  9. Very nice - influenced by Shergold perhaps?
  10. 1972 Fender Telecaster Bass. This is the three bolt neck Telebass with large chrome humbucker pickup. This bass benefits from a single MIJ Jazz pickup at the bridge and a three way switch so you can use a combination of both or each one individually for a good range of sounds. There is a later signature under the hood and in the neck pocket I believe from the person who modded the electrics. You can get a massive muddy sub or articulate midrange from it. It looks like it has been stripped of the original finish to natural wood. It’s a good weight for a 70s Fender bass at 4.4kgs and comes with a rather scruffy none original old case that will protect it in transit. The modern thumbrest is wooden and one of the knobs is from a more recent Fender and the pots/wiring has been customised. The original fretboard was removed before I bought it and it had a replacement fretless rosewood board that I had fretted. The bass plays very well up the neck and is comfy and well balanced. It’s a lovely instrument though definitely not one for collectors since it’s been customised. It is an excellent players bass however. I’m open to sensible offers of course. UK only. Pickup preferred but I will post at buyers cost. No trades. Note that the back of the neck is unmarked, very smooth to play with no big dings or dents, or major blemishes, there are some small cosmetic marks and minor bruises but negligible when playing. Pics added.
  11. Status Smart Bass in blue/teal. The bass was made in the UK by Rob Green at Status and was one of the series designed by players with a variety of pickup configurations and finishes. This model has two hyperactive Status soap bar pickups with an 18v preamp featuring volume, blend, bass and treble eq. It has the super stable carbon graphite woven neck and has a Jazz like profile with a slim nut width. Hardware is top quality and the build quality is first class as you would expect from one of the UK’s most respected bass builders. The bass weighs around 4.5kgs and is well balanced with a low action. It is in near mint condition with a perfect neck. This is an excellent opportunity to buy a custom UK made Status at a bargain price. This is a UK only sale. I’m only selling this as I recently acquired it in a trade however I prefer a wider neck so prefer my old 90’s Status. I’d consider a more recent Fender US Precision in terms of trades. Nothing else thanks.
  12. Here’s my early 80’s MIJ Matsumoku built Aria Pro SB 700 Bass. Essentially it’s an SB 1000 without the active preamp. The build quality is excellent with a through neck and heavy duty brass bridge. The neck is straight and true with good frets, electrics/pickups are original and working properly. Bass comes with a gig bag. It’s a reluctant sale however it’s a bit too heavy for my glass back at 5kgs. UK sale only. No trades sorry.
  13. ash

    MB1 Feedback

    A pleasure to (bass) chat to and deal with as ever! Thanks Martin
  14. As have I - I’ve owned one for 33 years best Jazz I’ve ever played
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