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  1. Sorry for being pedantic but the bassist from Flintlock used a Hayman 40/40 admittedly a forerunner to the Shergold Marathon. 😉
  2. I’d do a deal on a Fender Roger Waters signature or a black and maple Fender P.
  3. This is a lovely bass a great example of a Shergold. GLWTS
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. I’m glad it hasn’t got the maple board otherwise my pockets would be very empty! Good luck with the sale.
  6. Ah I thought I’d seen it recently it is the twin of mine - mine has its original case too. My favourite short scale to play but far heavier than the Gibson here.
  7. Oh no I wouldn’t want to sell that - I thought you had one?
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. This was bought recently to try out a lighter short scale following my recent hand operation, unfortunately it doesn’t really help. It’s a gorgeous little bass and is virtually as new. It comes with all the original accessories and rather good Gibson gigbag. It’s been set up with new Ernie Ball heavy gauge short scale strings. It sounds fantastic too not muddy at all like the EB basses and has a coil tap to add further mids. The neck is slim and the construction first class. It’s a real US made Gibson and thanks to details like Hipshot lightweight tuners there is no discernible neck dive - in comparison to my old Grabber! Best of all it’s really light at around 7lbs. No trades. Price reduced basic UPS postage £20 only within the UK and if you want full insurance I’ll have to add that in. If you can pick it up I’ll knock £20 off. It’ll be sent in a Thomann guitar box. specs on here - https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/Gibson-Les-Paul-Junior-Tribute-DC-Bass-Worn-Cherry/art-BAS0010358-000?campaign=GShopping/GB&ProgramUUID=5G_AqJarZwoAAAFl0FZyjI8V&gclid=CjwKCAiAtK79BRAIEiwA4OskBpq5x42enfJX0fx5A0PULDy_rd7t2uxYo-30A3atwkxfcjuTZR3hmhoCE8kQAvD_BwE I’d consider a deal on a black Fender Precision US/MM/MJ preferably maple board cash either way depending on bass. No other trades considered so please don’t ask.
  10. I ordered this limited edition Hooky pro bass by Eastwood early this year and it came in September. It’s a clone of the Shergold basses from the 70s but based on Peter Hook’s own bass. It’s a nice bass but unfortunately I can’t get on with the wider neck following my recent hand operation. It’s got a great feel and looks just like my original Shergold Marathon 6. It weighs just over 4.2kgs and comes with original box and registration card. It’s near new condition as I’ve hardly touched it. These are made to order and there is a long waiting list. This is from the first batch. This is a good saving on a new one and without the wait. https://eastwoodguitars.com/products/hooky-bass-6-pro No trades.
  11. Amdek DMK-100 Delay Machine Echo Delay Effects Unit. A kit built unit manufactured by the Roland Corporation. Mains powered delay complete with manual. Very good quality and robustly made from a steel chassis. Weighs about 2kgs! Lots of reviews and videos available. This one is in great condition. It dates from around 1983. These are rare. Great for all instruments and also good for modding. Can post at buyers cost UK only.
  12. It sold then was immediately relisted. I think it went for just over £400. I asked for details from the seller about the bass but no reply.
  13. No longer needed so I’m going to move it on. It includes original hardware and pickup. Nice comfy weight. Standard Squier/Fender neck pocket. It’s a MIK body apparently, I bought it as it is. When I had it with a neck attached it weighed 4kgs in total. Neck plate and screws included. Some scuffs but nothing nasty. Matching cat not for sale. I can post in the U.K. for £10.
  14. Notice the spelling of ‘Presision Bass’ on the label! Looks great if only it had a maple board.
  15. I’m selling this lovely MIJ Precision made in Japan in the late 80’s. The bass is in excellent condition other than a knock to the body at the bottom and also the headstock. Both merely cosmetic. The neck is beautiful to play and the bass sustains forever. I’m only selling as at 4.5kgs it’s a little heavy for my bad shoulder. The bass has had a replacement pickup but it really growls. Otherwise all original. No trades. I can post in the UK at buyer’s cost. Sold
  16. My mate’s Dad used to say the bass sound on the Nice was like something you got free in a Christmas cracker. Lee Jackson was a great player but imagine what he would’ve sounded like if he’d used a Fender bass? He was left handed and probably used the Vox because it looked okay upside down. A bit like why Macca chose his Hofner. He now uses a Ric.
  17. It’s a great synth and compares very well to my 70’s ARP
  18. I sold one recently for nowhere near that amount around a grand in fact. It was a beauty but at 5kgs not for my back! The controls were volume active bass and treble, if you switched it to passive they reverted to volume and tone. Very effective circuit.
  19. Thanks - I think my price is fair given the ding but I get your point. I could probably fix it myself but in actual fact it isn’t felt when playing and people pay extra these days for the worn look 😉. It is a beauty though and I’m surprised it’s not had much interest. Only selling as I have four other Precisions and this was last in so first out.
  20. You know I’m not sure. I remember there being some mods. I have had a couple of these Status Retros - I am sure I bought one off Si and sold him one too so I may have got them the wrong way round but certainly owned this one at some point.
  21. Si bought that bass off me quite a while ago. It was lovely but getting no use as I was playing my old Fender Precision at the time and saving for my new house. I’m glad it’s got a new owner. I still own a Status Eclipse with two Jazz pickups and carbon neck with no trussrod, it’s the only active bass I own. The neck is wide and flat and it is very light it is my go to bass when I need versatility. It cost me under £400 and is one of the few basses I will not sell.
  22. I’d be willing to accommodate courier at buyers arrangement and expense however I would only have basic card to wrap it in.
  23. I shouldn’t be surprised if this turns up again. I watched the bidding closely and exactly the same thing occurred as before. A bid going £10 above the last bid and then a big leap in the last seconds. Also I didn’t think they started putting stickers under the scratchplate until later when the serial numbers had migrated to the headstock. I left well alone this time. If someone did buy it and it’s a legit auction fair play. I don’t think the bass is a knock off but there’s something odd about the listing.
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