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  1. This is a lovely example of a Marathon, it was mine. Very nice bass, I’d be tempted myself but I’m downsizing my collection. Whoever buys it will get a bargain!
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/304236414670?hash=item46d5e746ce:g:4BAAAOSww6VhmrFL
  3. Case is in good vintage condition, it came with a 1976 Fender bass I sold on. All catches/hinges work and the compartment is fine, original logo is present. No keys. Part of my grand clear-out. U.K. only I can post but it will be extra as it’s a heavy old case. Internally it’s clean and doesn’t smell of old cigarettes or cabbage.
  4. Fender US 1977/78 Precision Bass bitsa More clearing out…. I bought this as a neck and parts project a while ago from a defunct bass, the neck was in great condition. The original hardware, bridge, neck, plate and pickup as sold belonged to the same bass and were in good shape - the neck lovely to play. The scratchplate had an extra hole drilled for a volume control, now repaired it had been shielded with lots of copper tape. You can see under the foil the small rectangle where the matching serial sticker on the rear of the plate. Pots are not original but the capacitor is. I bought a nicely weathered Fender MIM Roger Waters P bass body and then mounted the neck and hardware to the body. It now looks very authentic, sounds and plays great and weighs only 4.1kgs. Not quite an original 70’s Fender but 100% Fender nonetheless. Comes with a modern Fender shaped case. Parts are probably worth more than the asking price but it works really well as an instrument. No trades I can post in the UK only at buyers cost.
  5. I had some real compliments about this cab when I used it as a standalone cab with an F1 amp and also in conjunction with my MB mini combo. A bit OTT for my current amplification needs though as I tend to have PA support. It’s bright and articulate and very powerful for its size.
  6. Tokai Hard Puncher Precision Bass PB 40 MIJ 1980 Classic Tokai P bass with the naughty early logo. This was their no frills version of the Precision Bass and at the time definitely gave Fender something to think about. The build quality and playability is excellent, tight neck pocket,relatively lightweight at 3.9kgs. Some say the hardware isn’t great however it’s stood the test of time and many gigs, although there is tarnishing to the chrome and surface corrosion on the pots everything works smoothly and is crackle free. The capacitor has been rewired by the looks of it however there are no issues. The pickups sound nice and…er…punchy and compare favourably to both my late 70’s Fender Precision and my early noughties one. No real dings but plenty of cosmetic blemishes and marks. It has been set up with new Rotosound nickel roundwounds and plays really well. Pickup preferred as there is no case or bag but I can post in the U.K. at buyer’s cost. No trades. Sorry.
  7. A set of used Roto flats I took from a recent bass trade. They are in good condition and sounded bright with silks in good order. I think they are a heavier gauge by the feel of them 45-105. Price is inclusive of UK postage. Make me an offer.
  8. I’m moving house so surplus gear is being moved on, here is my Moog Grandmother synth. It comes boxed with all the manuals and PSU included. It’s a wonderful piece of kit with a semi modular interface making it very flexible and compatible with lots of other gear. There is an excellent review with Nick Batt from Sonic Lab on YouTube. The synth also comes with its original patch leads. £640 and it’s yours pickup from Lancaster - postage in the U.K. only is extra or arrange your own courier U.K. only. Specs here - Key Features: Intuitive colour-coded interface Classic Moog design appointments; chunky controls, easy-to-use faders, clear labelling 32-note Fatar keyboard with velocity All-analog sound engine and modulation Built-in spring reverb tank; yes, it rattles! Optional patching for near-infinite sonic combinations External input for instruments 3 sequence patches to store your own patterns - up to 256 notes each! MIDI-compatible Specifications: Hardware Spring Reverb can be used to process external sounds 1/4” External audio input for guitars, drum machines, and more. Semi-modular - no patching is required Easy to use Arpeggiator and Sequencer Store up to 3 sequences with up to 256 notes each 2 Analog Oscillators with selectable waveshape and hard sync Classic 4-Pole 10Hz-20kHz Ladder filter Patchable 1-Pole High Pass filter Analog ADSR Envelope Generator Analog LFO with audio-rate capabilities 32-note Fatar keyboard with velocity All normalized connections can be interrupted for full modularity DIN MIDI In/Out/Thru and USB MIDI Patchable bipolar attenuator Works with Mother-32, DFAM, Eurorack modular systems and more 41 patch points with 21 inputs, 16 outputs Module Design: Oscillators based on Moog Minimoog Mixer based on Moog CP3 Filter based on Moog 904 Envelope Generator Based on Moog 911 VCA Based on Moog 902 Spring Reverb based on Moog 905
  9. Note that this is the full size version of the Odyssey not the cheaper mini version. These were produced in limited numbers. Withdrawn
  10. Markbass Mini CMD 121 P Bass Combo. This is my old Markbass Mini CMD 121 combo. It is in good cosmetic condition and is an early model with the Little Mark I preamp. Italian made. I had listed it before but then it blew a fuse at a gig and when I replaced it it blew it again so I’m selling as spares. I intended to use it as an extension speaker cab but I now need the space. There is cosmetic wear to the carpet covering. Pickup preferred but I can box it up and courier it if necessary U.K. only. £30 Spares only the amp may be an easy fix but no guarantees. Alternatively it could be used as a cab or another MB amp chassis added. MARK BASS MINI COMBO CMD 121 P FEATURES: * SPEAKER: 1x12" * TWEETER: Piezo * BASS REFLEX: Rear * IMPEDANCE: 8 ohms * SPEAKER POWER HANDLING: 400W RMS (AES Standard) * AMP OUTPUT POWER: 450W @ 4 ohm / 280W @ 8 ohm * PREAMP: Solid state * FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 45 Hz to 18 kHz * CROSSOVER FREQUENCY: 3.5 kHz * SENSITIVITY: 99 dB SPL * WEIGHT: 29.3 lbs / 13.3 kg * HEIGHT: 17 in. / 43.2 cm * WIDTH: 15.3 in. / 38.3 cm
  11. It plays really well too - yes it reminds me of the Yamaha series and the Hooky bass.
  12. The cull continues and this sadly must go - last in first out. It’s a Gordon Smith Gypsy II hand made in Manchester in 1982. It’s a lovely bass and weighs bang on 4.1kgs. Fixed neck, Schaller hardware and the amazing round pickups that can be adjusted for height and angle of pole pieces in each string! It sounds great, like a Precision but slightly beefier, the P Bass Gibson ought to have made! It’s all original in tobacco sunburst finish. It’s been used therefore there are dings on the body and neck but remains in good condition for the year. It’s a very rare bass - but I recognise it’s a brand more known for their guitars than basses. That said it is a wonderful instrument, high quality build from a great British maker. It sports new Roto nickel wounds and comes with gigbag. Sorry I don’t want any trades and it’s UK only. I can post but at buyer’s cost. Any questions please ask.
  13. It’s loud but I doubt 300 watts loud on its own. I tried it with an extension cab and it was REALLY loud. 🤣
  14. Trace Elliot Speaker cabinet. 10” Celestion in a small cab, this was originally a Commando combo but the amp blew. I’ve wired it as an extension cabinet and most recently used it as an extension cab with my Markbass Mini. It’s a nice little cab in decent condition. I’d rate it at 100 watts. I’d prefer pickup but can send it for £25 it’s quite heavy probably because it’s old school Trace Elliot build quality. U.K. only. No trades. It could be used with an ELF head as a portable solution for small gigs.
  15. The clear out continues - this time my spare combo a lovely little Ibanez Promethean P3110 for sale with Roqsolid cover. The amp is in excellent condition. I have gigged it myself only once (with PA support) on a big stage with a full band - it worked really well as a monitor when my main amp died. Apart from this it’s been used at home as a practice amp. I bought it secondhand but it has been well cared for. It sounds nice and punchy however the tweeter doesn’t work - possibly a loose connection - I didn’t bother to attempt to fix this as it sounds fine without it. I can box it and send it at buyers cost in the U.K. probably around £25. Please note that much of my gear has been sold or is in storage and I have been using this with my main amp’s power lead (kettle lead) so no mains lead is included. I’d prefer pickup so you can try it. No trades. Here is the Ibanez blurb. Designed to achieve a full-spectrum bass tone in a compact portable package, the Promethean P3110 is capable of producing up to 300w of power. It is also equipped with an array of useful, on-board features making this far more than just a simple practice amp. The 3-band EQ, 10" woofer with dome tweeter, and balance XLR, afford this amp everything needed to be an agile and effective gigging solution. Thanks.
  16. Not sure of the strings they were on a Fender I bought. They maybe GHS?
  17. I’d rather sell it as a complete bass Andy, it’s very nice to play and I’m looking for a quick sale.
  18. Fender Precision Bitsa - put together with all genuine Fender parts. Body is from a ‘50s MIM Fender Precision reissue. Neck, scratchplate and hardware is from a 2012 MIM Roger Waters Signature Precision. Seymour Duncan Quarterpounder P bass pickup. Spiral saddled bridge so you can adjust string spacing. It’s light weight at 3.8kgs and sounds great. There are a few minor blemishes but nothing structural. It’s a lovely maple capped neck with a brass nut. Action is nice and light, truss rod works fine. No case but I have a decent box to post it in U.K. only. Selling because my trusty amp has died and I need to replace it. No trades sorry. Postage at buyers cost. If it doesn’t sell at this price I’ll part it out. Cheers!
  19. I’d entertain a part trade on a Markbass head too.
  20. Would they be long enough for a through strung bass ?
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