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  1. Is a good deal - but if you only need 3 mics, you would probably be better focussing on the mics you need...
  2. Simple Glyn Johns setup - done 👍 Kick Mic, Snare Mic and a large diaphragm condensor as an OH. Thomann SM57 copy for the snare will be spot on, and there are plenty of budget large diaphragm condensors knocking around - I used a Shure PG27 for a bit that can be picked up cheap second hand.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Real book has gone - others still here... £30 posted for the three?
  5. Have available some books I'm not using currently. Improvising Jazz Bass (Rich Laird) - pretty old, but really really good The II-V-I progression (Hal Leonard) - not bass specific, but, very good and in-depth Ultimate Ear Training (Gary Willis) - with CD The Real Book - Bass clef, 6th Edition All excellent condition except a few pages of the Real Book have come off the binder. For sale as a lot, price includes postage.
  6. Got this recently when I purchased a new desk, but, I'm not going to be using it. In excellent condition, and the desk I got is mint, so, clearly does its job. I think this would probably be the equivalent model now; https://www.studiospares.com/Accessories/Cases-Rack/Trojan-19-inch-Pro-Adjustable-Mixer-Case-12U_458800.htm But this one is ABS plastic. Really solid, no obvious marks etc. Price includes delivery.
  7. Bundle of microphones - all used, but, work fine. The Thomann copies are genuinely great for what they are and compare well with the more famous/expensive mics they are based on. For sale as a lot - not really worth splitting. Price includes postage. Tbone MB75 Tbone cd56 beta Tbone MB78 Beta Shure C606
  8. Available as a bundle - loads of bits I've got knocking about... Won't split, but, thought it may be useful to someone? Price includes postage. Stagg Bass Body (Black) - been really cudely hacked around the pickup in the past although this is covered by a pickguard. Route near bridge is a slightly unusual shape. Bridge included. Stagg Bass Neck with tuners Gear4Music Body (Blue) Gear4Music Neck 2 x Precision Scratchplates (one white, one tortoiseshell). 2 x neckplates 1 x cheap eBay pickup. The necks fit the respective basses, and I'm pretty sure that the Stagg at least is pretty standard as far as dimensions go. Neither Scratchplate completely covers the slightly extended route on the Stagg.
  9. THats interesting - I'd say the other way round - I found the Gretsch's that I've played to be planks. Had a student with a Mikro that was cool - I guess just a styling thing compared to the Talman in reality?
  10. One of the short scale Ibanez Talman basses... or a squier mustang? I've got a couple of students around that age, and I think a shortscale is a good shout. Or theres a new Sterling Sub shortscale Stingray?
  11. Hey Marky - yup and yup - drop me a msg if youd like to discuss etc 👍
  12. 3 Gator MIXERBAGS. 1 x MIXERBAG 2519 (https://www.gatorcases.com/products/mixer/mixer-bags/g-mixerbag/25-x-19-x-8-mixergear-bag-g-mixerbag-2519/) - £30 1 x MIXERBAG 1818 (https://www.gatorcases.com/products/mixer/mixer-bags/g-mixerbag/18-x-18-x-5-5-mixergear-bag-g-mixerbag-1818/) - £20 And one that seems a bit bigger than the 1818 for£20. I've included individual pics - the 2519 is great for a desk - can hold a pretty big one... the 1818s are great for smaller form desks (Presonus Studiolive 16 type size), leads or amp heads.
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