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  1. Sorry all - not really been on since the site updated. Will sort pics tomorrow, and yes I am in Devon but will include shipping in the price. Alex
  2. Bump - just put this on eBay but would be keen for a sale on here.
  3. This is still available, but due to unforseen circumstances I wont be able to get it till nearer to the end of November I'm afraid. Still happy to listen to trade and cash offers, but, you need to bear that in mind. Alex.
  4. Transcriptions and website

    Just updated with a new video/lesson/transcription - the awesome In My Mind by The Amazons, as well as some more transcriptions!
  5. Bump - more offers, but nothing sorted yet... with trades, would be hoping for a minimum of £250 cash, unless its something that really catches my fancy. Will look at ebay in the next day or 2, so let me know if you are interested.
  6. Pedal Board and Case

    Bump - £30 posted?
  7. And replied - quite a few enquiries (sale and trade) but nothing sorted yet...
  8. Putting this awesome little combo up as a feeler. With a new pedalboard, I'm pretty much exclusively going straight into the PA, and using IEMs. Therefore, this little beast isn't getting the use it deserves. Super light and portable, genuinely giggable. In awesome condition, with genuine Mark World wedge and padded cover. Thinking £500 shipped... But, would also consider a trade with cash my way for another amp/head/can that I could maybe use for rehearsals, bigger gigs, studio - or grabs my attention. Likewise with basses - but would want some cash my way.
  9. Transcriptions and website

    Cheers dand666 - got plenty more jazz transcriptions that will be going up over the coming months!
  10. Hi all, Just a quick post - I've updated my website recently, and have started putting transcriptions that I have done either for songs I've had to learn, songs students want to learn, or thing I've been working on. I also am doing a weekly play along video/lesson/transcription - mainly of tunes that I'm transcribing anyway for students/gigs. It's all free, and you can check them.out on my website; www.alexjbass.com Cheers!
  11. Patch leads gone... Post office run tomorrow... Offers on any other bits?
  12. SOLD - AKG D112 Mic

    Post office run tomorrow... Offers?