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  1. Alesis DM8 Electric Drum Kit Great kit, with brilliant sounds. Nice feel from the mesh heads (on all drums, and kick)... What makes it really nice to play is the size of the drums and cymbals - not tiny little pads like cheaper kits - it's like playing on a real, acoustic drum kit. Also, a real bass drum pedal is so much better than an electric one. Very similar to the more expensive DM10, with one fewer Floor Tom, and a slightly simpler module. One Cymbal boom replaced with a quality Gibraltar item. Overall excellent condition. The pads look more used in the pics due to the flash than they actually are. The PSU sometimes needs a wiggle to get in the right position. Complete with basic Stool, and Mapex kick pedal. Would box up if you wanted to arrange, and pay for your own courier.
  2. Just the MXR left - a couple of enquiries on the go, but nothing sorted... Happy to listen to Offers & trades - and combined deals with the Zoom H5 I'm also selling.
  3. Still here - very open to trades as I'm not using it - and would add cash if necessary! Got a couple of enquiries on the go, but nothing happening yet...
  4. Mike had my Barefaced Two10 off of me recently. Great coms, we agreed a time that worked for both of us and he came down and tried it at my studio with a head of his, and one of his basses. Some great bass chatting, and an easy deal 👍
  5. All gone except the MXR - going to do a Post Office run on Friday, so will take offers if I can drop it off at the same time!
  6. Yeah - tested and collected this evening - will update title.
  7. Devon - but happy to post, and will include in the price for the Diabolik.
  8. Up for sale is this awesome recorder. Amazing quality from the inbuilt mics, also has the option of 2 X line/XLR in. Upto 4 simultaneous recording tracks, and acts as a multi-track and audio interface. You can also swap out the 'mic unit' for different mics, or more line/XLR inputs (not included) as necessary. Mega easy to use. Complete with case and as card.
  9. Pics added to first post, and sold items removed. Will eBay in the next couple of days, so get in touch if you're interested to avoid me some eBay fees and hassle 👍
  10. Looks like this in on hold for Walshy one way or another 👍
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