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  1. Sunburst Body has been paid for - so 2 x bodies, and 3 necks left. Happy to sell/trade as a bundle, or individual bits👍
  2. Bit of interest, but nothing confirmed yet - measured the necks at the widest point (body end/heel) for a couple of people, and both the blue and seem around 63mm (the necks) so assume Fender fitment. Can supply any pics/measurements people need, and will take offers to get them gone 👍
  3. Its cool - the general consensus is that the manual is not particulalry helpful - despite the clever lights on the back! Think I know where I'm at with it - its just finding suitable cabs now - need an 8ohm cab that can take a lot of punch, or 2 4ohm cabs - both of which seem to narrow the options quite a bit!
  4. Cool - cheers for the input gentlemen!
  5. I've done some research,and had some really helpful input,and the long and short is that the 2 main options are; 2 x 450 @ 4ohm Briged 900 @ 8om So - one last thing I could do with some input on - what if I run a 4ohm cab in briged mode? I know it specifies 900w @ 8ohm... will it just still put out 900w? Alex
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. 3 project basses in various states of repair. Acquired with a view to refinish and build up to my needs, but, in reality given my current life/workload that's not going to happen anytime soon! All budget instruments, but, fine for what they are - the Staffs in particular look/feel good. Sunburst Stagg - all there except for some strings. Electrics all work, and holds tune fine; logo sanded off. Black Stagg - body and neck only... I may beable to unearth the scratchplate/pickups etc, but, can't guarantee their state. Tuners all present. Nut is broken. Blue Gear4Music - body & neck only. No tuners but ferrules are there. Check out the pics for more pics - plenty of sinks and character, but, am sure they could be the start of some good projects. Happy to ship - necks off and £15 for postage?
  8. Couple of bits from my ongoing studio clear out... 2 budget Tubescreamer type pedals... Both sound surprisingly good, in nice condition. £15 each... Warwick Effect Pedal PSU - loads of juice on tap, suitable for daisy chaining... £10.
  9. Open to offers and trades... Will consider anything music related tbh!
  10. Hi all, I have an Eden WTP900 and love how it sounds. I don't however, really get my head round the power & can options the head has. It also has a switchable system to run different power ratings, and speakon connectors that show this to further complicate matters. Have searched online, but, even Eden don't seem hugely clear what It can do... So, could anyone advise what would be my best can fit? Single 4 ohm? 2 x 4 ohm? 2 x 8? Alex.
  11. Just sent one over 👍 Here's a pic of the BDPG and I'll get one of the Demon when I'm next in the studio.
  12. Well up for offers and trades on these as I'm currently Cab shopping...
  13. Looks like this has sold - thanks for all the interest. Will confirm when shipping/payment sorted.
  14. Have 2 excellent Fuzzrocious pedals, and an amazing Empress compressor that are just a bit surplus to requirements in my current setup/work. Empress Compressor. Brilliant Brilliant Compressor that gets top writeups everywhere - including Ovnilabs. With box, in excellent condition - £165 Fuzzrocious Demon. Great pedal, pretty full on, but capable of allsorts from a gentle OD to a full on fuzz. Red, with Demon logo/text in silk print. Been on my board since new - boxed, as new, with velcro on the bottom - £90 Fuzzrocious BDPG. Another awesome pedal - just have other preamp options. Acquired in a trade. Kids paint version, in great condition. £80 Please hit me up with offers and trade offers. Prices include postage. Updated with decent pics
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