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  1. Your set up sounds very similar to what I would use mine for. I'll give it try with a standard 1/4" mono cable at my next gig. Thanks.
  2. I've ordered a Zoom B1 Four with the intention of using it mainly at home for practice. I would like to try it direct into my band's PA for use with in-ears at some point. As it's jack output only, would I need a special jack to jack cable, i.e. stereo to mono? The mixing desk is a Soundcraft UI16 which has dual(xlr/jack) inputs on channels 1-8.
  3. What would it cost to ship it across the Irish Sea?
  4. I second that! I wish I lived closer.....Newcastle is too far, isn't it?.....😂
  5. I've got this bass in the same colour and it's a keeper!
  6. I've also got a behringer BDI 21 that I've had for a while as a backup. I decided to try it the other night and it was actually ok. Now that I've decided to temporarily ditch my backline I'm looking for a better quality preamp pedal so I'm just going through all of the options before I buy. I'm guessing that a dedicated preamp pedal like the MXR is going to have a much better sound than one of the amp simulators on the various multi effects pedals on the market.
  7. Hmmm so maybe a B1-Four? I've already been told that a jack output is not necessarily any worse than an XLR so that might be worth a try to dip my toe in the pre-amp/effect pedal world. Bit of a sidewards one, any recommendations for reasonably priced pre-amp pedals? MXR or Ampeg perhaps?
  8. Thanks for the comments so far, I guess I'm leaning towards the Zoom at this point...
  9. If I got the Zoom B3 or B3n then I'd probably use it mainly as a preamp pedal with some compression. Would be interested to hear from others who have used the Zoom mainly as a preamp...
  10. Thanks, I often wondered if a jack output from the pedal was inferior to an XLR...
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