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  1. Davy

    Cort GB4

    Having recently bought a Cort B5 I'm a convert to this brand. Really well put together basses with quality parts and they sound great too, I'm sure this will be no different. Oh and that finish! GLWTS - If my Fender Jazz sells in time I might well be interested in this...
  2. Great price for a quality bass. I recently bought a Cort B5 and it's become my no.1 bass. I wish I'd discovered Cort earlier, whoever buys this won't be disappointed.
  3. I recently bought a Cort B5 which I'm loving but I don't like the look of the control knobs. I quite like the domed knobs that are fitted to the Ibanez SR basses but not sure if they'd fit the Cort. Has anyone ever exchanged knobs before and are they all standard opening sizes?
  4. I thought I wanted a Jazz bass so I bought this lovely Fender FSR Player Jazz Bass Aged Natural with Maple Fingerboard. It's in almost new condition having only been played in the house a few times by the original owner and then at a couple of gigs by me. It looks like there are scratches on the photos but they are just reflections. Turns out that I can't get on with the shape of the neck due to it's depth(the width is nice and slim though, typical jazz 38mm wide at the nut). Currently strung with a set of rounds. 4.0kg on the bathroom scales. I understand that these are now discontinued in this particular colour. I could be open to the following trades: Ibanez EHB 1000s - SFM Ibanez EHB1000 - PWM Sandberg Electra Vs 4 - Sunburst or Cream - rosewood board only. Hohner B2AV(Walnut). Musicman Sterling Ray24/34. Butterscotch or black. I would prefer collection but I have a shipping box that I could securely package it up in if the buyer pays for shipping and insurance.
  5. We played in Sunderland city centre last night. Parking was actually OK(right out the back). Not really the venue for us, DJ was playing 80s music while where were setting up. It was actually much louder than we were, so much so that I had to wear my earplugs while we were setting up. Wasn't too bad in the end after the DJ had gone and we went on but I sometimes wonder why these places put bands on when the 80s stuff seemed to have more punters in than we did playing classic rock. Looking forward to a couple of weeks off now after three weeks of back to back weekend gigs.
  6. I'm guessing you played at Trillians Bar. I've never played there but have been in the audience there a few times(without a car). The last thing you want is a traffic fine after a long drive from Yorkshire, petrol money and probably not a great fee. Hope the gig was good at least...
  7. We play in Newcastle occasionally and it's always a nightmare getting parked with the lack of parking spaces, bus lanes and one-way streets. If you can't find a space near the pub then you have to literally drive out of the city centre and come right around the ring road and back in again to another car car park. Such a shame because the city centre gigs can be really good. The other thing that amazes me is that the car parking spaces in the city are always full on an evening and are still full when we leave after 12am. And these drivers aren't drinking alcohol?...
  8. Up in the North-East, Sunday afternoon gigs are becoming the new Friday night for some reason. Doesn't work for me unfortunately as I have kids so I have to knock them back. I think generally the audience numbers have been dropping up here since the early 90s when I first starting gigging. Back then pubs were normally pretty full every weekend and there were a lot more Thursday night gigs too. Tribute bands, 80s bands and function bands still seem to do quite well though. Maybe it's just that people are a bit fed up with the classic rock that my band is doing. Funnily enough, I suggested to the band at the gig last night that we do a side project next year, playing stuff a bit less heavy. Didn't go down too well with the guitarists...🤣 Anyway, my gig last night. A lovely purpose built performance venue in Northumberland called Platform 1. Great in-house PA and lights and a proper stage! We had to mix our own sound but we use a Soundcraft ui16 with ipad mixers normally so just connected into their speakers(4 bass bins/4 tops and 3 monitors) and it was fine. The room was very live sounding but a great audience and no heavy lifting for a change.
  9. Love this shape and made even better with split p pickup, much easier to rest your thumb on than the original single coil pickup on the Sting version.
  10. That is a bargain. All Ibanez basses are very well built and great value for money. I'd have had this if it had come up for sale a few weeks earlier.
  11. So tempting...and a roasted maple neck...
  12. I thought Ibanez made some of the slimmest necks on the market? Maybe not the 5 string though... This is a bargain. GLWTS.
  13. Wow, that birdseye maple board...
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