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  1. No problem Geoff. If I decide to sell mine and this is still available I'll be back in touch, however, I think this won't hang around for very long. GLWTS
  2. I bought your Trace Elliot SMX head off you Geoff(which is still my main amp by the way) but I feel that I need this too... Don't suppose you'd be interested in some kind of trade deal for an Ashdown Retroglide 800 head would you?
  3. I would have been so tempted by this had it been within collecting distance, however we are about 263 miles apart(I checked on google maps). 🙄 GLWTS.
  4. This looks lovely! My main bass is a 4 string SR1200 so I know how well these basses feel and sound. I recently bought a 50's Precision and, while it's a stunner, I'm starting to wish I'd seen this earlier as it's so pretty. 😭 GLWTS
  5. Aw, I've been looking for one of these for ages. Just spent up on a precision recently or would have been very interested. I can't imagine it being up for sale very long.
  6. If you have no success on here you could always try advertising them on a bodybuilding website! 😉 Seriously though, GLWTS, this rig must sound like thunder with that cab!
  7. BARGAIN..nothing more to say...well maybe just to re-confirm that these amps are loud!
  8. The output level on this photo says it all really, you never really have to push these amps higher than 3......
  9. Perhaps a photo showing the backlit front panel in the dark might enlighten our younger members who might not appreciate what this beauty could look like sat behind them at a gig...😉
  10. Good lord, that's a monster bass amp for not a lot of money!
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