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  1. Really fancy this but trying to sell my Zoom B1-four first...
  2. Buy this, stick it through and octave pedal and you've got the ultimate lightweight gigging bass! 😉 Looks great though, wish I had the spare cash to buy something like this. GLWTS.
  3. I had one of these back in the day and it was my first proper amp, cost me about £1,000 when I earned about £8000 a year! I can honestly say after nearly 30 years of playing that it has yet to be surpassed by anything I've played since. This one looks to be in great condition for it's age. These things are heavy but they sound great and if I was closer to you I might have been tempted. GLWTS
  4. Following on from the suggestions in this thread I solo'd the neck pickup tonight at a band rehearsal and was very pleased with the way it cut through the mix. I've not really been a fan of that position in the past but it sounded really good in the rehearsal room and the top end was definitely louder and thicker. Just one more question, the bass has a passive tone control which, to my ears, has never worked. Has anyone experience this before and is it an easy fix?
  5. NOW SOLD Zoom B1 Four Multi Effects Processor. In as new condition with original packaging. This pedal has so many features but I only ever use one preset so I'd rather it went to someone who could use it to it's full potential. Would also trade for a preamp pedal.
  6. Davy


    I never read things properly! Has it got rolled edges...🤣
  7. Davy


    Is that a roasted neck?
  8. Not a shame as far as I'm concerned, just makes it more versatile. 😉
  9. There has still got to be a place for these amps and cabs as they were class leaders back in the day and still beat most modern gear hands down. Yes they are heavy and, while I can see the benefit of lightweight gear, everyone should give these amps a try at some point in their playing career before they disappear forever. 😭 I'll be hanging onto my TE head, even if it only gets used a few times a year. You'll probably regret selling your gear if you give it away for a silly price so you might have the right idea in hanging onto it.
  10. Not 100% sure that I want to sell this but I fancy a change so here goes... Here are the specs: 5pc Atlas-4 Wenge/Bubinga neck w/KTS™ TITANIUM Reinforcement. BLACK TUSQ XL® NUT. Ovankol top / Mahogany body. Medium frets. MR-4 bridge (19.0mm string spacing). Nordstrand™ BigSingle 4 neck pu. Nordstrand™ BigSingle 4 bridge pu. EQB-III SC 3-band eq. EQ Bypass switch. Mid-frequency select switch(250Hz or 600Hz). Hardware colour : Gold. Scale : 864mm/34". Colour: VNF (Vintage Natural Flat). There is some buckle rash on the rear of the guitar, a thumb wear mark near the neck pickup and some discolouration on the fretboard between the 6th and 7th frets that I've pictured. Original Ibanez semi hard case included. Collection / meet-up preferred. Trade-wise I would consider the following: Ibanez BTB / Fender Jazz / Fender Mustang PJ / Musicman Sterling Thanks for looking and feel free to message me if you have any questions.
  11. Ah yes, so he has. I never read things properly...😁
  12. I'm currently playing an Ibanez SR1200 4 string but have been thinking about selling it to get a BTB 5 String. I tried one in my local music shop a while ago and really liked the way it played and sounded. The only question I have is that they are sold in EADGC tuning and I'd prefer mine in BEADG. Has anyone got restrung theirs this way and did it require any attention to the truss rod?
  13. And he's wearing that precision bass far too high for my liking! 😉 Thanks for the confirmation guys.
  14. It was mentioned on a youtube review. Looking at the back of the amp, each output says 8ohms too. Hope I've got it wrong though as I'm quite interested in this amp.
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