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  1. I thought my amp was fixed but it started doing the same thing again. Anyway, I took Ashdown up on their offer to repair the amp and couriered it down to them at a cost of £7(interparcel uninsured). I sent it to them a week gone Friday, it arrived with them the following Monday and was fixed and sent back to me by the Thursday of the same week! And there was no charge for the repair or the courier cost to send it back to me. 😀 I can't fault Ashdown's customer service, and this was on an old amp, not even a brand new one... If you are buying an Ashdown amp then you can rely on these guys to sort you out if anything ever goes wrong. 👍👍👍
  2. Interparcel. It ended up costing me around £7(Not fully insured though but I took a chance).
  3. Good lord! I hope that's a concrete floor beneath the amps!
  4. Definitely worth talking to Ashdown, they've just repaired my Retroglide head for me in record time and it only cost me a nominal courier fee to send it to them.
  5. You do like your maple fretboards Tom.... Very Nice. GLWTS.
  6. That neck must have been stolen from the Ernie Ball factory, it's flame-tastic!
  7. Sadly not, I'm in Newcastle. ☹️
  8. Do you have any sound clips of this bass?
  9. Can you plug headphones into one of the output jacks to use as a headphone amp?
  10. Was just thinking about one of these and then this one comes up for sale but sadly we couldn't be much further apart...🙁
  11. I keep coming back to look at this..........
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