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  1. The output level on this photo says it all really, you never really have to push these amps higher than 3......
  2. Perhaps a photo showing the backlit front panel in the dark might enlighten our younger members who might not appreciate what this beauty could look like sat behind them at a gig...😉
  3. Good lord, that's a monster bass amp for not a lot of money!
  4. Thru-neck/monorail bridge/string-through body. Surely this is an absolute bargain at £150 for someone out there!
  5. Yes, like the Trace Elliot head that I bought off you a while back, TWICE as loud as the TC BH800 I had at the time! Used it at a gig last night after it was relegated to backup for weight reasons but it's my number one again. The old school watts are the best...
  6. An ABM combo for £80, that's got to be the bargain of the month, even if it does need a new speaker!
  7. Great guitar, great price, why are these always located so far from me! GLWTS.
  8. Great little amps these. I've got the white version. Simple set up and plenty of volume on tap. GLWTS.
  9. Can't go wrong with an SR. This one looks lovely and I'd be tempted myself if I didn't already have an SR1200. GLWTS.
  10. Davy

    Cort GB5 /95

    Does this have a passive switch?
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