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  1. I have a Farida JB20 which i think was the next model up from yours. Its still stock pickups, wiring and everything else. Sounds fantasic, done a few gigs with it and sounds great live. Have to agree it is on the heavy side though but a good wide strap makes it manageable for gigs and rehersals
  2. 😂😂 its possible am very antisocial. I work in the power station plant supplying all the services to the production part of the factory. We are physically isolated from the rest of the factory, so although we have more than 400 plus employees i rarely see any of them. Been socially isolated for years 😂
  3. Is the Print Company based in Liverpool. We may work for the same company
  4. I recently bought the same model. Its my second foray into 5 string territory after previously failing miserably. Its fair to say am absolutely delighted with it. Its very light for a 5 string. Mine never had any issues with Frets, action, intonation etc. Right out of the box it was very playable. Possibly because i am still getting comfortable with 5 string i havent noticed any issues. Am also really happy with the look and appearance of it. For the money its an absolute bargain and was considering getting another to put flats on. Just wish i could play mine as well as your playing in the video
  5. Prefer 21. I have 24 fret SR500 and i can comfortably play that too. I dont like switching between them during a gig as i tend to make mistakes mid song. So for me happy with either but dont like mixing them around.
  6. Oh no, gutted. Hope the replacement does the job.
  7. Farida really punches way above its weight. Slim Jazz style neck too.
  8. Use Chromes on my 424X and i think they sound awesome.
  9. Go for the 424x Andy. I have. The 1024x and 734A. I always end up picking up the 424x for rehersals or gigs.
  10. It was a very early one. I don't think is was a Pro model. It had scratch plate and some one had hand painted it Maroon. If i recall correctIy it passive too. I didnt like the neck and it deffinatley didnt sound like any Wal i had heard before. I liked everything about the Yamaha better than that Wal. If i was comparing this too to one of the Pro models i suspect it would of been a different outcome.
  11. That looks so much better than the first photo you posted. I had one of these many years ago in a natural finish. Stupidly got it converted to fretless only to realise i cant play fretless. Part exchanged it at the Manchester Bass Center for a very early Wal bass. I preferred the Yamaha. Took a 15 year Hiatus after that. Always wonderd what happened to that 1100s. Managed to get a few BBs now yo take my mind off it.
  12. I have recently brought a used set of Chromes from here to use on my Yamaha BB424x. I was wary about buying new strings in case the tension was too much fot me. I needn't of worried as the tension is perfect for me and the sound is exactly what i was looking for. Used them at rehersal last week and the band said it was the best sound we have ever had. Previously i have tried the cheap Olympia flats. Used them on the Yamaha through a Trace Elliot 2 x10 combo and it was honestly the best sound i have ever had. Unfortunately it didnt last as the strings lost that intial brightness and just sounded thumpy. I have also tried TI flats. Loved the low tension and flexability of them but didnt really like the core sound of them. So far the used Chromes are hitting the spot, so much so that i have left my band new BB734a at home and using the 424x with the Chromes on them. Great strings and would deffo buy new ones when these need replacing.
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