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  1. mikeycrikey

    NBD: Vintage VJ74 Jazz - Refurbished!

    That looks awesome especially the headstock. Well done
  2. mikeycrikey

    SOLD PLEASE LOCK Entwistle pick ups

    Cheers Chris; looking forward to fitting them.
  3. mikeycrikey

    SOLD PLEASE LOCK Entwistle pick ups

    If these are still avalable I will have them. Can you PM me to sort out payment. Regards Mike
  4. mikeycrikey

    Are Flatwounds Addictive

    Try removing them and give the a good wipe over. It's possible a leftover from the manufacturing process. Mine are not sticky at all and feel really smooth under your fingers.
  5. mikeycrikey

    Feedback for chrisgriff

    I have just bought Chris's Barefaced super 12. Chris was a pleasure to deal with, great communication throughout the process, he even provided maps so l could find his place ok. Would deffinatley by again from Chris and would reomend him without hesitation.
  6. mikeycrikey

    Tennis elbow

    Best of Luck with your recovery from the surgery
  7. mikeycrikey

    Are Flatwounds Addictive

    I think he's suffering from GAS. After being on bass chat
  8. mikeycrikey

    Are Flatwounds Addictive

    The first time I used the Olympia flats on the BB 424x was through an old Trace Elliot combo. I was amazed at the tone these strings produced. They have lost some of their initial brightness now but they will be staying on for good. Really suits the the guitar
  9. mikeycrikey

    Are Flatwounds Addictive

    Has anybody else tried Olympia flats. Really cheap at £13:99. Low tension, great sound and feel to them. I actually took a set of TI Flats off my Yamaha BB4424x to fit these and I really do prefer them. Well worth a punt at this price.
  10. mikeycrikey

    Recommend me a Bass which suits Ska type music..

    The 424x sounds great with flats on. I've tried Thomastik TI flats which were great but a bit pricey. Currently using a cheap £15 brand called Olympia from Amazon and I really like them. Great feel to them. Both sounded great on the 424x.
  11. mikeycrikey

    Ibanez SR505 vs Yamaha TRBX505

    I tried the SR 505 in my hunnt to break into 5 string. It was my first choice as I already have the SR 500 which is a fantastic bass . Unfortunately I couldn't play a thing on the 505. The string spacing was way too tight for my fingers. The weight and baance were fine but for me it was unplayable. Not tried the TŔBX but have tried the BB425 and that was easier to play but ultimately I realised quite quickly I don' get on with 5 strings.
  12. mikeycrikey

    Yamaha BB424 *SOLD*

    Christmas has come early. Fantastic bargain.
  13. mikeycrikey

    Fender Jazz Bass - - SOLD

    Pm,d you
  14. mikeycrikey

    Who did you see live last?

    Robert Plant at the the Olympia in Liverpool. Fantastic night. Great band he had with him too. They also did quite a few Led Zepplin songs. Only slight disappointment was the front of house bass sound. The bass player changed between 4_ 5 electric basses and a double bass and they all sounded the same. He was obviously a very good player but it just sounded like a low rumbling mush with no note definition. Still a great night seeing one of the all time greats performing so well.