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  1. I did replace the earth wire under the bridge but only because I managed to damage it. I had removed the bridge earlier on to inspect the earth wire. The strands of the wire are splayed out under the bridge. When I touched them a good few snapped off so I decided to replace it. When installing the tape start at the top on the route and work down. You can overlap it and cut to shape easily. Doesn't have to look perfect just cover the full route. Also use a pencil with a rubber on the end to push the tape flat and into the corners. The edges of the tape are quite sharp and its easy to cut your finger. I also upgraded to a kiogon wiring loom. Made a huge difference to the sound.
  2. I had exactly the same issue with my Classic Vibe Precision. Bought a roll of self adhesive Copper Shielding tape from Amazon. Removed the pick guard, pickup and electronic and lined the cavities with the copper tape. Problem solved, no more buzzing. Tape is really easy to install too
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Not had this long. Bought from Ash on here. Alas as much as I love the look and feel of it am more of a Precision man so decided to move this on. Peavey Foundation, in fantastic condition for its age. Think this is a 90s version and has the highly regarded Super Ferrite pickups. The neck pickup has been rewound by Aron Armstrong. The neck is more like a jazz and is 38mm at the nut. Adding a touch of the bridge pickup gets very close to nailing the Jazz sound. I prefer the sound of the front pickup which is much more Precision like. Can meet up or possibly deliver in the North West. Postage is also a possibility
  5. So thats where all the Sterlings have gone to. Love The one you use with the Lotharios. Sounds fantastic in a band setting.
  6. The Farida FJB20 is the top spec model that Farida make. Its definitely a step up in quality over the FJB6. The pickups are fantastic on this as are the necks. I suspect this may be my old one i sold recently. If so i can thoroughly recomend it.
  7. Peety must of forgot to mark this as Sold. I bought it a few weeks ago. Maybe the Mods can mark this as sold
  8. I probably will regret it Marti T but i have my eye on something so unfortunately i need to make space for a potential incoming and thin down my Yamaha herd.
  9. Yamaha BB 1024x in excellent condition. Usual Yamaha top notch Build quality. Massive sound from this. The front pick up nails the P tone and the rear pickup is loud enough to gig on its own and does a great Jazz impression. Used this for gigs and rehersals and its never let me down. Always got compliments on its sound and looks. Especially when the P and J are used together which is real sweet spot. Comes with a Yamaha Hard Case. Can deliver or meet up in North West. Can courrier at buyers expense. Intrested in trades for Fender P Deluxe With cash either way
  10. Been playing this at home for a few days. It really is a great Jazz Bass and nails that sound perfectly. Stings sound as if they may need replacing.If i was after a very bright toppy tone, so i have decided to reduced the price to £200. Think anyone would struggle to find a better Jazz at this price.
  11. Trade options added for 4 string Bass, lightweight bass cab or Active subwoofer. All offers considered.
  12. I bought a 70s Classic Vibe Precision on here to see if i could get along with a Precision. I liked it so much that i bought a Fender player series precision. The Fender has better pickups, tuners etc but the Squier just feels a bit nicer to play. I bought the squier on here and it was really well set up on arrival and i just clicked with it I may eventually settle on the Fender but for now am giving them both a lot of playing time and the squier more than holds it own.
  13. I think the BB424X is my favourite of the lot. It strung with flat wound chromes and the first time i used them on this bass it was exactly the sound i have been hearing in my head. Tried the same strings on a precision and they dont sound as good as they do on the 424x. Got Thomastic TI jazz flats on the BB1024X and its give the bass a bunp up the pecking order. This has a better bridge, nut, pickups and neck construction. They do sound very similar but i think the better components will hopefully give the bass a better/easier life. The BB734 is very versatile and you can get so many good useable sounds from it. Its also lighter the 424/1024x. The 414 has a thinner neck than the others. Is lighter than the 424/1024x. Its very punchy and sounds great for Rock covers. Think there all made in in Indonesia but there all reslky well put together. Overall though the 424x is my very slight favourite. You cant go wrong with any of them.
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