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  1. Just done a trade with Chris. No hassle at all. Great communication throughout. Bass was really well packaged and arrived in great condition. Was a pleasure to deal with throughout the process.
  2. Not quite the answer your after but from the 4 string equivalent i find the 424x is definitely thicker front to back but in a good way. You know its there but its not thick or bulky, just right really. The 734a is definitely shallower front to back. Feels slimmer in the hand. Although its bigger it has more in common with a Jazz neck than the 424x. Hopefully the 5 string equivalents will follow suite. Either way they are definitely different. Depends on what type of neck you prefer
  3. That would be pretty cool to own everything from a 414 right up to a P34. I have managed to get to 56 years of age and have never even held a Fender bass let alone played or owned one. I think its time i finally ticked that box. Suspect they would have a hell of a lot to go to match my BB's
  4. I got my Carmel off @itsmeDunc quite some time ago. Love the 424x got that from @Mojo. I've got my on something on here so i may have to let one off my BBs go to raise some funds. Not sure what would sell quickest.
  5. Thought i would show you my BBs White BB414 Bought here Red BB424x Bought here Caramel BB 1024x Bought here Black BB 734a Love them all but have a soft spot for the 424x.
  6. For sale or Trade. Ibanez SR500. Owned from new. Had it about 3 years. Bought this Super lightweight guitar, when i seemed to constantly have a bad back and my Yamha BB herd all felt too heavy for me. Thankfully the back seems to have settled down for now. The 3 band active electronics give you a huge range of tonal options. The neck is very slim and fast. The build quality of these is first right and least equal too the Yamha brand. I only used this on 3 gigs and had it tuned down a full tone. It seemed to handle this a lot better than my Yamahas. Always got compliments on tone from other bass players when i used it. Selling because i need to make some space for P Bass. Bass is in good condition except there are a few small finger nail marks between the 2 pickups which is normal for these as they do mark easily. There is also a small dint in the side of the body. Non of these effect the playability of the guitar in any way Would be willing to trade for Precision bass or possibly a Jazz. Happy to add some cash too. Collection is preferred but willing to post at buyers expense. Still have the original box. Also happy to meet up in the North West. Whilst maintaing social distancing.
  7. Wow, sounds like its made a serious impression already. Look forward to hearing your thoughts and congratulations on picking two outstanding P Basses
  8. I have been Gassing about getting a P Bass. The Bruce Thomas profile and the Sandberg Bass are both at top of my list. Would love to hear you thoughts and comparisons between the two. Once you have had time to let your new aquation settle in its new home.
  9. I have exactly the same one as this. Took it to a rehersal with a new band where i had been previously using my BB 1024x and BB 734A. The band asked me if i could use this one all the time, they said it was really punchy and cut through better than the others. I still prefer my other BBs but i would happily gig with this. The BB 414 is also lighter than my others and has a slimmer neck
  10. I have a Farida JB20 which i think was the next model up from yours. Its still stock pickups, wiring and everything else. Sounds fantasic, done a few gigs with it and sounds great live. Have to agree it is on the heavy side though but a good wide strap makes it manageable for gigs and rehersals
  11. 😂😂 its possible am very antisocial. I work in the power station plant supplying all the services to the production part of the factory. We are physically isolated from the rest of the factory, so although we have more than 400 plus employees i rarely see any of them. Been socially isolated for years 😂
  12. Is the Print Company based in Liverpool. We may work for the same company
  13. I recently bought the same model. Its my second foray into 5 string territory after previously failing miserably. Its fair to say am absolutely delighted with it. Its very light for a 5 string. Mine never had any issues with Frets, action, intonation etc. Right out of the box it was very playable. Possibly because i am still getting comfortable with 5 string i havent noticed any issues. Am also really happy with the look and appearance of it. For the money its an absolute bargain and was considering getting another to put flats on. Just wish i could play mine as well as your playing in the video
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