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  1. No it was definitely in the front of house position, but the band don't use monitors and claim they can still hear the vocals quite clearly.
  2. When I used the Evox 8 system it was on a dep gig. The band put acoustic guitar, keyboards, that's very sparsely used, bass drum and 2 vocals through it. Their regular bass player doesn't go through the Evox 8 system. When I played with them I took a DI out from my Ashdown Studio 15 straight into the the PA . The band said it sounded better with bass going through the PA, rather than just backline. Sounded good to my ears too. In fairness there is not that much going through the PA, so it handled it easily.
  3. Do you put the full band through the DXR 12's or just vocals. I already have one and am considering buying another for PA use. Would be interested to hear your thoughts on how they perform for band use. I also would like a pair of Evox 8. Used them in a band situation before and they were great
  4. Lovely looking Bass. Surprised it's still here. GLWTS
  5. I had one if these when I dipped my toe into the 5 string pond. Although I ultimately decided 5 string wasn't needed for the bands I was playing with, the Yamaha was absolutely spot on. Really versatile, 18mm string spacing, usual Yamaha build quality. If I ever decided to try 5 string again, I would have one of these without hesitation. Especially a £77 one . Bargain of the year
  6. Stevie recently bought my classic vibe precision. Was a pleasure to deal with. Smooth transaction and good communication. First rate Bass Chatter.
  7. Desperately trying to avoid breaking the golden rule of not not playing it once it's up for sale. It looks do good and keeps trying to tempt me to take it to the next gig/rehersal/musical disaster.
  8. I used to have a BB 604 many years ago and really liked the body shape on that one. May pick another up one day.
  9. I stand that far back I'm almost behind the drum kit. Deffo not getting noticed there
  10. I had the 414, 424x 1024x and the 734a. I know its hersey to say on the Yamaha forum but I just fell our of love with the big bloated body of the BB. Loved how they played, sounded and their versatility. Once I saw a photo on myself playing lt live it just looked huge on me and that was the end of my love affair with Yamaha. Don't think the battered face, bald head and bandy legs had any bearing on it. Bought the 414 back as its just for playing at home. Use a Fender Precision now or G&L JB2, which is a precision shape for gigs and rehersals.
  11. I just bought my white Yamaha BB414 back after selling. Only sold it as I needed the space in the house. Now bought it back and am delighted go have it home. Still have my BB734a which is an awesome bass with considerable upgrades on the BB414, but I just constantly fiddle with the active electronics between every song. The BB 414 I just plug it in and play
  12. 2018 made in China Classic vibe 70s Precision. This was the bass that finally converted me to playing P Basses. I now have a few of them so may as well let some else enjoy it. It's in really good condition no Dints or Dings. Has an upgraded Kent Armstrong vintage pick up, an excellent Kiogon wiring loom. Cavity is fully shielded for a super silent bass Comes with normal black white Black scratch plate but is currently wearing a cream scratch plate, tug bar and bridge cover. Strung with new DR HiBeams. Not sure of the weight but it feels very light. Certainly no boat anchor. Pick up preferred, can meet up in the North West or courrier at buyers cost
  13. Still available and sat in its gig bag waiting for a new home. Trying my best not to play it as its so nice to play with a lovely smooth neck. Unfortunately as soon as I start playing it in a band ssituation I am continually adjusting the 3 band EQ and pan pot virtually every song.
  14. Can also recommend the G&L JB2. It has a precision body shape with jazz pickups. Mine is super light too.
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