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  1. Can't begin to imagine what might have caused that lapse in your memory. I'm sure I don't have any - I'd remember them if I did! Here & Now were great - an still going! I've not seen them for about 40 years, but we're on the same stage as them in Kent - that's going to be an interesting experience!
  2. Same here, used to go to Glasto (and Stonehenge the week before) when they were free festivals. Saw lots of bands, only ones I can remember (for various reasons) are Here & Now, also Steve Hillage and Nik Turner's Sphynx at Deeply Vale. The list of 'who's on at Glastonbury' is lost on me, the only one I've heard of is Kylie, and that's only because she was on a TV show I worked on 30 years ago! There is a festival that has the atmosphere of the free festivals in Kent (Summer of Love party, known as SoL) at the beginning of August (though you have to pay, so not really free - but the money pays for the bands, sound crew, etc) and they have good bands, including Edgar Broughton this year (as mentioned a couple of pages ago), as well as Here & Now and one or two West Coast legends. Modesty forbids me to reveal who is headlining for the second year running, though
  3. I would advise the 7% to take a very careful look at themselves - if you can't identify the idiot, then there's a good chance it's you. Everyone in my current band seems cool and competent, no idiots, so I am worried...
  4. Only festivals I've been to were 70's free festivals, like Stonehenge, Ruthin, Deeply Vale, etc. I was at the Summer of Love party in Kent last year (we were playing there) and the atmosphere was very much the same as at the free festivals. Never to been to a huge festival with 'name' bands as I've never been interested in that kind of music. I'll be at SoL again this year, as not only are we playing there again, but Here & Now are on before us, and I haven't seen them for decades!
  5. Cheers, it meant I got in an hour's playing this morning that I wouldn't have had if I hadn't have had if I hadn't brought a bass on holiday with me. Same again tomorrow!
  6. I mustn't look at that one too hard or my Ibanez sixes will start to feel uncomfortable! Beautiful bass, and I am sure it plays and sounds as good as it looks.
  7. The middle night in our recent jaunt to Germany was our short night - just a single set with most of the songs played without any breaks between them. That lasted 2 1/2 hours.
  8. I often take a bass with me on UK holidays. I usually wake up early and my wife doesn't, good way to spend a couple of hour before breakfast. I just pay it unplugged and use my laptop for the songs I need to practice. Quite enough for my wife to stay asleep a few feet away.
  9. We played in Germany last week, four of us went down in a large car and two flew to Leipzig, and were then collected and driven to Plauen by the organisers of the gig.
  10. Happened to some extent in Germany recently - but we were the main band at a festival in a small town, and the audience were mostly equally distinctive - long hair and tie dye shirts. Often bumped into people while walking around town who told me they had enjoyed the previous night's set. The best part was seeing people I didn't know wearing Grateful Dudes T shirts - we sold about £450 worth of them over the three days of the festival.
  11. I've lost count of the number of Ashdown amps I've owned, but I only tried the octave one once. I have never understood the point of it at all. Same as the built in compressor, another feature I have ignored for years. But the basic amp is fine.
  12. Well spotted, yes, that was a typo, nothing BUT Ashdown! I'l correct it now!
  13. I've owned nothing but Ashdown amps for the last 12 years at least. I gave up with their cabs (too heavy for me) in favour of a BF Super Twin. No problems, and always sound better to my ears than alternatives I may get in rehearsal studios or at festivals.
  14. Almost always, but the bank holiday week of ten days ago was a notable exception!
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