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  1. The only reason it didn't go with the cab was that the buyer already had an ABM600!
  2. I'd be looking for £400 and I'll pay the post/courier. I have the amp's original box, so should be secure. The price includes the Roqsolid cover.
  3. Most of the gigs I've played in proper venues (as opposed to most of them which have been in the corner of pubs) my bass has been DI'd and mic'd, the sound man (or quite often sound woman) has blended the two to taste. No one has complained about the bass sound - then again, it's very rare that anyone says anything about the bass sound!
  4. Does the next line ends in 'custard'?
  5. That's the easy bit - but rhyming it with fantasy takes some balls!
  6. Nik Turner managed a classic that I can never get out of my head for its sheer cheek. From xitintoday: Am I still on Venus? Though this does feel Atlantisy Have I been asleep? Is this just a fantasy?
  7. FinnDave


    Hope it all continues to go well.
  8. I can't remember any music from 1990, I was immersed in fatherhood with the birth of our second daughter, and working on Saturday Night Clive. I might have gone to see Eric Clapton at the RAH, wife (at the time) and I saw him there a few times when our girls were young.
  9. Thanks. I know it doesn't help, but I didn't vote for it!
  10. The East pre amp was fitted in late 2019 by John East shorty after I bought the bass. I sat in his workshop while he fitted it. Lovely chap, very knowledgeable and very friendly.
  11. Good to know, I had no idea what was used and when. Sounds great with the East pre-amp in it, but I have too many basses and something has to go.
  12. Which just goes to show how important it is to try these things out - we have completely different experiences of the same instrument.
  13. I play my Casady using a pick and don't suffer from neck dive or forward tilt as my picking hand forearm rest on the bass and keeps it where it belongs.
  14. I'd be looking selling the cab with the Roqsolid cover for £750.00 collected or meet - I don't want to courier it. It hasn't been out of my sight since I collected it from Barefaced.
  15. I haven't listed to a studio album for years - only live and only the Dead. Got a shelf fill of of Road Trips, Richard's Picks and Dave's Picks and still subscribe to Dave's - most recent CD arrived a week ago. I so have most of the Dead's studio output but mostly its only been played the once.
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