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  1. I have two Jazz basses (one active, one passive), both strung with LaBella flats and played with a pick - it's a very 60s sort of sound, fits well with what I play.
  2. A friend of mine swears by Peek. He uses it to polish all the brightwork on his steam roller (really!).
  3. Maybe one short set, doubt that I played for more than an hour. I've been getting accustomed to active basses with the pair of Ibanez sixes I've used as my main gigging basses for the past year - but the Fender pre-amp is a little different - not worse, just different, take a bit of time to discover how to use it. I'll probably change it for an East pre-amp, as i find their sweepable mids very useful, and he's local to me! No problem with pedal boards for me, I don't have one.
  4. Simply because it came up in 'unread topics' and when I saw it ran to hundreds of pages I realised how lucky I have been to avoid FX GAS - leaving me free to spend more money on basses!
  5. I love threads like this - it makes me feel so virtuous that I have never bought an fx pedal in my 45 years of playing bass! I did once try my bass through a (guitarist) friend's flanger to see if it would reproduce the sound Mike Howlett got on Nik Turner's 'Xit into Day' album. It didn't. That was at least 40 years ago and I've never tried one since.
  6. I didn't have a gig yesterday, but I did go to watch an old band mate act as host band for a local open blues session. Soon after I arrived, there was a mild panic as their bass player was, shall we say, unwell, after eating something he later regretted . So with under three minutes notice I was press ganged into the job, with a bass I've only had a few days. Ended up playing the 4 (might have been more) song opening for the jam, then playing 3 songs with another old band mate, and finishing the session with a few more songs with the host band. Their regular bass player recovered just in time to come and pack away his gear - I really did feel sorry for him - turned up, set up, passed out, came round, packed up and went home! The new bass acquitted itself well, despite me not yet having got to grips with the active tone controls and it having a gash set of old strings I put on just to be able to try it out.
  7. I've never seen hat kind of money for a gig, but have driven longer than 6 hours many times!
  8. I prefer the feel of flats (no I don't, I prefer the feel of round wounds!!), I like to feel the texture of the string against my fingers, but prefer the sound of the flats. Damn post made no sense, I meant to type that I prefer the feel of rounds, but the sound of flats. I'll give my fingers a damn good talking to.
  9. I have a bass-related tattoo on my left arm - it's two bass clefs back to back with a celtic/anglo saxon treatment to match the rest of the arm.
  10. They are special guitars, 34" scale and tuned B to C A set of LaBella flats for them aren't cheap - I've got one set unopened in a drawer!
  11. All three of my four string basses have LaBella flats - the Precision has lights and the jazzes have extra lights. Strangely, I didn't get on with them so well on my six strings, though.
  12. An ABM and Super Twin is indeed a perfect match - I have owned Super Twin #1 from new, and it has always been driven by an ABM amp.
  13. Brave man - hard to make such an Independent decision!
  14. Would we all need to stand next to the pole to prove our height?
  15. It most definitely hasn't got any better!
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