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  1. New range from fender.

    I was playing in a club in Banbury last Saturday. We played Mustang Sally. and yes, I was playing a Fender Precision.
  2. New range from fender.

    The difficulty would be finding enough people to buy something that far removed from a standard Precision to make it worth the development and tooling costs. Playing it safe has worked well for Fender many years, and when they have changed a design even slightly, or even dared to bring out something new, sales are poor and they are soon dropped.
  3. New range from fender.

    That's me then, six Precisions, one Jazz and an Astra estate! And the car before that was an Astra hatchback, simply outgrew it.
  4. New range from fender.

    Gotta agree, that colour combination doesn't exactly inspire me, and I'm a great admirer of tort 'guards. I have black, white, and two sunburst Precisions, all with tort guards, all look fine to my eyes (obviously, or I'd change them!)
  5. New range from fender.

    Purely a personal observation, but it seems that the enthusiasm for 'boutique' basses expressed on this forum doesn't translate into mass sales. I would think that the number of players who equate 'bass guitar' with Fender must be in excess of 75% of all players of the instrument. In the real world, rather than the rarified atmosphere of a specialist forum, I have never heard any negative comments when I have turned up with a US Fender. They are an industry standard, and are likely to remain so for many years to come. Say what you like about more modern designs, technology, etc, the truth is most bass players regard a Fender bass as an essential tool if you expect to be taken seriously by anyone considering hiring you. A Fender bass will keep it's value far better than any beautifully crafted, hand made special, simply because they have such a wide appeal. Go ahead and tell me I'm talking out of my backside, but you won't change my opinion.
  6. Roadworn 2nd hand more than a new one!

    You could do yourself a nasty injury like that, chap of your age and experience should know better than to try!
  7. Roadworn 2nd hand more than a new one!

    I'm not taking that sitting down!
  8. Roadworn 2nd hand more than a new one!

    Yeah tricky Richard doesn't have the same ring, somehow, and 'Tricky Dicky' is how he's gone down in history (if we can still say 'gone down'!)
  9. Roadworn 2nd hand more than a new one!

    What about tricky dicky Nixon? (edit: Got away with that one then!)
  10. Roadworn 2nd hand more than a new one!

    I bought a new roadworn Precision recently and change the strings within ten minutes of it arriving. I've obviously destroyed my investment!
  11. How Many Notes Does it Take to Make a Chord?

    It probably is until you hit an elephant...
  12. Are Flatwounds Addictive

    That's still a work in progress.
  13. Are Flatwounds Addictive

    That's strictly classified.
  14. Are Flatwounds Addictive

    Obviously, surprised you felt the need to ask!
  15. Are Flatwounds Addictive

    I know a place not too far away where you can get a fix of flats anytime of day or night, knock three times and whisper the password '1958 Precision & LaBella flats' and they'll look after you alright.