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  1. Just back home from depping for my old band, in a large pub in Marlborough. Great to see the people I played with almost every week for five years, and to play the old familiar songs, but very few people there, no advertising about the gig that I saw. Having played only Grateful Dudes gig for the last year, where we always get very enthusiastic and knowledgeable audiences, the contrast was rather sad. We played OK, enjoyed ourselves and will get paid, but it was more like a social evening with music than a gig.
  2. That's a lot of cab for the money! I'd be on my way to collect if I didn't already have one !
  3. There's a Sandberg Thunderbird just been advertised on Facebook. It's in Yorkshire, I think I it's only on his personal page at the moment. I can put you in touch if anyone's interested.
  4. The one thing (pair of things) I wouldn't gig without (apart from my bass!) is my earplugs. There is no way I am going to let my ears be ruined by drummers and incompetent monitor mixes.
  5. As far as I'm concerned, electronic music starts and ends with Tim Blake.
  6. There must be two I can't see!! I've been very impressed by Ibanez basses since I first bought one last year - since then, they're all I've played!
  7. The one I have now is great, thought I prefer to use my RM 800, simply because it's lighter and smaller. I did have a couple of ABM 600s that failed before I got this one, and they were replaced immediately by Ashdown.
  8. I don't care what they call me, so long as they call me!
  9. Think I'm out - I bought a Super Compact a few weeks ago. Mind you, it replaced the one I sold earlier in the year, so might not count! That's my only acquisition other than strings this year.
  10. My 'music' room is currently home to 7 model boats, some are built and used regularly, others are still kits in boxes. Their main hazard is getting hit by the headstock of my bass when I practice!
  11. I'm depping next Saturday with the band I left a year ago. That should be an interesting experience!
  12. The rhythm guitarist in my band is a bass player in a couple of other bands, so we even have a spare bassist if we need one!
  13. Is that a Dean's Whaleback there, or is it larger than 1/24th?
  14. Only thing I can think of is a clip on tuner. I use an old plug in tuner I've had for about 15 years - takes AA batteries but can't remember changing them!
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