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  1. We tried it with the Wirebirds, but the harmonica player could only manage the first 20 seconds before raising the infernal instrument to his lips. To be fair, it took several weeks of rehearsal to get him that far.
  2. Only signature bass I have owned was an Epiphone Jack Casady. Not because it was 'his' bass, but simply because it is a decent semi-acoustic and not available in 'non signature' form. Buying a bass which replicates someone's personal instrument seems a bit strange to me, rather like dressing up like them. I suppose it satisfies some desire to be like your heroes, but I find it a bit weird.
  3. Got me on that one - but never been in a band that plays it.
  4. Can't agree with that. I've played in several covers bands without ever having heard the originals of their songs. I just play to the chords. In some cases, I might hear a song on a pub jukebox and think it sounds vaguely familiar and realise it is the original of something I've played, but as I never listen to any 'pop' music, it is new to me. Doesn't change how I play the song. It is years since I've sat down and listened to music - even my shelf of treasured Grateful Dead CDs is looking rather dusty.
  5. I'm down to two non-keepers now - a US Special Jazz I got in a swap for an Ibanez back in the summer and the Sandberg Panther special I bought on a whim. Keeping the two MiM Jazz basses (Classic 60s cellulose finish & a recent Vintera 60s - essential the same bass) and the US Precision I've had since 2013. And that's it…….I hope!
  6. I've sold three in the last few weeks, haven't regretted any of them going (yet). None of them were ones I'd had for years, though. Still trying to get two more out as well.
  7. They were a great band, influenced many people. I went to see them in Manchester in the mid 70s but they pulled the gig as the keyboard player had broken an arm (or a leg, depending on where you read it) carrying a fridge (a real fridge not an Ampeg cab!) down some stairs. Superb drumming from Jaki Liebezeit, always.
  8. Sitting here suffering in silence while my wife watches a documentary about Jackie Collins and I was suddenly shaken out of my lethargy by the background music - Vitamin C by Can. Unmistakable drumming and bass from my favourite Germans. Only problem was that the people being interviewed kept talking through the music - have they no shame?
  9. Looks like someone got themselves a real bargain here: https://www.sothebys.com/en/buy/auction/2021/from-the-vault-property-from-the-grateful-dead-and-friends/wall-of-sound-the-amp-that-made-garcias-twin-sound?fbclid=IwAR2XOVCUcV8vmSxP3wHT2K4oHsnkpbNA1WgtixQ8rAubrXshoyAKYBGIxWE
  10. Treat it as a job, with the bonus that there are some songs that you enjoy. When you're playing the ones you don't like, just think of the money.
  11. I've played there a few times with The Wirebirds, agree that the acoustics are not easy. The brewer there is a Dead Head, and has been to see Frankins Tower. Saw him in Witney yesterday, he's hoping to get us on at the brewery soon
  12. Where are you playing on Saturday? I'm currently de-gassing (sounds a bit anti-social!) and planning to keep one Precision and two Jazzes only. Wish me luck!
  13. I wouldn't count a tuner as an effect - more of an accessory. I use a plug in tuner before each gig, then it goes back in my bag. I've had the same tuner for 16 years. I have never felt the need to add any effects to my bass playing as I am perfectly capable of sounding dreadful without any help.
  14. These days, I mainly play small gigs where the PA is for the vocals and bass drum only, so my backline is what the audience hears. When I used to play larger gigs, the rest of band (especially the drummers) wanted me to use my backline so they could hear me (no idea why the monitors weren't enough for them).
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