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  1. Are the US basses better than the MiMs? Well, I have four Jazz basses, one is a US Special (despite the name, it was a lower spec than the US Standard), one is a MiM deLuxe (active, now with an East UK pre-amp) and the other two are both MiM Classic 60s. I couldn't say that any one of them is better than any other, though I don't play the deLuxe much, simply because I refer passive basses. Just find a bass that feels & sounds right and don't worry about where it was made - but don't pay too much for any of them!
  2. I had a couple of Westone Thunder 1s (one might have been a 1A -active) about 40 years ago. They were good basses, and more reliable than the dodgy Fender Precision I bought to replace them! The only problem with them to my mind is that they will now have spent about 40 years in the hands of beginners, so who knows what horrors have been inflicted upon them!
  3. Just weird, Dave - surely you didn't expect anyone to disagree? 🤪😜😇
  4. Same here, have to practice downstairs when she's out as my room upstairs has filled up with (my own) rubbish. Started clearing it out a few weeks ago, but most of it is worth selling, so it takes time.
  5. I'll sit down to learn a new song, but stand up to practise it once I've got it.
  6. The OP did specify strings of a different gauge, not just a routine like-for-like string change.
  7. If I change to a different type or gauge of strings, I usually need to give the truss rod a tweak.
  8. I've gone through this cycle far too many times, the psychological weight of having more basses than you can 'justify' can become overwhelming, but realistically, unless you really need the money or the space, then just put a few out of sight and forget they're there for a year or two. It'll save you money in the long run - no need to ask I know that! For me, the main pressure is space, I have enough wall hanging for 6 basses, but currently have 7, so plan to sell 2 I don't use and buy another Jazz Bass that I will. The pressure to keep the numbers down comes entirely from myself, my wife always tries to talk me out of selling any of them. Unlike some people, she welcomes new basses and I have to sneak older ones out of the house if they are leaving the family!
  9. I couldn't find this thread when I started gigging again, glad it's resurfaced. Played last night at a small local pub with a band I haven't played with for about 3 years. Good to see them again and play some songs I thought I'd forgotten but my fingers seemed to remember! That was my seventh gig this side of the Covid restrictions. Going along to a blues jam this afternoon, next gig is my daughter's wedding in a week's time.
  10. FinnDave

    Tonight's gig

    Finally got to play the gig following cancellation due to double booking. Arrived last night to play and was told that he's double booked again, but had sent to other act (solo singer/guitar) away with some cash to cover expenses. Actual gig was good, had a few local guests from other bands coming up to join in, great atmosphere. Mixture of blues and rock n roll with a singer who's been playing the local circuit for a long time and knows what he's doing. A very pleasant way to spend an evening. Next gig is my daughter's wedding in a week's time.
  11. Did he know them all by name? I have only one Precision at the moment, so it's easy - it's called 'The Precision". The four Jazz Basses are a bit of a struggle.
  12. No problem - in fact we are planning to visit my wife's cousin & family in Wallasey in early September, so will be fairly near you.
  13. "One Direction" - I have no idea what that means, other than the number of directions you can move at a time.
  14. Best argument against eternal life I've ever heard. I've been actively avoiding the unlovable mop-tops for most of my life, having had the misfortune to have been at primary school in their 'prime'.
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