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  1. I've got two basses with this truss rod adjustment - I use a large flat head screwdriver after removing the scratch plate. It works so long as I'm careful, but any slip would be messy.
  2. I used to gig my T&B 50 with a homemade (well, actually made in the school woodwork shop) 2x15 cab. I remember taking the bus to Wilmslow Audio to collect the speakers. I used to gang the treble and bass channels together, probably sounded terrible by today's standards but I thought it was great back then.
  3. My ABM combos are supposed to weigh about 35-40 kg but I reckon they're snacking between gigs as I am sure they're putting weight on!
  4. Not long back from playing an afternoon gig in a field near Cirencester. Very well organised and very much a celebration of all things Grateful Dead on the 50th anniversary of their live in Europe album. My current band Franklins Tower were the opening act, two hours on a good spacious stage and a very decent PA run by professionals made it a real pleasure. Good crowd who were up and dancing as only Deadheads can from the first note. Very good Americana duo on after us (guitar & banjo/bass drum) with classy vocal harmonies. Seemed a strange choice at first, but in fact were perfect as a palate cleaner between us and the Grateful Dudes (top UK GD band).
  5. I had a Selmer T&B 50 valve amp from the mid 70s until the mid 80s - never left me down and always sounded great.
  6. The Classic is going just fine - set of Rotosound flats and it sounds gorgeous. Played a US Standard P today (GHS flats) and that was just right for the Grateful Dead set we played at a Deadhead festival in the Cotswolds. Used my ABM 500/2x10 combo - sounded wonderful on stage, was DI'd and mic'd through the PA.
  7. I have an Orange Little bass Thing and Trace Elliot Elf as a back-up, with a light Super Compact cab. Nice and light and easy on my back. But for today's gig I shall be taking one of my 20 year old ABM combos (or possibly two of them) as they simply sound better, and not just to my ears, but the rest of the band all commented on how good the bass sounded when I dragged one of the heavy combos along to a rehearsal.
  8. I'm getting on a bit, and like the music I have always liked - but I wouldn't tell someone else that they should like it just because I do. Young people liking music from 40-50 years ago suggests a lack of progress. I certainly didn't like the music my dad listened to, and still don't.
  9. Still right, no matter how it makes anyone sound. Getting old is a privilege denied to many, we should be proud to have survived, not ashamed. I was at some great gigs and festivals in the 70s, and I am playing at a festival tomorrow. True free festivals are a thing of the past, killed off in the mid 80s after the battle of the bean field. I mourn their passing.
  10. I've bought (and then sold) at least 4 JCBs, the look of them keeps bringing me back - but I find them awkward to play. I must learn not to buy another! Great basses, well made, but don't seem to suit my anatomy and/or playing 'style'.
  11. I used to find Chromes felt sticky and 'grabbed' at my fingers - but when I switched to LaBellas they had no grabbiness at all. Rotosound flats and GHS Precision flats are also non-grabby for my fingers. Judging by other people's posts above it seems to be a matter of finding the right strings for your fingers.
  12. When I went to the free festivals in the 70s, I hitch hiked there from Stockport - small world.
  13. I've been to Glastonbury Fayre/festival only once - mid 70s, no name bands, no tickets, no security - just a few hundred stoned hippies making music to entertain each other. I preferred the 70s Stonehenge festivals held over the solstice (Glastonbury is always the week after Stonehenge as most people drifted from one to the other). I think I saw some of Zorch playing and probably Here & Now who played most of the free festivals in those days. Maybe Nik Turner as well - it's a long time ago and there were many other small festivals back then - Deeply Vale & Ruthin come to mind. I've probably forgotten more than I remember now, must have been something in the water
  14. I failed to notice that you had started the thread, I assumed it was started by by the manufacturer/originator of the product, so please accept my apologies for inadvertently accusing you of pushing the product. Definitely something I haven't seen or heard of (or even imagined) before, but good luck to them if they can create a need for them.
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