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  1. Please keep us up dated on the progress of the grass - I can't be the only oneworried about No. 7645!
  2. I bought a brand new gold top for 499 just a few weeks ago. I've seen some daft prices on line, but that's still possible. If you can cope with the neck dive/forward dive that is inherent in the design, they are very good basses for the money. Very clean sound.
  3. I think I saw that one as well, but I prefer something a bit brighter than black - one of the red ones would be great, otherwise another gold top. Black doesn't look too good against the tie dye!
  4. I was forced into pick use about 4 years ago after a bike accident left me unable to play finger style. I experimented with all sorts of picks, but settled on 3mm Dunlop big stubbies. Zero flex, so it's like playing with your fingers, I find picks that bend mess up the timing. I now have to check the date of recordings of my bass playing to see whether they were pre or post accident, as I can't really hear the difference now. The only drawbacks of the big stubbies are that they scare guitarists if they ask to borrow a pick (actually, that's not a drawback at all!) and that they are quite hard to find (especially if I've already been there, as I tend to buy them all 'just in case', though in the 3-4 years I've been using them I have not worn one out nor have I lost any). There only other drawback is one I hadn't considered until I saw Lozz's post - they don't have cool tortoises on them, which is definitely a serious drawback.
  5. I don't much else to do at the moment, and I do enjoy playing the stuff I play - it's certainly no hardship!
  6. I'm just looking on the bright side, Al! No gigs in the immediate future, so just playing at home 2-3 hours a day to keep my hand in. For that, the JCB is ideal, and I do fancy a back-up - I used to gig one and it was surprisingly versatile. The Sandberg (just the one!) hasn't left its case since the February gig - not because I've fallen out with it, but because it is too lovely (and expensive!) to bash into things in my little practice room. The JCB's 2 per side headstock is a little shorter and less vulnerable than the Fender style on the Sandberg.
  7. Never heard the term 'bass drop' before, but kind of get the idea now someone's used something I recognise as an example. The band I'm in is 100% Grateful Dead, and the Other One is always popular with us and our audiences.
  8. I'm playing one gig of the band we cover per day during the lockdown. I've got more than enough to last a year!
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Better to have checked than only found out when it was too late! And the info is there now for anyone else interested in these. I had an identical set on each of my Ibanez six string basses, so I know they fit those. I've not played any other make of 6 string, though.
  11. Sorry, I didn't see this when you posted it. I can't measure the strings without opening the packaging, which would reduce the value as they are still in the sealed manufacturer's package, however, this information is copied from the manufacturer's website: "All standard bass sets are LONG scale length. The 1st (G), 2nd (D), 3rd (A) and 6th (C) strings are 38” from ball-end to silk/taper. The 4th (E) & 5th (B) string are 36 ¾” from ball-end to silk/taper. Only the silk portion of the string should wrap around the tuning post or else the string will break. This particular set is NOT suitable for basses with bridges that require strings to pass through the body of the instrument. "
  12. My favourite local is a community pub, bought from Greene King when they sought planning permission for change of use to private housing. A group of wealthy locals bought the place and it has been very successful, though will obviously be struggling over the next few months.
  13. Estimated Prophet, a Grateful Dead (who else!) song in 7/8 with a shifting emphasis between 3rd and 4th beats in different bars. Was on the list for the April gig, but Boris has just saved me from worrying about it (or prevented me from showing how well I can play it after all this enforced woodshedding!).
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