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  1. FinnDave

    NBD - Gibson EB4

    Nice six! I was seriously thinking of one of those (well, the Squier version, anyway) but wasn't sure about the short scale. The Ibby sixes are great, though! The Gibson was sold this afternoon, money being delivered to me in the pub this evening - a very civilised way of selling an instrument.
  2. FinnDave

    NBD - Gibson EB4

    Mine is now with a friend who owns a music shop - I don't have room to keep a bass I hardly ever play, fine as it is. I had a had a serious cull over the last few months and the insurance value of my basses & gear is now 1/3 of what it was. I agree about a preference for function over form, I really don't much care what the bass I play looks like so long as it is comfortable to play and sounds right. I haven't touched a 4 string for the last six months now, all my playing has been on Ibanez sixes.
  3. FinnDave

    Feedback for chriscassar

    Chris bought my Ibanez 1006, very good chap to deal with, we met at a riverside country pub in Oxfordshire and had a pleasant hour tasing all things bass while he checked the bass over. Top bloke to do business with, and to have a drink with!
  4. FinnDave

    Dating early Fenders

    Not that I can remember. I remember said daughter coming to one of my gigs a few years ago and the guitarist looked at her (all tall, elegant blonde) and then at me (scruffy bugger with a beard) and just said 'no'!
  5. FinnDave

    Dating early Fenders

    One of my daughters is an '88 model, so it can't be long ago or I'd be getting old!
  6. Spot on, I also use an ABM (600 in my case) and a Barefaced cab (Super Twin), and I have a Rootmaster 800 as back up amp.
  7. FinnDave

    The Proper Way To Give Notice To Your Band

    Throwing someone else's instrument across would be better - the rest of he band will be so shocked, and then they'll all gather round the wounded guitar/sax/piano (if you're strong enough!) which gives you time to dismantle your kit and walk out before anyone notices. It also saves you from damaging your bass.
  8. The only thing I have bought so far this year related to music is enough diesel to get me to a couple of rehearsals.
  9. FinnDave

    Some Japanese in Vietnam

    'E's not a bass guitar, he's a very naughty boy!
  10. FinnDave

    NBD - Gibson EB4

    They are definitely a bit of a hidden gem, and much lighter than a Thunderbird as well. Mine is now on sale at Gloucester Soundhouse as I got fed up with time wasters on Reverb. If I hadn't switched to six string for all my current bass duties, I'd have kept it.
  11. FinnDave

    What floats your boat?

    I've not really listened to anything except the Grateful Dead for the last few years, especially since joining a Dead tribute band last year. I really find everything I want from music in their vast and varied recorded output.
  12. FinnDave

    Bass hacks on a budget

    Soaking your manky strings in meths spoils the taste of it when you fancy a drink later. Just in case anyone thinks drinking meths is a good idea - it isn't!! Not at all.
  13. FinnDave

    Fret Wraps

    I just use a regular piece of velcro, the sort of thing I use to keep my leads tidy in the bag, just in front of the nut. It mutes the open strings slightly, but I very rarely play an open string, but it does stop to the B & E string ringing when I am not playing them. I play six strings with a pick, and I find it difficult to mute them effectively with my hand.
  14. FinnDave

    Bass hacks on a budget

    After all these years, I have finally learnt that Rickenbackers aren't completely useless after all!
  15. FinnDave

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    Hopefully there'll be a few bass payers on here warned off - if anyone is considering it, just don't! The man is a total fantasist.