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  1. I have read this thread from start to present end, and have no idea who this Gillespie character is. I thought at first it referred to dizzy of that ilk, but obviously not. Rock ain't dead, it's just no longer at the cutting edge of fashion, an industry which by its very nature needs to aways be finding something 'new'.
  2. Nothing worse than having your expectations about nuts being crushed! (sorry about the level of trivia, being driven slowly mad trying to get 50+ songs into my head for a three night run in Germany next week)
  3. OK, then how about basses with narrow nuts and those with wider ones? 😎
  4. I can still see your earlier post, five above this one
  5. But then I'd have two daughters with the same name - that'd be confusing! (actually, number two has a perfectly sensible name)
  6. My oldest daughter is named Suzie. There might be a subconscious reason for that not entirely unrelated to the subject of this thread! I was quite an admirer of Ms Quatro in my younger years.
  7. Well, if we're going down that road - I don't live in St Albans either, but I have the cash. Unfortunately, I'm not interested, sold 4 or 6 Precisions last year. Just got my favourite left, and that's not left its case this year.
  8. My mistake, I assumed it had something to do with bass playing. Your non-explanation makes more sense than anything I've been able to imagine, so thank you!
  9. Genuine question - what is double thumbing? Never heard of it! I have two thumbs already, does that count??
  10. I can't stand bass solos, and dislike playing them. Not crazy in drum solos either, but in my current band we have two drummers, so the traditional 'Drums' section of the gig is really a drum duet, which is much more interesting to listen to.
  11. Several plausible explanations here https://eggcorns.lascribe.net/english/332/spitting-image/ , but not that one (unless I missed it!)
  12. I'm still in, one set of strings (definitely essential, the old set were shot) bought this year, nothing else (yet!).
  13. I believe that the famous 'guitar burning' by Jimi Hendrix was an unfortunate accident involving a lit cigarette while he was trying to remove a sticker from his strat. Unfortunately, history doesn't record what the offending sticker depicted.
  14. I have no idea whether I can slap or not, never had any call for it in the types of music I play. I suspect that even if I could have played it years ago, I wouldn't be able to now, as my right hand is pretty much knackered. I've heard very little of it, to be honest, mostly seems to sound very 'showy', which is something I don't usually associate with bass playing.
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