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  1. I'm not a fisherman but I am told that the fishing lakes in our village are very highly regarded but those who are.
  2. I live just outside Oxford, near Witney. I was in Oxford today, but not near any music shops. Oh no, that won't be happening again for a long while, not after what happened last time!
  3. This time last week I had two six strings in the for sale section, but now there's only one, so not only are people advertising them, people (presumable other people) are also buying them!
  4. Maybe there'll be a rush on em soon! I did get rid of one a few days ago though.
  5. I play for a Dead tribute band - but hadn't joined them when this was taken!
  6. Yeah, loved mine, can't imagine why I sold them.
  7. There's a couple of them in my past, also sadly.
  8. I'll be lucky to last until the 12th Feb 2020, but I'll try! Mind you, I took my Sandberg to rehearsal today and it sounded and played magnificently - worth falling off the wagon for!
  9. Buy it - otherwise I'll be thinking about it all night - I haven't even taken the bass I got today out of the case yet!
  10. I did quite well last year! If this year started tomorrow, I'd probably breeze though it - I'm a victim of the calendar!
  11. I had hoped to sell a bass this weekend but ended up trading it for a Jazz bass. Nothing wrong with a Jazz bass, but I have two already!
  12. Just what I've been looking for - but I've bought/acquired two basses in the last week already!
  13. Twelve days into the year and I have cemented my early departed even more - in addition to the Sandberg I bought last week, I have just come home with another Jazz Bass which I received in exchange for one of my six string Ibbby basses. The worst thing about it is that now the brakes are off, I will probably find it harder to control myself for the other 11 1/2 months of the year!
  14. Just Dave. I starting using FinnDave on various forums years ago, there were lots of different Daves but only who lived in Finland at the time, so there's the story! I've been back in the UK over 7 years now, which has flown by.
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