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  1. My Panther's serial number makes it a 2019, which makes sense as I bought it new in early January this year.
  2. If you've got good eyes, you can just about make out the Elf on top of my Super Compact in the second picture - just below the head of the guitarists Telecaster. Today's discovery, in trying to have less to carry (as my bag is falling apart and I won't be able to get a new one until later today) I have discovered that the Elf and a tuner will fit in my the pocket of my Hiscox bass case, so my bag only needs the speaker and guitar cables and a mains lead.
  3. I believe there was sound and video recorded. I'd have to ask the guitarists about the battery packs, but I think they are lithium powered small inverters, though one of the guys had just bought a larger one, about the size of a car battery but lighter and with a greater capacity - that was powering the guitar combos and my Elf yesterday. The PA speakers are apparently powered by internal AA batteries - quite a few, which are often changed.
  4. Played my third gig in four weeks yesterday - another in a series of free shows in a local park. There were four bands, the volume is kept low to avoid disturbing nearby residents. We use battery powered amps and hand percussion. This weeks saw a step forward in sound quality as one of the guitarists in the band I am playing with has bought a larger battery inverter, so we could use guitar & bass amps with decent speakers. I played through my BF Super Compact, powered by my newly acquired TE Elf - sounded great! Couple of pics attached, the band is the Oxford-based Grateful Dead covers band Franklin's Tower.
  5. It certainly is, just took mine off the wall for the first time since its only gig (last February) and sat down to play it - it's still in tune and still sounds wonderful. I am tempted to take it to this afternoon's field gig, but I think I'd rather take something less special (and costly) if it's sitting in the sun at 30 degrees plus. I remember taking my Alembic to the SoL party in Kent in 2018 and was constantly worried about it - that was a scorching hot day as well! Thanks for the string advice, I'll invest in a set and see what they sound like on a regular Jazz bass. Must be decades since I played steels!
  6. Can anyone tell me what the standard strings are on a Sandberg Panther Special? They have a singing like quality to them, even acoustically, that I have never found in any other bass. I suspect it was this that tipped the balance between me trying it and putting it band and trying it and buying it! It's also the only bass I have played that I can get get through 2 1/2 hour plus gig without any cramp or pain in my left hand.
  7. According to Sandberg's website, my Panther special has a pair of Sandberg 'Trapez' pickups. They certainly sound good! I returned to PMT in Oxford a couple of days ago, first time since I wandered in back in early January and wandered out with the Panther and a nearly £2k hole in my credit card. I was there to try an amp, which I bought, but they'd set it up next to a lovely natural body/rosewood (dark wood, anyway) fingerboard active Sandberg Jazz - I had to force myself to ignore it!
  8. Having failed spectacularly with my Jan 3rd purchase of a two grand Sandberg, I have just bought a TE Elf, to make sure that my place as biggest gear abstinence failure is unchallenged! Two other basses have found their way into my collection this year, but both were swaps for Ibanez six strings basses, and one of the swaps has now been sold.
  9. Well, Oxford PMT came up trumps and had the amp ready for me today, so I drove over with my Super Compact and Jazz Bass to give it a whirl. Sounded great, a lot of amp in a ridiculously small package. The my guitarist friend showed up with the battery inverter and we tried it with that as the power source. The result was…. quite surprisingly…. it sounded just as good using that power source as it did when powered off the mains. Obviously, I paid up and brought it home. I have a feeling that either my Ashdown ABM 600 or more likely the Rootmaster 800 will make their way onto the for sale lists before too long. Saturday will be the real test - playing through the Elf & SC at an outdoor gig, with no mains power. And the amp really does fit in my pocket! One less lump to schlepp across fields to these fly-gigging adventures (kind of like fly-tipping but considerably less harmful to the environment).
  10. Thanks, Pete, it was an auto-correct that I didn't notice. The packs we are using wouldn't fit under a pedal board, guitarist is using one to power a Marshall combo (can't remember the wattage) and I used one for my little Peavey combo which worked fine, just not loud enough for band work - I bought it to use solely as a home practice amp to save me having to plug up an amp and cab just to noodle around a couple of ideas. The PJB stuff looks like it is just what I need, but I need to keep the costs down - I will only buy the Elf if it works with a cab I already have, and it will the double up as a very portable back-up amp. I doubt that we will continue rehearsing and gigging in fields after another couple of months, but it is fun while it lasts!
  11. My Barefaced Super Twin is a great cab - bought it new 7 years ago and have no intention of parting with it. Haven't actually used it for over a year, though - most of the time, the Super Compact is enough as my bass is mic'd and DI'd anyway. Just that much smaller and lighter to lug in and out of the car and the venue. I must find a couple of gigs to use it at next year!
  12. Like quite a few people, I am currently only able to rehearse & gig with a band in the open air - where there is no power available. So far, I have been plugging into a small PA monitor, which works, but the sound is very thin. I have also tried using a portable power pack that supplies 240 AC from a small box of Li cells and my little Peavey 15 watt combo (worked, but the amp really wasn't powerful enough). I have arranged with the local PMT to try a Trace Elliot Elf through my small cab (Super Compact) with one of the battery investors we've been using. Before I lay out the cash for yet more gear, does anyone have any experience of using the Elf for this sort of thing, and does anyone have any better ideas?
  13. I've been playing the others, it's just a bit too posh to play at home and the only rehearsals and gigs I've been playing are in fields, so prefer to leave it safely at home. I played one gig with it in February, and it sounded and felt great. Its time will come round again if/when we can resume playing regular gigs.
  14. I thought I'd already established the point to aim for by buying a 2000 quid bass three days after the new year! And have barely touched it since!
  15. I can offer a pivot point to the west of Oxford - and often in Oxford itself.
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