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  1. I'm on my third one of these - all have been gold tops. First two were bought used, but were sold on when times were hard. The most recent was bought new earlier this year, so hasn't seen any gigs yet (except a few unofficial gigs in an Oxford park) but has been my bass of choice for rehearsals and general mucking about at home. I last used it at yesterday's rehearsal. I take this £500 bass rather than any of my Fenders or my Sandberg Panther - which has made me question the sense of keeping several thousand pounds worth of basses when I don't use them.
  2. I have several Fenders (mostly Mex, one US Precison) and an expensive Sandberg - but the only one I have played at home or taken out to play (we rehearse out doors on Sundays - and will be doing so this afternoon) is my Epiphone Jack Casady bass - cheapest one in my stable. In fact, I am playing it while typing this post, just running through a few things for this afternoon!
  3. Yes, the characteristics of the bass's tone are there on the recording, there's an almost fretless sound to it at times - but those are steel rounds played with a 3mm pick! I'll have to get it off the wall and play it again - something I haven't done for months.
  4. Thank you - in truth, about 80% of Phil's bass playing is fairly conventional, but that gets ignored as the other 20% is just so weird, yet so right. The Grateful Dudes are a wonderful band, but I left a month or two ago as I simply didn't have enough time left for other musical and non-musical projects. I'm still playing the Dead, but with a local band (Franklin's Tower) and having a lot of fun in the process. All things must change.
  5. I'll get myself drunk and then negotiate a good discount with myself - and I'll get it in writing!
  6. I have two gigs booked for 2021, with two different bands. With the whole year to choose from, I'm supposed to be playing the Thursday eleven to midnight slot at a festival in Kent, then return to Oxford that night (it's about 135 miles - played there before). The following day I have to be bright eyed, etc. and drive the somewhat shorter distance to Chippenham in Wiltshire to attend a wedding, then play at the wedding party on the Saturday. On the plus side, I should get paid well for the wedding. In fact I could be paid a huge amount of money. The only problem is that I'll be paying myself - it's my daughter's wedding!
  7. Well, I do have three at the moment, and one wasn't bought, but was swapped for an Ibanez six, so maybe it could go instead...
  8. Yes, just listening to the one gig I played with it to find some examples for Al and the tone impressed me all over again, damn… It's more about space than money, but I could be heartless and get rid of a Jazz bass (or two!). Decisions, decisions...
  9. Not much I can say about the Panther, as I haven't played it much. Not a lot of space in my home practice room and it cost too much to risk getting dings in the headstock. The Ibbys are all gone, one was sold and the other swapped for a Jazz bass - basically, gave up on the six strings and went back to four a year ago. I'll weigh the Panther for you when I find my scales - but the one gig I played with it was over 2 1/2 hours long and it wasn't causing any shoulder or back problems. The tone is wonderful, especially the 'singing' quality of the higher strings - but I don't want to think about that or I'll talk myself out of selling it! Main reason it has to go is space and money - plus I've left the band I was playing larger gigs with and it's over the top for a few festivals and small local shows. Don't think there are any videos of me with this bass, but there is an audio of the only gig I ever payed with it - this might be a good example of the bass's tone - but remember I use a pick due a hand injury, so it might not be quite as fluent as some players. Probably best to skip the verses and start at about 3'30 in, the long instrumental starts there. https://thegratefuldudes.bandcamp.com/track/dancing-in-the-streets some reasonably audible bass on this as well: https://thegratefuldudes.bandcamp.com/track/scarlet-begonias-6
  10. I'd go for the four string, Al. I happen to know of one for sale!
  11. Good try Dave - takes me back, but not sure I don't prefer being were I am, really.
  12. That's more generous than I would be towards Yes, PF, Rush, etc. Each to their own, we like what we like and dislike what we dislike. Hard to imagine a piece of music that everyone likes.
  13. Which just goes to show it takes all sorts - thank goodness! How dull life would be if we all liked the same things.
  14. Various people have tried over the years to help me to understand the appeal of Yes, Rush, Genesis, Pink Floyd and their ilk, but without success. All I hear is notes and drums, all very accomplished but utterly lacking any feel or passion to my ears. Now, the Grateful Dead, on the other hand have swing and humility in their music, sadly lacking in the above, as far as I am concerned.
  15. I've been rehearsing every week for the last few months, and we enjoy that enough to keep going - even with no gigs on the horizon. But we have been rehearsing outdoors using battery powered amps, so far the weather has been kind to us, but we are not sure what we'll do when it gets too cold and wet to stand in a field anymore. Hopefully, there'll be a suitably large indoor space for us to keep apart. We're a six piece, two of the people in the band have had C 19 and don't want to see anyone else suffer from it, and another is a GP, and so takes social distancing, etc. seriously.
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