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  1. Here is this afternoon's listening pleasure. I googled "80s british dub" and this is one of the first that came up. Their profile says "Strictly Reggae, all kinds but favourite is 70s and 80s Roots. Started in the 90s so have a soft spot for that era too. Strictly vinyl selection." which means I shall be returning frequently to their stream. There are over 140 shows on there.
  2. @ReggaebassI am drunk as a lord as I type this but give me a chance. I am scanning YouTube and this is what I have found re Anarexol Dub your man Eek a Mouse is performing live
  3. This was today's pick of the bunch.
  4. Something slightly different. This is a list of 125 recommended dub albums which originally appeared in Black Echoes magazineb on July 16th 1977 in an article entitled "The Story of Dub, Part 2: Rubbin' the Dub". The links to the article all appear to be dead now but the list is preserved on this page here. The albums are ranked as follows: 1-20: Black Echoes Top 20 Dub Albums 21-35: Black Echoes Best of the Rest 36-125: Dubonic Dread ("The following are in no particular order of merit, but No's 36-70 are all regarded to be a fair selection of Dub goodies, whilst 71 onwards are merely worthwhile.") https://rateyourmusic.com/list/jgnikkila/125_dub_albums__black_echoes__1977_/
  5. That is the heaviest dub I have ever heard. Monumentally good.
  6. I ordered a Couch strap from the States and it arrived nine days later and no duty or import fees to pay. Result. Being a child of the seventies I went for the Scout Caravan Royal Red Detroit '78.
  7. I am having some Scientist with my Saturday coffee
  8. Hello all I am a new member on BC and was pointed this way by @Reggaebass. I thought I would share this that I only found on YouTube within the last week. The user appears to be creating their own dubs and also editing videos to run alongside the music. This one for Django is brilliant it drags the whole film in ...and I really like this dub of Eek-A-Mouse's Anarexol. Plenty more on the channel.
  9. Can anyone please identify this bass or its nearest modern day equivalent? It's a Yamaha played by Dennis Bovell. I have searched through the Yamaha website and I cannot find an exact match so if anyone can suggest the nearest current equivalent that would be champion. For context I am a beginner and I am thinking for my first "proper" bass a Yamaha could be a good shout. I am looking to play dub/reggae and a Jazz type model is an obvious starting point but I am looking at possible alternatives.
  10. One of my friends got given a bass guitar from one of his friends who asked him if he knew anyone who might be interested in it and that was me. It is a no-name R**********r clone. It stays in tune and the intonation is pretty good, the pickups work in terms of volume but the tone controls do not. Currently I have it plugged into a cheapo guitar amp that I have with all of the treble turned off. I have listened to dub for years and after having been given this I happened across Donstrumental and his Reggae Bass Hub so I have downloaded some of his tutorials and I am starting on the Studio One collection. I am slowly working through it while I also look at beginner lessons on yootoob. The callouses are starting to form and I am enjoying it. I have been reading the forum lots and there is lots of good info here. I am finding it useful and entertaining to read the posts and hope to start contributing when I have something worthwhile to say. Thanks for having me.
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