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  1. Nordstrand's excellent Music Man Stingray replacement/upgrade pickup. They say same spec as Ernie Ball 70s Stingray pickup, less clanky than the modern ones. More here: https://nordstrandaudio.com/products/mm4-2-dual-coil I have one in my 2001 Stingray - definitely an upgrade on the original. (I seem to have misplaced one of the screws but I guess you can probably use the ones in your original pickup if you're upgrading. If not, I can try to get one from my tech for you). Retails at £100. Price includes P&P.
  2. Mint condition pedal. I'm new to the whole compression thing, so have bought a different one to try. No trades, sorry. Retails at £149. https://www.jhs.co.uk/products/effects-electronics/pigtronix-effects/pigtronix-philosopher-bass-compressor-micro Happy to post, included in the price. REDUCED to £75.
  3. Hi, Did you ever sell this? I’m vaguely interested in picking one up, if the price is right. They seem to be selling secondhand quite low on eBay just now. Not fair really as they’re nice basses....
  4. I have a hankering for a semi-acoustic bass and have been looking at the long scale Lakland Hollowbody. (I had one of the short scale ones a while ago. I liked it, but came to the conclusion I prefer 34” scale basses). I also like the Laklands because they have nice rounded edges on the body rather than the binding that you’ll often see on semi-acoustic basses. ANYWAY, my question to anyone who has or has tried one of these: how was/is the balance? Pretty much every 34” semi-acoustic bass I’ve tried has neck dive but hoping this one may be different? And/or is there any other semi-acoustics I should be looking at? Cheers!
  5. I just fancied a black one. Understated. 🙂
  6. For the sake of this thread, I would say I'm VERY happy with the bass. Lovely lovely neck. Here it is with my McIntyre and my fretless Fender Precision.
  7. Not sure a Uni Pre and battery would fit in the existing cavity under the plate. It's a PJ so there are 3 knobs and a jack socket in there just now..... That'd be my assumption anyway.
  8. On that front actually, I wonder if that might be tricky with a chambered body.....
  9. I’ll maybe get it done when I get him to route the body to install a John East preamp. 🙂
  10. Cheers guys. Seems fair. Ive had Chris McIntyre (here in Edinburgh) make me scatchplates too, so that’s another option.
  11. So I've managed to get a hold of a lovely Jake, courtesy of another Baaschatter, and I fancy changing the scratchplate. Anyone have any joy sourcing one? I wrote to the <info at public-peace.de> address a couple of times to ask but got no response. Is there a better email address to use? Any ideas other than just getting one custom made?
  12. Just found this in a drawer. Bought it years ago ago but never used it so it’s in perfect condition. Happy to post.
  13. Lovely bass but for info Richtone are selling one new for £1439......
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