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  1. Unwanted gift. Totally unused, still in packet. £25 new. See photo for details of gauge etc. Postage included in my price.
  2. Martin bought pickups from me. Prompt payment, all good!
  3. Oh, there’s no chance of me selling the bass! I’m just tinkering, as you do.... 🙂
  4. They are, yes. Couldn’t find any proper info on the pickups so thanks for that re the J.
  5. Nice, German-made pickups, which came on the Maruszczyk Jake I bought on here last year. They're totally fine, I just felt like trying something different on the bass. According https://haeussel.com/, P pickup is 130 Euro, A J is 86 Euro, so that's 216 Euro, which is about £186. Only really want to sell as a pair as very unlikely to be able to shift the J on its own. I’m told too that the J is a split coil, so is hum cancelling. In Edinburgh, happy to post.
  6. That’s a beauty. Pity it’s not a Skyline, then I’d maybe be able to afford it! GLWTS.
  7. I was just doing a bit of a search on these too. You don’t see them pop up at all really. Would love to find a second hand one....
  8. No, all interesting stuff @Andyjr1515, cheers. Maybe that strap button extension thing would make a difference, getting it further into that Goldilocks zone! I should say too, that one’s in Edinburgh because I asked them to get it up from one of their stores down south.... Now, if someone would just post one second hand.....
  9. I saw this on another forum, but not sure if it’d make much difference. Plus it might look a bit daft!
  10. I have. 🙂. I like it. Lovely neck to play, interesting tones out of it (although I’d prefer master volume and blend to 2 volumes) BUT yes, it’s a tad neck heavy. Better than any other semi I’ve tried though. It seems to have Hipshot licensed tuners so i don’t know if genuine USA Hipshot would help a bit. Possibly clutching at straws there. 🙂 It’s not cheap either obv.
  11. Just reviving this question in case anyone has any thoughts about the Lakland or any other semi I should look at.
  12. You’ve clearly got too many basses! 🙂. Nice to see all those G&Ls though. You don’t see the USA ones around much. You must have paid more than your fair share of import duty!
  13. Yeah, I'm sure Chris could sort it out easy enough. (That's one of Chris' own basses in my profile pic btw, if you didn't spot it). I guess though resale value of either will be less if they're sold with the neck of the other (if you know what I mean!). I tend to play the L2000 passive. I tried an ASAT once but found the body shape a bit odd (and a bit too much neck dive), but the L2000 body is great. (Oddly, I see my #12 neck has a 12" radius as opposed to your 7.5". I assumed the radius was fixed for each neck). How does the JB2 compare to your JB btw?
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