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  1. Hi. Just checking - does this balance ok on a strap? Quite fancy trying one although ironically I probably prefer the Tributes without the stripes……
  2. I do fancy trying one of these. What’s it like for weight?
  3. I have a Nordy MM4.2 in my single coil P and I have a single/parallel/series installed. It’s louder than the coil coil QP.
  4. Yes. It’s the only hollow body I’ve played that has no neck dive.
  5. Yeah, 34”. It IS completely hollow, mahogany I think. 9lbs 4oz or thereabouts.
  6. Bit of a feeler this one as not sure I want to sell….. I’d been chasing one of these basses for ages and finally found a second hand one (2011 I think) earlier this year. When I got it though, it needed a bit of work. The electrics weren’t working well - it was all a bit noisy and to be honest, I didn’t really like the 2 volumes, 2 tones and pickup selector switch arrangement that it came with. In conversation with my local tech (Chris McIntyre in Edinburgh), we decided that he’d replace all the wiring with a custom John East Uni-Pre, which he’s installed really neatly as you can see from the pics. (His integration of the battery into the cavity cover is brilliant). The pre-amp is flat response so it doesn’t change the core tone, but what the bass now has is master volume, master blend, bass, treble and passive tone with a push/pull on that knob to switch between active and passive. (Obviously it has all the internal config stuff that you get on a John East, like treble and bass frequency settings, pre-shape options etc). The frets also needed stoned, so Chris did that too. It plays beautifully now. Despite all this work, I’m just finding the tone a little too ‘soft’ for me. I’ve tried many times to find the perfect hollow body actually, but I’ve yet to find one that really does it for me tonally. I’ve been looking into custom pickups, but I’ve already spent quite a bit and I think I’m just realising that the hollow body sound is just not for me. In terms of condition, you’ll see there are 2 small dings on the body, one front and one back but otherwise it’s great. Lovely translucent burgundy colour. The neck is perfect. The balance of the bass is also perfect. (I did try one once that was neck heavy – this one is not). I bought it second hand for £800 and I’ve spent another £400 on it, on the pre-amp, installation and fret stone, so I’m losing money here obviously. I think they retailed at £1399 although they’re not for sale now. It comes with its own hard case (I haven’t got round to adding pics of that yet) plus I have a Warwick Starline Hollow Body gigbag that I can also sell with the bass, or I’ll do that separately if necessary. I’m sure it’ll make a lovely bass for someone, and the changes I’ve made are a genuine upgrade I think. It’s just not for me. Also, not really interested in trades, other than maybe a Fender Dimension HH that I've quite fancied trying for a while....
  7. For that M2000, BD say NECK WIDTH AT NUT: 1 1/4". 😂
  8. No question. Mindy Smith, featuring Dolly herself.
  9. Yeah, I need to get it checked over. Also finding that when I touch the neck pickup the hum goes up, but touch the bridge pickup it stops. It’s a lovely bass. Just needs a wee bit TLC I think.
  10. Cheers John. Definitely shielding then. But no control cavity to shield nor, even around the pickups, as the body is completely hollow....
  11. I’ve just picked up this lovely Lakland Hollowbody secondhand. Really nice bass - great neck, very comfortable, perfectly balanced etc BUT it seems to have a shielding issue. Quite a lot of hum, that goes away when I touch the strings or the bridge. Happens whether the volumes are up or down. That’s shielding rather than grounding or single coil pickup hum, yes? Opening up the back, I can see it’s completely hollow in there. No control cavity as such, and no sign at all of any shielding paint or copper tape etc. Just bare wood. Anyone any suggestions for what I can do here to improve this? I do want to get it rewired to master volume/blend, so it’ll be going in for that anyway. Cheers!
  12. Reluctantly selling my American G&L 2000. Fantastic bass. Has the #12 neck, like a modern P, which feels perfect to me. (I've had Tributes in the past and always found them to be a bit too chunky). Great range of tones, but if you know about the L2000 then you know that already. Bass is in excellent condition - rarely gigged and only very light surface scratches below the strings. No buckle marks on the back. Finish is like glass! Only changes from stock are the addition of Dunlop strap locks and I had to have the nut replaced. (I popped it when I put nylon tapewounds on it). It now has a nut installed by Chris McIntyre (have a look at his basses online if you haven't already. Stunning. I have one). Not too sure what he uses - something and aluminium - but it's what he normally puts on his own basses, so no problem with quality. Strung with Cobalt flats at the moment. Comes with the original case (it's a tiny bit scuffed in places, but almost ever used) plus certificate / spec sheet etc. This is a great price for a classic, premium (and hugely underrated) USA made bass. I'll be sorry to see it go as I love the feel of it - neck and body shape, and it balances perfectly on a strap - but I only seem to be using my P basses these days so someone should get to play it. In Edinburgh, pickup ideal, but can ship at cost.
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