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  1. I used to play with a guitarist who was in Van M's band - Van certainly wasn't popular the the musicians (un)fortunate enough to play with him! Love the harmonica story, not heard that before but I am inclined to believe it.
  2. I was under the impression that Ibuprofen was more for reducing swelling than pain relief, but I think it was a doctor in Finland who told me that, so I could well have misunderstood.. One of my bands has a singer who is a GP, I'll ask her when I next see her (this weekend is the other band).
  3. I remember when all bands looked like that. Happy daze!
  4. Yes! He was a bit crazy, but a good drummer. They came to stay with the people I lived with in Leeds after gigs there. I met up with what's left of the band (basically, just Keith the bass player and a bunch of people from other bands from the same era) at a festival my old band were headlining. I was instantly transported back to the mid 70s and a field near Stonehenge. I had hoped not to have to talk to Keith as he was a brilliant bass player and i was in awe of him 40 something years ago. Plan didn't work as he parked next to me! Said some very positive things about my bass playing, which was a relief! They all had interesting stage names back in the day, Steffe Sharpstrings, Keith the missile bass, and so on. Saw them at Stonehenge a few times, also Deeply Vale and some other festivals I can only dimly remember.
  5. I was just a year or two too young to make it to Watchfield. I think that was also Here & Now's first proper gig. Last time I saw Hawkwind was at the Roundhouse probably three years ago.
  6. I agree with all of the above, except, oddly enough, the line about bagpipes. They have their place (usually somewhere far away), but I can remember a lone piper on the isle of Lindisfarne - the melancholy sound of the instrument suited the environment perfectly. I have also had the slightly unusual (certainly unusual in Oxfordshire) of having a Scottish piper in full regalia join my blues band on stage for a couple of numbers - it wasn't anything like as discordant as you might expect.
  7. It's all just opinions - they are very similar to the output end of the human body's digestive system - everyone has one and everyone else's stinks! I doubt that any recording studios will close down because I don't care for their output.
  8. I dislike almost anything that was recorded in a recording studio. I consider recording studios sterile places in which people try to make perfect music. I don't think that music needs to be perfect - it's the human touches that make it interesting. Recording studios are places where music goes to die.
  9. Both of these bands are beyond bland - I have no idea what the 3% of Queen's output you find OK could be - but I haven't made a practice of listening to them.
  10. Apart from the last line (I have no idea of the lyrics even of songs I actually like!) I could have written your post - people always assume that I'd be good at the popular music questions in quizzes, but I am completely clueless. I'm about as a far from being a music fan as it's possible to get. I love playing music, but very rarely listen to anything for simple pleasure. If there is music playing, I have to ignore it, or I'm trying to analyse what's each person is doing and why. I can't just 'listen'.
  11. Bob Dylan is an excellent songwriter, but every cover of any of his songs is always better than the original.
  12. Why bother with two pick ups when one is enough? I do have a couple of Jazz basses, but invariably have both pick ups on full - can't be doing with fiddling around to get 'the right tone' - if it sounds bassy, that's good enough.
  13. I bought his solo album when it was first released in 1976, listened to it a few times, then left it on the shelf. The bass playing was incredible, but I wasn't too keen on the music itself. It didn't seem relevant to what I was playing at the time, but I had certainly heard of him long before Basschat came along - long before the internet came along, in fact.
  14. I used a Bass Station for a few gigs after motorcycle accident left my right hand hand rather damaged - I had never played keyboards before but worked out a few bass patterns and was able to play a few songs on it in order to give my injured hand a rest. Sounded fine!
  15. I only found out about this after it had started - I am only a few miles outside of Oxford!
  16. First time I played in the centre of Reading I picked up two fines for bus lane infringements. The fines cost more than I got paid for the gig. I played there a few more times and drove very carefully, but picked up another bus lane fine and refused to play there again. I think on that night everyone in the band was also clobbered with parking fines.
  17. I'm quite interested in this, it is now several weeks since I last bought an ABM combo! I'll have to think where I'd keep it though. Bath isn't too far, either….
  18. Which pub? I've played a lot of Swindon gigs and parking is usually a nightmare - but Oxford's even worse! I went to see a band in Swindon a couple or weeks ago, spent an age finding a car park, walked to the gig and only afterwards realised that I no idea idea where the car was. Luckily, my phone had remembered and directed me back there.
  19. Has W been done yet? If not (or even if it has) I offer not one, but two, Ws in one name - Kevin Ayers & The Whole World.
  20. I played there about three years ago with the Grateful Dudes, I remember it being fairly full. We must have had a few in as I took home over £150 and that was door money minus expenses split six ways. Of course, that was pre-covid.
  21. I've had a few of the tweed covered ones - as Lozz says, they do absorb stuff off a wet/dirty stage. All bar one have stopped working, the one I have left is kept for home use only. On the plus side, they do look good.
  22. They make a right mess of your frets, though.
  23. I've had quite a few Ashdown amps, and the only times I've had to use the warranty was with a couple of ABM 600 heads. They were replaced without hesitation.
  24. Me too - and I've bought two in the last couple of months as well.
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