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  1. As a pick player (last five years) after having been a finger player (previous 40 years), I am not sure I understand the question. Surely it's all down to the left hand (assuming a right handed player), release the pressure on the string and it stops instantly.
  2. The wiring in my Jazz was slightly unconventional, from what I gathered, but he soon got it sorted out and his pre-amp installed, which he then tweaked to perfection for me.
  3. I once met Felicity Kendall trying to find her way out of a car park and escorted her to the studio she was supposed to be in, but my daughter was named Suzi (though she adds an 'e' now) and not Felicity!!
  4. John is a real gent, and a very knowledgeable one. I bought a Jazz Bass de Luxe from someone on this forum back in October/November and though I liked the bass, wasn't very impressed by the pre-amp. Had a word with John, he invited me over (I live about 20 minutes away) and spent an hour or more talking bass while swapping the Fender pre for one of his own. He was less than impressed by the standard of Fender's soldering and re-did it, in case anyone saw it and thought he'd done it!
  5. Do you spend a lot of time hanging around hotel lifts? I only ask because it seems to be working well for you!
  6. My Ibanez sixes had a fairly close string spacing and I play with a pick all the time now. In fact, I wonder how much room there'd have been had I tried to play fingerstyle.
  7. I know someone locally who bought a Rolls Royce on eBay after a few drinks. Happens to us all.
  8. I don't expect a strap to fail, but for the effort involved in having a spare in my bag of stuff I carry around, it makes sense to have one. No having six at home when the only you have with you at a gig fails! I can't recall ever having one fail, but that doesn't mean it can't happen. I take two of everything, often including a spare speaker cab, though my primary 'amp failure' back up is a sansamp. I have played a gig where my amp failed during the first song, and my bass was damaged when it fell through the drum kit during a break. I had spares for both and neither caused mire than a couple of minutes delay. I work on the principle that if something can go wrong, eventually it will, and usually at the worst possible time!
  9. I always have spare straps and leads within reach at gigs, couldn't imagine doing it any other way.
  10. Unless you're speaking to a member of the non bass-playing public, who will have said "Jaco who?"
  11. I always take a couple of basses to a gig, had to use the spare once in recent years, when the Jazz bass I had been using fell (with its Hercules stand) through the drums during a break. 75% severed the G string. Pulled the Precision out of the back the car and carried on. My brand new amp had failed earlier in the same gig, but again I had a spare. Won't use Hercules stands again, though.
  12. We live at the closed end, but the road is T shaped, so there are two closed ends, and two houses at the end of each. Not found anything too bad, just general builders' rubbish. I've only lived here since 2012, but my wife's owned the place for 35 years.
  13. I have never played a five string, but after 45 years of playing 4 strings, I spent a year (autumn 2018 - 2019) playing only six string basses. At the end of the year, I decided it wasn't for me and now have only 4 strings again. I don't regret giving the sixes a good go, though, it was the only way to find out if I was suited to them.
  14. Just wondering which end of a cul de sac would be the last - the closed end or the open one. Not that we live in a cul de sac, of course. But still wondering….lot of crap in our garden...
  15. I lived and worked in London (west rather than central most of the time) in what now feels like a previous lifetime, and the roads were crap in the 80s and 90s as well.
  16. Just got back from a bike ride, did a bit over 13 miles in about an hour. Not been out on it for the last couple of weeks, easy to fall into bad habits. Didn't feel hot until I stopped!
  17. Should have told him you didn't know it, only the JJ Cale song of the same name. That's enough to confuse most of them!
  18. Not yet! I usually give everything a couple of gigs before I decide whether it's a keeper or not, and at the current rate, that could take a while!
  19. I have no idea what was going on in my head while I was asleep last night, but when I woke up I had an irresistible urge to listen to some Kevin Ayers. Now, Mr Ayers has written some very good songs, but the one I wanted to hear again isn't really his finest work, even if it does (probably) feature Sad Barret on guitar and backing vocals. Listen if you dare, but you'll have it in your head for days!
  20. For a pint? Well, it's pushing it a bit, but if you insist...
  21. The banana is great - combination of the Dead and early Gong!
  22. There's a connection between Yamaha basses and Hook Norton brewery? I'm intrigued...
  23. Must be about 15 years since I was clean shaven, and that was only for a few weeks. I'd feel lost without a hairy face!
  24. Beard oil is a rip off - my wife bought me some and I only used it once. Coconut oil works well, and is much cheaper!
  25. That's great, if I didn't already have a standard stealie tattoo, I'd use this for one!
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