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    Over the last eight years, I have had several USA Jazz basses that have come and gone - I currently have one which I am considering putting up for sale. The one bass I've held on to longest is my MiM Classic 60s Jazz, bought new in May 2013. Having spent most of today playing my nice new Vintera, I can state that they are very closely related!
  2. FinnDave


    I've had about three hours enjoyment from it so far - needs few minor adjustments, but plays well straight from the box. I reckon the Vintera range (and the Classics that they replaced) are every bit as good as the US Standards (had a few of them over the years as well!).
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    Thanks, Lozz - it sounds good too!
  4. FinnDave


    Double post, please delete (distracted by new bass!)
  5. FinnDave


    Yes, it's pau ferro, but darker than most and with a beautiful swirl. The place I bought it from (Peach guitars) shows the actual guitar you are buying (complete with the serial number for verification), and the fingerboard was what made me choose this one.
  6. FinnDave


    I've been trying to resist the Fender Vintera range, but my resolve finally crumbled yesterday morning and I ordered a 60s Jazz Bass in sunburst. I received a text message in the night telling me that my new bass would be delivered between 07.41 and 08.41 this morning. Imagine my surprise when the doorbell rang at exactly 07.41 and there was a DPD driver hiding behind a Fender bass box. Removing the bass from the box & gig bag took until 07.42, then I sat and played it for half an hour or more before remembering I had started to make a cup of tea before the doorbell rang. It's a beautiful bass, in perfect condition and an ideal match for my Classic 60s Jazz also in sunburst (but cellulose). I had a Classic 60s (non cellulose) some years ago in Finland, but for some odd reason decided to sell all my bass gear before moving back to the UK. I have now corrected that mistake! I now have five Jazz basses, but the 60s ones with the 7 1/2" radius fingerboards are my favourite. I have two Jazzes for sale on here, they may well soon be joined by my remaining modern Jazz. Obligatory pictures follow:
  7. A bit like the old Classic 60 Jazz in Nitro (I bought one new in 2013 and still have it)? I suspect they will do that with the Vintera range soon. I've spent a long time looking for a suitable partner for my classic 60s and just bought a Vintera 60s this morning - so the cellulose Vintera Jazz will be announced by the end of the month!
  8. I'm sure that's true - but that's what I associate the sound with.
  9. Flats work very well on a jazz if you use a pick - instant 60s TV theme music bass. I don't get to play a lot of 60s TV music, though,
  10. Same here, except I substitute a large scotch for the coffee. I usually enjoy the drive home from a good gig, if it's far enough*, I'm relaxed enough to sleep as soon as I get home. *that usually means at least two hours driving
  11. Thanks - the grain in the neck has been the main reason I've kept it for the last couple of years - it's a beautiful bit of wood.
  12. Fender Classic 60s Jazz Bass, good condition, white body, rosewood fingerboard, tortoiseshell scratch plate. I acquired this bass in exchange for a 6 string Ibanez a couple of years ago and have used it for a few gigs and rehearsals since then - it is a a fine example of the best basses Fender have made in Mexico, but I already had one I bought in 2013. The Grateful Dead sticker is vinyl and easily removed without leaving any marks - I can do this if required. .No hard case included, but will include a Fender gig bag. Collection or meet up preferred, but I do have a bass box if the buyer is willing to risk post/courier.
  13. He may well be a knob, but he expresses himself clearly and his ad has had most if us look at it, so it is achieving its aim. I looked up the band on Facebook and listened to about 30 seconds of it, nothing I'd want to listen to again, but I'm probably older than his dad, so am most definitely not in the target group for his project. Some people will appreciate his direct approach, at least you have a good idea of what you're letting yourself in for if you reply.
  14. I haven't heard that for several decades - and I'm not about to undo the good work of all those years!
  15. Currently listening to the beautiful sound of 100s of small birds in the trees outside our house. Can't work out a time signature or key, though.
  16. We have relatives in Wallasey, one of whom was a musician (not into heavy metal though!). Poor chap died just before Covid started.
  17. Flats on my Precision, rounds on all four Jazzes though.
  18. My Finnish is far from perfect, but I didn't need translation software to say welcome! Then again, I lived & worked in Finland for 16 years.
  19. Always straight from bass to amp - haven't used any effects for bass since I started playing over 45 years ago, never felt the need to change the sound, just adjust the amp to suit the room and that's usually it for the night.
  20. I tried D'Addario Chromes a few years ago, they had that sticky feel. Later, I bought a used Precision with LaBella flats and they weren't sticky at all, neither were the new set I later replaced them with. I don't really get on too well with flats, though, they feel strange to my fingers and there is very little grip for adding vibrato, so all but one of my basses are now strung with round wounds.
  21. Quick pic of the location for yesterday's Oxford University gig. My Jazz bass can just about be made out to the right of the 'stage'.
  22. Played an interesting gig this afternoon/evening with Frankin's Tower (Grateful Dead covers). Private party for the 70th birthday of an eminent Oxford chemistry professor held in the very spacious grounds of an Oxford college. We played outside, so the sound was good and we were well received. Not a paid gig (I didn't organise it!) but hopefully will lead to more that will pay.
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