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  1. Oh, come on - you could order a latte in Mongolian and it'd sound like a declaration of war; stand in front of a metal band and drop it two octaves, it's nothing short of epic... 😀
  2. You need to see them live - I liked their stuff (and that video for Yuve Yuve Yu is worth watching just for the landscapes) beforehand, but live they were extraordinary - that throat-singing at a zillion db through a huge PA, literally shaking the room? It's life-changing...and if there was ever a language made for metal, it's Mongolian...I didn't understand a word all night*, but that didn't matter... 😀 * The main fella only spoke two phrases of English** which were 'Thank you, Manchester' and 'Next song is'... ** Still two more than my Mongolian...
  3. I can't be doing with anything by Jaco Pastorius, does that mean he wasn't a hugely talented and influential bassist? Nope, it just means I don't like his stuff, and that's on me, not the facts...the 'I don't like it therefore it's rubbish' mindset is just that, a personal mindset, and nothing to do with how good a particular piece of music is in terms of what it was trying to achieve.
  4. With tsunami of music on various platforms over the last 20 years, it's physically impossible to know every top song in any genre, really...it all depends on how much new music you expose yourself to...or are inadvertently exposed to - three of those next ten I know because we've covered them, or my now-sixteen-year-old son has played to me (the Imagine Dragons one, for example). The best gig I've been to in the last decade was by a band I hadn't heard of three months previous to that, and only picked it up on social media from a friend...The Hu.
  5. I'd settle for one...see Mr Neville 'Is it Christmas yet?' Holder... 😀
  6. That was what I was happy about; he's not quite super tight all the way through...not something detectable on the finished record, though, and as I said, definitely better than perfectly quantised...
  7. This makes me very happy indeed - I've always been very down on the slight hesitation/timing issue I have for the roots in the bridge part, but now I can hear even Bernard didn't get them bang on all the time...still a million miles better than a quantised version, though... 🙂
  8. No, because not only was it a very lifeless version, it's also nearly nine minutes long...I managed about half that...I've just gone back, and yep, it's the same stuff, just with some distant vaguely Hooky-type noodling starting at 7:45...still don't get it. It's probably just me... Although Hooky starts a song like that, at least... 😀
  9. If I had a hundred quid for every time I've played that song in front of a bunch of happily singing punters...oh, wait...I pretty much have... 😀
  10. I don't get it? The bass is simplified to eights (the best bits removed) and the drums (and the track) have had all the life sucked out of them?
  11. As a Dingwall 4-string owner (and previous Newtone user), I'd say Newtone would be a good go-to, just to make sure you get the winding length for the longer E. I've got Elixirs on mine, the length is fine, but I dunno if you'd get the gauge as light as you want...
  12. That is completely Tap-tastic, and I want it really quite badly... 😀
  13. When I was confirmed to be working from home a year ago, I invested in a new office chair, got my screens sorted out, and bought a pair of these. Fantastic headphones. Worth confirming what impedance they are, tho, as that's important, depending on use...
  14. Yep, my GAS has receded to the realms of daft fantasy stuff, especially on the amp front - I have all I'll ever need (and for me, the very very best) for gigging with the Stomp/Walkabout/Barefaced kit, the only things on the amp front I'd change for would be a pair of Walkabout Scout and extension cab, but only in a nice colour. And that's only because I'd put them in the corner of the room like furniture... 😐 Bass-wise, I'm pretty much good, too, gigs depending. There's three bands starting up again after lockdown, two of which are reboots of previous ones, so we'll see which way they progress...again, any new basses would be for the looks, not the sound - after yonks of experimenting and learning, I know how to make most basses sound like me... I'm very shallow these days... 🙁😀
  15. This sort of thing was what I was led to believe rock and roll was all about when I signed up as a spotty youth...in more than 40 years it never happened, I'm furious and I have no-one I can sue over it...
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