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  1. Mesa, you say? Walkabout/Super Twin = plennnnnnty loud, and sounds fantastic 👍
  2. My hat into the ring: Previously BB300 Red Metallic BB450 Black BB3000A VW (should never have sold it) BB1024X Sunburst Current BB414 VW Future? BB3000A in VW, or BB2024 in VW
  3. That's a point - I forgot to mention in my earlier post - that replacement pickup I had put into one of my Shukers and the subsequent preamp tweaking; I hadn't bought the bass from Jon, I got it secondhand (on here, IIRC)...
  4. There might be people out there who don't mind spending £2k+ and not being completely happy, but £2k is an awful lot of money to me, and I'd simply feel mugged if it wasn't completely right. Especially when the vendor spoke to me like that...
  5. I've had a few BF cabs, and I've never felt the Super Twin (which is where I ended up) wasn't loud enough with a 300w Walkabout. True, the Walkabout gets gnarly and a bit squishy when breathing hard, but I like that. I found the MB amps got less pleasantly strained when pushed hard. It isn't the cab. Plus, if I need drummer-crushing, guitard-intimidating stacktasticness, I just pop it onto the Compact I have, and it goes louder than I'll ever need...and that's up against two 412&Marshall guitards and a right old shedbuilder behind the kit. And that's with 300w...well, a chunk more into 2.67 ohms, but less than 500. Sensitivity is the thing... As Chris says, 2 x SCs is the sensible thing to do...unless you're a numpty like me with the self-restraint of a magpie in a Swarovski shop; I'd take both with me all the time, 'just in case'. I had 3 Berg AE112s at one point for the Ultimate Modular Setup...did I take all three to most gigs? Yup... 😕
  6. Audience less than 30 people? No singing along? That's about a third of our regular venues back to normal , then... 😕😁
  7. I had an issue with a replacement pickup I had fitted to a Shuker (by Jon), it turned out that the pickup was verrrrrry bright paired with the active circuit in the bass. When I couldn't live with it, I took it back to Jon, he changed a couple of caps for me in the circuit, job done. The issue was clearly because I'd asked for a different pickup to be fitted, and I'm sure there are people in this thread who might have rolled their eyes and said 'Durrrrr', but Jon just sorted it, no charge. That's customer service: the extra mile. I have four Shukers now, and those two facts aren't unrelated. I ordered a different pickup for my Dingwall (a P-Tone), as it turned out they sent me the wrong one by accident. Sheldon's (immediate) response? 'Really sorry, we've shipped you the correct one, you can keep the other one.' And those pots? They haven't been specced correctly. End of. The excuse of 'Oh, that's just what they do' doesn't wash. I played a Maruszczyk once, it was a nice PJ copy. I wouldn't buy one new, though; too many unhappy customers for the price bracket. Oh, and if anyone who'd sold me something new for £2k+ said 'You find something good or is it only stinky poo?', they'd be getting it back by return post.
  8. I'd been playing Rush's 'Limelight' on and off in bands for a decade, completely oblivious to its time signatures before some biff buttonholed me at a gig to waffle on about the mastery of the interplay between 4/4, 7/4 and 6/4, and how tricky it must be to switch between them. I said 'I dunno, it's just a good song.'
  9. I had a Midget (not the Super Midget, mind) and I found it very (too) barky. Might have just been me, tho... We do/did Uptown Funk, and I thought the ST was plenty for it...
  10. I like the form factor of the Super Twin more for louder stages - the BB2 was very capable (I played an RAF gig with it once, in a hangar with a 900w amp and no PA support, and it more than coped), but on smaller (still loud) stages I felt most of the sound was flying past my knees. For the record, I should say I'm not a fan of tweeters in general - for my needs, the 4k top end of the ST has more than enough zing - and I like an aggressive, pick tone a lot of the time. I'm no slapper, mind... 😁
  11. Just to add to the anecdotal tales of more than one of these cabs, I've never owned any of the Tens, but I moved my BB2 on for a Super Twin, and I'm glad I did...the only, only thing I'd change it for is a pair of SCs, just for the options for smaller load-ins for smaller gigs...
  12. Oh, and an update on the 4th July brouhaha...my other half has found out she is in fact on shift that evening. It's not going to be pretty...
  13. The root of the problem is this 'should' wording in the Government publications; they're trying to have their cake and eat it - it would be very, very simple to replace the 'should's with 'it will be illegal to', but they just don't want to do it (for whatever reason, but that's far too political for here) and their lack of commitment means that an awful lot of people will take the 'should' as an option. Especially when senior Government advisors have been seen to flout the strongest Government rules without censure of any sort. As I mentioned before, the bit about no loud background music is complete nonsense...
  14. So the Government article says loud music makes people raise their voices? The loudest pubs on the planet are Wetherspoons, and they have no background music at all...'Go to the pub but keep your voice down'? It's nonsense...
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