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  1. Had a lady singist like that once, many years ago; she would harangue punters who she didn't like the look of, whether they were talking, sniggering, or, Buddha help everyone, heckling...we used to keep playing, so a lot of songs would go Intro, Verse 1, First Half Of Verse 2 Combined With Some Finger Pointing And Shouting, Second Half Of Verse 2, Chorus, etc... Great voice, I just don't think she was really cut out for live performance... 😕
  2. Yep, there's a market for these all right: a loooong time ago, when I was all enthusiasm and my back wasn't made of glass, I was seriously considering four (yup, four) Peavey 118s that had just come into A1 in a trade deal and were going dirt cheap. They were the size (and weight) of washing machines, but I didn't care; 'The backline, man; think how good they'll look onstage!...' The only reason I didn't get them was an Ampeg fridge (and an old one; no handles or tiltback or wheels; just the rectangular box) came up at the same time...job done... 😕🙂
  3. Although the alternative is The Dreaded Overhang... 😕🙂
  4. Ohhhh, an upside-down rig! You could be starting a whole new craze there... 🙂
  5. Now that's something I never realised...and I watched all those videos ad infinitum back in the day... I'd also have said he was a (Jetglo) Rick player, and he was for a short while (I think 2 TOTP performances, but they were what counted in those days), but then went back Jazzes...
  6. Noooo....that's strung the right way up - it's not a right handed Strat just turned over...the pics of Messrs Dale and King shows the 'sounds right, looks wrong' stringing...
  7. One thing that twisted my melon was the left-handed John Sykes lookalikey in a Lizzy trib, who played left handed, but with the strings upside down, too - his solos sounded right but looked allll wrong. When I chatted to him he said he'd learned by borrowing his brother's guitar and, because nobody had told him otherwise, just flipped it over.
  8. Yeah, I did notice a teensy element of 'How far away is that Lemmy?' last time I saw them... 😃 He is an example of how to do trib stuff properly, tho...
  9. Possibly...but we're into 'iconic' here - Hooky's whole stance is the most visually memorable thing about New Order live...I'm classing him as the (other) front man, along the lines of Slash/Angus, etc. A low-slung SG on an Angus clone, or a high-slung Les Paul for a Slashish would look iffy... Andy T could've sorted him out with a closer BB for the day, I'm sure... 😀
  10. Yup - I thought Green Day were the best of the lot...
  11. That's the fella....half points for a Yam, but not the right one...and not low enough...harsh, I know... 🙂 I enjoyed them a lot - I was standing about fifteen feet to your right by a tent pole... 🙂 Edit: OK, three-quarter points, as Hooky has used a black BB, but it's not like there isn't a new Sig bass out there...still too high, tho...if you're not hunched uncomfortably over, it's too high... 😐🙂
  12. Having watched a New Order trib yesterday, I think I've found my new Trib Act Goal...the bassist spent half the gig playing lead melodies, and the other half on his phone... 😁
  13. Yeah, I know...and I think even they're cheating... 😐😁
  14. Pretty good timing, this one, as I was at Festwich yesterday, a two-stage Tribute band festival. Sound is always the most important, but if you're gonna go out as a tribute act then at least try to look the part, too, especially if there's iconic looks in the band (the Kings Of Leon boys, say, had a much easier job than the Queen lot - can anyone remember what the Kings of Leon look like from 40 yards away?)...there were mixed results on that front yesterday, one thing that did kinda rankle were the trio band tributes with four or even five members...oh, and putting on my IBM hat, the bassist from the (otherwise very good) New Order trib had the wrong bass slung at least a foot too high... One of the best tribs out there for sound and looks is Motorheadache (one of the guitarists I'm in a band with sometimes deps as Fast Eddie) - the bloke doing Lemmy IS Lemmy from about 30ft away... 🙂 Extra points for Murder One in the background, even more extra points for stick-on warts... 😁
  15. My cousin was in that choir...we don't keep in touch tho*, so I've no idea how she's living with it... * Nowt to do with the song, we just can't be arsed...
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