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  1. Without wanting to unbalance anything, that's exactly what I did...I only had half an hour with a 2024, but I thought it was really, really good.
  2. Well, I have 2 1/2 Shukers right now (two Horns, and a Shukerbird), plus one in the pipeline (a JJB), and I've owned another three, but the course is on my Bucket List, for sure. I have a hankering* for a white BB-shaped PJ, and seeing as my neck requirements have changed over the years, and I doubt I'll find a Yamaha with the right neck now, I may as well make one... I've always said Jon's place is in the least industrial industrial park I've ever seen, it'd be a great place to spend a week, and I'd echo everyone's comments about what a good guy genius Jon is...and very patient...patient is good around me... πŸ˜•πŸ™‚ * Kind of a requirement thing for a band I'm in...
  3. In all honesty, if you offered me a choice between two cabs, one of which sounded a bit better than the other, but my amp was to wide for it, and produced The Dreaded Overhang...I'd go with the other cab. Yup, I'm that shallow... πŸ˜•πŸ˜
  4. Ohhhh, if I was taking an amp in the back of a Hilux down the Road Of Bones, there'd be only one maker to consider, but sheer ruggedness has never been a huge criteria of mine, I tend to look after stuff. Handy when I was a daft kid, mind... I wasn't aware amps got blander sounding the more you used them, tho...this one was working fine (and I used it into a couple of different cabs), it was just that I realised how rose-tinted my glasses were...
  5. Well, I used to have a Peavey 15 combo (yep, with the BW), and it was good...but not that good. I also used to love my MkVIII head, too, and a year or two back went into an unfamiliar rehearsal room that had one. I went all nostalgic, and waxed a bit lyrical, then plugged into it and went 'Oh.' Our drummer dropped my Compact down some stage steps (while carrying his hi hat...he didn't drop that, I noticed... πŸ˜’), it was fine, it kinda tumbled a bit. The old Peavey Combo would've taken out a good chunk of the stage...
  6. Barefaced Compact, hands down. Did someone mention that already? 😁
  7. I know, and it's just me - I have a similar issue with Warwick Corvettes, stemming from a friend of mine who isn't musical at all, but has a savant gift for saying just the wrong thing to ruin an impression; I had a lovely blue fretless Corvette, the minute he saw it he said 'That bit looks like a nob', and that was it; I couldn't unsee it...I sold the thing eventually... πŸ˜•
  8. Eyes closed, a terrific bass: light(ish), comfortable, and very versatile - it'll do Ray tones and an awful lot more. Eyes open? Ohhhhhh...it's a bog seat... πŸ˜•
  9. Well, the last time I saw one being used in anger was by Glenn Hughes on the Black Country Communion tour a few years ago; I'd guess that's a pretty good endorsement... πŸ˜‰ Don't forget Leg Day at the gym, tho... πŸ™‚
  10. Bit late to this one, but nope. I'm OK at playing up and down the neck, and if I need lower notes I have a Helix. I really, really don't like big necks. And by 'big', I mean pretty much anything over a Jazz.
  11. I saw Whitesnake with Thunder and Journey probably ten years ago, and I was thinking it all sounded a bit downtuned (plus the bassist's bottom string looked verrrry floppy) - they held a long open E long enough for my phone tuner (I knowwwwww, tragic, etc) to register they were downtuned to C...
  12. Don't get me wrong, I love Glenn H (I even liked Hughes/Thrall back in the day), him and Jimmy Barnes (oh, and Sammy H, and he's even older) are the last great rock voices that can still do it, and his tone is constantly great whatever he's using - last time I saw him live was a few years ago and he was using a Laney Tube head, and that was epic, too. If it ain't a syrup, tho, it's still a silly hairdo...apologies if I've touched a nerve with anyone... πŸ˜€ Dave Coverdale is looking more like Zelda from Terrahawks every time I see him, tho... πŸ˜€
  13. Bet with those skinny arms he isn't lifting any of that stuff himself.... πŸ˜€ Great bass tone, terrible syrup... 😁
  14. If you’re wanting a physically smaller amp, the Genzler Magellan is pretty much an evolution of the Streamliner (same designer), and though it doesn’t have an actual valve in it, it can do that valve warmth very, very well. It can also do lots of other tones, too; I’d say it was one of the most versatile amps you can buy. I followed a Streamliner with one, and was very happy.
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