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  1. He's apparently sold more records in Australia than the Beatles, and he's at least as big as ACDC over there. If you don't mind some polished AOR-type stuff, 1987's Freight Train heart is basically him and most of Journey, and a good place to start, but his range is wider than that. He would have been perfect for ACDC in 1980 (with all due respect to Brian J), but he turned them down... I love this: terrible quality vid, but they're obviously having a lot of fun...
  2. See you, Jimmy... Night before last at the Garage in Glasgow, Jimmy Barnes. My favourite rock vocalist, whom I've rarely seen for a variety of reasons. Nine piece band, sound was great apart from the ridiculous subsonic-cannon kick*, which meant the bassist might as well not have bothered plugging in. To the best bit: there is nobody amongst his peers who has retained the quality and intensity of vocal performance for more than 35 years as well as Jimmy: not a note was ducked, not a key dropped, not a melody compromised, and it appears in the Barnes way of thinking 99% is for bedwetters, under-achievers and fixed-wing pilots. Fantastic. He still has the stage presence of a builder looking for a fight, tho...which is in itself a joy 😁 * Dear sound engineers, can we just move on from this now? I know it was a thing for a while, and naive punters go 'Oooo, you can feel it in your chest', but unless it's THAT sort of gig, it's just pointless and ruins 75% of mixes.** ** 'Hello Darkness my old BOOOOM, I've come to talk with you aBOOOOM,,,'
  3. When I read 'roasted maple' I was interested, but the lack of grain just makes it look like it's had a coat of gravy browning... Other than that it looks nice...
  4. While there's much to applaud in the above, the second paragraph can clearly work both ways, as the OP has highlighted. I'll be more impressed with the last sentence when I see actual evidence of Mr Rollins exchanging salaries with his techs. Although at this stage of his career there might not be much in it... 😀
  5. Yup, it's a very insidious thing, although as you describe (albeit in a much odder (but classier 🙂) context), it really did do that thing when it went from not being an issue one day to always being an issue. I have to say a lot of Da Kidz I play around are already using some sort of attenuation, so the message must be getting around from somewhere...
  6. Adequate research can actually produce better questions to ask, especially if said research uncovers a possible or common fault with the model/year. It can also point towards fakery and plain old seller's ignorance of specs. Other obvious ones sometimes need asking - weight, for example, can vary in the real world from anything which may be on a spec sheet, and sometimes significantly.
  7. Hence the 'finally'...this time the noise was so bad it never went away...the point being it wasn't standing in front of a stage full of 4x12 Marshalls: 40w and 1x12 was plenty... 😕
  8. My tinnitus was (finally) triggered by a guitarist dep's 40w 1x12 combo. Albeit positioned badly (for me), but that's all it took...
  9. This is the most sense I've heard all week...we do it occasionally, when the guitarist/singer gets into the 'volume creep' thing with his presets* - it's like a Sanity Reset... 🙂 * You know, when one preset is louder than the next one, so instead of turning the first one down, he turns the second one up...and so on...repeat until deafened...
  10. Listening to an audiobook today by David Hepworth talking about something Led Zeppelin managed in 1971: "It's easy to BE louder, what's more tricky is to SOUND louder..." Dynamics can be a powerful thing...
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Fantastic...they're that good you'd better watch out for Cease and Desists from Gibson... 😕😀
  13. Back in the days when there were quite rigidly-defined partitions between music styles and their fans, a pal of mine was a full-on mohican'd punk, and I was a biker metal fan. We thought we were being very daring when we agreed to each go with the other to a gig of a band on the other side of the tracks. I took him to Motorhead, he took me to The Stranglers. The crowd for both gigs was exactly the same people... 🙂
  14. Ohhh, I'm loving "...but he couldn't understand their lack of violence..." I've played with those type of drummers, too...and they're never the best. 😕 In the OPs position, I'd be making moves to point the guitard's cabs directly at their heads...it's amazing how they get the point when they're looking down the barrel of their own output. It seems utterly pointless to me to be cranking stage volumes up when everyone's already wearing hearing protection, and from some close observation of crowds I've spotted that most punters don't like ringing ears, either...
  15. Most of the time, my backline isn't. Helix, in-ears; times have already changed, again... 😀
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