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  1. Probably just as well for my prospects of not sleeping in the shed for a while...this was/is lovely, and I'm a card-carrying Shuker addict...
  2. Looks like a £150 bitsa with a horrible headstock and nasty-looking pickups. I'll pass.
  3. I'm entranced with the idea of the Norwegian King's Guard getting the stinkeye from a flightless waterfowl who outranks every single one of them...
  4. What with Sweden's nobility having a Royally Appointed Throbmonger, and Norway's knighting penguins*, I'm agog to find out what the crowned heads of the rest of the Nordic countries are doing to redress the balance... * Sir Nils Olav - see below for possibly my all-time favourite Wikipedia picture/title combination... Oh, and it's bassist...like anybody really gives a flyer...
  5. Well, not quite that, but we started with a quick huddle, during which we nixed the Rage Against The Machine and Muse numbers...oddly, though, Dirty Old Town went down like a French kiss at a family reunion...
  6. We were booked the other week by a chap in his 40s who'd been bouncing around Mulligan's Irish Pub in the city centre with his pals, chucking Guinness all over. When we got there. the gig turned out to be for his Mum and Dad's 50th wedding. It was in a room in the posh Lowry Hotel; there were 27 people there, of whom him and his wife were the youngest by some 30 years. It was all very pleasant, we were the quietest we'd ever been, but it was a bit like playing for your Nan...needless to say, we adjusted the setlist. One of those days where a flexible potential setlist from a lot of different genres comes in handy... 😕
  7. A brand new stand turned up in the post this morning - the design of the grip that had failed has changed, so there was clearly a design issue. Nevertheless, exemplary customer service from Hercules/Stringsandthings... 👍
  8. It also depends on how large a neck profile you are comfortable with, plus the additional weight a 5 can bring. Both those are important to me, more important than the need for the low B. As has been mentioned above, a Hipshot Drop D tuner gives me all the flexibility I need; I have one fitted to all my gigging basses (and I play all sorts of music). YMMV, IMHO, etc, etc...however, I'd definitely be going to a music shop and trying some out...
  9. If I was being very, very sensible, I'd sell the ST and the Compact and buy a pair of SCs, but since when has sensible counted for all that much? 🙂
  10. Just spotted a typo I can't correct properly - I meant 'under 4 ohms' rather than 'under 2 ohms'. A ST and a Compact is 2.667 Ohms, so there's a few amps'll do this (a lot of the newer Class D 8/900w modules will) and my Walkabout is fine with it. Yep, it's complete overkill, but a proper bass stack that weighs less than a single 410? Falls into Just Because I Can territory... 🙂 Sadly, the SC doesn't stack properly onto the ST*, otherwise I'd have a SC instead of the Compact... 😕 * Yes, I know: I'm OCD and as shallow as a puddle...
  11. If you're feeling especially epic (and your amp'll go below 2 ohms), you'll find the ST stacks onto the Compact rather pleasingly... 😃
  12. I still think they look fantastic, especially the walnut ones. Having owned and played two, however, nothing would induce me to buy another. That Kay looks poke-your-own-eyes-out awful, tho...
  13. Very quick reply from Strings And Things requesting pics and details, including my shipping address. Fingers crossed.
  14. Thanks for the heads-up: I have done. Let's see what they come back with...
  15. With an odd synchronicity, my 3-holder Hercules stand disintegrated over the weekend; I've not had chance to have a good look at it yet, but it's knocked my confidence in it...
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