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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. PTB

    Feedback for Azumi

    I have just conducted a smooth socially distant transaction with Azumi. He’s a fine BC’er and excellent to deal with.
  3. PTB

    Fleabag - Feedback

    If you’ve read this thread, you’ll know that Pete is a fine BC’er, packs his stuff very well and is a pleasure to do business with. Having just bought a pedal from him, I concur. Thanks Pete!
  4. I put my Limelight Jazz up for trade wondering if I would be able to find someone who would swop for an equivalent P bass. Geoff offered exactly what I was looking for and we met up this morning and did the deal. Geoff is as great a guy as everyone above has attested. Smooth and clear comms throughout and only wish I could have stayed to chat longer. Also, the bass is exactly as described, ticks every box and plays like a dream. Basschat transactions don’t get any better than this!
  5. I had one of these for many years, they are great! GLWTS!
  6. I have started playing with a singer/songwriter who really really wants me to play a P bass so it's time to get one again after 33 years. As this is my least used bass, I am offering it up here with a heavy heart. Long-standing BCer's may recognise the bass from the thread below which WoT has kindly given me permission to share along with his excellent photos. WoT also recorded some audio files of the bass and posted them to his YT channel. I share them here with his kind permission. I subsequently bought the bass from WoT but ended up mostly playing upright in the Americana band I'd intended it for. It's therefore only done a handful of gigs and recording sessions in the last 5 years and is in exactly the same condition it arrived in. It's currently strung with Lakland Joe Osborn flats and sounds mighty. Please note it has a Precision profile neck. For some reason, the first owner removed the marker-pen Limelight signature from the back (Mark has confirmed it's #001100) and the 'offset body' logo from the headstock. It doesn't have a case but will be well packed if I need to ship it at the buyers expense. As my opening suggests, I am open to trades with or without cash adjustments for a good 60's style P bass with a Rosewood board - a Limelight, a USRI Fender or similar. I don't need anything else so no other trades will be considered. I am happy to trade it for pounds sterling too. Finally, my feedback thread is:
  7. I played MM Basses in the ‘90s but as I got older and my back got more delicate, I moved to lighter basses. I still have an ‘85 fretless 4 that is a reasonable weight but could never find a fretted one to match it. Finding out that the latest ones weigh 8.5lbs is fantastic news. Finding out they cost £2k + less so. Nevertheless, I am going to have to try some soon. Love the Chopper Blue one.
  8. I'm selling my Zoom R16 which has only been used for one evening at my home. It's a compact digital recorder which can be used as a USB control surface for your favourite DAW or to record 8 tracks simultaneously. I bought it for that latter feature as our band had done a few storming gigs and I wanted to try and get a live recording down. Of course, the band imploded before I could do this and it has sat in its box ever since. It comes with all manuals, leads, PSU etc that came with it along with a 2GB SD card and Cubase LE which I have not downloaded so can be yours. These are £317 at Amazon & £329 at Thomann (with delivery on top). Save yourself a bundle at £200 including postage to you or same with socially-distant collection from Croydon. https://www.zoom-na.com/products/production-recording/multi-track-recorders/zoom-r16-recorder-interface-controller
  9. This looks really cool Kevin! Can I ask where you got the body & neck from please?
  10. Beautiful bass, enjoy! I have a 535-21 which I keep for Sunday best. 😎
  11. Fantastic solo & tone, great to hear he’s with Squeeze too - I’d missed that news.
  12. Just discovered them too. Cerys Matthews played their track “Promises” on her 6 Music show a week or two back which is also a cracker.
  13. Great work Michael, great photos too. Thanks for letting us all come along with you!
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