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  1. Basschat Wedding

    Congratulations and very best wishes to you both!
  2. What combo do you use?

    Mark Bass 121 CMP sometimes with a matching 1x12 cab. I love it!
  3. Nick's Feedback

    Just bought some Lakland flats off nick. Good comms and a fine Basschatter.
  4. [quote name='chris_b' timestamp='1493245125' post='3286928'] Define "heavy" and actually no. . . . not all bases are heavy. Mine aren't and you don't need a heavy bass to get a good sound. You've highlighted the problem. Get a lighter bass. [/quote] I've just acquired a Marusczyk PJ5 with a chambered body and it feels so much lighter than my Sadowsky, I can play it for much longer before the aches & pains arrive. I agree with Chris B - try a lighter bass.
  5. The Original Bass Institute (1980's)

    Quote "I wonder did anyone else do Lawrence Canty's short course 'Reading For Bass Clef' at Goldsmith's College back in the early 90's?" I did it in '90 or '91. How I wish now I'd paid more attention & practiced! Still, another guy on the course made me a Les Paul shaped electric mandolin which my wife still has. That's unfortunately the most tangible benefit I got from it 🙁
  6. Feedback for Paul Clifton

    Paul bought a Jazz Bass off me in a very easy textbook deal. Deal with him in confidence!
  7. Thanks Mickey! Pre-weekend bump.
  8. I’m having a bit of a bass reshuffle right now so this one is up for sale as I have 2 other great Jazz Basses and this is just not getting used. It’s a Japanese Fender Jazz Bass, a CIJ “62 reissue in Daphne Blue. I bought it from Clarky on this very site in 2013. He told me that he’d checked the s/n and it dates from 1997-8. The bass is in very good condition for its age. There’s one blemish, a dent in the side of the bass that faces upwards when you’re playing the bass but my right arm always hid it from my view. There's a photo of this below. The bass weighs 9lbs 4oz using the “with and without” method on my bathroom scales. The bass is strung with D”Addario Chromes that have plenty of life in them. I’m looking for £600 plus shipping, if needed. Collection from Croydon or a near-by meet-up are welcome too
  9. Feedback for TorVic

    A textbook transaction with Victor. The communications were quick and clear and frequent. The item was exactly as described. Highly recommended and a fine Basschatter!
  10. Want a fretted and also a fretless bass ?

    That's too much for me! My old bass teacher had a 4 string bass where the neck was fretless after the 7th fret. Never seen another like it.
  11. I said hello to Ped, Bluejay & Mark from Bass Direct, I think I saw Lozz in the distance (Hi Lozz - the Barefaced is still going strong!). The Scott Divine workshop was great, very enjoyable. As for most of the rest, I found it a bit meh to be honest. Lots of unusual basses in shapes that didn't appeal to me, lots of noise and no obvious bargains apart from some string offers so I came home with nothing. I'll still be back next year though. The show is a good thing overall and I do want to support it. I think this year just wasn't for me.
  12. Wife & nipper have announced they have a play date this PM so I'll be there. Now where's that lanyard.....?
  13. Yo From Croydon

    Hi also from Croydon!
  14. New barefaced cab and markbass amp

    That's my rig too. Glad you're as pleased with it as I am with mine.