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  1. Great blog Sylvia, excellent!
  2. PTB

    Feedback for Mike.Kennedy

    Mike bought a pedal from me in a smooth and quick transaction. A great guy to deal with!
  3. PTB

    barry021574 feedback

    Just bought a pedal train off Barry. It was a smooth and quick deal, highly recommended.
  4. PTB

    Feedback for AxelF

    Dave bought my LS-2 in a smooth and quick deal. He's a top Basschatter.
  5. PTB

    SOLD - Boss LS2 Line Selector

    On hold pending payment.
  6. This is in good condition, just a few tiny marks on the top edges. It's been a useful tool but I haven't done a doubling gig for some years now so time to pass this on. It covers a wide range of tasks and is much more than a A/B box - see the various Mode settings in the picture. It comes boxed and I'd like £55 posted within the EU. My feedback thread on here is: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/77960-feedback-for-ptb/?tab=comments#comment-750276
  7. This pedal is in very good condition and comes boxed with all the documentation. It lived on my pedal board for around 3 months but I found I preferred another one so time to let this find a new home. Looking for £75 including postage in the EU. You can find my feedback thread here: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/77960-feedback-for-ptb/?tab=comments#comment-750276
  8. Adding my thanks to the organisers too, a very enjoyable day out & good to catchup with bass friends, old and new. I enjoyed Richard Searle’s playing ‘cos his style is so completely different to mine and quite an eye opener. I also fell for both Rob Allen basses, the Mouse and the 5 string. Such a sweet tone and so responsive to your touch. I was very impressed with Obbm’s Handbox amp too. Roll on next year’s bash!
  9. PTB

    Auditions in Hell

    I've enjoyed reading through these. I'll share one of mine with you. There was a singer, about 15 years older than the rest of us, who came to audition for our pub r'n'b band around 2001. He clearly couldn't pitch a note - he was as flat as a pancake - and by the end of verse 1, we were all rolling our eyes and trying hold back the sniggering. We moved into the chorus and at the end of it, he went for the final high note throwing his head forwards. With that, his teeth flew out across the room, hit the floor and slid under the drum kit. He looked aghast and shouted "Guitar solo!" and dived down between the kick drum and floor tom. Eventually, he shuffled backwards, stood up and held his false choppers up to the light. He blew the filth and fag ash off them and popped them back in. He was just about to sing the next verse when he realised we were all rolling around in hysterics........... A week later, he e-mailed us and asked for feedback on his efforts.
  10. Attendee list 1) Cetera - Spector NS2 & Legend 4X, Dingwall NG2, Epiphone Vintage Pro Thunderbird, Yamaha BB3000, GK800RB head, Genz Benz Neox212 cab, Tech-21 Dug DP3X preamp/pedal 2) Ezbass - Maruszczyk Elwood L 4 string fretted (J pickups), Maruszczyk Elwood L 4 string fretless (MM pickup), Rickenbacker 4003s, Rob Allen MB2 fretless, Phil Jones Flightcase + PB300 3) Happy Jack - AliKat DB #004, Mike Lull 54P, all I need to play a doubling gig (that evening) on those two instruments 4) BlueJay - Eminence Upright (left-handed) - IF IT FITS in the car, as we're now carrying a full PA system as well. Loads of camera and audio equipment 5) obbm - Fender Precisions, Sadowsky HPJ, Bergantino NV115, Handbox WB100 and if room Quilter BB800 + BF One10 + Nate Mendel for sale/trade  6) Nancy Johnson (Paul) - The Big One, rack (GED/poweramp), possibly the dUg DP3x. A bass. 7) MacDaddy - Shuker bass(es), Snapdragon Folding bass, Flattley Bass Poison Ivy. 8 ) prowla (Paul) - Maybe a Ric or two and fakers, maybe a couple of Statii, maybe J- & P-basses. Probably a Markbass amp & cab and a pedalboard with some FX. 9) Graemeross - Sire V7, USA Jazz Deluxe and USA Precision (for the bass shootout) 10) TrevorR - Wal Pro II E, Wal Mk 1 Custom, Aria SB700, MarkBass LMII and Traveler 2x10, pedalboard. 11) TheGreek - Mesa M Pulse 600 head/ Powerhouse 1x15 cab and The Psilos bass built by Andyjr1515 12) JapanAxe (Graeme) - most of the stuff in my signature! 13) Wolverinebass (Andy) - Maybe some Wounded Paw effects/signature preamp and a bass. 14) Silverfoxnik (Nik) - Roscoe Beck 5, Gibson Thunderbird, BC Rich Eagle, plus my Ampeg V4BH Rig 15) Paul The Drums of the Junkyard Dogs, with kit. 16) Frank Blank (Frankè Blanké) Rob Allen Mouse, AER Basic Performer, Fender Modern Player with modded fretless neck, Ibanez SRC6/SR500, cake. 17) Ordep - Noble Preamp, Modulus Jazz, Fodera Monarch New Std, Amp, pedalboard depending on the day’s mood. 18) Jabba the Gut - TC Electronic RH450, RS112 and some own build basses 19) Thestick - Vanderkley cabs, Aguilar ag700 head, selection of basses 20) Mr & Mrs Hamster - Tea, coffee & cake! Might bring a couple of basses too 21) bassace - usual double basses etc. 22) OutSpoon (Steve) - Fodera Monarch Standard Classic, Sandberg California VS5, Maybe a '94 Stingray? TC 208 combo or PJ Double4? 23) Walman - BF Super12T, FPPR Status S1 (yes that one ), Genz Benz Streamliner, Helix Floor, and a load of EBS pedals for sale 24) musicbassman - planning to come, sorry I've nothing of great interest to bring with me, just some respect for all you guys bringing your treasured possessions to display. 25) Kebabkid - Sire Marcus Miller V7 (4 string), Roland Bass Cube 120XL, Zoom B3 & EBS Octabass 26) Graham (still tentative at the moment) - Lakland DJ5, G&L USA SB2, Yamaha TRB1005J, EBS HD350, EBS Neo 2x12, EBS Microbass II, EHX Big Muff Bass Deluxe, Joyo Orange Juice 27) NickD - Maruszczyk Jake 5P+, Maruszczyk Elwood L5A, Markbass 121H, Zoom B3, Bass Soul Food, EHX Freeze, Mooer Tender Octaver, Ebow. 28) Rodfunnell - Darkglass Microtubes 900 head, Barefaced Big Twin T, BB2, Super Compact, Warwick Corvette $$, Streamer $$, The Alien; Various pedals including MXR, AudioSource (inc a Hothand) and a couple of Darkglass bits and Phil Jones EarBox 29) JHK -usual yamaha TRB 6P ,Musicman stingray 5 fretless,GB Spitfire fiver,EBS Neo 15 cab,EBS 350 head 30) Hen Barn - status kingbass, nightingale, ebs reidmar & 2 x 10 LMT Vanderkley 31) Captain Rumble - walkabout, m pulse, Vanderkley 112, 212, Exotic Jazz 32) PTB - MTD 535, Sadowsky Metro Will Lee, Mark Bass amp, Barefaced S12, various pedals
  11. I missed the last one so also grateful for the early notice. It’s in the diary.
  12. PTB

    Basschat Wedding

    Congratulations and very best wishes to you both!
  13. PTB

    What combo do you use?

    Mark Bass 121 CMP sometimes with a matching 1x12 cab. I love it!
  14. PTB

    Nick's Feedback

    Just bought some Lakland flats off nick. Good comms and a fine Basschatter.
  15. [quote name='chris_b' timestamp='1493245125' post='3286928'] Define "heavy" and actually no. . . . not all bases are heavy. Mine aren't and you don't need a heavy bass to get a good sound. You've highlighted the problem. Get a lighter bass. [/quote] I've just acquired a Marusczyk PJ5 with a chambered body and it feels so much lighter than my Sadowsky, I can play it for much longer before the aches & pains arrive. I agree with Chris B - try a lighter bass.