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  1. monitor audio silver centre channel brand new , these were over £400 can be bi wired. quality speakers. £200 delivered in original box. specs here https://www.monitoraudio.com/en/support/past-products/silver-5g/silver-centre/
  2. Francis purchased a sansamp unit from me, excellent communication, the way bass chat should be, everyone is happy, Don't hesitate to deal with Francis, superb!!!
  3. Yamaha AS500 high quality stereo amplifier with sub woofer out, switchable ohm-age for speakers, nice phono stage also, very nice sounding amp 2x80 watts with remote control price includes delivery in original box. £150 delivered.
  4. Brand new, only selling as I have a signed copy to myself By Geddy, mint condition includes postage £50 SOLD
  5. SANSAMP RBI PREAMP. price includes delivery. £160 SOLD
  6. Still available guys with one spot power adapter and original box etc.includes postage.
  7. Sean and I did a deal for an Eventide pedal, money was deposited to my acc in no time and we had great communication throughout , I can only recommend Sean 100% to do business with, a gent and total Bass chatter.
  8. Samsung 4k blue ray player 9500 model has 4k amazon,netflix apps and others. superb unit with 2 hdmi out. original box remote control mint condition. £150 delivered buy with confidence
  9. It is here if you need it original box etc.
  10. cheers Kev it is, a very nice preamp indeed with a lot of tone adjustment for any bass. another thing about these is the build quality is outstanding.
  11. still available for sale.
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