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  1. Dean Markley Blue steel's fitted, bass sounds awesome, managed to record with the bass onto a track, it just growls. Played it through the Dug Pinnick pedal/preamp. great combination. Bass still for sale.
  2. After trying to persist in not giving up playing , due to my foraminal stenosis, weakness in my hands and arms make playing just impossible now. I purchased this to replace my ultra jazz bass, as was much lighter and smaller, but it has got to the stage I cannot do it anymore. This bass sounds incredible, plays fantastic, great feel, love the neck so much, I liked the combination of the Dark Glass pre amp with the Bartolini pickups, spot on for me. got this in the Violet Fade the pics do it no justice at all, bass is mint, has the gig bag, I have a box for shipping. Weight 3.8 kg. now £1520 my feedback on Bass Chat. SPECS https://www.spectorbass.com/product/euro4-lt/
  3. First thing I did with my LT was to replace the crappy knobs, they are just horrible.
  4. SMSL M500 DAC , very high quality dac with latest chips, xmos board for clean usb audio, full MQA decoder on board not just a renderer, balanced outs as well as rca out. superb piece of kit for not a lot of money only selling due to upgrade. all the tech stuff here. https://apos.audio/products/smsl-m500-mqa-amp-dac my feedback.
  5. geofio

    Apple 4k tv

    Defo will be when it comes out. cheers G
  6. geofio

    Apple 4k tv

    Apple 4K tv box includes remote and box. superb condition. Price includes delivery in uk. my feedback.
  7. Presonus Studio Live 16 mkIII Digital Mixer in superb condition. superb mixer, with fantastic touch screen, motorised faders, built in effects, high end preamps on the Mic inputs, very versatile piece of kit. Have original box , mixer in superb condition. all the tech info at this link. https://www.presonus.com/products/StudioLive-16 My feedback.
  8. Very Nice , I have very similar health issues , I purchased one of the Euro LT basses as they are very light, and the body shape is perfect , I had to sell my Fender Ultra Jazz as it was too painful to play, so far so good with the Spector , hoping I can keep this one , your bass looks fantastic, all the best with the sale.
  9. I used to own this limited edition Doug Wimbish. the serial number was NB123456 !!!
  10. My own LT in Violet Fade, must say one of the best basses I have played , neck just feels fantastic, I am struggling with health issues which affects my arms and hands, would love to keep this bass, it is a joy to play and looks stunning. I like the combination of the Bartolini's and the Darkglass preamp onboard, also very light which helps me tremendously, I can recommend these to any one, great growly tone which I use often with Extreme Danger !!! The E string is just thunderous, some really nice Spector's in this forum.
  11. Marantz HD1 DAC, high quality digital to analog convertor, with toroidal power supply, all high quality components, front screen is oled, you can also plug an i pad /i phone into front usb socket which uses the digital signal from the apple products, very handy, this dac sounds fantastic and is built like a tank !!! original box with remote control. £420 DELIVERED. SPECS High quality DAC • 2x optical, coaxial and USB type B digital inputs capable of 192kHz/24bit • Native DSD2.8 and 5.6 support • Asynchronous mode • High quality D/A converter CS4398 • Jitter remover • Dual Clock • Noise isolation for all digital inputs (USB-A, Optical, Coaxial, USB-B) • HDAM & HDAM-SA2 • Gain control to support wide range of headphones • Fix and variable RCA output • iDevice capable front USB input • Gold plated fix level and variable level RC. MY FEEDBACK
  12. Nikon Mirrorless Z50 Digital Camera, perfect condition boxed, comes with FTZ adapter to allow use of F mount lenses, comes with 16-50mm f3.5-6.3 also Tamron prime with full autofocus and stabilisation 45mm f1.8. both mint, all items boxed and perfect condition. superb image quality from this package also shoots 4k video. £900 for everything. my feedback.
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