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  1. still for sale awesome audio recorder for any kind of project, can be run from AA batteries ideal for recording outside. easy recording to sd cards .
  2. Dell 2718D High quality monitor 27 inch with usb-c and hdmi with usb hub, this was an expensive very well made monitor with superb image quality, in original box. in superb condition. £250 Specs here. https://productz.com/en/dell-s2718d/p/gGq2 my feedback.
  3. Thanks mate, I have waited and fought the decision , we just made a cracking album called moment by moment and it was a joy to do ,but my hands and arms are getting worse, been enjoying listening to music again.
  4. This bass was used on this entire album if you want to listen to it. 10 tracks at the sidebar. cheers Geo
  5. Hi Quatschmacher, No mate I am done playing, sold my basses , sold my computer, just a few items to shift now , Prophet feels and sound amazing , you feel you are playing a real synthesizer with this board, just so well made the knobs, the keys , the cabinet, and such a warm analog sound. cheers Buddy.
  6. Here we have my main Rickenbacker 4003 from 2006 , I re finished this bass my self in a sparkle coating, it was originally Jetglo, it still has the original finish on the back of the neck and matt black on the rear body , it will need a refinish unless you want it as a gigging bass, I have taken into consideration a refinish with the price, it plays fantastically, neck is solid never moves and is straight, have not adjusted the neck for years now it has never needed it !! 6 months ago I fitted brand new Rickenbacker pickups with the adjustable pole pieces, both neck and and bridge units, the original pups were not adjustable, pickup cover is included, this bass really growls it has been used on 12 Extreme Danger albums to date, only selling as I am done playing now, it is a cracking Ric to play, best one I have had and i have owned over 40 of them since the 70's. It has original case but it is well used but functional. Tone wise this thing is a monster, cracking growling E string a lot of the modern Rics still suffer weak E strings I have noticed, not this beast. any questions just let me know. I have enquired about getting it refinished and the price was around £300 so you would have a cracking Ric 4003 for around £1700 if you decided to have it done, or maybe you will like it the way it is then it is a steal at the price. I have included a screen shot of the Rickenbacker register where all my Rics are registered, if anyone doubts the authenticity of the bass. WITHDRAWN. my feedback
  7. Sequencial Prophet 5 Rev 4 , latest firmware installed , in as new condition, only few months old , stunning black walnut cabinet, never left my studio, manual, with original box. feels fantastic and built like a tank. pickup welcome. SOLD my feedback.
  8. Apple i mac 27 inch 5K Retina display Intel i9 8 core, 16 threads 3.6ghz 64GB ram Radeon Pro 575X graphics 4GB 1TB Fusion drive ac wifi ethernet 2 x thunderbolt 3 4 x usb 3 sd card reader MAC os clean Monterey installed ready to go mint unmarked condition apple wireless keyboard and mouse original box. monster machine for music production. NOW SOLD my feedback
  9. still up for grabs monster camera .
  10. Marantz HD1 Dac and headphone amplifier, very high quality dac and headphone amp , has multiple formats, optical, coaxial, usb, 3.5mm phone aux input takes a direct input at the from from an i pad or i phone , so this unit is the dac for the apple gear, very well made and superb sounding uses a toroidal power supply. has 2 sets of main outputs one is variable so can be connected to powered speakers. remote control original box. my feedback.
  11. TASCAM D20 Digital recorder, you can record up to 4 tracks, has phono inputs and outputs on rear also phantom power XLR on front up to 96khz recording uses SD cards as media handy rack , great for recording on the fly. original box. £170. spec- https://tascam.com/us/product/sd-20m/spec my feedback.
  12. Marantz CD6006UK edition in silver , only used a few times couple of marks on top cover , another piece of gear on top you don't see them, has text reading and uses a very nice Dac inside. remote and original box. very well made player.
  13. Hi Matt, pedal is mint , I have had it a year, used 3 times for recording then boxed up again.
  14. Re advertised due to time waster, Dark Glass Alpha Omicron pedal. postage included , boxed with manuals etc. my feedback.
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