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  1. Hi, I can confirm that it is the original bridge indeed (I am the first owner who commissioned it from Fodera).
  2. Brand new set of Dingwall 5 string stainless steel long scale set. £20 shipped within the UK.
  3. Looking for a straight sale, thanks.
  4. Hi, I have for sale a Future Impact pedal. Happy to ship. It's a killer pedal but unfortunately the project I was intending it for fell apart. Never been gigged, has been used for 15 minutes at home. Cheers, Arnold Here's my feedback link:
  5. Bought a bass guitar from Steff. Item exactly as described. Had a quick, easy and friendly face to face transaction. Definitely recommended.
  6. I just did a second transaction with Mick. We quickly got to an agreement and it was all smooth sailing again. Highly recommended.
  7. Just bought a bass guitar from Mick. Agreed terms fast, quick communication, overall smooth transaction.
  8. Hi Andy, Thanks for you message. Yes, the scale is 36", which gives it a bigger/more defined sound, particularly in the lower strings, while remaining very easy to play. It is officially a MG model which refers mainly to the body size (slightly smaller) and shape compared to a standard Imperial. MG's signature model is indeed 33". I am based in London. Best, Arnold
  9. Hi Isabass, Do you have a close up picture of the fingerboard? Cheers
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