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  1. Fantastic neck through top of the line TRB6P: the first 6 string ever built by Yamaha. This one is from the first series with a single trussrod and (single coil!) pickups more or less 'in '70's position'. Also has the quite unique blendable piezo's in the bridge creating a sound that is very clean and bright, a bit like an extended acoustic guitar.
  2. Great bass. Great seller.
  3. Whatever you saved for a rainy day... it’s raining now! 😊
  4. Great Fender Jazzbass 1973 with OHSC. Apart from the bridge pickup being replaced with a same but ‘75 grey bottom at some time it is 100% original. Very comfortable player, light, good balance, slim neck and low action. Nice growly fat Jazzbass sound. These early 70's Fenders have something different going on. And oh yes, the bass has some love signs but all works fine, including the trussrod.
  5. It's a tube with thread inside indeed. However... I would expect to find something like that online and I didn't.
  6. It’s the light grey metal tool in the middle. A very simple tool that doesn’t seem to be created for Fodera exclusively but I can’t find it anywhere.
  7. Somehow my trussrod puller got lost and now I can’t seem to find any shop that sslls these. Fodera has them in a toolkit for $30 but shipping costs another $55 which doesn’t fit in my head: transportation almost twice as expensive as the toolkit... so... looking for a place in Europe to buy one... any suggestion is appreciated!
  8. If you went to school why do you still play bass? 😉
  9. Actualy ‘5’ means ‘Precision’ and ‘7’ ‘Jazzbass’. But still quite a YOB!
  10. I can get that done... 🤣 Remember that the making of you started in 1972!
  11. Selling this fantastic clean and 100% original '72. maple board bass. Early '70 Fender basses are the lightest in this decennium and so is this one: approx. 3700 grams on my kitchenscale. A-neck(!), original ashtrays and thumbrest and OHSC. Frets, truss rod, electronics wtc. Everything is perfect. Plays like butter sounds fenomenal. Have to kill darlings and hardly play four strings so this one has got to go.
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