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  1. I know that... as explained: still prefer the Deep Impact!
  2. I had both the first and improved version of the Future Impact… much more options but I sold them both…somehow I still prefer the Deep Impact.
  3. It's just the distance between the strings at the bridge.. is could be somewhere between 16,5mm and 19mm. It matters a lot to many players.. like me. I'm not interested in anything below 18mm... but 18mm or more is interesting to me.
  4. Keeley = £xxx + shipping anywhere at costs Hardly used and in quite perfect condition.
  5. Marek is a gentle and hassle-free person to deal with. I experienced many people asking a lot of information, sayingvthey want to buy a bass, and then they don’t for all sorts of reasons like broken cars… Not so with Marek: when he says he wants to buy your bass he actually does and he arranges for a swift payment. Enjoy the bass Marek: it’s a gem and I am happy you have it now. Willem
  6. Great, a bit of a more rare, '78 Jazz Bass in the stylish brownish walnut ('mocha') finish. Well, what is left to say about these basses? Back then we thought they were not that good.. now we can say that they were different than the ones built in the sixties however, millions of top bass lines have been -and still are- being produced on these 'younger vintage' (and more affordable) Jazz Basses. Maple and beautiful rich Rosewood neck with inlays en bindings. Body most probably ash. This bass certainly has the transparent zingeyness (if that's a word) that bring extra life to the compared to maple a bit darker sounding rosewood board, and ads to the tone richness and percussive qualities. Comes with both original covers ('ashtrays'). No OHSC. No issues. Plays and sounds perfect. Demo available on request. The '78 is in The Netherlands. Shipping well packed anywhere. Offers and trades considered. Interested? Let me know by PM!
  7. Beautiful FBass VF5 from 2008 in great condition. Very comfortable flat and fast neck. Nice passive vintage sound and more modern active sound with 3 band EQ.
  8. Perfect Fender Jazz Bass Deluxe V John Suhr. Apart from the (great) Bartolini pickups (the original ‘big pole’ pickups come with the bass too) this bass is entirely original and in fantastic condition. Signs of wear but nothing that catches the eye. Comes with the ‘revolver’ OHSC in used condition. Famous players of this bass are Sharay Reed (Yolanda Adams, R. Kelly, CeCe Winans, Boys II Men, Ramsey Lewis, Aretha Franklin, and Chaka Khan and check his famous breakthrough ‘Joy to the world’ video on You Tube!), Michael Manson (George Duke) and Derrick Hodge (Robert Glasper).
  9. Awesome Squier Jazz Bass from the rightfully highly praised JV series 1983 from Japan. Some minor signs of playing wear, like some small dents at the backside of the body, but other than that in immaculate almost perfect condition: optically and technically. Plays and sounds like the best sixties bass you will find at a price that still is quite decent (and rising). About the Fender JV series: "Everybody came up to inspect them and the guys almost cried, because the Japanese product was so good - it was what we were having a hell of a time trying to do." Dan Smith, Director of Marketing, Electric Guitars, Fender USA. I will consider decent offers, funny offers, educative offers... or trades with cash either was. I am particularly fond of maple board, 5 strings and like Sadowsky's and Fodera.. but surpise me!
  10. Some people dream of buying or so.. this guy came back to me.. the car repair costs were not as high as he feared so he wanted to buy the bass after all... if I could give him another discount.. because he damaged his car... some people.. omg.... well... as you can see the bass is still with me.. 😉
  11. This Fodera built in January 2016 is really a work of art and in perfect condition with hardly signs of playing wear. Specifications. Neck through | 35 inch scale | 24 frets | mop inlays | semi hollow ash body | holly topwood | solid top | 3 pc hard rock maple neck | alder tone bock | Amazon rosewood fingerboard | extended low B | Titanium locking bridge (!) | +/- 19mm spacing | Pope customs 3 band amp with dipswitches/variable frequencies | Fodera Duncan dual coil pickups | wooden pickup covers and ramp | OHSC The bass is priced to sell, however I am open for trading offers + cash. (Fender P or J '60s, Stenback, Sadowsky NYC, Ken Smith, ...) Shipping well packed anywhere at costs. Do consider paying duties & taxes when outside EU.
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