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  1. Nice one. Spacing 18mm? Weight? OHSC? Thank you!
  2. Do you have a demo? What is your lowest price including shipping abroad? 😉 Good luck from The Lowlands outside your catching area!
  3. Got one. Liked it. Put a Sadowsky pre in. Now love it!
  4. I should post a clip too... but I am very bad at it.. no good recording facilities, always a bit 'lost' for what to play without some context. But okay, I did a -test-run' and it sounds 'okay' (could be much better though, so plesase use your imagination) and I will share something next days. IMHO the the beautiful black thing has more to offer that what is been demonstrated. I have owned and still own quite a few high end basses, which include custom Fodera, Sadowsky, Ken Smith, Alleva Coppolo, vintage Fenders/Music Man, Spector USA, Xotic, Steinberger, Status etc etc and oh yes: Alembic, but no bass I owned or even even played has such a 'grande' full range presence and smooth playability. The string spacing is quite perfect for many I think, just a bit over 18mm on the low strings and a little less on the high strings: very ergonomic. But that one thing you cannot measure is there in full glory: how it feels and inspires to play. This is a true gem for the connaisseur. Alembic is not for everyone: some hate it, some love it. Everybody will agree it is something special.
  5. Hi! I have not... and I have no great recording set up.... i'm afraid it won't do the bass justice... but I can try something tomorrow
  6. Alembic Europe 5 in beautiful black and fantastic/hardly played condition. Europa electronics: 3 knobs and 3 switches. The knobs are: volume; pickup blend (pan) with center detente; and filter. The switches are: bass cut/flat/boost;treble cut/flat/boost; and Q on/off.
  7. It seems the configuration of this old modified bass is quite a bit like some of the newest Sadowsky's...;-)
  8. Thanks Cascanicoff! Both basses are great players. The amber one is a tiny bit more ‘scooped’ whereas the blue one is tiny bit more mid-focused with the outside pickups activated, which is a fair comparison. Maybe I should offer both for sale and see what happens... or I should keep both... anything goes!!
  9. It is. I sell it reluctantly.. really.. no sales talk.. I do so just because I have another 'oldie but goldie' which has quite a bit more playing wear etc. so I thought the blue beauty is the better one to offer for sale.
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