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  1. New in box complete with all accessories like stand, travelbag, tools, manual. Obtained via exchange. In impeccable new condition. Just took it out of the box to check everything is in order and it is!
  2. I agree totally.... and it is Alembic as Alembic can be in respect of build quality, playability and sound... in fact I prefer the 2 band band EQ better than the filters....
  3. Alembic Orion 6 Deluxe (1998). Mahogany body - Quilted maple top 5 piece Maple neck with stringers - Ebony fingerboard Polyester gloss finish (body), satin finish (neck) Alembic pre amp with 2 band EQ and MXY56 pickups Cone Peghead (Adjustable) nut, bridge and tailpeace solid brass Scale 34" String spacing B-E 19mm, G-C 16mm Weight 5 kgs The Steinway of basses. Classic monster.
  4. Price drop £2600 Tobias Basic 6 #867 approx. 1988 (totally pre Gibson). This is the real thing. Signs of loving wear all over and frets are at 75% but nothing that influences playability or sound. No buzz, rattle or hum. 100% original with the old TCT amp and Bartolini pickups that are nowhere to be found. Comes with OHSC. Prepared to pack & ship anywhere possible at costs. Solid flamed maple body wings 5-piece multilam neck-thru body with contrasting stringers (purple heart) Fingerboard Pao Ferro TCT pre-amp, Bartolini MTCC quad pickups Black hardware 24 fret double octave range 34" Scale String spacing +/-17mm (variable) 4400 grams
  5. * Now with a short video giving an impression of the sound of the Noguera bass while my mediocre playing makes clear I'm not a fretless player hence why selling the beauty * Noguera (French master builder) 6 string fretless. Superb playability, low action, warm, 'rich' sound. Crazy low price: this bass is as good if not better as the high end USA masterbuilds. Look at the specs too: Body: old stock mahogany Top: old stock spalted chestnut with thick old rosewood veneer. Fingerboard: superb old stock legal Brazilian Rosewood (Dalbergia Nigra) Positions: 21 maple lined fretless headstock: 3 + 3 shape with spalted chestnut veneer Pickups: 2 original humfree Noguera single coils with spalted chestnut covers Pre amp: Noguera 2 band Controls: Volume (active/passive), blend, bass, treble Tuners: Hipshot Ultra Lite USA Bridge: Hipshot (also comes with original Noguera old sock rosewood with adjustable brass saddles which gives the bass a sweeter more 'woody' sounds) String spacing at the bridge: 19mm String spacing at the nut: 9,5mm Nut: bone Knobs: dark rosewood Scale: 34" Hardware color: black Truss rod: one (fully working, neck is straight) Finish: high gloss Year of build: 2007 Weight: 4,5kgs Strings: Fodera Anthony Jackson https://www.noguera-basses.com/modele_basse.php?serie_b=Harmonie&model_b=Standard Custom&page=view_photo&categories=Serie Harmonie&galeries=Harmonie Standard Custom&photo=1.JPG&nopage=1&ppp=6#galerie
  6. Sadowsky NYC, green metallic satin (2018). Ash body, chambered. Maple neck/board with graphite strips, 12" radius, 1,875" nut width. Sadowsky single coil humfrees in 60's positions. Sadowsky pre amp with VTC. Pickguard Turtoise. Original softshellcase. Well... the works: just 3750 grams of pure awesomeness. Little signs of wear, just one small spot at the lower horn of which I will take a pic and add to the ad. Selling because I have 8 Sadowsky's presently (yes, I'm a fan) and decided to sell the cleanest ones I have in configurations I have 'double'. Presently owning three 5JJ's with maple board and this one is the cleanest and has the fastest neck too allowing for action lower than I need (G string 1,5mm, measured like Roger does.)
  7. Come on people. With negative interest on your money in the bank there is an extra reason to buy this beautiful piece offering the best Fodera has to offer which will most likely grow in value while giving more joy than money in the bank losing value...
  8. Hi, sure: I ad some pictures and will take the weight this morning and take a picture of that too.
  9. Fender did that to avoid confusion with the (inferior..) American Fenders...
  10. Original Ampeg baby bass (mid sixties). Quite unique black one with an even more rare original ‘thigh rest’. New Bridge protector ordered at Ray Ramirez (not arrived yet). No issues. Plays and sounds perfect. The ultimate EUB for salsa and then some. Now strung with new Thomastik Spirocores (S43) tuned to EADG. Selling since I stick to bassguitars… well at least I tried!
  11. Squier (Fender) Precision '57 RI '82 JV Series (Japan) with original white ánd Fender anodized pick guard. Sounds and plays fantastic: no buzz, very low action. Quote "Everybody came up to inspect them and the guys almost cried, because the Japanese product was so good - it was what we were having a hell of a time trying to do." Unquote (Dan Smith, Director of Marketing, Electric Guitars, Fender USA.)
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