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  1. My great Sandberg Series 1 6 string 1993: 100% original, 100% greatness from the time that Sandberg was focusing on hi quality luthery basses with different designs. (However: consider selling it.)
  2. Very nice black Sadowsky Modern Metro Japan 24-5 with the great Sadowsky humbuckers and Sadowsky pre-amp with VTC. Not a Metro Express and not a Warwick or Chinese Sadowsky but a perfect Japanese Sadowsky.. Good balance, approx. 3850 grams. Comes with original Sadowsky case. Signs of wear but great looking and no issues.
  3. >>I put the AJ6 on sale since I'm not a 6 string player and need to sell some stuff. Buuuut...I played the AJ6 last night: it's simply fabulous. I decided to keep it.<< Anthony Jackson from 1990, the period that Fodera was establishing it's name worldwide, Mr. Vinny Fodera himself built those basses and Mr. Anthony Jackson was one of the 'first call' session cats for about any style of music from pop to jazz in the highest imaginable playing fields. If you look for a thunderous low B and crispy highs.. well this bass has it.. but it has more to offer. The bass feels like an extension of your fingers. Very musical. Very articulate. With a kind of smoothness only the driest great tonewoods reveals. This AJ6 has a voice of its own. Check out the records on which Anthony Jackson played a same instrument. Anything else I would add to praise the bass could start to sound a bit exaggerated. So I decided not to do that. After all an instrument like this will reveal its possibilities in the hands of the player. Some details Anthony Jackson 6 string neck-through (before the time this was called a 'Custom Elite': all Fodera's back then were custom built!) 34" 19" string spacing (adjustable) Walnut body Quilted maple top body Maple neck Light Ebony Fingerboard Bartolini T Style soapbars Haz Labs pre amp (Volume, balance, 2 band EQ, Active/passive switch, kill switch) Approx. 5kgs Great balance, very comfortable to play Comes with OHSC (Fodera Teardrop case) Strings: Fodera Anthony Jackson (what else? ;-)) Decent offers and trades considered (Sadowsky 5 NYC PJ Maple, Alleva Copplo 5, Spector USA 5, Ken Smith 5 (19mm spacing)...but sorry: + cash!)
  4. Boris the Brexiteer does have a problem for every solution but luckily, according to the modern leader handbook contradicting yourself is a problem that leads to solutions.
  5. Where ever you are in before the lock excludes you from the other side....
  6. Okay.. so it seems that whatever the deal BREXIT is for real which most likely will mean that trades between the UK and EU countries will involve import duties & vat and most probably delays in deliveries for the start up time. Generally speaking this means and add-on of about 25%. What will be the effects? Will Basschat continue to be one of the biggest European marketplaces? Will new marketplace initiatives kick off? Will the asking prices of basses go down to compensate, also considering Covid-19? Or will buying/selling between the UK and EU simply become too expensive? Will we more easiliy start buying and selling to other places in the world? What are your thoughts about this?
  7. Wood & Tronics Chronic 5 custom built. European alder body, 3-piece maple neck with quilted satin wood (rare light colored hardwood from Sri Lanka) fretboard, hipshot lollipop tuners, bassculture vintage style alnico pickups and versatile John East SP2 3 band preamp with adjustable mid frequency. Very light (3,6kgs), variable 18mm string spacing, great balance and a tone I would describe as a Fender Jazzbass with more fatness. Selling or trading since I am totally into 19mm on 5 or 6 string basessss (and 20mm on 4 stringers). And oh yes.. would entertain trades with Alleva Coppolo, Sadowsky 4/5 maple board, Spector neckthrough USA....
  8. Mustafunk1 is a pleasant and honest guy to deal with. Bought a Fender Jazzbass with him and his shipping and communication was clear and with no delay.
  9. Hi Mec, nice MTD535. Would you be interested in a trade with my Sadowsky NYC 5 Daphne blue as advertised here on Basschat? The Sadowsky has 2 additional 'period correct' (old) Bartolini's with 2 x 3 way switch (for each set of pickups). The pickguard is custom made. Othe rthan that the hardware, body and neck are original.



    1. mec


      hello my friend, I have already seen your sadowsky for some time, but he is not really the model I am looking for.  Thanks for writing me

    2. will4bass


      Thanks for your reply. It is an acquired taste I understand.. but a great old NYC player. Good luck with your sale/trade! Willem

  10. Fantastic Marcus Miller tribute bass. Works on other genres too! Built for Fender by Tokay Gakki Japan in 2007/2008. Besides some decent playing wear the bass is in perfect condition. Truss rod works perfect, frets +95%, Sadowsky pre amp ánd pickups (real single coils, but very good shielded: hardly hum). Comes with the original pre amp and pickups (works fine too, can put therm back in, but IMHO the Sadowsky really opens up the bass) and a gig bag. Oh yes.. and the original pickup cover!
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