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  1. Another unscripted clip which might give a better impression of the sound per pickup. Sandberg S1 6'93.mp4
  2. Short and awkward demo of the Sandberg S1 recorded with no EQ, effects or compression directly through my Focusrite 2i2. Film op 24-04-2021 om 14.27.mov
  3. Sure. But haven’t recorded anything yet.
  4. Yes still got it. Compared with Sadowsky’s... well... aa much as I am a Sadowsky fan and user.. the build quality, woods used and construction (neck through!) are flawless. The playability is great and the sound is comparable a tiny bit with an average Sadowsky Modern bass but sweeter highs and warmer/fuller on the bass side. I make this comparison since you ask but it is a hard thing to do right. I really like a lot of this S1. I alao have a Fodera Anthony Jackson 6 ‘90 which I love too and prefer since it has 19mm spacing but soundwise, they are different instruments too, the Sandberg S1 is at least as ‘fat’.
  5. Thanks for asking: Bartolini pickups, fretboard ebony, through-neck maple with hard wood stringers, body I think is mahogany. The weight is 4300 on my kitchenscale. Strining spacing is 17,5 but adjustable. I can include a generic solid hard case.
  6. Thanks for asking. It is 34". I added some more specs. I'm just not quite sure about the wood species. .
  7. NOW SELLING FOR €999/£850 Trades considered Fantastic classic Sandberg S1 6 string from the days (1993) when Sandberg was making name and fame with own designs, top materials and masterbuilt instruments that were on par with the most exclusive basses in de market. This 28 year old bass has some playing marks and a small crack at the backside of the headstock (nothing serious) but most of all tons of tone(s) and versatility that suits practically any style of music. Some specs: Neckthrough construction Ebony board, maple neck with hardwoord stringers (not sure which wood species) Mahogany body (not sure), top wood ? 34" +/- 17,5 mm spacing (adjustable) 4300 grams (kitchenscale) Bartolini pickups Original Scitus pre amp with active/passive (pull)switch, and three band eq.
  8. My great Sandberg Series 1 6 string 1993: 100% original, 100% greatness from the time that Sandberg was focusing on hi quality luthery basses with different designs. (However: consider selling it.)
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